The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1596-1600 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1596-1600)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1596

Charlie Wade took the folding fan that Orrin had given him from Sam, and personally gave it to Loreen’s grandmother, and said: “Grandma Thomas, this is a little bit of love between me and Claire Wilson Wilson. I hope you will accept it. In addition, what happened just now For your birthday banquet, I am here to apologize to you and hope you can forgive me.”

The Lady was a little flattered and hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade is polite. What happened just now was that my grandson did not do the right thing. In the final analysis, it was because we neglected to discipline and caused you trouble.”
As she said, she looked at the folding fan and said, “Mr. Wade, this fan is too valuable, and I really can’t stand the Lady!”

Charlie Wade hurriedly said: “Grandma Thomas, the gift is a kind of heart, it has nothing to do with value. You don’t have to be polite. To be honest, I didn’t spend any money on this fan. It was a gift from the chairman of the Sun Group. I just borrowed flowers to present the Buddha. Be so polite with me.”
Elder Thomas on the side knew that this fan belonged to Orrin, and he actually hoped that the Lady would accept it.
After all, the value of this fan itself is very high, and the additional value behind it is even higher.

If you have this fan, the Thomas family and the Sun family are still in touch. If Orrin sees the face of this fan in the future and can help the Thomas family, wouldn’t it be a big profit?
Therefore, he opened his mouth and said: “Oh, Mr. Wade is so polite! Our old husband and wife are extremely grateful too! If Mr. Wade has anything to do with the Thomas family in the future, just one sentence, the Thomas family will definitely go all out!”

When the old man said this, he was tantamount to accepting the gift.
Charlie Wade also knew that the old man had his wisdom, so he nodded and said, “Grandpa Thomas is too polite!”
As a result, the Lady had to put down the folding fan.
Seeing this, Trevor said, “I tell you, Mr. Wade has a very high status in my uncle’s mind, and he is equal to half a son. If you please Mr. Wade in the future, the Sun family will not treat you badly!”

The crowd nodded hurriedly and said yes, and their hearts were happy.
Especially Mr. Thomas.
The look in Charlie Wade’s eyes is no different from that of grandson-in-law.
Loreen was in a trance.
She really can’t understand why Charlie Wade is so capable, and it doesn’t matter if he has conquered a lot of Aurouss Hilll local rich.

Even Eastcliff’s third-ranked Patriarch of the Sun family attaches so much importance to him. Is it possible that he sees Feng Shui so well? ?
When she thought of this, she felt a sense of inferiority in her heart.
Although she is the eldest granddaughter of the Thomas family, and she does not look inferior to other women, she is still a little embarrassed compared to a man with endless potential like Charlie Wade, and feels that she is really unworthy of him.

However, she immediately thought of her best friend Claire Wilson Wilson.
She couldn’t understand why Claire Wilson Wilson had such a good life? What luck is it to have such a good man who would rather be married to him and be guarded by him!
If you were to be her, you would have given Charlie Wade a bunch of children, married each other every day, and lived with him wholeheartedly.
But what about Claire Wilson Wilson?

So far, there is no real marriage with Charlie Wade…
Thinking of this, I feel worthless for Charlie Wade…

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1597

Subsequently, the birthday banquet officially began.
Charlie Wade was enshrined as a guest and sat beside the Lady with Loreen and Trevor.
After the opening of the banquet, the Thomas family took turns to toast him, their expressions, tone, and actions were full of compliments.

Charlie Wade didn’t have much air, and someone would drink it when they came to toast. Even if Sam only came to toast, he would drink it readily.
During Trevor’s period, he also carefully toasted Charlie Wade, licking his face and said, “Mr. Wade, there is something I want to ask you, brother…”
Charlie Wade knew what he wanted to say, but just wanted to restore his ability.

However, in view of the bad behaviors of their family of four and Orrin’s family of three, Charlie Wade would never let them recover right now.
Adults, have to pay for their actions, otherwise, how can they remember their lessons?
Therefore, he didn’t wait for Trevor to finish, he interrupted lightly: “Trevor, you have looked at this from beginning to end today. You should also know, why should I ask Sam to go to Aurouss Hilll to reform for a year?”

