The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1566-1570 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1566-1570)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1566

In Orrin’s eyes, the Wade family and the Banks Familyy were two dragons competing.
The difference in strength between the two is not too great, but the Banks Familyy still beats the Wade Family.
In fact, in the early years, the strength of the two companies can be said to be almost the same.
Had it not been for Bruce’s untimely death at a young age, the Wade family might have already surpassed the Banks Familyy under his leadership.

But it was precisely because of the fall of Bruce’s genius that the Wade family had no successors, so that the Banks Familyy gradually opened up a bit of status.
However, Orrin believed that if Charlie Wade came to inherit the Wade family and then married his daughter, Charlie Wade would have both Wade and Sun in his hands by that time.
Even in the future, the two can be deeply merged together.

In that way, Charlie Wade would be able to beat the dust in the entire business community.
However, he didn’t know when Charlie Wade could deal with all the matters of Aurouss Hilll, and then he returned to Eastcliff to marry his daughter.
However, Orrin did not mention this matter, let alone urge him, but took a deep look at him, then patted him on the shoulder, and said seriously: “After leaving Charlie Wade, let’s go see your parents. !”
Charlie Wade nodded gently and said, “Uncle Orrin, I want to buy them two bunches of flowers. Is there a flower shop nearby?”

“You don’t need to buy it.” Orrin said: “After we go out, your Angie has started to prepare. Now we are all ready. Let’s go home directly, and after meeting with their wives, we will go to Wade Mountain together!”
Charlie Wade said gratefully: “It’s really hard work for Angie. These things should have been handled by my son…”

Orrin waved his hand: “Angie, you have the same sisters as your mother, and your father and I have the same brotherhood, and we have always regarded you as our own. Therefore, our two families are originally one family, and it is the same who manages them!”
Orrin’s motorcade drove out of the Sun Group neatly.

The convoy returned to Sun’s villa first, and the driver at home drove a black Rolls Royce out again. Angie and Stefanie were sitting in this car.
Although the Rolls-Royce looked very large, it only had two seats in the back row, so the four people were divided into two cars, and under the escort of bodyguards, they quickly drove out of the city to the western suburbs of Eastcliff.

Eastcliff is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is full of endless Sabre Mountains.
Sabre is steep and steep, easy to defend and difficult to attack. From this point, the Great Wall of China began to extend in both directions, east to Shanghai, and west to Bejing.
Wade Mountain is an ingot-shaped green hill in the Sabe Mountains.
This place was originally deep in the mountains, with no people or roads. After the Wade family chose to build the ancestral tomb here, they built a road leading to the foot of the mountain and built a winding road to the mountainside.

The investment was huge.
In the past, this mountain and this road were closed. Because the property rights were bought and the road was invested independently, other social vehicles and people were not allowed to enter. Orrin’s motorcade could enter. This was because we had followed Wade in advance. Because the family said hello!

At this moment, Charlie Wade was sitting in the Rolls Royce, getting closer and closer to Wade Mountain.
In ten minutes, he will be able to see his parents who have been separated for nearly eighteen years.
Even though yin and yang are separated, he still can’t restrain the tension in his heart.
He looked at Wade Mountain, and said silently in his heart: “Parents, my son has finally come to see you…”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1567

Wade Mountain.
This mountain, which can be called a treasure of feng shui, is not only better than ingots in shape, but also better. It is surrounded by a continuous river with excellent water outlets.
The ancients loved mountains and water. Water not only cleans everything, it is also the source of life. Therefore, water must be indispensable for the so-called feng shui treasure.
The water of Wade Mountain is indeed beautiful from heaven.

Not only does the heavenly gate open and the land is closed, but it also perfectly matches the trend of the fortune to the river and the position and orientation of the mountain itself, forming a “water bureau” feng shui array. .
Such a feng shui formation can guarantee the prosperity of the family and the prosperous future generations, and more importantly, it can break the situation of the Dragon Shoal before the Wade family.
Charlie Wade has a deep knowledge of Feng Shui mystery because he has studied the “Apocalyptic Book”.
Although he didn’t know why the old Feng Shui said that Wade Mountain was trapped in the shoal, he could perceive that the ancestral grave of Wade Mountain not only blessed the descendants and prospered family business, but also faintly soared into the sky.

