The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1636-1640 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1636-1640)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1636

Charlie Wade nodded: “Twenty to thirty thousand.”
“Oh! My son-in-law is so generous! Buy me such an expensive scarf! Twenty to thirty thousand, you can buy a mink to wear!”
Afterwards, Elaine Ma opened another gift box and exclaimed: “Oh! This is the classic Hermès belt for women! My son-in-law, my mother has loved this belt for several years, and has been reluctant to buy it. I didn’t expect you to realize my dream for me. …..”

Jacob Wilson on the side looked a little bit sour, and couldn’t help but ask: “Good son-in-law, didn’t you bring any gifts for dad?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “If you have you, I have prepared several things for you.”
Having said that, Charlie Wade handed him two Hermes gift boxes.
Jacob Wilson slapped his thigh happily, and said excitedly: “Oh, there really is me, really my good son-in-law!”

As soon as the voice fell, he rushed over and took the gift box from Charlie Wade.
Open the first one. It is a men’s belt with the head of the belt and the golden letter h, shining in the sun.
Jacob Wilson clapped his hands happily: “Oh, this is the same Hermès belt of Tom Cruise! His belt was popular all over the country back then!”
Charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile: “This belt is now a standard for successful men.”

Jacob Wilson sighed and sighed: “Oh, we old Wilson is also a successful person. We live in a Thompson First mansion, drive a BMW five-series sedan, Hermès trouser belt, and then we will string a large gold chain and get a gold watch. The upper-class people with small gold watches and three small barbecues a day!”
Claire Wilson Wilson said helplessly: “Dad, which middle-aged and old people do you see who are still wearing a big gold chain to swagger through the market? Those are standard equipment for young people and social people.”

Jacob Wilson chuckled, “I just said that.”
After speaking, he winked at Charlie Wade and said: “Good son-in-law, when can you give me a gold watch? I recently picked a Rolex, and that watch looks impressive!”
Charlie Wade suddenly thought: “Hey, before, Matilda seemed to have given his father-in-law Jacob Wilson a Rolex! It is worth three to four hundred thousand Dollar, but the old man was afraid that Elaine Ma would be jealous after seeing it, so he never dared to wear it. …..”

“He is now mentioning Rolex again. It is estimated that 80% of them want me to agree to his so-called request.”
“In this way, he can just look back and wear the Rolex that Matilda gave him. Even if Elaine Ma sees it, he can tell Elaine Ma that I bought him this watch.”
Thinking of this, Charlie Wade couldn’t help feeling in his heart: “This old man is not easy. In order to be able to put on the gifts from the first lover in a fair manner, he has to prepare so much in advance, so just help him!”

Therefore, Charlie Wade said to Jacob Wilson straightforwardly: “Dad, don’t worry, Rolex, right? It’s wrapped in me!”
As soon as Jacob Wilson heard this, he was immediately happy with nothing to add, and ran forward to hold Charlie Wade’s hand, and said with emotion: “Good son-in-law, you are the one who knows me!”

After finishing speaking, he kept winking at Charlie Wade, his expression full of gratitude.
Elaine Ma on the side was unhappy, and said angrily: “Jacob Wilson, you old thing is really shameless, even you wear a Rolex for your unpromising appearance? Don’t pit my son-in-law’s money here!”
After speaking, Elaine Ma hurriedly smiled to Charlie Wade and said: “Good son-in-law, you don’t think mom has a decent watch until now. How about you turn around and give mom a piece?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1637

When Jacob Wilson received a Rolex from Matilda and showed off with Charlie Wade in the car, Claire Wilson Wilson was sitting in the back row.
So she knew very well that Dad now asked Charlie Wade to ask for a Rolex. In fact, it was a formality. The main reason was to find an opportunity to put the Rolex that Matilda gave him on his hand.
At this moment, although Claire Wilson Wilson felt a little uncomfortable, he could only turn one eye and close one eye when he thought of the past of his father and his mother, and the many wrongs he suffered over the years.

