The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1496-1500 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1496-1500)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1496

Charlie Wade said lightly: “No, it’s convenient for me to go by myself.”
Elaine Ma smiled and nodded, and said, “Then you must pay attention to safety on the road!”
After speaking, seeing Charlie Wade go out, he hurriedly said: “Good son-in-law, if you see any good things in Eastcliff, please bring a copy for mom!”
Charlie Wade responded and took a step away from home.

Aurouss Hilll Airport.
Charlie Wade didn’t bring any luggage with him, so he changed his boarding pass and passed the security check.
Because Cameron Isaac bought him a first-class ticket, he went directly to the VIP lounge after passing the security check.
The plane took off at 10 o’clock, and the service staff in the VIP lounge personally guided him to board the plane early at 9:20.

Charlie Wade boarded the plane ahead of others, and there were already a few people in the first-class cabin.
The first class distribution of this aircraft is a 2+2 model, that is, there are two more spacious seats on each side of the corridor. The seats can be laid flat so that you can lie flat, which will be very comfortable.
Charlie Wade’s position was near the window, and after sitting down, he looked out the window in a daze.
For more than ten years, Charlie Wade has not been in this state.
Anxious and faintly expecting.

The ancients said that he was close to hometown, and it could not be more appropriate to describe him now.
The plane was still picking up passengers, and when he smelled a faint scent in his nostrils, he turned his head and glanced subconsciously.
A young woman just came to her and was about to sit down.
Seeing him turning her head, the woman also glanced at him subconsciously, and suddenly exclaimed: “Charlie Wade?! Why are you here?”

Charlie Wade was also stunned.
Because the woman in front of him turned out to be Loreen, the woman who has always liked him, Claire Wilson Wilson’s best friend.
He was also surprised and asked: “Loreen, why are you here?”
“I know Eastcliff!” Loreen said in surprise: “I am from Eastcliff, you shouldn’t be stupid!”

After that, she hurriedly sat down and asked excitedly: “What about you? What are you doing in Eastcliff? What about Claire Wilson Wilson? Didn’t she go with you?”
Charlie Wade shook his head and said, “I have something to do with Eastcliff. A friend introduced me to a Feng Shui job. The pay was pretty good, so I just went there.”
Loreen nodded suddenly and said: “That’s a coincidence! I just went home to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. I didn’t expect that we were not only on the same plane, but the seats were still next to each other. I said we two are particularly destined. !”

Although Loreen hadn’t seen Charlie Wade for a while, her feelings for Charlie Wade had never changed.
In fact, she has been missing Charlie Wade very much all this time.
Originally, she received Claire Wilson Wilson’s invitation to live with them at Thompson First, but during that time, too much happened in the Wilson family.
After a while, Mrs. Wilson’s family ran up to the door, and the desperately looking to live in Thompson First;
After a while, Elaine Ma disappeared again, and Claire Wilson Wilson was searching all over the world;

Then, Jacob Wilson would entertain his first love at home;
Later, the missing Elaine Ma came back and made the whole family jumpy.
As an outsider, Loreen couldn’t help but still live in Thompson First in such a chaotic environment, so she moved back to the hotel early.
Therefore, during this period of time, she almost fell ill with missing Charlie Wade!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1497

To Loreen, Charlie Wade has always been a little far away.
He didn’t feel much about Loreen, not to mention that Loreen was still a good girlfriend of his wife, and he had to keep a distance from her.
But I didn’t expect that the two would still meet on the plane.
Loreen was in a good mood, she involuntarily got close to Charlie Wade, and asked, “Hey, Charlie Wade, how many days are you going to stay in Eastcliff this time?”

Charlie Wade said: “Not necessarily. It depends on the speed of the work. If it is fast, it will be two or three days, if it is slow, it will be four or five days.”
Loreen said excitedly: “Oh, I booked the ticket four days later, how about you? When did you book the ticket? Can we come back together then?”
Charlie Wade said frankly: “I haven’t booked the return flight ticket yet. Let’s talk about it after the matter is over. It’s still not sure.”