“Yes, yes!” Trevor nodded repeatedly and said, “Mr. Wade, you are upright and fair, and you are naturally trustworthy, but for this matter… Can you give us the same as you did with Sam? Set a time? So that we have hope in our hearts, what do you think?”
Charlie Wade nodded and said, “You also know that Sam does no evil, it is nothing more than a lower mouth, so I asked Sam to reform for a year, but you four, you are doing too much, and you even wanted to take your life before. The threat, of this nature, is much worse than Sam!”

Trevor’s face was covered with cold sweat.
He knew what Charlie Wade meant.
Sam had a fight with him, and if he lost, he had to reform for a year.
With his father, third uncle, and cousin, the four of them forced the uncle to hand over trillions of property, and even threatened to solve his aunt and cousin after his death. This sin is really much more serious than Sam.

Moreover, the uncle is the good brother of Charlie Wade’s father, Bruce, and the aunt is the good sister of Charlie Wade’s mother. The cousin is the fiancée of Charlie Wade’s marriage contract since childhood. With such a close relationship, Charlie Wade must hate the four of them even more!
Speaking of Sam, Sam’s mouth and guns have been reformed for a year, wouldn’t the four of them be reformed for ten or twenty years? !

When he thought that the next ten or twenty years might not be able to bear children, and even less qualified to enjoy the comfort in that respect, Trevor wanted to die.
With a bitter face, he pleaded: “Mr. Wade, you are for my uncle’s sake. Forgive us this time… Or you can shorten the time for the transformation… …”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “It depends on your performance. If you perform well, it may be enough for three to five years.

If you do not perform well, it may not be for 20 to 30 years.”
Trevor was about to cry, and whispered, “Master Wade, you will be my brother-in-law from now on, and I will be your brother-in-law from now on. You can look at this relationship, please forgive me. If your brother-in-law is impotent in the future When the news goes out, your face will lose face, don’t you think?”
Charlie Wade smiled: “I think it’s okay, there is nothing shameless.”
“Uh…” Trevor almost collapsed.

Charlie Wade simply doesn’t get in oil and salt!
He also wanted to rely on his cousin’s relationship to do some tricks, but he didn’t expect that they would not give a chance.
Moreover, even if you perform well, it may take three to five years, three to five years of abstinence, isn’t this killing your own?

But apart from that, he didn’t have any other good solutions. He could only say respectfully and cheeky: “Brother-in-law, I will do well in the future. Don’t worry.”
Charlie Wade said with a black face, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not your brother-in-law.”
Trevor nodded his head: “I know, it’s not yet. Sooner or later it will be…”
Charlie Wade was too lazy to talk to him about such silly questions, so he simply stopped paying attention to him.

Loreen came over and asked him in a low voice at this time: “Charlie Wade, when are you going back to Aurouss Hilll?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1598

“Huh? So early? Not staying in Eastcliff for a few more days?”
“My business is over, there is nothing to be done, I will leave tomorrow.”
When Loreen heard this, she said without hesitation: “Then I will leave tomorrow, shall we be together, okay? Take the same plane back.”
Charlie Wade wanted to refuse, but seeing her pleading, he couldn’t say anything to refuse.
After all, it’s normal for friends to fly together, and I can’t deliberately not fly with her on the same plane.

So Charlie Wade said: “Okay, let’s go together.”
Loreen hurriedly said: “Then you will come back and give me the ID card information, let me buy the tickets together!”

When the birthday banquet was going on, Sam’s uncle and second uncle had already given him the equipment for riding to Aurouss Hilll.
They arranged for someone to purchase an old Phoenix 28 bicycle, and installed a luggage rack on the back of the bicycle, and then bought him a riding helmet, thick down jacket, sleeping bag, and tent. , Kettle these things.

They didn’t really care about this nephew, but wanted him to go on the road as soon as he finished eating, so as not to drag him, and make Charlie Wade angry. If he hurts the Thomas family again, it would be a big loss.
Lydia didn’t care about getting angry when he knew it, so he quickly called Heath, her husband, who had just finished his work and was about to come to the birthday party, and told him the matter, and then asked him to quickly pack some luggage for his son from home and change the clothes. Clothes inside and outside, dry food on the road, etc.

