The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1686-1690 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1686-1690)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1686

Because of his young age and the reason he has been favored at home, Austin has a strong desire to express himself.
However, he used to behave in front of his parents, and he had no chance to behave in front of his grandfather. Today, he finally seized the opportunity, thinking about the old man’s ideas, and debating with him, so as to show his extraordinary talents. And wisdom, but did not expect, just a word, annoyed the Lord Banks.

He was about to open his mouth to explain, but he didn’t think about it. His father Jordan stood up and opened his bow left and right. He drew several big mouths, and the corners of his mouth were full of blood. Then he roared with extreme anger: “You read Go inside the dog? Dare to question your grandfather’s decision here?!”
“I…” Austin covered his face, the whole person aggrieved and wished to die here.

He hadn’t been beaten when he grew up so old, and he didn’t understand why his father, who had always been doting on him, wanted to suck himself into death after one sentence angered his grandfather.
Moreover, it is still in front of the entire family.
At this time, Jordan hates this son who is not growing up!
He was very aware of the coercion of the old man, even his elder brother Zayne, he did not dare to stand up to the old man, let alone his ineffective little son?
It’s not so popular!

It is very possible that his words will be completely beaten by the old man in the future, and after graduation from university, he will not even have the opportunity to return to Bank’s home to work!
The reason why the old man Lord Banks is so hegemonic and authoritarian is greatly related to his growth experience.
When he was young, he had many brothers. His father not only had a main room, but also married a wife of six rooms and seven wives. He gave birth to more than 30 children, including 23 sons alone!
And Lord Banks was just one of these 23 sons.

Just like the ancient prince seizing the first-in-law, Lord Banks had been fighting openly and secretly with 22 brothers since he was a child. After fighting for fifty years, he finally inherited the position of Banks Familyy Patriarch.
Therefore, fifty years of constant fighting made his temperament extremely domineering and cruel.
If someone threatens his majesty, even if it is his son or grandson, he will never tolerate it.

Austin was young and ignorant, and with the aura of genius, he dared to confront Lord Banks to find a sense of existence. In everyone’s eyes, this action was no different from looking for death!
Jordan even slapped Austin dozens of slaps, and he almost couldn’t stand to faint. Lord Banks snorted and said: “Okay, don’t beat him, let someone take him out, we Continue the meeting!”
Jordan’s heart was bleeding a long time ago, but until the old man said, he didn’t dare to stop.

Seeing that the old man finally spoke, he put his hands away and suppressed the distress in his heart, and yelled at the servant standing next to him: “Don’t hurry up and get this unfilial son out of here!”
Several people immediately stepped forward and dragged out Austin, who was vomiting blood, dizzy and tinnitus.

Lord Banks cleared his throat and continued: “This cooperation with the Japanese will not only win at least 20% of the operating rights of Tokyo Port, Yokohama Port and Osaka Port, but also let them provide at least no less than For all kinds of cargo ships and oil tankers with a displacement of 3 million tons, whoever has the most resources will have the opportunity to become one of us.

Therefore, when going to Japan this time, we must take a good look at the true strengths of Ito and Takahashi. In addition, we must force the two of them to use the most resources!”
The eldest son Zayne blurted out: “Father, I don’t know who you plan to let these two Japanese families cooperate with this time?”
Lord Banks was silent for a moment, and then said: “Knowing Fitz, you are the eldest grandson, and it is time for you to take the lead.

This time, you will take the lead!”
Fitz Banks, the eldest grandson of Lord Banks, and the eldest son of Zayne, is 28 years old this year and is the most outstanding male heir of the Banks Familyy.
Upon hearing that he was selected, Fitz immediately stood up and said firmly: “Please rest assured, I will go all out!”
Lord Banks nodded lightly, and his eyes fell on the beautiful and glamorous girl beside Fitz.

It was also at this moment that the old man’s eyes were finally not so hard. Instead, he was replaced by a somewhat pampering look. He smiled and said, “Zara, you will graduate from Yale soon. It’s also time to go out and exercise. This time you will follow Go with your brother, learn more, watch more, and accumulate some experience!”
The beautiful and glamorous girl stood up, bowed slightly, her expression was not lukewarm, her eyes were lukewarm, her tone was neither salty nor salty, and said, “Good grandpa, Zara knows.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1687

When the old man announced that Fitz and Zara would go to Japan together, their father Zayne’s expression became a little proud.
In his opinion, the father gave such an important matter to his sons and daughters, which is the evidence that he is the eldest son and is most trusted by the father.
The other heirs are envy and jealous.