Loreen said hurriedly: “Well then, when you are done with things, you tell me, I will see if the time can be coordinated, and if we can coordinate, then we will come back together.”
Charlie Wade was somewhat repulsive in his heart, but on the surface, he still said indifferently: “Let’s look at this when the time comes. There is still a lot of uncertainty.”
Loreen didn’t even notice that Charlie Wade was perfunctory, so she nodded and agreed.

Then she asked curiously: “What are you up to? How are you?”
Charlie Wade said: “I’m not busy, just show people Feng Shui occasionally, and stay at home for the rest of the time.”
Loreen asked carefully: “After Claire Wilson Wilson came back, her mother didn’t trouble you, right?”
“No.” Charlie Wade smiled and said: “She is much more peaceful now than before?.”
“That’s really great.” Loreen sighed sincerely: “I’m afraid Aunt Elaine Ma bullies you at home. It’s great that she can settle down!”

Charlie Wade nodded lightly, took out his mobile phone, sent a WeChat message to Stefanie, and said to her: “Daisy, give me a specific address of your home, I will be here today.”
Stefanie immediately sent him a voice call and asked excitedly: “Charlie Wade, are you here today?”
“Yes.” Charlie Wade said: “I just finished handling the matter here last night, so I booked today’s ticket temporarily.”

Stefanie hurriedly said: “What time does it land? I will pick you up at the airport!”
Charlie Wade thought that she was a big star, and it was estimated that the paparazzi would follow him in and out, so he said: “Don’t bother you, send me a specific position, and I will do it myself.”
Stefanie said: “No! I’m going to pick you up! But don’t worry, I will dress up for a while and I won’t be recognized.”
“Forget it.” Charlie Wade said: “The paparazzi is very powerful. How many celebrities cheated and broke their shoes. They thought they were well hidden, but they were all photographed by the paparazzi.”

Stefanie said helplessly: “Okay, then I will post the location to your WeChat later, can you be there at noon? I will let the family prepare lunch.”
Charlie Wade thought for a while: “Almost, then I’ll bother you.”
Stefanie smiled and said: “I won’t tell my parents about this first, just say that an old person is going to be a guest at home. I believe they will be very excited when they see you!”
Charlie Wade said, there was also a hint of warmth in his heart.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1498

Thinking of the deterioration of Stefanie’s father Orrin Sun, he asked, “Is Uncle Orrin’s condition okay?”
“Not so good…” Stefanie said in a low voice, “It’s not so good. The doctor has recommended that he be hospitalized again. My dad doesn’t want to go. I think he is a little depressed. Maybe he has resigned. I don’t want to toss any more, he always feels that he has no dignity when he receives various treatments in the hospital…You may not know his character, but my mother said that he is exactly like your father, and his brothers.

It’s like, they’re very axis, don’t listen to persuasion…”
Charlie Wade knows that many decent people have less desire to survive when they are dying.
This is mainly because they have been decent for so many years, and they value face and dignity very much. They don’t want to put down all their dignity and dignity at the end of their lives in order to live for such a limited period of time.
Charlie Wade even heard that many big people have signed a no-rescue agreement when they are severely ill.

If their lives come to the end, they will not be intubated, operated or on a ventilator, just to make themselves more dignified.
It seems that Orrin Sun has already started planning for the future.
Fortunately, the timing of my reunion with Stefanie was relatively coincidental. Otherwise, if we wait for Orrin Sun to pass away from a serious illness, we will not be able to save Orrin Sun’s life.

So, he said to comfort him: “Don’t worry about this matter so much, I will help you solve it after I arrive.”
Stefanie choked and said, “Thank you, Charlie Wade, he should be very happy if you can come to see Dad!”
Charlie Wade didn’t want to talk too much to Stefanie, so as not to be heard by Loreen, who was next to her, so she said: “Let’s do this first. The plane is about to take off and will be shut down.”
Stefanie hurriedly said, “Okay, Charlie Wade, I am waiting for you in Eastcliff!”

Charlie Wade hung up the phone, and Loreen couldn’t help but smile: “Oh, Charlie Wade, you are so amazing now. No wonder people call you Master Wade. Listening to the tone you just called, it seems that they are waiting for you to fight the fire!”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly: “Feng Shui is something like this sometimes, if there is no problem, but when there is a problem, it is often rushed.”
Loreen sighed from the bottom of her heart: “Claire Wilson Wilson is really lucky to find a capable husband like you!”