This made him amazed. The Wade Family really had a lot of money. Not only could they buy such a feng shui place, but they could also invest so much money to make a big investment here.
The geomantic omen here is very good, and if the descendants are a little bit more vigorous, the Wade family will definitely continue to prosper.
When approaching the foot of Wade Mountain, Orrin reminded Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, I will ask the driver to pull over and you can drive.”

Charlie Wade didn’t want to be exposed in front of the Wade family for the time being, so yesterday he had already agreed with Orrin, acting as a driver and assistant and going with him to worship his parents.
So he nodded and said, “Good Uncle Orrin, I’ll drive.”
The driver pulled the car over, handed the sunglasses to Charlie Wade, and said, “Mr. Wade, here is this for you.”
Charlie Wade took the sunglasses and put them on, took out a disposable mask from his pocket, and then sat in the cab.

The driver did not stay in this car, but went to other vehicles behind.
Charlie Wade drove on and continued forward. When he reached the bottom of Wade Mountain, a mighty white marble gate tower stood in front of him, and under the gate tower, the electric gate was closed tightly, and several security personnel stood on both sides as if standing guard.
The leading car stopped in front of the gate, and then the convoy stopped one after another.

A security guard walked up to Orrin’s car from the front. Orrin put down half of the window. The other side respectfully said, “Mr. Sun, please ask the bodyguard to park the car in the parking lot nearby. There are too many cars for fear of disturbing the ancestors of the Wade family. You can go in the car with your wife and young lady.”
Orrin nodded and said to the assistant on the co-pilot: “Go and coordinate and let them wait for me in the parking lot.”

The assistant hurriedly asked: “Chairman, what about your safety issues…”
Orrin said earnestly: “This is the site of the Wade Family, and there is absolutely no possibility of safety issues.”
The security guard outside the car bowed respectfully: “Thank you Mr. Sun for your affirmation.”
Afterwards, while the assistant pushed the door to get out of the car, he opened his mouth and said to Charlie Wade sitting in the cab: “Master driver, after going into the mountain, please don’t honk the whistle or accelerate quickly, and keep the engine speed as low as possible.

Below two thousand five hundred revolutions, so as not to make too much movement and disturb the quiet.”
Charlie Wade nodded.
Naturally, the mausoleum should be as quiet as possible, not only can it not sound the horn, nor make noise.
Moreover, the sound of a car engine is the greater the speed, the greater the noise.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1568

Whether it is an ordinary family car or a luxury car, when the engine speed is below 2,500 rpm, it will not make much movement, but if the speed is increased to three or four thousand, or even four or five thousand, the noise will immediately Increased several times.
Therefore, as a driver, you must be gentle when stepping on the accelerator.
At this time, all the vehicles carried by the security personnel drove into the parking lot beside the entrance building.

There are only two black Rolls Royces left, the one in front is driven by Charlie Wade, and the one in the back is another driver from the Sun family.
The electric door below the gate opened to both sides, and the security personnel made a gesture of asking. Charlie Wade stepped on the accelerator lightly and drove slowly into the gate building.

When Charlie Wade drove the car into the winding road of Wade Mountain, he became more and more admired for the Feng Shui master who selected this treasure.
There are countless mountains in the Sabre Mountains, and he can find them among the thousands of mountains, and he is indeed quite capable.
The two cars were winding upwards on the Panshan Road, and Charlie Wade no longer paid attention to Feng Shui. He could already see a large white marble mausoleum on the mountainside. There was the current ancestral grave of the Wade family.

Soon, the Rolls Royce he was driving went to the flat ground not far below the tomb.
This is a specially opened parking lot. Several black men in black suits are standing here, it seems they should be the security personnel of Wade’s grave.
The larger the family, the more attention is paid to the safety of the ancestral grave.
The top families can flourish and prosper, and the feng shui of the ancestral tomb must have played a considerable role, just like the ancient royal dragon veins, which is of great significance.

