The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1576-1580 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1576-1580)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1576

When the old man brought Orion Exeor back from abroad, he arranged for him to live in the Wade family mansion, and he was even more meticulously served on weekdays.
However, after Wade Mountain was built, Orion Exeor had to move out of the Wade family and live here.
The old man is too embarrassed to let the old master live in the tomb of the Wades. Even if Wade Mountain is very well built, there is an area dedicated to office and living for the staff, but the old man still feels that Orion Exeor’s old man cannot condescend to live here.

However, Orion Exeor insisted on moving over even though he tried to stay.
Because he has been waiting for his chance, waiting for the life gate in his hexagram to open, waiting for Charlie Wade to appear, and give him the Rejuvenation Pill that can extend his life for ten years.
Now, the opportunity to stay for four years has arrived, and it is time to go.

Therefore, he said to the person in charge: “Thank you to tell your Patriarch that Exeor has promised him, and he has done it. Moreover, Exeor has been away for too long and is homesick, so he will not say goodbye to him. bye!”
After all, he arched his hands at everyone, and when he looked at Charlie Wade, he paused for a moment, his eyes full of gratitude.
Afterwards, he turned and raised his head and laughed loudly, and exclaimed in a puff of air: “Laugh to the sky and go out, I am a Penghao native!”

After saying this, people have already stepped out.
Orrin couldn’t help sighing: “The centenarians still have this kind of courage, it’s really extraordinary!”
Charlie Wade smiled on the side, and while the Wade family security personnel were chasing Orion Exeor away, he said to Orrin: “Uncle Orrin, let’s go back too.”
“Okay!” Orrin nodded and said: “Go back, come back next time!”

Charlie Wade will continue to play the role of the driver, so he opened the door for Orrin, and after Orrin got in the car, he got into the Rolls-Royce cab again.
Start the car.
As soon as Charlie Wade drove the car out of the parking lot, Orrin in the back row asked him, “Charlie Wade, what did the old teacher talk to you just now? I think he seems to respect you very much.”
Charlie Wade smiled faintly and said, “The old man recognized me and knew that I was the Wade family, so he gave me some advice.”

Orrin asked in surprise: “How can he recognize you?! He knows you?”
Charlie Wade shook his head: “I don’t know him, but he is a descendant of the Exeor family after all. He is still very accomplished in Feng Shui and divination. Maybe I will come if I get it right.”
Orrin couldn’t help sighing: “No wonder the Wade family refused to let you go up the mountain, but he said that you are not an outsider. That was what he meant!”

After speaking, Orrin asked again: “This Feng Shui technique is so magical? Who knows when it will come?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “Maybe, although the things of the ancestors are ancient, but I have to admit, they are also very intelligent, and even include great wisdom that we don’t understand. Just like the Mayans, in such an ancient period, they almost The complete calendar has been calculated, and it looks incredible to us modern people.”
Orrin nodded seriously, then remembered something, and asked Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, what are your plans next?”

Charlie Wade said: “Tomorrow, a friend’s grandmother will have her birthday. I will send some gifts. After attending the birthday banquet, I will return to Aurouss Hilll.”
Orrin hurriedly said, “What are you doing in such a hurry? It’s not too late to live for a few more days before leaving!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1577

At Orrin’s words, Charlie Wade smiled slightly and said, “Uncle Orrin, Aurouss Hilll still has a lot to do, so I can’t go back.”
Orrin heard this, nodded lightly, and sighed softly: “I hope you will often come to Eastcliff to see your uncle in the future. Angie and I are looking forward to your return to Eastcliff for development!”
Charlie Wade just responded, and didn’t say more.
Orrin also tacitly did not ask this question again. Instead, he asked Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, you said you are going to attend the birthday banquet of your friend’s grandma tomorrow.

Are you ready for the gift?”
Charlie Wade said: “Not yet, I plan to go to the street to have a look later.”
Although Charlie Wade has a rejuvenation pill that is of great significance to the elderly, he and Loreen’s grandma have never even seen each other. Naturally, it was impossible to prepare such an expensive gift for birthday celebrations in the past, so he still planned to buy more than 100,000 Dollar on the street. The gifts on the left and right, expressing your heart, are almost the same.

