The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1511-1515 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1511-1515)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1511

Hank on the side hurriedly smiled and said to Carl: “Oh, third, how do you talk to Big Brother? Big Brother’s body may be gone at any time. If you are angry with him now and he has no time to change his will, then we Are you really going to draw swords with your sister-in-law and your niece? In that case, how can I bear it in my heart!”
Carl chuckled, “Second brother, you are right, I was too much. I apologize to Big Brother!”
After finishing speaking, he looked at Orrin Sun and said with a chuckle, “Big Brother, I’m sorry, I just said a little bit more seriously, don’t take it to your heart.”

Orrin was smiling and saying: “But eldest brother, although the third child speaks too much, but he is telling the truth. Think about it, who wants to let it flow into the hands of outsiders? If you cooperate with us, and your sister-in-law and Daisy are behind you, you can still get 20%…”
At this point, Hank’s expression suddenly became very ugly, and his tone and voice became gloomy. He gritted his teeth and said: “But if you don’t cooperate, brother, I may be anxious, and I will treat your family if I can’t wait for you to enter the soil.

The three are doing something. If your family of three is gone, all the assets in your name belong to me and your third brother. Do you understand this truth?”
Orrin Sun coughed violently, and then he spouted a mouthful of blood. The whole person was extremely angry and messed up the weak essence in the body.
Seeing this, Stefanie and Angie hurriedly stepped forward to support him and gently patted his back.
Charlie Wade couldn’t bear it at this time. Looking at Hank, he asked in a cold voice: “What do you mean, if Uncle Orrin doesn’t agree, you will start with their family of three?”

Hank was too lazy to continue to pretend, and said arrogantly and viciously: “Boy, no matter who you are, there is no place for you to speak here. I have business to do today, so I spare you my life, but I just spare you. One day, at this time tomorrow, if you are still alive, Hank will be a fool for so many years!”
After finishing speaking, he immediately looked at Orrin and said coldly: “Brother, since it’s up to this point, then I will not hide it. I come today and must get 80% of the assets. Otherwise, don’t blame me. Disregarding brotherhood with the youngest!”

Carl also echoed: “Big Brother, you are already a dying person, what are you doing so hard? You may die soon, but your wife and children can live for many years. There is no need to let them die.”
When these words came out, Charlie Wade was immediately furious!
The blood all over his body also boiled instantly!
He suddenly lifted his foot at a very fast speed, and kicked Carl’s abdomen fiercely!

Carl, Hank, and the bodyguards brought by the two of them had not yet figured out what was going on, Carl had already flown out directly!
He flew out of the dining room and fell directly onto the floor of the living room. He only heard him wailing in mid-air. After landing, he immediately lost consciousness!
Carl saw his father being kicked into the air and passed out. He rushed forward, picked him up, and asked nervously, “Dad, dad, are you okay, dad?!”

Hank was extremely angry. He pointed at Charlie Wade and cursed: “Boy, you are so bold, you are not afraid…”
Before he finished speaking, Charlie Wade suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Hank’s hand pointing at him, with a sudden force of his wrist!
With a click, Hank’s right hand broke directly from his wrist!

Orrin was holding his drooping hand and shouted angrily to the two burly men behind him: “Damn, kill him for me! Kill him now!”
Hank’s son Trevor also said furiously: “Boy, do you dare to hurt my dad! You are done! My dad’s bodyguard is known as the God of War and the Lord of War, and you must die today!”
“God of war? Realm master?” Charlie Wade looked at the two big guys walking towards him, and said coldly: “Since the reputation is so powerful, then I will let them both kneel down and call me Dad today!”
Seeing this, Orrin was shocked and blurted, “Charlie Wade, be careful! Both of them are good hands with countless blood on their hands. You are not their opponent!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1512

After speaking, he gritted his teeth and said to Hank: “Second! Let them stop and don’t hurt Charlie Wade, I promise your terms!”
In Orrin’s view, Charlie Wade is not only his favorite son-in-law in the future, but also the only bloodline of his brother who has passed away many years. In any case, he can’t sit back and watch Charlie Wade die because of himself!
In that case, he would have no face to face Charlie Wade’s parents.

