The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1541-1545 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1541-1545)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1541

Because he didn’t dare to delay the board’s plan to seize power tomorrow, Hank decided to endure tonight first.
At the same time, he immediately asked the dean of the hospital to promise to pay a lot of money to find some top experts in related fields from the United States, and let them come and try to see if they can be cured by medical means.
If you can, that would be the best. When that happens, you don’t need to ask the kid, just kill him!
If you can’t…

Then this thing is a bit tricky, in order to keep on surpassing children and grandchildren, maybe I actually kneel down for that kid to beg for mercy!
Thinking of Charlie Wade’s extremely arrogant face, Hank felt uncomfortable all over his body.
Carl on the side asked in a low voice: “Second brother, tomorrow’s board of directors, won’t that kid go too?”
“f*ck…” Hank felt a little bit in his heart, and his face immediately changed.
If that guy goes to the board of directors tomorrow, I am afraid it will be uncomfortable! If he helped Orrin suppress himself, what would he do?

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think of any solution, so he sighed and said: “Now it is meaningless to think about this, and there is no way to think of any way. When the time comes, soldiers will stop them and cover them!”
Orrin just remembered something, and whispered: “Second brother, do you remember that the kid in the eldest brother’s family mentioned Kenneth Wilson from the Wilson Group? That guy came back from abroad some time ago, and he kept looking for opportunities to flatter me and want to engage with us.

Click to cooperate, do you want me to ask him over to ask about the situation?”
“Okay!” Hank said hurriedly: “You can call him now and ask him to come to the hospital to see me!”

Since leaving Aurouss Hilll in a dingy manner, Kenneth Wilson spent most of his time seeking medical advice all over the world, hoping to cure himself.
He first went to Japan, and then to the United States. He went around for a long time. He found a lot of doctors and spent a lot of money, but he couldn’t solve the problem.

Over time, Kenneth Wilson basically gave up in his heart.
Fortunately, he was getting older and had children. After giving up treatment, he simply focused on his career.
Once a person loses lust and distractions and concentrates on his career, his concentration will increase exponentially.
Therefore, Kenneth Wilson now only wants to make the Wilson Group bigger and make more money, and then use money and material to fill his body and lust.

However, in Eastcliff, the Wilson family can only be regarded as a second-rate family, and the gap with the top family is still very large. Kenneth Wilson wanted to hug a thigh, so he hugged it, and finally got a little relationship with Carl of the Sun family.
But even though he tried desperately to kneel and lick Carl, Carl looked down on him somewhat, and didn’t even think of accepting him as a dog.

When he was worried about how to conquer Carl, he suddenly received a call from Carl.
So he hurriedly connected and said flatly, “Oh, Mr. Sun, why are you free to call me?”
Carl asked him, “Old Wilson, are you in Eastcliff?”
“I’m here!” Kenneth Wilson said hurriedly, “I haven’t left Eastcliff since I came back from the United States. What is your order, Mr. Sun?”

Carl said, “I want to ask you about something, but this matter is more important. Can you come to the Sun Group hospital now? Let’s talk better in person.”
“Yes!” Kenneth Wilson said with a smile: “Mr. Sun, wait a moment, I’ll rush over!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1542

“Well, I’ll wait for you here!”
At this moment.
Charlie Wade and Orrin’s family had dinner, and they were dragged by Orrin to drink a lot of liquor before returning to the guest room Angie arranged for him, taking a bath and lying down to rest.

At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson called him and asked him: “Husband, how is your progress in Eastcliff?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “It’s not bad, the overall situation is fairly smooth, and it will be finished in about three days soon.”

“That’s good.” Claire Wilson Wilson hummed, and said concerned: “You have to take care of yourself when you are outside. After all, you have never traveled far.”
Charlie Wade was a little moved in his heart and smiled and said, “My wife, don’t worry, I am an adult too, and can take good care of myself. I will rush back when I’m done.”
“Okay.” Claire Wilson Wilson smiled: “By the way, my husband, I have to ask you for something.”