When Orrin heard this, he smiled and said: “I have a fan in my house. The fan face is a picture of good fortune and longevity painted by Mr. Baishi. The fan bone is a fine-leaf red sandalwood, coupled with a master-level engraver. You might as well take it to give the other party a birthday gift.”
Charlie Wade said hurriedly: “Uncle Orrin, how can this be? How can I take your things to give away, I should buy one myself.”

Orrin insisted: “What is there to be polite between you and your uncle? A fan is nothing but a fan, which is not worth much. But because the subject is a picture of a happy birthday, it is still very good to use it as a birthday gift for the elderly.”
As he said, Orrin hurriedly exhorted, “This is the case, don’t turn away from your uncle, let alone see outsiders! Otherwise, uncle will be angry.”
Seeing his resolute attitude, Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Then thank you Uncle Orrin!”

The next morning.
Charlie Wade declined Orrin’s kindness to send him a car, and walked out of Sun’s house alone holding the long gift box he gave.
His wife Claire Wilson Wilson sent him an address, and that address was Thomas’s villa.
Thomas’s villa is not far from Sun’s.
A total of more than 20 minutes by car.

In Eastcliff, the Thomas family can only be regarded as a second-rate family.
Moreover, in the second-rate, it is still the one at the end of the crane.
In the past few years, the Thomas family’s career has declined severely. If it hadn’t been for Loreen’s aunt to marry the Kilgore family, the Kilgore family had given the Thomas family a hand. The Thomas family’s fear would have fallen to the level of a third-rate family.

But this is Eastcliff after all, even if it is a family at the end of the second-tier, placed in other second-tier cities, it can definitely become the top.
Because of this, although the Thomas family has fallen a little, the Thomas family mansion is very luxurious. A grand luxury villa costs at least 300 million.
Charlie Wade’s taxi could only stop at the door of the villa area, and the security management was very strict, so Charlie Wade could only call Loreen after getting off the bus at the door and let her come out to pick it up.

When Loreen heard that Charlie Wade was here, she ran out almost happily.
Today’s Loreen dressed very beautifully, and because it was her grandmother’s birthday, she also deliberately put on some light makeup, which looked very dignified and generous.
Upon seeing Charlie Wade, Loreen said happily: “Charlie Wade, you are here!”

As he said, he ran up and hugged him by the arm, pulling him to walk in, and said with excitement, “Go, I will introduce my parents to you.”
Charlie Wade hurriedly pulled out his arm and said awkwardly: “Loreen, we can’t do this, it’s not appropriate…”
Loreen deliberately curled her lips and said, “What’s wrong? It’s not good to be close to friends?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1578

Charlie Wade touched his nose: “Um…I am your girlfriend’s husband after all!”
Loreen said slightly perfunctorily: “I know, the fake husband, I have been married for four years, and I don’t know when you can play the game of the house.”
Just as he was talking, a limited edition Bentley car drove up to the front and stopped beside them. The rear seat window was lowered. In the car, a middle-aged woman dressed in luxurious clothes looked at Loreen and asked, “Loreen, you Why did you come out?”

When Loreen saw the woman, she hurriedly smiled and said, “Oh, second aunt! Where is my second uncle?”
The middle-aged woman in the car said: “He is still busy, come over before the luncheon birthday banquet.”
Loreen asked again: “What about my brother?”
The middle-aged woman said helplessly: “I didn’t see him last night. I was mad at me. You said that this kid doesn’t have a long memory at all.

When his body recovers, he doesn’t come home again. If you look back, you must help. Second aunt talk about him!”
Loreen smiled bitterly: “Second Aunt, I don’t dare to talk about my brother’s temper. As soon as I talk about him, he will bark at me…”
The middle-aged woman sighed and said: “This child is becoming more and more disobedient…”
With that, she looked at Charlie Wade next to Loreen and asked with a smile: “Oh, isn’t this young man your boyfriend?”

Loreen glanced at Charlie Wade and smiled shyly: “Not yet.”
“Isn’t it?” The middle-aged woman said the word “return” heavily, and said with a smile: “Then when can I change from ’not yet’ to ’yes’?”
Loreen said embarrassedly: “Oh, second aunt, you are too gossip, go in quickly, grandma is talking about you!”
The middle-aged woman smiled and said, “Do you want me to take you two for a while?”