Hank clutched his wrists, gritted his teeth and cursed: “Compromise now? It’s too late! This kid dares to hurt me, I’m sure to let him be broken into pieces!”
After that, he said to the two men: “Kill him! Immediately! Immediately!”
Hank’s two bodyguards also looked grim at this time.
One of them is known as the God of War, and the other is known as the realm master!
They are all famous characters in the arena, and now being so insulted by a little kung fu boy, naturally it is indignant, just thinking of killing him to defend his dignity.

Just when the two rushed to Charlie Wade, Stefanie, Orrin, and Angie were all nervous and their hearts beating like drums. They were all afraid that Charlie Wade would have a slight accident. Especially for the couple, they had just met Charlie Wade met again, and didn’t dare to put Charlie Wade in danger.
But just between the electric flints, Charlie Wade did not retreat. Instead, he greeted the god of war and the realm master.

He transferred his reiki to both hands, with one arm, and it was like catching a chicken in an instant, one in each hand. , Grabbing the two people’s necks, and lifting them up!
At this moment, everyone was stunned in shock!
what happened?
What the hell is going on?

This is Eastcliff’s famous God of War and Realm Lord!
The strength of these two people, in the circle of bodyguards of the rich in Eastcliff, can almost go sideways.
Except for the top metaphysical masters supported by the Banks Familyy and the Wade Family in the legend, the others are not their opponents at all.
However, a young man like Charlie Wade directly defuses the two men’s offense, and directly grabs the two men’s necks and makes the two feet leave the ground immediately!

At this time, Charlie Wade’s hands were like hydraulic pliers with dozens of tons of pressure, and they stuck their necks firmly.
The two were shocked instantly!
Desperately kicking his legs and waving his arms, he wanted to interrupt Charlie Wade’s arms and escape to life.
However, only then did he realize that his body seemed to be choked by all power! The arms flicked up, like two long inflated balloons, they couldn’t use half of their power at all!

Naturally, the same is true for his legs, and he can only hang in the air, unable to kick even if he wants to.
The expressions of the two of them were terrified, and their complexions quickly turned black and purple because of their suffocation.
The Sun family were also scared silly.
What the f*ck is this monster? ! One person, two hands, made a God of War and a realm master like this bird? !

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At this moment, everyone present was stunned!
Not only Hank and Carl who came to provoke, but even Orrin’s family of three were shocked and speechless.
This God of War and a realm master were both very famous figures in Eastcliff. The two had killed countless people and had never suffered any defeats. Anyone who mentioned them would be disgraced.
However, the two of them couldn’t even handle a single move in front of Charlie Wade.
At least there must be back and forth in normal battles.
As the saying goes, you punch me and kick me, see what you do, and look for flaws. This is what a master can do.

But Charlie Wade suddenly rushed up, and the two hands pinched the two top masters into this bird shape, which made people wonder, how strong is his strength? !
Charlie Wade ignored the shock of these people. He looked at these two people contemptuously, and said coldly: “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance to survive, kneel down and call Dad. If the call is nice and kind, I I’ll spare your lives, will you?”
The two of them stared at Charlie Wade with a look of resentment. Although they could not speak, their expressions were full of resentment and dissatisfaction.

Charlie Wade nodded, and said with a smile: “A God of War, a realm master, there really is something, he is not very capable, and his temper is not small. Okay, if that’s the case, then reincarnate in the next life and be a good person!”
After speaking, they increased his strength a bit, making the two immediately feel the fear of death.
Although these two murdered countless people, in the final analysis, they were also greedy for prosperity and wealth.

Otherwise, they would not sell their lives to Hank. Therefore, when the death approached, both of them were in agreement, and they began to feel extreme panic and panic. Scared.
They are not reconciled to die like this, after all, there are so many riches and glory in the world that they have not enjoyed, or have not enjoyed enough.
They have been working hard at the border for so many years, and they have gone all the way to the present, in order to be able to enjoy the life of a master.