If it is a foe or a competitor who has misconceptions and deliberately destroys his family’s ancestral grave, the wealth will be lost, or the family will be destroyed.
Therefore, there are as many as a hundred security personnel deployed by the Wade family in Wade Mountain. In a year, the maintenance and security expenses of the ancestral grave alone will cost at least several hundred million.

At this time, the security personnel guided Charlie Wade, and after stopping the car in the designated parking space of the parking lot, Charlie Wade immediately got out of the car and went to the back row to help Orrin open the door.
In the car behind, Angie and Stefanie also got out of the car.
Afterwards, the driver of that car opened the trunk, and Angie and Stefanie carefully took out a few bunches of flowers from inside, beckoned to Charlie Wade and said, “John, come here, and help hold the flowers.”

Charlie Wade knew this little Lloyd called himself, so he understood it, hurried to the front, and took two bouquets of flowers from the hands of the two.
Angie took out two more bundles from inside, and he and Stefanie each held one.
Orrin also stepped forward at this time and said to Charlie Wade: “Come on, John, give me a bunch.”
Charlie Wade hurriedly handed him one of them.
Orrin deliberately sighed at this time, rubbed the knee of his right leg, and said, “Some time ago, during chemotherapy, the knee of the right leg caused by the medicine seemed to be still a little uncomfortable.

There are more than 100 steps, John, or you Just help me up.”
Charlie Wade naturally nodded and agreed: “Good Chairman Sun!”
Orrin said to the other driver: “Curt, just let John help me over. You are waiting in the car.”
The driver nodded immediately: “Okay!”
At this moment, the security officer said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Sun, this does not meet Wade’s regulations. According to the Wade Family’s regulations, only you, your wife, and the young lady can go up the mountain. Even we can’t accompany you. It’s still troublesome Sir, stay in the car and wait for you!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1569

The management of Wade’s grave has always been extremely strict.
According to the Wade family’s regulations, in addition to immediate family members, collateral blood relatives who want to come to the ancestral tomb to worship must have the permission of the Wade family.
The requirements for outsiders are even stricter.
It must be a family or individual who has a deep connection with the Wade family to be allowed to enter.
Like Orrin, he and Bruce are brothers of worship.

Therefore, their family of three will be approved to worship.
But his entourage did not have the qualifications to approach Wade’s grave.
After all, just two words, not worthy.
The Wade family buried here, whichever is placed outside, is a dragon and phoenix among the people, and who are the drivers, entourage, and assistant who are qualified to worship.
Not to mention other people’s servants, even the Wade Family’s servants and the Wade Family’s security here are not eligible to enter the tomb area.

This area is cleaned and maintained three times in the morning, noon and evening every day, and the person responsible for cleaning and maintenance is not the subordinates of the Wade family, but the collateral relatives of the Wade family.
Of course, even if it is a collateral relative, it must be a talented person surnamed Wade.
Therefore, the security personnel stopped Charlie Wade, naturally because of this.

Orrin saw that the other party was about to stop Charlie Wade, and immediately said: “Young man, I have just recovered from a serious illness, and my body still has some sequelae. It is really inconvenient to move. Let my driver help me up. Your Wade graves were not so strict before. At that time, the entourage could also accompany it in.”
The security personnel looked sorry, but said in a very firm tone: “I’m sorry, Mr. Sun, this is the new rule set by the family owner after the ancestral grave moved into Wade Mountain, and we must abide by it and never exceed it, so please Please forgive me.”

Orrin suddenly became anxious.
It was for Charlie Wade to personally honor his parents, so I made a special trip to bring him here.
Charlie Wade didn’t want to reveal his identity, so he could only pretend to be a driver, but what he didn’t expect is that Wade’s current management is so strict.
He, the chairman of the Sun Group, even put a pleading tone on the security personnel, saying: “Young man, I am indeed suffering from physical inconvenience.