Loreen hurriedly waved her hand: “No need, we just walk in, it’s not far.”
The middle-aged woman nodded: “Okay, I won’t quarrel with you, my second aunt will go in first.”
After all, the Bentley car slowly drove into the gate of the villa area.
Charlie Wade was a little helpless at this time, and hurriedly said to Loreen: “You must never introduce me to others like this. What if you get misunderstood? What if you know it at first?

Then someone asks me if I am Who, you say I am your girlfriend’s husband.”
Loreen pouted: “It’s just a joke, why bother to be so serious.”
Charlie Wade said seriously: “This matter must be true. This is a matter of principle.”
Loreen had no choice but to nod her head: “Well, a matter of principle, it won’t work if I don’t say it!”
As she said, she hurriedly turned off the subject: “Let’s go in quickly, it’s too early!”

Charlie Wade wanted to give her a gift, and then left. But when he thought, his wife had confessed that she wanted to give Loreen’s grandma a birthday. At least he had to meet Loreen’s grandma. It would be considered as sending the words on behalf of his wife. mission accomplished.
So, he kept silent and followed Loreen into the villa area.
When walking in from the villa area, a red Ferrari suddenly whizzed past from behind. Loreen saw the car and hurriedly waved and shouted, “Cousin, cousin!”

It’s just that the supercar engine sound was already loud, and the speed was so fast, it passed with a swish, so the driver did not hear her at all.
Charlie Wade asked Loreen: “Your cousin is driving?”
“Yes.” Loreen nodded and said, “My cousin is very strange. He had an operation some time ago. It just happened not long before that, it was awkward again.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1579

Charlie Wade didn’t know who Loreen’s cousin was.
I just think that Eastcliff has a lot of rich people, and there are also a lot of rich young masters. There are eight or nine of these young masters. They are all relatively awkward dudes, so it’s not surprising.
When he and Loreen came to the door of Thomas’s villa, there were already all kinds of luxury cars parked here.
Outside the door, two middle-aged people were warmly welcoming guests.

Loreen came to the front and hurriedly introduced them: “Dad, uncle, let me introduce to you, this is my friend in Aurouss Hilll, Charlie Wade.”
The two middle-aged men looked up and down Charlie Wade. Among them, Loreen’s uncle spoke: “Isn’t Aurouss Hilll heard of a family with the surname Wade?”
Loreen hurriedly explained: “Charlie Wade is not a member of the family, he is my university classmate.”

Back then, Charlie Wade was arranged by Mr. Wilson to go to Aurouss Hilll University for a year. At that time, he was not only classmates with Claire Wilson Wilson, but also with Loreen.
At this time, Loreen didn’t say that this was Claire Wilson Wilson’s husband. In fact, she wanted to leave a way for herself. In case she and Charlie Wade had a chance to develop, after taking them home, her family would see It was too embarrassing to think that this was Claire Wilson Wilson’s husband.

It was heard that it was Loreen’s college classmate. Her uncle looked a little contemptuous and said, “Since he is a college classmate, let him enter and sit down.”
Loreen’s father whispered at this time: “Loreen, I just heard your cousin say that Young Master Sun will also come later, you should take the opportunity to get to know Young Master Sun.”
Loreen couldn’t help but frowned and said, “What do I know well about him?

The two dudes of the Sun family don’t have a good thing, and their reputation has long been stinky!”
“What do you know?” Loreen’s father sternly shouted: “The Sun family is the third-ranked family in Eastcliff. The family strength is very strong, and you should not forget that Sun family males are not prosperous. There are only two boys in total, so this The gold content is even greater!”
A family with many boys, no matter how strong it is, it will fall apart in the future.

Some families say they have hundreds of billions of funds, but the offspring have too many branches and leaves, and the division of assets is also very serious. It is possible that the entire family cannot find a person with assets of more than 10 billion. Therefore, such a family, Naturally, the gold content of men can’t go up.
There are two males in the Sun family, Trevor and Daniel. Even if the two of them, each has only about 12.5% ​​of the group’s shares, each of them is worth more than 100 billion Dollar.