The old man wants to train Fitz, and everyone has no opinion on this. After all, Fitz is the eldest son and grandson. If placed in ancient times, this is the standard crown prince. No matter how strong other princes are, they must bow their heads when they see the eldest son and grandson.
However, let Fitz go for exercise, and also bring Zara along with him.

This is really a bit too eccentric!
Under normal circumstances, if you encounter such a thing, you should let the eldest son and grandson take the lead, and then from the second, third, fourth and even fifth family, choose one or two younger generations who are agile and capable of training and let them follow the eldest son. The eldest grandson went out to meet the world together.

However, I never expected that in addition to the eldest grandson in the eyes of the old man, there is only the eldest granddaughter he spoils the most!
In other words, this is tantamount to the old man showing his position. Except for the eldest grandson, all the other grandsons, in his eyes, are not as good as Zara’s female stream!
This can make other families feel extremely uncomfortable.
Everyone in Eastcliff knows that the Banks Familyy is thriving.

The old man had 22 brothers and a dozen sisters back then. In his line, he still has 13 grandsons and two granddaughters.
But who could have expected that in his eyes, the eldest granddaughter Zara was the most favored.
The reason is that the old man has always been strict in his requirements and management of the male heirs of the family, so he and his sons and grandsons have always had a black face.
But the old man is also a mortal, and there is softness in his heart. He can’t show the soft side to his son and grandson, so he gives the soft side to his granddaughter.

In addition, Zara has been smart since she was a child, and she has been loved by her father. In front of others, the father is a demon with decisiveness, extraordinary spirit, and arrogant personality, but in front of his granddaughter, he is an ordinary, kind and doting the younger generation.
In fact, the degree of doting the old man has for Zara can be seen from the name of Zara.
The juniors of the Banks Familyy are known for their generation.
Fitz’s name is meant to know right and wrong and not to make detours;

In addition, there is Austin, which means drinking water to know the source;
Zayne means “Zayne Illustrated Report”.
The name of each grandchild can be said to be full of the admonition and vigilance of Grandpa Banks to his grandchildren.
Only Zara.
The old man gave her this name, which means the joy of knowing fish.

In “Autumn Water”, a conversation between Huizi and Zhuangzi is recorded. Huizi said that Zi is not a fish, and he knows the joy of fish.
The old man named her Zara, hoping that she can be happy, happy, simple and happy. Since she can know “the joy of fish”, she can naturally know “the joy of man”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1688

It can be said that Lord Bank’s incomparable love for Zara is everywhere.
It is precisely because of this that the entire young talents of Eastcliff are full of desire for Zara.
Solving Zara is not just a glamorous super beauty, a super schoolmaster who has stayed in the United States all year round and received the world’s top high-end education, it is also equivalent to the entire Banks Familyy.

Someone joked that whoever marries Zara may obtain a huge wealth of up to trillions.
Therefore, Zara also has a nickname passed down by word of mouth among the large family groups in the country. The name is simple and rude, called Su Wanyi.
After the old man Lord Banks announced his decision, he said to his eldest son Zayne: “Zayne, you, Fitz and Zara should hurry up to discuss a general plan, and then hurry up to prepare for the journey. The sooner the better.”

Zayne immediately stood up and said respectfully: “Father rest assured, I will discuss a plan with the two of them as soon as possible, and strive to leave for Japan tonight!”
Lord Banks nodded and exhorted: “As long as this kind of choice is made, it is particularly important who we contact first. Although the Ito family and the Takahashi family have fallen a bit due to the overall recession of the Japanese economy over the years, their overall strength is still in Japan. Stay at the forefront, and you must carefully decide which one to contact first.”

Zayne said immediately: “Good father, we will start the discussion right away and report the results to you as soon as possible.”
Lord Banks smiled with satisfaction and said: “Zayne, eighteen years ago, you won against Bruce Wade and became the most dazzling one among the younger generation of Eastcliff, but in the past eighteen years, you have not been able to achieve greater glory. Of course, you are not to blame. It is our Banks Familyy who have never encountered any decent opponents in China over the years.”