After hearing the causes and consequences of this incident, Heath was angry and frightened. Fortunately, the incident did not offend the Sun family. Otherwise, the Thomas family was afraid that it would be in great trouble.
So, he ignored his mother-in-law’s birthday banquet, and hurried home to pack his son’s things.
When the birthday banquet was almost over, he drove to hurriedly.

When Sam saw his father coming, he cried bitterly when he held his father apart.
He was about to go to Aurouss Hilll for a year of reformation. He had already guessed how hard it would be this year, so when he saw his father, he felt very sad.
Heath was also extremely helpless.
Although he feels sorry for his son, he has been hanging around in Eastcliff for so many years, and he knows the essence of high society too well.

In this upper class society, it is money that crushes people by one level.
Don’t look at the Thomas family, but when you meet a top family like the Sun family, you don’t even dare to let go. Since the son has offended the Sun family’s people and the Sun family’s distinguished guests, this matter must have to pay a price. Otherwise, the Thomas family will follow the Sun family’s anger.
There was a family like this before. The son got into trouble, but he was eager to protect the calf. He had to use the entire family to carry it.

As a result, the family was almost bankrupt, and the son could not be saved. The son was directly by the big family. The people were scrapped.
Nowadays large families do business, basically like walking a tightrope.
If you want to do large transactions of more than 100 million Dollar, you must use financial leverage, otherwise it will not develop at all.
Even Wanda Group owes a large amount of loans to banks for rapid development. According to rumors, large enterprises like Country Garden have 900 billion in debt.

If it works well, the speed of making money must be greater than the speed of paying it back, so there will be no major situation.
However, once the capital chain breaks, it may be overwhelming at any time.
There are a large number of banks and capital relationships behind the three major Eastcliff families. If you really want to reorganize a company and draw salaries directly from the capital chain, the other party will go bankrupt because the capital chain is broken.

Therefore, Heath fears the strength of the Sun family more than Sam.
It is precisely because of this that he was fortunate in his heart. Fortunately, it was only his son who was unlucky in the end. If the Kilgore family was affected, he would be scolded to death by the old man!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1599

When the birthday banquet was over and the guests left, Sam had already pushed his brand new 28 bicycle.
Sam suddenly remembered a hit song on the short video website.
What is it, ride my beloved little motorcycle…
Thinking of that song, he looked at this old and ugly 28-year-old bicycle, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “If you can go on a motorcycle, you can ride three or four hundred kilometers a day.

Hurry to Aurouss Hilll, and you don’t have to suffer too many sins along the way…”
It’s a pity that Charlie Wade won’t give him room for bargaining. He can only push the 28 bicycle honestly and prepare to set off.
Uncle Franklin was holding a green riding helmet and was going to put it on for him. While dodging, he asked awkwardly: “Uncle, why do you buy me a green helmet…”

“Don’t mention it.” Franklin said helplessly: “I don’t know what’s going on. Helmets are being grabbed everywhere. The helmets in the bicycle shop have long been robbed. There are only a few green ones that have not been sold. I will let them If someone bought one for you, safety is the most important thing!”
Sam was almost crying.
No wonder this helmet is not robbed, it is green and oily! Fresh leeks are not as authentic as the green color of this helmet!

Although he has 10,000 dislikes in his heart, he also knows that safety is the first priority. Otherwise, if he breaks his brain by a fall, wouldn’t it be finished?
So he gritted his teeth and asked the uncle to put the helmet on top of his head.
Franklini fixed the fixing strap of the helmet for him, then pointed to the phone holder on the bicycle handle, and said seriously: “Little dragon, this is a phone holder specially bought by my uncle. You put your phone on it.

Tucked in, you can navigate on the road for more than a thousand kilometers. Be sure to watch the map carefully and don’t go wrong.”
Sam nodded and asked him: “Uncle, why didn’t you buy me a power bank? What if my phone runs out of power while I am riding…”
“Oh!” Franklin patted his forehead: “Forget about this, or if you wait for a while, I will let someone buy you one!”