But Claire Wilson Wilson didn’t expect that his mother would come to join in the fun at this time, and wanted Charlie Wade to buy her a Rolex.
She hurriedly said to Elaine Ma: “Mom, all Rolexes are worn by men. You don’t look good on them. If you really like watches, I’ll give you a female Tissot.”
Elaine Ma said disgustingly: “Don’t even think about fooling me, the watch of that brand is very cheap, I bought it for a few thousand dollars, and the low-end ones can’t even cost three thousand. How can they compare with Rolex! I don’t want it! “

Charlie Wade said smoothly: “Mom, I bought a lot of things in Eastcliff this time. I bought a gold watch for you and dad alone. It is estimated that our family’s living standards will have to drop drastically. I happened to know a buddy who sells imitation watches. The imitation watches he sells are made the same as the real ones, there is no real fake ones, and they are cheap. How about I give you and dad a whole fake watch first to make do?”

Now Elaine Ma, in front of Charlie Wade, is no longer the vixen who blindly criticized the opposition back then. Charlie Wade treats her a little better, and she is quite sensible.
Thinking that Charlie Wade had already bought so many Hermes for himself, it would be hard for him to spend money to buy himself a gold watch, so he hurriedly said: “Oh, good son-in-law, mom just said it by the way, mom knows It’s not easy for you to make money, so let’s buy a fake for your dad first, and let him make do with it, then mom will not need it.”

After that, he hurriedly added: “Hey, my son-in-law, if you take on the feng shui big job in the future and make a lot of money, don’t forget my mother!”
Charlie Wade smiled and nodded: “No problem, I won’t forget you if I make money in the future.”
As he said, he winked at Jacob Wilson again and said, “Dad, how about letting my friend find you a replica Rolex? Anyway, most people can’t see it, it’s the same as the real one!”

How could Jacob Wilson know what Charlie Wade meant, anyway, just to find a reason to wear the watch given by Matilda outright, Elaine Ma thought it was a fake, but it would be better!
So he nodded hurriedly and said with a smile: “Oh, it’s okay to fake it, anyway, I just want to wear it, but the real is a waste!”
Charlie Wade pushed the boat along the water: “Then it’s settled. I’ll call him soon and ask him to help find a high copy.”

Jacob Wilson smiled and said, “Good, good!”
Charlie Wade then took out the tea that Stephen Thompson had given, and handed it to Jacob Wilson and said, “Dad, this is some good tea I asked someone to find for you. Don’t buy tea from WeChat indiscriminately in the future.”
Jacob Wilson smiled and said, “My tea is not bad! It tastes beautiful after drinking!”
Charlie Wade said: “Then you taste this and see how big the gap is.”

Jacob Wilson nodded: “Okay, I’ll try it later!”
At this time, Charlie Wade took out the remaining Hermès gift boxes and said to Claire Wilson Wilson: “My wife. These are all for you. Go back to your room and take them down slowly.”
Claire Wilson Wilson was surprised and said, “Ah? Why are there still my gifts? They all gave me a bag…”
Charlie Wade nodded and smiled: “The rest are some small accessories, such as scarves, wallets and belts.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1638

Claire Wilson Wilson gratefully said, “Thank you husband, but in the future, you must not spend money on me like this…”
Charlie Wade knew that she couldn’t accept such a high price in her heart, so she smiled and said, “Okay, OK, I know, I will buy you a gift with high cost performance in the future.”

Back in the room, Elaine Ma quickly put the Hermes that Charlie Wade had given her to the living room.
While putting the gifts and packing boxes away, she took out her mobile phone and took many photos from different angles.
Afterwards, she selected nine photos that she was satisfied with, and immediately sent them to the circle of friends, with the caption: “My good son-in-law went to work in Eastcliff and came back to give me a bunch of Hermes! I am so happy!”

In the circle of friends, likes and comments burst out in an instant, watching a lot of women’s sour comments, Elaine Ma danced happily!
I can’t help feeling proud: “It’s so cool! The Lady is now living in a big villa and carrying Hermes, she is a proper super lady! After the two porcelain teeth of the front teeth are finished and set, the Lady can Carrying a Hermès bag, wearing a Hermès scarf, and wearing a Hermès belt, I’m going out in awe!”