After speaking, Loreen asked again: “By the way, where did you go to Eastcliff this time?”
Charlie Wade said: “Near Northeast Fifth Ring Road, there is the villa area.”
Loreen said happily: “That’s not far away! Come to my house and sit?”
Charlie Wade said embarrassingly: “I won’t go, it’s not appropriate, and I came to Eastcliff this time, there are quite a lot of things…”
Loreen smiled slightly: “It’s okay. Look at that time. If you don’t have time, it doesn’t matter, but you have to give me a chance to treat you to dinner, just as I thank you for saving me twice, OK?”

Hearing that it was just a meal, Charlie Wade was not hypocritical, and nodded and agreed: “Okay.”
At this time, the beautiful and generous flight attendants have begun to remind everyone to buckle up their seat belts and the plane is ready to roll out.
Afterwards, the plane started slowly and came to the end of the runway. After taxiing to a sufficient speed on the runway, it took off into the air.

Loreen was very excited along the way, constantly searching for topics by Charlie Wade’s side.
But Charlie Wade’s thoughts have always been in Eastcliff, the place that carries his childhood memories.
After the one-hour and forty-minute flight, the plane slowly descended and landed smoothly on the runway of Eastcliff International Airport.
Charlie Wade’s heart suddenly beat at this time, and shouted in his heart: “Eastcliff, I’m back!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1499

When the plane landed, Charlie Wade and Loreen got off the plane together.
Because Charlie Wade didn’t have any luggage checked, he didn’t have to wait to pick up his luggage, and Loreen was a big beauty after all, and she usually took a lot of clothes, cosmetics, and skin care products when she went out.
Especially for things like cosmetics and skin care products, it is easy to exceed the capacity, so you must check in.

After getting off the plane, she couldn’t leave directly like Charlie Wade, and she had to wait for the luggage to come out at the luggage collection area.
So she hurriedly asked Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, how do you go later?”
Charlie Wade said, “I went out and stopped a taxi and left.”
Loreen hurriedly said: “Then you might as well wait for me for a while, let’s go together? It just happened that my family drove to pick me up, and I can see you off.”

Charlie Wade smiled and waved his hand: “No, Loreen, I’m quite anxious over there, let’s go.”
Loreen said helplessly: “Okay, then let’s make an appointment another day. Don’t forget that you promised me. Let’s have a meal together.”
“Okay.” Charlie Wade smiled slightly and said: “You wait for your luggage, I’ll go first, and I’ll make an appointment another day.”
After bidding farewell to Loreen, Charlie Wade walked out of Eastcliff Airport alone.

After he went out, he was too late to sigh, and he was ready to go directly to the taxi stop to queue up for a taxi.
Just after he came out, a woman wrapped in a thick down jacket, wearing a down jacket hat, a mask and black sunglasses, ran towards him quickly.
Before he could see clearly, the woman leaped at him happily, screaming happily, “Charlie Wade!”
Charlie Wade heard the woman’s voice, it was Stefanie, so he put down his guard and let her plunge into his arms.

Holding Stefanie lightly, Charlie Wade couldn’t help but ask her: “Didn’t I tell you, didn’t you use it to pick me up? Why did you come here?”
Stefanie said diligently: “I want to see you soon! I’m afraid I stay at home, and I can’t help telling my parents the news of your coming in advance, so I just ran out.”
Charlie Wade asked again: “You won’t be spotted by the paparazzi when you come out. If you are secretly photographed by the paparazzi and you are a big star hugging a man at the gate of the airport, then your popularity will probably be greatly affected.”

“What are you afraid of!” Stefanie said in a very indifferent tone: “If it is really photographed and exposed, then I will say that I am holding my fiancé. If the popularity will decline because of this, then let it go. I didn’t rely on the entertainment industry to eat, so it’s easy to find you when I come in and play. Now that I find you, I can leave the circle at any time.”
“Okay.” Charlie Wade helplessly asked her: “Let’s go to see the uncle and aunt quickly, did you drive here?”

