The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1816-1820 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1816-1820)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1816

“I know.” Yuhiko Ito smiled slightly and said indifferently: “What about being married? You are married, doesn’t Nanako still like you? So, it’s good for you and for Nanako, We don’t care about your past and present. What we care about is your future!”
With that, Ito Yuihiko said very seriously: “Mr. Wade, after today’s events, I have a very clear understanding of life. When people live, everything has meaning. Being rich means being rich, and being poor means being poor.

If you die, no matter whether it is rich or poor, it will be nothing.”
“If it were before today, I would never let my daughter marry a foreign man, but at this moment, these are no longer important to me. What is important is how to make my daughter happy; The important thing is, how can my daughter have the best life!”
“Mr. Wade has the ability, strength, and the charm that a strong man should have. Nanako is cultivated, has a background, is external and internal, and she likes you so much.

I believe you must have some feelings for Nanako in your heart, otherwise If you did, you would never travel all the way to Japan and make a special trip to Kyoto to see her, save her life, heal her injuries, and even drive a few hundred kilometers in the middle of the night to send her to Tokyo to see me.”
Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Mr. Ito, it is undeniable that Nanako is indeed a very good girl, but I still said that. I’m already married.”

Ito Yuihiko waved his hand and said: “Don’t always prevaricate me by getting married. You can divorce if you get married. Even if you don’t leave, you can marry Nanako in Japan. As long as you don’t go back, there is no problem.”
Charlie Wade shook his head and smiled: “Mr. Ito, I really appreciate some of the precious qualities of Miss Nanako, but what you said is still impossible.”

After a pause, Charlie Wade said again: “And I will not stay in Japan, today, tomorrow at the latest, I will return to China.”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, you have an old Chinese saying that good birds choose wood and live in them. I have investigated your background. Forgive me to be honest, your current wife is not worthy of you! “

Charlie Wade looked at Ito Yuihiko non-commitantly, and asked with a smile: “Mr. Ito seems to have studied Chinese culture very much. Just now he could say the six words of ’dug a hole deep and accumulate grain’, and now there is ’good bird’. “Choose wood and live’, he seems to be a Chinese expert too!”
Ito said seriously: “When I was young, I admired Togo Heihachiro, who led the Japanese fleet to defeat the Russian navy in the Battle of Tsushima. It is said that Heihachiro Togo carried a waist plate with seven characters engraved on him: A lifetime bow.

Yangming, I only knew then that Heihachiro Togo had been influenced by the Chinese sage White Yangming throughout his life, so I started to follow his footsteps, read Chinese history books, and learned a lot of Chinese culture and classical literature.”
Charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile: “Mr. Ito is so studious, really admirable, but I still want to make it clear to you: I will not divorce my wife! So, just ask Mr. Ito not to Mention it again.”

Charlie Wade said again: “Also, I am leaving Japan soon, so please don’t mention this to Nanako, so as not to have a bad negative impact on her.”
Ito Yuihiko looked at Charlie Wade and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, you Chinese pay attention to the cycle of fate, you see, before tonight, it was Nanako who was injured sitting in a wheelchair. The doctor also vowed to say that she might live a lifetime. Can’t stand up anymore, but now?”

As Ito Yuhiko said, he reached out and patted his amputated knee lightly, and laughed at himself: “Now, Nanako, who was declared by the doctor that it is impossible to stand up again, stands up again, but I lost my legs, so I said Ah, this life is a cycle!”
Charlie Wade frowned and said: “Mr. Ito, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”
Ito said with a smile: “I mean, even if you leave Japan today and swear that you will never come back again, when the wheel of fortune turns, it is likely to send you back here, even if you are Can’t help it!”

“The same is true for your wife. Even if you think you will never divorce her, the wheel of fortune may one day separate you!”
“Everything in the world is confusing and more confusing. Mr. Wade is still young and there are still decades to go in his life. Why should he speak so absolute now?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1817

The words of Ito Yuihiko made Charlie Wade more or less surprised. First of all, he did not expect that Ito Yuihiko would know so much about Chinese culture; Secondly, he did not expect that Ito would mention the cycle of fate.
He doesn’t know whether the Japanese believe in Feng Shui or not, but now, the Japanese believe in fate at least.

These words of Yuihiko Ito seem to be nonsense, but they also contain a bit of truth. What he said was not a complete catch. After all, no one can say good about fate.
He thought of Orion Exeor, the hundred-year-old Fengshui master he met in Wade Mountain in Eastcliff. Orion Exeor relied on the deduction of the cycle of fate that finally met himself in Wade Mountain.
It was also that he personally broke the fate of Wade Shoal so that he could fly into the sky.

That old gentleman must have a deeper understanding and perception of the fate cycle. It is a pity that the old man is on the other side of the ocean and may not have the opportunity to meet again in the future. Otherwise, I really want to sit opposite him, sip tea, and have a long conversation.
However, at this moment, Charlie Wade suddenly thought of what Ito Takehiko said. There is a cycle of fate, maybe in the future, I will meet Orion Exeor again. By the same token, if you leave Tokyo or Japan today, you may come back someday in the future.