However, it is not worth it to die in vain before enjoying a few years of blessing!
Afterwards, the God of War held by Charlie Wade on his left hand shouted hoarsely: “Dad…Dad…”
Because Charlie Wade’s voice was stuck tightly, his voice was very small, almost inaudible, but his mouth shape was still in place, and he really wanted to admit it.
Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction, took the lead in letting go of his left hand for a few minutes, and sneered: “Come on, let me give it a good call.”

The God of War burst into tears, and said in a hoarse voice: “Dad… please go around me…”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Well, good son, since you are so sincerely begging Dad to forgive you, then Dad will show mercy and forgive you this time.”
The God of War was overjoyed immediately, and at this moment, the realm master who Charlie Wade was holding on his right hand was about to faint. Suddenly seeing his good brother named Charlie Wade’s father was forgiven, he immediately called his father desperately.

Of course, he couldn’t make any sound in his throat, he could only make gestures.
Seeing that he was about to call Dad, Charlie Wade relaxed with his right hand and sneered: “Come on, give you a chance to scream.”
The man was extremely humiliating, but in order to survive, he was still like a quail and honestly shouted: “Dad, please forgive me, dad…”
Charlie Wade nodded with satisfaction and said: “Seeing that you two are still a little sincere, then I will give you a chance to survive, kneel on the ground and call Dad, this time if the call is good, I will let you go.”

The God of War blurted out and protested: “You asked me to call Dad. I have already called. Why didn’t you let me go and let me call Dad on my knees?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “The first thing I said was to kneel down and call Dad. If you don’t call, then I will let you die with dignity, and you can figure it out.”

The realm master on the side angrily said: “How can I say that it is also the realm master of the north. Back then, it was able to defeat one hundred against one hundred. Don’t go too far!”
Charlie Wade sneered and said: “The realm master of the North? What did you do?”
The landlord said: “Northern Mercenary Group, the largest private mercenary organization in the north!”

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“Oh.” Charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile: “Hello, realm lord, your title is pretty awesome, I also have a title, which is given by someone from the rivers and lakes. I don’t know who compares with yours. More powerful?”
The landlord asked: “What is your title?”
Charlie Wade smiled faintly: “The Real Dragon in the World.”
The realm master’s face changed.

Real dragon on earth?
What the hell!
Is it too arrogant?
Charlie Wade was too lazy to continue to talk to him, reapplying a bit of strength in his hand, and said blankly: “If you are willing to kneel and live, if you don’t want to kneel and die, you only have three seconds to think about it.”

The realm master felt that the strength in his throat was getting stronger and stronger, and his heart was frightened, and he blurted out: “I kneel! I kneel!”
Charlie Wade looked at the so-called God of War next to him: “What about you, Brother War God, kneel, or don’t you kneel?”
“Kneel! I also kneel!”
The God of War also knew the truth that it is better to live than to die, and nodded without hesitation.

Charlie Wade smiled with satisfaction and directly pressed the two of them to the ground like a little chicken, and said coldly: “The voice is louder, otherwise I will abolish your roots and let you two be eunuchs for the rest of your life. !”
The two of them trembled in shock, knelt on the ground and cried in unison: “Daddy forgive me! Daddy forgive me!”
Brothers Hank and Carl looked very ugly.

However, at this time they have nothing to do.
I could only watch the two masters kneeling on the ground, calling this young man father.
Seeing the two people’s devotion and earnestness, Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction, and said, “My dear sons, it’s not bad. Being able to bend and stretch is good material for big things.”
The two raised their heads and looked at Charlie Wade angrily. They had killed him ten thousand times in their hearts.

At the same time, the two were thinking about the same thing.
That is how to find Charlie Wade to get the place back after passing this hurdle today.
At that time, he must take his life to be able to relieve his hatred!
What they didn’t expect was that Charlie Wade was actually preparing for it a long time ago, and he would never have trouble.
So Charlie Wade looked funny and said with a smile: “Two dear sons, one of you is the God of War and the other is the realm master.

It is really amazing. I am very relieved for my father, but I really do not like the two of you coming in one day. It looks like you are fighting late, so from today, let’s be a good baby who sleeps on time.”
The two people thought that Charlie Wade was simply humiliating them, so they were angry, but they didn’t dare to say anything.
But they didn’t expect that Charlie Wade had planned to abolish them long ago.

