The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1441-1445 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1441-1445)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1441

Jacob Wilson did not eat at home tonight.
According to him, it was dinner with a few leaders of the Calligraphy and Painting Association and a few key members of the senior university.
It was just after nine o’clock that Jacob Wilson called Charlie Wade.
When Jacob Wilson called, Charlie Wade was watching TV with his wife in the living room.

Elaine Ma, the mother-in-law, posted a caviar anti-aging mask, lying on the loveseat on all fours, leisurely swiping the short video platform, and muttering in her mouth: The Japanese girl who came to our Aurouss Hilll to participate in the fighting game, she looks really good!”
Charlie Wade knew that she was definitely talking about Nanako Ito, and the phone shook without even ringing.

Seeing that it was Jacob Wilson calling, he put on the phone and said, “Hey, Dad.”
Jacob Wilson’s voice sounded a little drunk, and he smiled: “Oh my son-in-law, you come to Heaven Springs to pick me up? I drank some wine.”
Charlie Wade didn’t think too much, and said, “Good dad, I’ll come here.”
As he said, he stood up and said, “Mom, Claire Wilson Wilson, I will pick up Dad. He had a drink with someone from the Calligraphy and Painting Association.”

Claire Wilson Wilson stood up at this time and said, “Charlie Wade, let me pick up Dad with you.”
Charlie Wade didn’t think much, nodded lightly, and said, “Okay, then drive your car.”
When Elaine Ma heard Jacob Wilson drinking outside, she said annoyedly: “This old bastard is getting more and more presumptuous now. Good son-in-law, don’t pick him up. Let him roll back by himself. When he rolls back, I will lock the door. Come on, don’t let him in, let him sleep in the yard!”

Charlie Wade shrugged and said, “Mom, you and Dad shouldn’t be so unhappy. We all live under the same roof. Even if we are separated, we should get along well.”
Elaine Ma looked like a human, and immediately realized that Charlie Wade was just talking about himself.
I murmured in my heart: “Although I and Jacob Wilson are separated, we still live in Charlie Wade’s villa. If I have trouble with Jacob Wilson, Charlie Wade will definitely be unwilling. If that happens, I will tear my face with him. It’s not worth the loss.”

So, she could only put away her anger at Jacob Wilson, pretending to be disdainful, and said: “Actually, I don’t bother to be familiar with people like him. When my legs are healed, I will fill in my teeth, and I will go out to play every day. Two people don’t interfere with each other!”
When Charlie Wade heard this, he immediately said with a smile: “Okay, respecting each other and not interfering with each other, it couldn’t be better.”
Elaine Ma looked at Charlie Wade and smiled flatteringly, and said, “Good son-in-law, you will have to give mom some pocket money at that time.

Mom is basically penniless now. If you go out to have dinner with friends, take it People who don’t pay, don’t want to play with me!”
Charlie Wade still doesn’t know Elaine Ma’s careful thinking? All she thinks about all day is money, making faces, playing cards, and being chic.
She has no money, and she doesn’t go out to play, because her legs are really inconvenient, and her image has been seriously damaged because of the loss of two front teeth.

When her legs are healed, her teeth will be filled, and she must be thinking about going out every day. If she has no money, she will not know what moths will be treated by then.
However, for Charlie Wade, it would be a good thing to send her out if you just give her some money.
So Charlie Wade said lightly: “Mom, when your legs are healed, your teeth will be patched up, and I will give you 50,000 Dollar in pocket money a month.”

“Really?” Elaine Ma was immediately happy.
50,000 pocket money a month is indeed a lot. When she used to have 2 million in her hands, she was not willing to spend so much a month.
In fact, Elaine Ma’s daily expenses are nothing more than playing cards occasionally, shopping with her old plastic sisters, making faces, having dinner parties, singing Karaoke, and occasionally buying clothes, skin care products, etc. It costs 50,000 Dollar a month. That’s enough.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1442

She was excited and said to Charlie Wade: “Good son-in-law, why didn’t mom find that you were so good before?”
Charlie Wade smiled without saying a word. He knew that a shrew like Elaine Ma would be able to be bought with 50,000 Dollar a month, and he would have spent money to buy it a long time ago.
Elaine Ma was only thinking about slapping Charlie Wade, and deliberately said to Claire Wilson Wilson earnestly: “Oh, Claire Wilson Wilson, you see that you are not too young, and you have been married to Charlie Wade for almost four years.