Speaking of this, Lord Banks sneered, stood up, and fervently said: “The domestic market has no room for incremental growth. If we want to continue to grow, we must go abroad, go to sea, and develop into the ocean!”
“Otherwise, the veteran families in the West, including Rothschilds, will still pop out and disgust us at odds and ends!”

“Therefore, this ocean-going strategy is a good opportunity for the Banks Familyy to create new brilliance, and it is also a good stage for you to lay a higher achievement!”
“If this battle is fought beautifully, I can be considered to be consummated, and I can retreat with peace of mind to enjoy the family happiness. By then, you will be the Patriarch of the Banks Familyy!”
When Zayne heard this, he bowed deeply and shouted loudly, “Father rest assured, I will do my best! Create new glory for the Banks Familyy!”

After the meeting, Zayne returned to his mansion with a pair of children with excitement.
As soon as he got home, he called his sons and daughters to the study, and said with a high spirit: “Knowing the wrong and knowing the fish, this time is a good opportunity for our family to make new achievements in the Banks Familyy. You two are going to Japan this time. , We must get the best terms of cooperation. Whether we choose the Ito family or the Takahashi family in the end, we must compress their interests to the extreme and strive for the greatest benefit for our Banks Familyy!”

Fitz immediately said: “Dad, when we go to Japan this time, should we first contact the Ito family or the Takahashi family?”
Zayne asked, “What do you think?”
Fitz said: “I think it’s best to contact the Ito family first, because the Ito family is strong in Tokyo and Kyoto. Tokyo has the Port of Tokyo, and there are Osaka Port and Nagoya Port near Kyoto. In theory, the Ito family is in Ports and shipping have greater potential.”

“Yeah” Zayne nodded slightly, and said approvingly: “Your point of view is very reasonable, and I also tend to contact the Ito family first.”
Zara frowned and said in a lukewarm tone: “Dad, brother, I think we should first contact the Takahashi family.”
“Oh?” The two looked at Zara, and Zayne asked, “Zara, why do you think so?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1689

Faced with the questions of father and brother, Zara answered calmly: “First of all, although the Ito family has strong resources in Tokyo, and also has good strength in Osaka and Nagoya, Japan’s real super seaport is actually next to Tokyo. The port of Yokohama.”
“Although the Takahashi family is slightly inferior to the Ito family in Tokyo, they are very tough in Yokohama. It can be said that Yokohama is the base camp of the Takahashi family.”

“Secondly, the Ito family is somewhat troubled now, Ito Yuhiko His daughter was seriously injured while participating in an international Sanda competition in Aurouss Hilll some time ago and is currently recuperating. Ito himself loves this daughter very much. The physical condition of her daughter will more or less distract him. Once this person’s energy is not full Focusing on our work 100% will have an impact on our cooperation. Even if the impact is only 1%, it is a real impact.”

Zayne frowned, “Ito Yuuhiko’s daughter was injured? I have never heard of this.”
Zara said lightly: “I asked someone to investigate the situation of these two companies, including their family’s children.” The eldest brother Fitz couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “Zara, you still think about the problem most. All-round!”
Zara said without a wave: “Brother, don’t slap me here anymore. You will be the one who will be alone in the future. I will just help you think about it temporarily.”

Fitz said with a smile: ” Having such a good sister, I will really worry about it in the future!”
Zara gave him a blank look and said, “One more thing, I have heard that the Ito family had previously wanted to invest in a Japanese pharmaceutical company named Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, this matter will also distract his energy to a certain extent.”
Fitz nodded: “I know that company, they produce Niranex, I have used it before, and the effect is really good, very powerful.”

“That’s before. “Zara said lightly: “Now, there is a Nova Dias in China, which has surpassed them in product strength.”
“Oh” Fitz said with a smile: “I have a hunch that Oracle Pharmaceutical will soon emerge. It will catch up with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals first, and eventually catch up.” At this point, Fitz seriously suggested: “If possible, I think it’s a good opportunity to invest in Oracle Pharmaceutical now. It’s possible that there will be more than ten times the return on investment in a few years.”