As a result, he quietly released reiki from his hand, directly penetrated into the two of them, and immediately sealed their dantian and meridians, making the two of them from the top masters in the eyes of ordinary people, and suddenly became the hands-free chicken. Power waste.
If the two of them dared to exert force or accumulate energy, not only would it be impossible for them to explode any lethality, they would also suffer the extreme pain of tens of thousands of ants biting their bodies, even if they wanted to move a few bricks.

Therefore, the two of them are already abolished by the standards, and they can no longer be abolished.
At this moment, Charlie Wade shouted coldly to the two of them: “Okay, you two go away and stay honestly. I still have something to do. I want to have a good chat with the two big guys from the Sun family!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1515

When the war god and realm master who were kneeling on the ground heard this, they knelt aside in a hurry, not daring to make any trouble.
As for Hank and Carl, when Charlie Wade said they wanted to have a good chat with them, the brothers’ expressions were horrible, and they were already panicking.
They didn’t expect that there would be such an evil star in the eldest brother’s house.
Based on their understanding of Orrin, the family is nothing more than a few bodyguards who look after the nursing home.

Although their abilities are good, they are a thousand miles away from the two they brought. Down.
However, the ghost knows that there is another young man in their family, who has a terrifying manner and looks like a demon!
Seeing that Charlie Wade was making trouble for them, the two immediately took a step back, and Hank asked in panic: “You…what do you want to do?”
“Me?” Charlie Wade smiled: “You have been pretending so much for a long time, so I should pretend to be? Come on, let’s talk about it, how are you going to solve this matter today?”

“How to solve it!” Hank gritted his teeth: “This is our Sun family’s family affair, and it has nothing to do with outsiders! You can’t control it!”
After speaking, he warned with a gloomy face: “Boy, I admit that you can fight very well, but it’s useless to fight. If you provoke me, I will definitely not let you go!”
Orrin shouted angrily: “Second, do you dare to try a hair on Charlie Wade! Do you really think I, the boss of the Sun family, eat dry food?”

Hank was panicked, but still wanted to find a place, and said angrily, “Big brother, even if you are not eating dry food, how long can you live?”
As he said, he added: “Even if I admit to planting today, what about tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow? Let me say, that’s all for today. In the future, let’s keep the water in the water. If you are willing to accept my previous proposal , We are still good brothers. When you leave, the third child and I must take care of the future generations and bury you; but if you disagree, then after you leave, don’t blame me for not being affectionate with the third child.

When the time comes, my sister-in-law and my daughter will…”
Before Hank’s threatening words were finished, Charlie Wade suddenly raised his hand and slapped his face with a slap in the face, directly pulling him to the side in a daze!
Carl hurried to help, but he was also brought to the ground by the force of Hank’s body.
The brothers each sighed. Orrin was just okay and just fell, but Hank was a bit miserable. This slap directly killed the dead molars, his mouth was full of blood, and his cheeks were swollen as if they were stung by a wasp. The same.

The others hurried forward and helped Hank, who was like a dead pig, up.
Hank covered his face and whimpered indistinctly, “You…you dare to beat me…Do you really think that Hank is a vegetarian?”
Charlie Wade shook his head: “I didn’t think you were a vegetarian. I think you are more like a shit eater. One mouth is stinking. I don’t know if you know Kian, the second son of Southaven Webb family. I was in TikTok some time ago. It’s still very popular on the Internet, I think your mouth is just like him!”

Hank was almost furious!
This kid actually compares Kian with himself!
That Kian, I have heard of him, and I heard of him, because I watched the video on TikTok, and almost didn’t feel sick at the time!
Charlie Wade actually compares himself with him, isn’t this an insult to his personality? !
He immediately shouted to the war god and the realm master who was kneeling on the ground: “Damn, kill him for me! Kill him, I will give you two 100 million!”

The two looked at each other.
A hundred million?
It sounds really attractive.

But how dare they step forward to provoke Charlie Wade? Charlie Wade could lift the two of them up like chickens and almost choked them to death with one move. The two of them had nothing to fight in front of Charlie Wade. In this case, even if this one hundred million was placed in front of them, they would not have this. Ability to earn…

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