Charlie Wade asked hurriedly, “Wife, what are you doing so politely with me? Just tell me what’s the matter.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “That’s right. Loreen was chatting with me today. She happened to be back to Eastcliff, and her grandmother had her birthday at noon the day after tomorrow. Can you help me buy some gifts to give it to her? Birthday feast?”
Charlie Wade calculated the time, and his business is mainly tomorrow.
In the morning, I have to accompany Orrin to the Sun Group to participate in the board of directors, and then go to his parent’s grave to pay homage to his parents. However, there is no arrangement the day after tomorrow.

I was thinking about staying the day after tomorrow to see if Sun’s affairs can be dusty. Settling, if the dust settles, then he will return to Aurouss Hilll the day after tomorrow.
Therefore, the day after tomorrow he was not prepared to leave Eastcliff, and it was not a big problem to drop by to attend the birthday banquet of Loreen’s grandmother.
However, Charlie Wade felt somewhat uncomfortable.
Loreen came to Eastcliff on the same plane with herself. She did not say that she would let herself go to her grandma’s birthday banquet. Then she chatted with Claire Wilson Wilson about the incident.

She guessed that once she told Claire Wilson Wilson, Claire Wilson Wilson would definitely do it. Let yourself go?
Charlie Wade didn’t really feel anything towards Loreen, but Loreen always thought a little bit carefully, which made him feel a little repulsive.
For example, that time she invited Claire Wilson Wilson to take a hot spring. In fact, the purpose was herself, but she used a curve to save the country to find a breakthrough from Claire Wilson Wilson.

This time it was the same, basically a repeat of the old trick.
I don’t know where this woman is interested in herself, so she has to let her give up on herself.
However, even though Charlie Wade had some opinions in his heart, he readily agreed and said, “That’s it, I will prepare a gift tomorrow, and I will pass it at noon the day after tomorrow.”
“Okay.” Claire Wilson Wilson said, “Thank you, husband, for your hard work on my behalf. When I went to Eastcliff to play during my university, Grandma Thomas was very enthusiastic to me.

I originally wanted to go to Eastcliff in person. Yes, but I have to take my mother to the hospital for a review tomorrow. If there is nothing wrong with the review, the cast on her leg will be removed, and my mother has been clamoring to hurry up the missing front teeth, so I am here. I really can’t get away for a few days, I can only ask you.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t worry, wife, I will do it well.”
Claire Wilson Wilson asked: “I’ll transfer some money to you, and you can find a suitable gift at a price of around 100,000 Dollar. As for what you buy, I believe in your vision!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said: “You don’t need to transfer money to me, I have money, and the customers here have already settled the bill in advance.”
Claire Wilson Wilson was surprised and said: “So generous!”
Charlie Wade said: “After all, it’s a big family!”
Claire Wilson Wilson said: “Well! In that case, then I won’t be polite to you! Thank you husband!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1543

Kenneth Wilson sat on his Rolls Royce, galloping on the road at night. He is very trendy at this time.
After all, it was the invitation of Carl, the third member of the Sun family, who was going to go.
Although Carl ranks at the bottom of the Sun family and does not have any real power, he is still a direct heir of the Sun family after all. Both the amount of assets and the social status are much stronger than Kenneth Wilson.

Therefore, Kenneth Wilson desperately tried to flatter him, hoping to pass him and catch the Sun family line.
Although he didn’t know what Orrin had just looking for himself, but he could take the initiative to find himself, which in itself was a big improvement.
Twenty minutes later.
Kenneth Wilson rushed to Sun’s Hospital, when Carl’s son Daniel was already waiting at the door.

Seeing Kenneth Wilson, he stepped forward and asked, “Is it Uncle Wilson?”
Kenneth Wilson nodded hurriedly and smiled and asked, “Are you Sun’s son?”
“Yes.” Daniel nodded and said, “Uncle Wilson follow me in. Both my father and my second uncle are waiting for you.”
Kenneth Wilson asked in surprise, “Is the second master also there?”
“Yes, they are all waiting for you.”
Kenneth Wilson became excited when he heard this.