Stefanie nodded and said, “I just parked the car in the parking lot. Let’s go and pick up the car together!”
With that said, Stefanie hugged Charlie Wade’s arm and took him to the parking lot.
Stefanie drove a very humble old Volvo car today. After getting in the car, she took off her hat and said embarrassingly: “Charlie Wade, I’m sorry, the car I drove today is a bit shabby. The main reason is that most of the car paparazzi in our family know it, so I just drove this old car out. Don’t dislike it.”

Charlie Wade smiled and nodded, and said, “You don’t know what days I have been living these years. I told you last time that I used to live in an orphanage. After I came out, my wife’s grandfather arranged for me to go to the construction site. After a year of college, I have gone through all the hardships, even if you tell me that you need me to walk to your house, I don’t care.”
Stefanie looked at Charlie Wade and sighed softly, “Charlie Wade, you have suffered for so many years.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1500

Charlie Wade shook his head: “It doesn’t matter if you endure hardship. In my opinion, all the hardship you eat is a kind of training for me.”
Stefanie nodded earnestly, and while driving out of the parking lot, she said, “My dad was still talking about you yesterday. Didn’t the doctor ask him to go back to the hospital for treatment? He knows that his physical condition may be very un-optimistic. So I sigh, the biggest regret is that I couldn’t find you.”

Charlie Wade was moved and smiled slightly: “Daisy, don’t worry, with me, Uncle Orrin will definitely recover his health.”
Stefanie didn’t know Charlie Wade’s abilities, let alone that Charlie Wade had the title of True Dragon Master in the upper class of Aurouss Hilll, so she never believed that he could cure her father’s terminal illness.
At this time, she just felt that Dad would be very pleased when he saw Charlie Wade. If the mood improves, I believe his body will also change to a certain extent.

Stefanie’s home is not far from Eastcliff International Airport.
Eastcliff’s airport is in the northeast of the city, and several top super villa districts of Eastcliff are also in the central villa district not far away.
Twenty minutes later, Stefanie drove the car to Eastcliff’s Ocean Mansion.
Although there are many Eastcliff villas, most of them are townhouses of tens of millions. There are very few large and luxurious single-family single-family villas in the urban area. Most single-family villas are located in very remote areas in the north. Near the Mountain.

Among the limited single-family villas in the urban area, Ocean Mansion can be said to be one of the top villa areas.
Every villa here has a price of at least one billion Dollar and is luxurious.
However, this place still cannot be compared with the Wade family’s mansion.
In Charlie Wade’s memory, the Wade family’s mansion was not a luxury villa built by this kind of developer, but the palace of a prince in the Quintong Dynasty.

That is the real low-key luxury and grand atmosphere. Charlie Wade remembered that just the dozens of golden snail pillars in the mansion were priceless.
It is said that as early as more than ten years ago, a quote on the market had already exceeded 1 billion.
This is not the most arrogant. The most arrogant one is the Prince Gong’s Mansion in Eastcliff, where a pillar of Jinsinan is worth more than two billion.
However, Prince Gong’s Mansion is a national cultural monument and is not owned by any individual.

Therefore, it can highlight the dignity of the Wade family mansion.
When Stefanie drove the car home, the courtyard door and garage door opened automatically.
A forty-year-old maid rushed into the garage, and while helping to open the car door, she respectfully said: “Miss, the madam is ready to cook, just wait for you, why didn’t you just run away without saying a word.”
After speaking, she suddenly found a man sitting in the co-pilot. She was surprised, and said politely: “Hello, sir!”

Charlie Wade nodded slightly, and Stefanie on the side could not restrain his excitement, and asked the servant: “Aunt Dina, are my parents in the restaurant?”
Aunt Dina nodded slightly and said, “Miss, sir does not seem to be feeling well. I keep saying that I want to go back to my room to rest. Go ahead.”

When Stefanie heard this, she hurriedly took Charlie Wade’s hand and ran into the villa.
Passing through the huge and luxurious hall, Stefanie directly took Charlie Wade to the restaurant. As soon as he entered the restaurant, he excitedly said to a middle-aged couple at the table: “Dad, Mom, do you see who I brought!”

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