I want to say, you It’s time for the two of us to have children. Our family of four lives in such a big villa. It’s a bit deserted. If there is a child running around, it would be so lively!”
Charlie Wade was shocked when he heard this! OK! My mother-in-law really opened her eyes when she saw money! It seems that she has completely bowed to money now!
You know, she had repeatedly told Claire Wilson Wilson before that Claire Wilson Wilson could never have a relationship with herself.

Charlie Wade still remembered that once, this Lady rushed into his and Claire Wilson Wilson’s bedroom early in the morning. It turned out that she had a dream and dreamed that the two of them were married, so she had to confirm it if she was scared. .
On another occasion, Loreen asked her wife to go to a hot spring with her. After hearing this, the Lady, in order to prevent her from taking advantage of her, also asked her to wear Gini and told her to sleep in separate rooms with her.

However, never dreamed that her attitude would have undergone a 180-degree change!
So, he immediately nodded approvingly: “Mom, you are so right! Our family is short of a child! Oh no! Two!”
Elaine Ma laughed and said, “If you want me to tell you, you need three children! When that happens, I will give you children with all my heart!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Mom, I will work hard for you then!”
Elaine Ma hurriedly said: “Oh my son-in-law, why are you and your mom being polite? Isn’t it just right for you to see your baby?”

Charlie Wade nodded, glanced at Claire Wilson Wilson who was blushing, and he was happy.
It seems that as long as the money is in place, this Elaine Ma will easily turn to his side!
So, he deliberately said to Elaine Ma with a serious face: “Mom, you can’t let you work in vain at that time, so let me give you more than 100,000 hard work a month for every child!”
“Oh my god!” Elaine Ma happily sat up from the sofa and exclaimed: “Really?! Give one hundred thousand a month with one child?

Two hundred thousand with two children?”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Mom, when Charlie Wade speaks, I always say what I mean!”
Elaine Ma was so excited, she blurted out: “Good, good!”
After finishing speaking, he looked at Claire Wilson Wilson and said excitedly: “Claire Wilson Wilson, my mother knows an old Chinese doctor who has a secret recipe for twins. When the time comes, my mother will buy you a few servings. You can eat them first. Let’s try to have both!”

Elaine Ma knew very well that his pocket money of 50,000 a month was enough for her daily expenses, but if she wanted to upgrade her consumption level, this amount of money would be stretched.
But now it’s not the same as before. I lost more than 2 million things because of gambling and couldn’t control the financial power of the family. Jacob Wilson could not give himself money, and her daughter would not be willing to give the money to her, and her own hands again Without savings, it is difficult to get extra money.

But if his daughter really gave birth to Charlie Wade twins, then his one month’s pocket money could rise from 50,000 to 250,000!
Two hundred and fifty thousand!
That can really lead a life like a lady!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1443

Claire Wilson Wilson didn’t expect Charlie Wade to launch a money offensive against his mother.
Moreover, I didn’t expect that the effect of this money offensive looks really good!
All of a sudden, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to sew in.
At this moment, Elaine Ma saw that she was not talking, and she kept urging her aside: “Good girl, or tomorrow I will take you to the old Chinese doctor and prescribe some medicine?”

Claire Wilson Wilson was really helpless, and said embarrassingly: “Mom, stop talking nonsense here!”
Elaine Ma said solemnly: “How can this be nonsense? I also want to hug my grandson earlier.”
Claire Wilson Wilson knew that if I didn’t leave by myself, she would definitely talk endlessly, so she hurriedly pushed Charlie Wade: “Let’s go, and pick Dad home.”
Charlie Wade smiled and nodded, and said: “Then pick up Dad first, let’s talk about the twins later.”

Elaine Ma echoed from the side: “Yes, yes! I’ll talk about it later, I think it’s tomorrow!”
Helpless, Claire Wilson Wilson pushed Charlie Wade all the way out of the house.
After going out, Claire Wilson Wilson pretended to be angry and said to Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, why do you want to tell my mother that…”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Isn’t this the point of rushing here?”
Claire Wilson Wilson gave him a blank look: “Don’t think I don’t know what bad idea you have made! I tell you, if you want to upgrade, you can honestly rise a little bit, but don’t expect to persuade my mother to help skip the level. !”