In the entire Eastcliff, everyone knows that the Sun family’s boss is seriously ill and that time is running out, so everyone knows that the head of the Sun family will definitely become the second master of the Sun family, Hank.
He didn’t even dare to dream that he would have a chance to get along with the second master of the Sun family.
But isn’t there a ready-made opportunity in front of us today?
He hurriedly followed Daniel to the intensive care ward. In the ward, he saw Hank and Carl with strange expressions.

As soon as Orrin saw him come in, he hurriedly drove all the other people out except the second brother, leaving only three of them in the ward.
So Orrin just got into the topic and asked Kenneth Wilson: “Old Wilson, I ask you one thing, you must answer truthfully.”
Kenneth Wilson said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, I must know that everything is endless!”
Carl endured the shame and embarrassment, and asked, “Old Wilson, I ask you, are you infertile now?”

After Kenneth Wilson heard this, his whole body was struck by lightning, standing still, dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.
He didn’t even dream of it. As soon as Orrin spoke, he asked such a question that hit the soul directly.
He could not help secretly: “I did lose my fertility, but outsiders don’t know about it! How did Carl know about it? Should I admit to such a shameful thing? In addition, Carl called me over to ask me this. What is the problem?”

Seeing that Kenneth Wilson looked embarrassed, but didn’t say a word, Orrin was just anxious, and he smacked his lips and said, “Oh, old Wilson, what are you doing? Is it such a question, so difficult to answer? Just tell me, is it or not?”
Although Kenneth Wilson didn’t know why Carl asked himself this question, but thinking about his inexhaustible and inexhaustible promise to him just now, he still bit the bullet and said: “Mr. Sun, to be honest, I really have no fertility.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1544

Carl and his brother Hank glanced at each other, and then he hurriedly asked: “Old Wilson, tell me, how come you have no fertility? What’s the matter?”
Kenneth Wilson said awkwardly: “Mr. Sun…you…you…why are you so concerned about this issue? To be honest, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but this Such things are really ashamed to speak out!”
Hank, who hasn’t spoken all the time, said, “Mr. Wilson, don’t have any psychological burdens.

We are looking for you. To tell the truth, it’s the exchange of information between patients and patients. It’s so easy for everyone to share more clues.”
Kenneth Wilson was dumbfounded. Information exchange between patients and patients? what does it mean? Don’t these two brothers have that ability now? No way? !
These two are the uncles of the Sun family! And both of them are younger than themselves, how could something go wrong at such a young age?

He couldn’t help asking: “Second Lord, you…what the hell is going on?”
Hank waved his hand and said, “Mr. Wilson, let me talk about your business first. I hope you can fulfill your promise. To me and the third child, I know everything and say nothing. I want to know the whole thing. The cause and effect of the matter.”
Kenneth Wilson nodded, then sighed for a long time, and said, “Hey…this matter has to be wound up, that’s a long story.”

Having said that, Kenneth Wilson went to Aurouss Hilll for his father’s last wish, met the Wilson family, and encountered Charlie Wade being punished by Charlie Wade, and they all told the Sun family brothers.
At first, the Sun family didn’t feel anything. When they heard that Charlie Wade made him confused and lost that ability, Hank hurriedly asked: “What is the origin of that kid surnamed Wade? Could it be The Wade family?”

Kenneth Wilson thought of Charlie Wade and gritted his teeth and said, “That kid named Wade, he’s the son-in-law of the Wilson family in Aurouss Hilll! Damn, that family is not as small as a hair! Their group was losing money and was negative equity. I owe tens of millions to the bank. Even so, the surnamed Wade and his father-in-law’s family are still despised in this family. They are just rubbish among the rubbish. How could it be from Wade’s family?”

Hank hurriedly asked him: “What does that kid look like?”
Kenneth Wilson said: “He is tall, looks a little handsome, speaks a little bit forcedly, and looks awkward.”
Hank frowned and said to Carl, “Maybe it’s the kid in the elder brother’s house!”
Carl blurted out: “It must be him! Damn, second brother, you forgot, he actively mentioned Wilson’s name, he must be the same person as Charlie Wade who abolished Wilson’s fertility!”