And Jacob Wilson sat down on the sofa and quickly took out the tea leaves given by Charlie Wade, planning to make a pot, and taste the tea that he bought from WeChat. How was it different?
As soon as the tea leaves Stephen Thompson gave were opened, the refreshing tea aroma came out!
Jacob Wilson was cheered! He has never seen such fragrant tea! As soon as it was opened, it hadn’t been brewed, and the taste lingered for three days, which made people feel refreshed.
Looking at the tea leaves, the pieces are perfect and impeccable.

There are no problems of different sizes and colors, and there are no small pieces of foam and small bellflowers. At a glance, they are carefully selected piece by piece.
He grabbed a handful of tea leaves under the tip of his nose and lightly smelled it, then grabbed the tea he bought from the WeChat Maicha girl and smelled it, and suddenly he felt a huge gap.

The former is like a fine natural agarwood, the fragrance is rich and perfect, and it is completely natural, with no trace of processing.
But the latter is like fake agarwood made from low-quality firewood soaked in a chemical potion. The fragrance smells a little choking and pungent. Compared with the former, it is obviously not the same thing.
Jacob Wilson quickly put the tea leaves sent by Charlie Wade in the teapot. The electric kettle on the sea of ​​tea was already boiling at this time.

He quickly poured boiling water into the pot. Then, the fragrance of the tea was forced out by the hot water. The whole living room is full.
Jacob Wilson said in horror: “This… the taste of this tea is too good!”
Claire Wilson Wilson smelled the scent too far away, and exclaimed: “Ah, it smells really good! Dad, can you give me a glass too!”

Elaine Ma, who has never liked tea, smelled the tea scent at this time, and said excitedly: “This tea smells very advanced, Jacob Wilson, give me a cup and taste!”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly took out four small tea cups, poured four cups of tea, and then took a cup by himself and took a careful sip on his mouth. Then his eyes lit up and exclaimed: “Good tea! Good tea! Ah! I have never drunk such good tea in my life!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1639

Sighing at Jacob Wilson, Charlie Wade shook his head helplessly. This old man, indeed, has never seen anything in the world. Playing antiques can only afford fakes, and drinking tea is the same.
This is mainly because his status in the Wilson family is too low. He was not valued by the Lady before. Later, he was squeezed by Elaine Ma for many years. Life has been unsatisfactory and there is no improvement in money.

But fortunately, Jacob Wilson’s personality is not bad. If he changed to another person, he would have been depressed because he couldn’t think about it.
Here, while Charlie Wade’s family was happily tasting the finest tea, Hannah was preparing lunch for the family in Villa A04 next door.
Because the child who was previously pregnant with the black coal kiln supervisor, he infected Christopher’s whole body, Hannah was always excluded in this family.
But because Donald supported her, the Wilson family did not dare to do anything to her.

In the beginning, Hannah also pleased the Lady Wilson and Christopher in various ways, hoping to exchange their forgiveness, and even specially made an abalone dinner for Christopher, and bought expensive king crabs to supplement his body, although kind I did a bad thing, but it was really meant to please.
However, Hannah saw that she always had a hot face with her cold buttocks, so now she has some broken jars.

Recently, after the Wilson Group received Donald’s investment, the business restarted. With Donald’s help, it finally returned to formality, so the Wilson family all returned to work in the Wilson Group.
Mrs. Wilson is still the Lady in power, Christopher is the general manager, Harold is the business director, and Wendy is the business director.
This family of four goes to and from get off work together every day, so they are even more alienated from Hannah.

Hannah’s current role at home has almost become the nanny for the four of them, doing laundry and cooking at home every day.
At this moment, she had just prepared the meal, but before the Wilson family came back, she took off her apron and sat on the sofa tiredly and played with her mobile phone.
Randomly swiping the circle of friends, and immediately reached the one of Elaine Ma. When she saw Elaine Ma showing off a bunch of Hermes in the circle of friends, Hannah was very depressed.

“This Elaine Ma is really a stinky burning bag! Isn’t it just a few Hermes? Is there anything to show off?”
After a few curses, Hannah felt uncomfortable again.
“Elaine Ma kind of b*tch, there is a son-in-law like Charlie Wade to support her, what about me? What do I have?”