Zayne waved his hand and said, “No matter how big the pharmaceutical company is, it will be worth 100 billion. It’s very big, we still focus on the bigger market and opportunities. This ocean-going project is the key to the internationalization of the Banks Familyy.”
Zara wanted to say something, but he swallowed it and Nodded and said, “Get back to the subject, dad, which one do you think we should contact first? I still think that Ito Yuihiko has internal and external troubles, and other things involve energy, or the Takahashi family as a whole is more appropriate.”
Zayne looked towards Fitz asked: “Knowledge, what do you think?”

Fitz immediately said: “If you listen to people persuading you to eat a full meal, I think you should listen to know fish. After all, those who investigate have the right to speak!”
Zayne Nodded with satisfaction, and said with a smile: “You two brothers and sisters are the most outstanding among my peers. If you two work together, you must be famous throughout the country, and even the world!”
Fitz said with a smile “I don’t dare to compare with Zara. This girl is a wonder. At the age of 22, she is mentally mature and like forty-four. I really don’t know what kind of person I have to find in the future to match.”

Zara glared at him and said angrily: “I want you to worry about my business? Or think about yourself first. You have been in love with that Stefanie for so long, when are you going to confess to her?”
Fitz a bit embarrassment, he blurted out: “Don’t talk nonsense! Stefanie and I are acquaintances, not even friends.”
“Of course.” Zara snorted, and said contemptuously: “I met someone. Even if you can’t speak well, of course even friends can’t do it!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1690

Zayne on the side frowned and asked him, “Fitz, do you have ideas about that girl from the Sun family?”
“No, Dad” Fitz hurriedly waved his hand: “I just admire her more simply.”
Zayne nodded, paused for a while, and then said: “Sun’s girl is really good. If you really like it, I don’t have any objection. I’m just afraid that your grandpa will look down on Sun’s family, then it will be difficult.”
Fitz Upon hearing this, I was overjoyed, and blurted out, “Dad, are you really okay ?” Zara blurted out: “Brother, are you stupid? Can’t you hear that Dad is deliberately deceiving you?”

Fitz panicked, and hurriedly looked at Zayne: “Dad, what do you mean?”
Zayne sighed and said seriously: “Fitz, you are not as smart as your sister!”
Fitz suddenly became embarrassed. Zayne had a face at this time, saying: “You are the son of the Banks Familyy and the third-generation heir of the future Banks Familyy, and the strength of the Sun family is really not enough in front of the Banks Familyy.

Your grandfather will definitely not agree to it, nor do I. You will agree, don’t forget, the girl from the Sun family has been engaged to Bruce’s son since childhood, and I and Bruce are at odds, and I will never let you marry the girl from the Sun family in!”
Fitz sighed: “Dad , When did that happen, the millet is old and rotten, besides, didn’t Bruce’s son have been missing for many years?”
Zayne looked at him and said solemnly, “Leave aside this matter. , Your grandfather once discussed with me about your marriage.

He even hopes that after completing the internationalization of the Banks Familyy, you can marry the eldest daughter of the top American family. This will be more beneficial to our overseas expansion. Domestically, it is also You really don’t deserve your ladies.”
Fitz was a little anxious and blurted out: “Dad, I don’t like American women.”
Zayne said solemnly: “This kind of thing has never been related to liking the word. It’s nothing more than a four-character pair, understand?”

Fitz was a little depressed at once.
Zara on the side reminded me at this moment: “Dad, let me declare first, I don’t care how you arrange my brother, but no one is allowed to influence my marriage in the future!”
Fitz exclaimed, “Hey, Zara ! You just sold your brother like that?”
“No.” Zara said calmly, “We are in different situations. If I find a man who can make my heart beat, I will marry him, from the Banks Familyy.

Nothing has anything to do with me anymore. In the future, I will give birth to children without the surname Banks, but you are different. You are going to inherit the Banks Familyy.”
Fitz was speechless. The expression is very depressed.
Zayne looked at Zara helplessly, and reminded: “The premise for you to find the object is that you have to be the right one!”

Zara waved his hand: “What is the right one, does not exist, who is this lady fancy? Who, whether he is the king of heaven, or the trafficker.”
“Bullshit!” Zayne said annoyedly: “In case you really find a pauper, what can you guarantee for your life’s happiness?”
Zara curled her lips: “I don’t believe it. , My dignified Miss Banks Familyy, can’t afford a pauper?”

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