Charlie Wade said cheerfully, “I don’t have this idea! I just feel that our parents are getting older, and they must also want to hug their grandson earlier.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said embarrassedly: “Hold that hug, hurry up and drive!”
Charlie Wade nodded, drove Claire Wilson Wilson’s BMW out of the garage, and the two set off for Heaven Springs together.

After the two arrived at Heaven Springs, they saw a few elderly people talking and laughing standing at the door. Jacob Wilson and Matilda were standing side by side. Jacob Wilson was also considered handsome among middle-aged and elderly people, and Matilda’s temperament and appearance was even the top of his peers. The existence, so standing together, it really fits well.
At this time, the two talked and laughed with others, and they looked harmonious and natural.
Matilda also carried a gift box, which was the same caviar skin care set that Charlie Wade gave to Claire

Wilson Wilson and Elaine Ma.
Seeing this, Claire Wilson Wilson felt very uncomfortable. She asked Charlie Wade, “You said my dad won’t cheat, right?”
Charlie Wade laughed dumbly: “Oh, my wife, where did you want to go? Dad and Matilda are old classmates and old friends. They are just having a party and dinner together. How can they get involved with cheating.
Claire Wilson Wilson said nervously, “But don’t forget, they are also old lovers! The two of them are each other’s first love, and this situation is the easiest to cheat.”

Charlie Wade said: “Good wife, this kind of thing is not something we can manage as children. Parents have their plans and plans, so let’s not interfere.”
At this moment, a Buick GL8 commercial vehicle parked in front of several elderly people. A young man walked down from the car. Charlie Wade recognized him at a glance. It was Matilda’s son, Paul.
When Paul got out of the car, he greeted several old people very politely.

At the same time, he handed a gift bag to Matilda.
After Matilda took the gift bag, she turned around and handed the gift bag directly to Jacob Wilson.
Jacob Wilson was obviously taken aback, and it seemed that he had shirk several times, but Matilda’s expression was very insistent, so he accepted with a little embarrassment.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1444

Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson Wilson were in the car, some distance from them, so they couldn’t hear what they were talking about.
However, it can be seen from this meaning that Matilda should have asked her son Paul to help, and prepared a gift for Jacob Wilson.
Seeing that the two exchanged gifts, Claire Wilson Wilson was even more depressed: “Look at Dad and Matilda, they are like ordinary friends, they are like a middle-aged and elderly couple in love!”
Charlie Wade nodded lightly.

He had long noticed that the two people still had a deep affection for each other, and Matilda even named Paul’s Chinese name after Jacob Wilson, which shows that she has never forgotten Jacob Wilson in her heart.
As for Jacob Wilson, let alone, after being oppressed by Elaine Ma for so many years, he didn’t know how much he missed and yearned for Matilda.
If Elaine Ma had evaporated her directly when she stole her bank card, then Jacob Wilson might have reunited with Matilda now.

At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson couldn’t stand it, and said to Charlie Wade: “You press the horn twice to remind Dad, otherwise he can talk for another half an hour.”
Charlie Wade nodded and honked the horn. Jacob Wilson looked over and recognized Claire Wilson Wilson’s car. He thought that Charlie Wade had come to pick him up. He waved at the car with a smile on his face, and then Some reluctantly said to Matilda: “Oh, Matilda, my son-in-law came to pick me up, so I will go back first.”

Matilda smiled and said softly: “Tell me when you get home, so I don’t worry about it.”
“Good.” Jacob Wilson smiled contentedly.
Claire Wilson Wilson took advantage of Jacob Wilson’s turn to talk to Matilda, and said to Charlie Wade: “My dad probably didn’t know that I was also here. I’ll go and sit in the back row.”
With that, she pushed the door and got out of the car, then got into the back row.
She knows Jacob Wilson’s car habit, he likes to sit in the co-pilot the most, so as long as there is no one in the co-pilot, he will definitely get in without hesitation.

And the reason she wanted to hide in the back row was because she felt that Jacob Wilson had a drink, and she wouldn’t be able to look back later. Seeing Charlie Wade driving over, he must have opened the passenger car door and sat in.
as predicted.
Jacob Wilson greeted Matilda and the others, and ran over and came to the front of the car. Without hesitation, he opened the passenger door directly, sitting in and singing in his mouth: “I smile smugly, smile smugly…”

After singing, he smiled and said to Charlie Wade: “Good son-in-law, you have to come here to pick me up.”
Charlie Wade said, “Dad, why are you polite to me?”
“That’s right!” Jacob Wilson patted Charlie Wade’s arm, and said gratefully: “Thank you for the set of skin care products you prepared for Dad today. You Auntie Matilda likes it very much! Oh! This may be my gift for her in my life. The most expensive gift.”