Please also look at the face of my relationship with the Wade family. Open up a side for me, you don’t want to watch me roll down the stone steps without standing still, right?”
Seeing this, the security personnel hurriedly bowed deeply: “Mr. Sun, there is really no way to accommodate this matter, otherwise, the job you are playing will not be kept.”
Orrin was a little annoyed, and questioned a bit angrily: “Your rules are too unreasonable, right? Our two are family friends, how can I make me look like an outsider?”

The security staff said embarrassingly: “Mr. Sun, let’s tell you that this rule is set by the old master, and the owner treats the old master’s words as a standard, so we must strictly observe and not violate it. Please forgive me!”
Orrin got angry anxiously, and blurted out, “Then this is not accommodating, right? Should I call Elder Wade now?”

The security personnel nodded hurriedly and said, “Mr. Sun, you should call the owner of the house. If the owner allows him, he will never stop him!”
Orrin knew that he couldn’t persuade the other party, so he sighed and said, “Yes, I will call Elder Wade.”
Although he said so, he had no bottom in his heart.

He knew about the Wade family, and knew that the Wade family moved the ancestral tomb to Wade Mountain because of an expert, and that expert should be the old master of the security staff.
If it was the request made by the old master, I believe that the old man would never open any back door to himself for his own Feng Shui.
Could it be that Charlie Wade could not be allowed to mourn his parents in person today?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1570

He has been separated from his parents for 18 years!
Charlie Wade was also anxious at this time.
In fact, since he got the “Apocalyptic Book”, he hasn’t felt this panic and eagerness for a long time.
My parents were buried in one of the magnificent mausoleums not far away. As long as they stepped up to more than one hundred stone steps, they could go to their parents’ graves to pay homage, fulfilling the biggest dream of eighteen years.
However, if these people don’t let themselves go, they can’t go all the way, right?

Or, do I have to identify myself from the Wade family?
However, although you can make yourself honorable to worship your parents in that way, after that, waiting for yourself is the real trouble.
At this moment, a loud voice sounded: “Let him go up!”
Everyone followed the prestige, only to see an old man with an old-fashioned, completely white hair, beard, and eyebrows, walking slowly over with a cane.

When Charlie Wade saw this person, he felt that he should be a hundred years old. Although he was very old, his walking posture was surprisingly stable with the help of crutches.
It is the twelfth lunar month of winter. The old man is only wearing a white Tom Ford suit, but he can’t see that he is half cold.
And his crutches seem to be a bit different.
Charlie Wade has seen many old people’s walking sticks, with dragon heads carved on the top, but there is a python carved on his walking stick.

After taking a few glances at the other party, Charlie Wade couldn’t help but wondered in his heart: “Could it be that Uncle Orrin said this person, the old Chinese Fengshui master invited by the Wade family from the United States?”
Later, he couldn’t help thinking: “Why did he agree to let me go up? Could it be that he saw through my identity?

Is his insight so strong? Or is there any other way he can figure out my identity?”
Just when he couldn’t think of the whole story, the person in charge of security asked in surprise: “Master, don’t you mean that outsiders are not allowed to go up except Wade Family’s best friend?”
The old man smiled slightly, looked at Charlie Wade and said, “He is not an outsider.”
The security staff was even more puzzled: “Master, what do you mean? Why don’t I understand?”
The old man smiled and said, “I think this person should have a deep connection with the Wade family in his previous life, so I’m not an outsider, let him go up.”

“Have a relationship in the previous life?” The security personnel were naturally a little unbelieving, but the thought of feng shui was very mysterious at first, maybe this thing might be true.
So, he said embarrassingly: “Master, Patriarch meant…”
The old man replied: “Have your Patriarch said that as long as I am on this day, I will have the final say here?”
The security personnel hurriedly and respectfully said: “The owner did say that!”
The old man asked again: “Then your Patriarch has said that even if I ask you to tear down Wade’s tomb, you must not disobey?”

The security staff is more respectful: “The owner did say it!”
The old man nodded and asked: “Then I let him go up, do you have any comments?”
The security staff took a step back subconsciously and respectfully said: “Go back to the old master, I have no opinion! Everything is subject to your opinion!”
The old man nodded in satisfaction, and then made a gesture of inviting Charlie Wade, saying, “This gentleman, please.”

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