“Husband? Beat me, scold me, and divorce me. If it weren’t for Mr. Webb, this old tortoise would have driven me out.”
“Dead Lady? Not a good thing! This old thing is so bad, if Donald hadn’t warned her enough, she was afraid that she would beat me to death together!”
“Hey, my son is not up for it. He doesn’t have the ability to shit, and he will brag all the time. Such kind of stuff will definitely have nothing to do in the future, and I can’t count on him.”

“Wendy…hey…it would be great if Wendy was still with Gerald White. No matter what, she can continue to be Kenneth Wilson’s lover. As a result, she has a reputation now. Whether to marry or not to go out is a problem, and it is even more a commodity that cannot be expected…”
“Hey, what can I expect in my life? Who can buy me a Hermes bag?”
Thinking of this, Hannah felt uncomfortable, and when she thought of the hardships and experiences she had experienced, tears burst into her eyes.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1640

At this time, the door was pushed open. Christopher walked in first with the Lady. Harold and Wendy followed behind.
The Lady was wearing a noble mink coat, her face was red, and her face was indescribably happy.
Since regaining a new life in the Wilson family group, the Lady Wilson has been happy every day, her whole face is red, like a f*cking rejuvenation pill.

As soon as she entered the house, Mrs. Wilson opened her mouth and said, “Oh, although the Webb family is not good enough, at least the lean camel is bigger than the horse. With the project they gave, we can make at least 20 million Dollar in profit in the next year. ,that is really good!”
Christopher laughed and said, “Mom, it’s not that you are far-sighted! If you weren’t strategizing behind your back, our Wilson Group wouldn’t have a chance to be born again!”
Lady Wilson nodded in satisfaction. She has always been narcissistic and has a strong desire for power. She likes to be flattered most.

Hannah on the sofa was very upset when she heard this, she couldn’t help cursing inwardly: “The old dead woman is really shameless! What is your contribution to the rebirth of the Wilson family? Isn’t it the help of Mr. Webb? Besides, Mr. Webb back then But first sent someone to the black coal kiln to rescue me! Only then did you get your family out of the detention center!”
Lady Wilson entered the living room happily, and when she saw Hannah sitting on the sofa playing with her mobile phone, she immediately shouted annoyed: “Hannah, what are you doing on the sofa instead of cooking in the kitchen? This is your sitting Place?”

Hannah stood up and said angrily, “Mom, what do you mean by this? I am also a member of this family. Am I not even qualified to sit on a sofa?”
Lady Wilson said sharply: “You are right! You are not qualified to sit on the sofa! In this house, you are a servant! Still a servant who dissatisfied me! If it weren’t for Mr. Webb to cover you behind, I would Just drove you out of the pugnacious girl!”
“You…” Hannah said angrily: “The dead Lady, you’re endless, right? You take that little mess out all day long and nag, is it interesting?

Don’t forget what Webb always does That said, let us put aside all our prejudices. If you have an old attitude, I will go to Mr. Webb to help me out!”
The Lady Wilson was speechless.
She insulted and bullied Hannah because she determined that Hannah did not dare to make trouble. But I didn’t expect that the rabbit would bite in a hurry. Hannah dared to talk to herself like this. However, she did not dare to choke with Hannah right away, after all, Donald had indeed ordered that if she annoyed Donald, it might affect the rise of the Wilson family!

Thinking of this, she snorted and said, “Okay, since Mr. Webb asked us to let go of our prejudices, then I don’t have the same knowledge as you, but I still advise you to figure out your own situation. In this family, you are a sinner. , There must be a sense of atonement at all times!”
Although Hannah was upset in her heart, she did not continue to argue with the Lady. Instead, she said blankly: “The food is ready, let’s eat!”

However, although she didn’t say anything on the surface, she hated the Lady deeply in her heart.
She completely understood that Mrs. Wilson’s attitude would only get worse in the future, not better.
If the Wilson Group continues to move up, Mrs. Wilson’s posture will definitely be higher.
She couldn’t help but sighed inwardly: “This dead old woman, if only I could fall a bit hard!”

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