Even if I don’t come back, I should have the opportunity to meet Nanako Ito again at a certain time and in a certain place. Thinking of this, Charlie Wade sighed lightly and said to Takehiko Ito: “Mr. Ito, I think we should leave the future to the future. After all, neither you nor I can control our fate.”
Ito Yuihiko nodded and said earnestly: “Mr. Wade, from today, the door of the Ito family will always be opened for you. In the future, the Ito family will replenish its energy and will not interact with any other overseas family or business.

Cooperation, if one day, if you have enough ambitions and want to expand your horizons, the Ito family can cooperate with you unconditionally at any time!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Ito for your kindness, but I am a person with no ambitions, no schooling, no ambition and no ability, so let’s go.”
In Charlie Wade’s view, although his attitude towards Ito Yuihiko had changed to a certain extent, it was not enough to let him put his guard down. Therefore, Charlie Wade didn’t want him to know his future plans.

In fact, in Charlie Wade’s heart, he very much hopes to use Oracle Pharmaceutical to make the career snowball bigger and bigger. Because if he wants to avenge his parents, it is useless to rely solely on his personal strength. Not only his personal strength must be strong, but his economic strength is even more important!
Otherwise, how could he be able to deal with a behemoth like the Banks Familyy alone?

Among other things, just from the Banks Familyy’s ability to cross the river with the Raptors, and directly kill all the local Japanese snakes and the Matsumoto family, it is enough to see how strong this family is.
This not only shows that the Banks Familyy has an astonishing number of top masters, but also shows that they are extremely mobile. Fitz and Zara have an accident in Japan, and they can immediately send a large number of masters. And it’s not worse than the US military.

If there is not enough strength, no one can single out such a family based on individual ability.
Not to mention the combat power of dozens of hundreds of masters swarming, just the relatives and friends around him, they are unable to protect.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1818

Therefore, Charlie Wade knew very well that if he wanted to truly compete face-to-face with a family like the Banks Familyy in the future, he must have a strong comprehensive strength and be brave.
What’s more, I haven’t been able to determine how much responsibility the Wade family will bear for the death of their parents.
If the Wade family had a major responsibility that they could not shirk in the death of their parents, then they might face the two top families of the Banks Familyy and the Wade family in the future.

Therefore, Charlie Wade has decided that after returning to Aurouss Hilll, he will keep a low profile and develop Oracle Pharmaceutical. Starting from Oracle Pharmaceutical, step by step, he formed his own business empire. Only in this way can I have the opportunity to face-to-face with the Banks Familyy and the Wade Family, and even trample them under their feet! Ito Yuihiko didn’t know Charlie Wade’s true identity, let alone what Charlie Wade was thinking. Seeing that he seemed to be really ambitious, he couldn’t help but persuade:

“Mr. Wade, you have Oracle Pharmaceutical as your foundation and cash in your hand. Why don’t you spread your business?”
“Take the current ocean transportation as an example. The vast majority of international oil and bulk trade logistics rely on shipping. Now the international economic situation is declining, and this is a good opportunity for bargain-hunting!”

“Furthermore, your China is the country with the best economic development momentum at present, and it also has the most complete industrial system. Export trade is rising year by year. China’s demand for ocean transportation from all over the world will increase, and the prospects for ocean transportation will be even greater. For the vastness!”
“If Mr. Wade is willing to do it, you can start from the Chinese mainland. If you need to expand to Japan’s port and shipping business, the Ito family will definitely cooperate with you.

Even if it is your green leaf, I am willing!”
At this time, Ito Yuhiko had a very simple thought in his heart. Four and a half billion dollars will definitely not come back. Oracle Pharmaceutical will definitely not be able to buy shares. In this case, it is better to find a way to attract Charlie Wade step by step. If Charlie Wade can be recruited to Ito’s house as a son-in-law, what else should I worry about in the future?

Charlie Wade has the strength and ability, and saved her daughter’s life. More importantly, his daughter loves him. Before, I wanted my daughter to marry Ichiro Kobayashi. It wasn’t that I had to force my daughter to marry the Kobayashi family, but that my daughter at that time was simply a silly girl with powerless love.
She doesn’t have anyone she likes at all, and she doesn’t know if she will move that muscle. Instead of this, I might as well choose the most suitable one for her. However, she obviously already has her favorite object now.

As a father, he certainly hopes that his daughter will get what he wants. Besides, he also felt that a man like Charlie Wade was indeed a good choice to be a son-in-law.
For the happiness of his daughter, he is even willing to let the entire Ito family become his daughter’s dowry. Anyway, he is this one daughter, everything is for her daughter to be happy and happy all her life. As for the assets of the Ito family, it doesn’t matter whether the surname is Ito, Yamada, Watanabe, or even Wade.

Because these assets will still be in the hands of their daughters, son-in-law, and the offspring born to their daughters. In Ito’s view, the real inheritance is blood, not surname.
Charlie Wade only smiled at Ito Yuhiko’s suggestion, and said seriously: “It’s true that my current development focus is to do a good job of Oracle Pharmaceutical. If Oracle Pharmaceutical can develop, then consider other businesses.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1819

Seeing that Charlie Wade declined his proposal temporarily, Ito sighed regretfully. He really hoped that Charlie Wade would be able to set up the stall of ocean shipping. Because at this stage, the bulk of Asian ocean shipping is in China. More than half of the top ten busiest ports in the world are in China. Only with such a huge import and export trade can the huge ocean shipping industry be supported.
This is beyond the reach of Japan.