Kenneth Wilson was shocked when he heard this, and blurted out: “What do you mean, is that Charlie Wade bastard next to the two eldest brother Orrin?”
“That’s right!” Hank gritted his teeth: “Today, my brothers and our sons suffered a lot from his hands. f*ck, this kid is toxic. He said he made us infertile. , We are really gone!”
“Yeah!” Carl also said angrily: “When this btch changed his mouth, just a fcking word, the four of us somehow lost that ability!”

“f*ck…” Kenneth Wilson took a breath.
Charlie Wade is too ruthless, right?
Abolish the Sun’s second child, third child, and their son directly? !
The Sun family is also the third-ranked super family in Eastcliff anyway. If this kid broke the Sun family’s incense, is he not afraid of Sun family’s crazy revenge? !

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1545

Kenneth Wilson was surprised and shocked, and couldn’t help but sigh: “Speaking of which, Charlie Wade is really f*cking mysterious. He also moved his mouth that day, and then I was confused…”
Having said this, Kenneth Wilson couldn’t help but think of his tragic experience in Aurouss Hilll.
First he was beaten by Charlie Wade, and then he was deprived of his ability to be a man. This is not the worst!

The worst thing is that I mistakenly believed in the old thing surnamed Weaver, and ate the so-called magic medicine of the Weaver family. Not only did he fail to regain his glory, he almost broke his roots.
In the end, it was under Charlie Wade’s treatment that he could barely save his roots.
As for Charlie Wade’s treatment when he kept his roots, it was another history of blood and tears.
At that time, one liter of urine was matched with one liter of medicine, so that I still have a shadow.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing: “Hey, you two didn’t know, I was in Aurouss Hilll, my old bone, but his mother made this kid miserable!”
Hank gritted his teeth and said: “According to this, this kid is just the live-in son-in-law of the Aurouss Hilll family, but how can he get on line with my elder brother? This is too strange!”
After Charlie Wade’s parents were killed for many years after leaving Eastcliff, Hank had no longer in his mind. The image and memory of Charlie Wade’s father.

Therefore, he couldn’t understand Charlie Wade’s identity and could not figure out Charlie Wade’s small The son-in-law of the city hanging silk comes to the door, why can he mix with his eldest brother, and he was invited to the house by the eldest brother to have dinner with his family of three.
You know, with the background of the eldest brother, even those few well-known Internet entrepreneurs in the country cannot be treated like this.
Kenneth Wilson remembered something, and blurted out: “I remember, this Charlie Wade was in Aurouss Hilll.

He was abducted and deceived and scammed many people. Many local figures who have a good reputation should call him Master Wade.”
“Master Wade?” Hank frowned and asked him, “What master? Which kind of master?”
Kenneth Wilson said: “It seems to be Feng Shui or something. It is said that he has a good sense of Feng Shui. The local rich man asked him to see Feng Shui once and he was rewarded with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

A big villa worth more than 100 million Dollar, I don’t know how this kid can fool around so much.”
Carl hurriedly said, “Second brother! I understand! The eldest brother must be dying of illness. I really don’t know what to do, so I can only go to the doctor if he is sick, and believe that the metaphysics of Feng Shui luck has come.”
Hank nodded in agreement, and sneered: “I think so! 80% of them are really afraid of death and crazy, so I asked a liar to renew my life!”

Carl sneered: “It’s really interesting. Didn’t he yell for all his life that he is an atheist? He never believed in ghosts or gods. How come he is dying now and believes in Feng Shui luck again?”
“Then who knows to go…” Hank waved his hand and said, “However, this kid is really a bit mysterious. I still don’t understand how he made us lose that ability.

Could it be that he really has some metaphysical skills?”
Kenneth Wilson hurriedly said flatteringly: “Oh, my second master, there are some insights about this matter, but it hasn’t been verified. If you don’t mind, I can say it and give you your reference.”
Hank nodded: “You speak it!”

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