After that, Jacob Wilson couldn’t help but sighed: “Hey…I really owe you too much to Matilda…”
Charlie Wade heard him talk about Matilda directly, and was still sighing with emotion, but he didn’t know that his daughter Claire Wilson Wilson was sitting in the back row!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly winked at Jacob Wilson to remind him that there was someone behind him.
Jacob Wilson was dizzy when he was drinking.

How could he have this sensitivity. While urging Charlie Wade to drive, he put the gift bag in his lap on his lap, and said with joy: “Your Auntie Matilda secretly asked Paul to buy me a gift. Here you see, this is it, you can open it firmly, I will open it and see what it is.”
Charlie Wade had no choice but to say, “Good dad, I will try my best to be more stable, but you must be careful too!”
When he said this, Charlie Wade didn’t forget to remind him to be careful behind him with his eyes.
Jacob Wilson didn’t know what Charlie Wade meant, and while unpacking it, he said seriously: “This is a gift from your Matilda. Of course I will be careful. If I break myself, I can’t touch this thing. broken!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1445

Jacob Wilson thought that he and Charlie Wade were the only two in the car, and Charlie Wade was not only his son-in-law, but also his most trustworthy person.
Therefore, he was almost unguarded against Charlie Wade, and he was not afraid that Charlie Wade would know about those things with Matilda.
At this time, while unpacking the package, he sighed: “Oh, my dear son-in-law, don’t you know how popular your Matilda is now in senior colleges?

Those who like her are from 30 to 40 years old. From young to 60 or 70 years old, the number of fans can’t be counted! If you dad, I don’t pay close attention to it, I’m afraid the situation will be bad.”
Charlie Wade hushed awkwardly, and switched the subject away and said, “Dad, don’t you drink less at night, or stop talking, close your eyes and rest for a while.”
“How do you do that.” Jacob Wilson said immediately: “I haven’t seen what you and Auntie gave me.”
With that said, the outer packaging has been opened by him.

Seeing the box inside, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “I’m going! It turned out to be a Rolex!”
Charlie Wade listened and glanced subconsciously, and found that there was a Rolex watch lying in the box.
Jacob Wilson picked up the watch carefully, looked at it, and exclaimed, “This is the very popular green Submariner, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be a one hundred and eighty thousand?”
Charlie Wade glanced at it and said with a smile: “Dad, you are too ignorant… this is not a Submariner, this isYacht Master Special Edition 24K Gold.”
“Yacht Master Special Edition?”

Jacob Wilson frowned and said, “I don’t know anything about watches. I heard people say that Rolex Submariner is very valuable. You said it is Yacht Master Special Edition? How much is it worth?”
Charlie Wade said: “The price of Rolex has risen sharply recently. This piece is probably between 350,000 and 380,000!”
“Mom, it’s so expensive?!” Jacob Wilson’s tone changed a little, and he blurted out: “A watch worth nearly 400,000 Dollar, this is too scary.”

Charlie Wade said indifferently: “Dad, the set of skin care products you gave Matilda is about 390,000 Dollar. It will be gone after a period of time. If this watch is well maintained, it will not be a problem to use it for decades, and it may not be a problem. It will increase in value in the future, for example, the Green Submariner, who used to be able to buy 50,000 Dollar, now has 100,000 Dollar.”
Jacob Wilson nodded repeatedly, touching the watch and couldn’t put it down!
This was given to him by Matilda, and it was of great significance to him.

He put the watch on his wrist, carefully examined it, and said happily: “Oh, this watch is so beautiful that the more you look, just say you Auntie Matilda loves me more. For someone else, who is willing to give me such an expensive watch? My mother is reluctant, Charlie Wade, don’t you think?”
Charlie Wade said embarrassingly, “Haha…Dad, if you drink too much, let’s take a rest first.”
“What are you resting?” Jacob Wilson said, “I have to take a few pictures with my phone and send it to

Matilda to show her how good her vision is.”
As he said, he immediately took out his cell phone.
As soon as I took out my phone, the phone rang. Jacob Wilson couldn’t help but muttered: “Oh, it was from Claire Wilson Wilson, Charlie Wade, don’t talk nonsense. If you ask later, you can’t let her know that I am talking to you. Matilda ate together.”

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