Loreen’s father, Franklin Thomas, has always wanted Loreen to find a top rich second generation to marry, in order to restore the decline of the Thomas family.
Before, he and the father of the Thomas family heard that the Wade family bought an Emgrand group in Aurouss Hilll and gave it to a Wade family heir. He thought that which descendant the Wade family sent to Aurouss Hilll for training, so he immediately arranged for Loreen to go to work in the Emgrand Group.

However, Loreen had been to Aurouss Hilll for so long and had not even seen the chairman of the Emgrand Group, so Loreen’s father gradually lost confidence.
He even thought about not letting his daughter go back to Aurouss Hilll this time. It took half a year and there was no gain. It’s better to come back quickly and find a reliable big family boy in Eastcliff.

It just so happened that my nephew just came in and said happily that he would save his face today, or maybe he finally invited the young master of the Sun family over, so he felt that this was a good opportunity for his daughter.
However, Loreen didn’t have any Sun family eldest master in her heart.
Even the mysterious Wade Family Master, she doesn’t care anymore. As early as after Charlie Wade rescued her, all she thought was Charlie Wade, and no other man could enter her eyes.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1580

So, she said coldly: “Dad, I have no interest in Master Sun, so don’t let me know him!”
After speaking, she looked at Charlie Wade and said, “Charlie Wade, let’s go in!”
“You child!” Franklin said angrily: “Why are you so ignorant of good and evil? If you can be with Young Master Sun, how can you use Aurouss Hilll?”
Subconsciously, Loreen glanced at Charlie Wade again, and then stubbornly said to her father: “I just like Aurouss Hilll! I must look for my husband in Aurouss Hilll!”

Franklin reprimanded: “What are you talking about? How can there be any decent family in Aurouss Hilll? How can my daughter marry a man from such a small place!”
Loreen was very disappointed and said, “Dad, why are you so snobbish now?”
“I am snobbish?” Franklin said, “I am not all for your own good?”
On the side, Loreen’s uncle spoke: “After going Franklin, there is no rush for this matter. Let Loreen accompany her classmates in first.”

When Franklin saw her eldest brother come out, she said to Loreen: “It’s all right, let’s go in first, and let your mother talk to you!”
Loreen said angrily: “It’s useless to say about it!”
After that, she immediately stepped forward to hold Charlie Wade, and blurted out: “Leave Charlie Wade, let’s go in!”

Charlie Wade had no choice but to mix with other people’s housework, so he quickly followed into the villa.
Franklin stomped his feet with anger, and the eldest brother beside him said: “Franklin, your vision seems to be getting worse!”
“Huh?” Franklin asked in surprise, “Big brother, what do you mean by this?”
Franklin’s eldest brother smiled and said, “Did you not see that Loreen has been staring at the man next to her?

Especially when you let her know Master Sun, she immediately looked at the man after hearing this. There must be a problem here!”
“What’s the problem?” Franklin blurted out: “Big brother, don’t you mean to say, Loreen might like that kid, right?”
“I think it’s almost the same.” Franklin’s eldest brother said seriously: “Did you not listen to Loreen? They are college classmates, but they met a long time ago, and this kid is in Aurouss Hilll again, Loreen has been there for more than half a year.

Staying in Aurouss Hilll, maybe the two of you will be better when they are in Aurouss Hilll!”
Franklin’s expression changed: “Damn, Aurouss Hilll’s little wanderers dare to be tempted by my daughter. It’s really unreasonable!”
After that, he immediately said: “Brother, you are staring here, I’ll ask Loreen what is going on!”
Franklin’s eldest brother hurriedly grabbed him: “What are you in a hurry? Now ask Loreen, in case of a quarrel, wouldn’t it disturb my mother’s birthday party?

If you want me to say, you’d better bear it and wait. After the birthday banquet, ask Loreen privately what is going on.”
Franklin hesitated for a moment, thinking of his mother’s birthday banquet and many guests, it is indeed not suitable to question his daughter at this time, so he nodded, and said depressedly: “That kid toad wants to eat swan meat, I will make him look good when I look back!”

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