Loreen’s father, Franklin, hurriedly said at this time: “I have one in my car. I bought it for a rainy day. I’ll get it for you!”
At this time, Sam’s father Heath patted him on the shoulder and said seriously: “It’s better to go to Aurouss Hilll. There are also very well-developed cities along the way. There are no wilderness, so you don’t have to worry too much. Pay attention to safety and find a big tent in a park in the city at night. You should be able to reach Aurouss Hilll in a dozen days.”

Sam cried and nodded.
Heath sighed, and said: “You, you must ride it all the way honestly. Sneak rape and skiing are absolutely not allowed in the middle. This is also an experience for you, you know?”
Sam whimpered: “I know Dad…”
Lydia also wiped his tears on the side, and exhorted: “You must pay attention to safety when riding, and hide a little when you see a big car, you know?”

Sam choked repeatedly: “Okay mom, I see…”
Elder Thomas also asked: “Don’t be lazy. If you are late, Mr. Wade will be angry.”
Sam’s heart is extremely depressed, is this still pro-grandpa? What I care about is not to make Charlie Wade angry…

The Lady was very gentle. She took out a yellow amulet from her pocket and handed it to Sam, saying, “Sam, this is the amulet that grandma asked for from the Lama Temple when she was young. The monk opened it and it was very effective. Grandma always carried it with her Now, grandma will give it to you, and it will keep you safe!”
Sam nodded gratefully: “Thank you, grandma…”

Charlie Wade, who has not spoken all the time, said: “Look, you have made progress now, at least you know to say thank you to your family!”
Sam was ashamed and whispered: “Thank you Mr. Wade for teaching, I will act in a low-key manner and be a good man in the future!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1600

“Yeah.” Charlie Wade nodded, and said: “Okay, let’s leave.”
At this time, Franklin also ran over with the power bank, handed both the power bank and the charging cable to Sam, and said: “Sam, take the power bank!”
Sam put the power bank into his backpack, wiped away his tears, and said to everyone: “Grandma, master, father, mother, uncle, second uncle, I’m leaving…”
Everyone waved at him: “Let’s go, pay attention to safety on the road!”

Sam looked at Charlie Wade again and bowed to him: “Mr. Wade, I’m leaving…”
Charlie Wade snorted and said: “Hurry up, you will be punished if you delay time.”
Sam nodded busy: “Don’t worry, I will do my best!”
Charlie Wade waved his hand: “Okay, let’s go!”
Sam nodded, glanced at his relatives reluctantly, and then straddled hard on the huge 28 bicycle, pedaled twice, and the car swayed out.

Lydia cried bitterly, and Heath hurriedly took her in his arms and comforted her: “Okay, Sam has grown up, and it’s time to take responsibility for his actions.”
Lydia cried and nodded. Although distressed, he couldn’t say it anymore.
Charlie Wade looked at Loreen at this time and said seriously: “When your cousin arrives in Aurouss Hilll, you must strictly restrain him. If he is honestly reforming, he may be able to change his mind, otherwise, this person may be abandoned in the future. “

Loreen quickly responded and said, “Don’t worry, I will strictly restrain it.”
“Yeah.” Charlie Wade nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll go back first.”
Loreen asked: “Then I booked the ticket to tell you?”
“it is good!”
Loreen asked again: “Do you want me to pick you up where you live and go to the airport with you?”

Charlie Wade waved his hand: “No, see you at the airport.”
Trevor hurried up and said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, are you going back to my uncle’s house? It’s not easy to take a taxi here. Why should I drive you?”
Charlie Wade glanced at him and nodded slightly: “All right.”
The whole Thomas family put Charlie Wade and Trevor in the car together, and finally breathed a sigh of relief when the car drove away.

In the car, Trevor said with a compliment: “Mr. Wade, your handling of Sam is really amazing!”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “That’s the case, you don’t have to flatter me here.”
Trevor hurriedly said: “I’m really not trying to flatter you. Usually, when people solve such problems, they often have to teach the other party and force the other party to honor the bet.

But you can open the net, let him go, and give him Tailoring such a set of transformation plans is absolutely deliberate! I believe Sam will never dare to be arrogant and domineering again!”
Charlie Wade looked at him and asked, “What about you? Do you still dare to be arrogant and domineering in the future and draw swords at your relatives?”
Trevor’s expression was stunned, and he blurted out: “No, no, absolutely not!”

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