Therefore, even if the Ito family wants to do it themselves, there is not enough market and demand support in the local area, and it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.
So he said to Charlie Wade: “Mr. Wade, the Ito family will gradually hand over to Nanako for operation and management. If you change your mind, you can contact her at any time. I believe you will be able to establish a very good foundation for cooperation.”

Charlie Wade nodded lightly and said seriously: “If I have this idea, I will definitely contact Miss Nanako.”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said: “Nanako is a good girl. I dare say that in terms of overall conditions, Japan may not be able to find a better girl than her. Whoever marries her is to marry the best Japanese Yamato Nadeshiko. Will become the envy of men all over the world.”
Charlie Wade smiled kindly, but did not answer.

Knowing that freezing three feet is not a day’s cold, Ito said: “Mr. Wade, you and the little girl are tired and have no rest at night, or I will send you to the house to take a rest first.”
Charlie Wade waved his hand: “No need Mr. Ito, I have something to do, I have to hurry back to Osaka, so I won’t bother too much.”
“That’s how it works.” Ito Takehiko seriously said: “Mr. Wade, you drove over overnight. You have not rested or even eaten any food. If you just leave, then the hospitality that my Ito family ancestors passed down, Wouldn’t it be reduced to a laughing stock.”

As he said, he didn’t wait for Charlie Wade to refuse, and hurriedly pressed the pager on the bedside, and said: “Let Huimei and Nanako come in.”
After a while, Nanako Ito and Emi Ito knocked gently on the door and entered the ward.
Nanako Ito asked softly, “Odosan, what’s your order?”
Yuihiko Ito said to Emi Ito: “Emi, Mr. Wade and Nanako have worked very hard all night. You arrange for someone to send them back to the house to rest. Remember to call ahead and let the chef prepare the best dishes!”

Ito Emi hurriedly said, “Good brother!”
Charlie Wade said sincerely: “Mr. Ito, really don’t bother, I just drive back to Osaka directly.”
Ito Yuhiko said very solemnly: “Mr. Wade, even if you want to go back to Osaka, you should at least sit down at the house for a while, eat a meal, have a cup of tea, and then leave!”

Nanako Ito also persuaded from the side: “Yeah, Charlie Wade, the mansion is not far from here, you can eat something, take a rest and set off again, it’s not light yet!”
In the middle of the night, the two arrived in Tokyo by car for more than three hours, and it was only four o’clock in the morning.
And it’s winter again now, and it’s already late, and it will take at least two hours before dawn.

Seeing that both father and daughter were so polite, Charlie Wade had to agree, and said, “If this is the case, then I’m better off being respectful.”
Upon hearing this, Emi Ito hurriedly said, “Then I will arrange the convoy. Now there are a lot of people from the Metropolitan Police Department. They are escorted and protected all the way. Safety is definitely guaranteed.”
Ito Yuihiko nodded and exhorted: “You must be a good student to entertain Mr. Wade.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1820

Emi Ito quickly arranged a team to accompany him, and Charlie Wade still drove the car he came.
Nanako Ito also got into Charlie Wade’s car without hesitation.
Afterwards, Charlie Wade drove the car and, under the leadership of the convoy, went to the residence of the Ito family in Tokyo.
Although Tokyo is one of the most expensive and busy cities in the world, the Ito family also owns a private manor in a quiet place.

The entire manor is designed with Japanese-style ancient buildings, which is very simple, but it reveals low-key luxury everywhere.
Charlie Wade found that even the wood used to build the house was extraordinary.
It seems that the top big families have no place to spend more money, so when building and decorating, they are completely trying to spend money everywhere. If you can use high-end ones, you definitely don’t need ordinary ones, you can use imported ones. Never use local ones.

In the final analysis, it is still a sentence, only choose the expensive, not the right one.
Because Emi Ito called in advance, the servants of the entire Ito residence were all neatly dressed, waiting respectfully at the entrance of the residence, in the courtyard and inside the villa.
Charlie Wade parked the car and, led by Nanako Ito, walked through the beautiful courtyard and walked all the way to the door of the villa. All the servants along the way bowed 90 degrees, with a very humble attitude.

The villa of the Ito family in Tokyo is a huge multi-storey wooden building. The whole building looks like a huge ancient temple, and the internal space is surprisingly large.
As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the main hall, Nanako Ito suddenly leaned down and knelt on the ground, holding both hands empty, and said to Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, please let me change slippers for you!”

Charlie Wade was stunned, and hurriedly waved his hand: “No need, no, give me slippers, I’ll just do it myself.”
Nanako Ito insisted, “I should help you to change it. This is a Japanese tradition, and you should just go to the countryside and do as the customs.”
Charlie Wade thought to himself, China has long been equal between men and women, why in Japan, women still kneel and change shoes for men?

But then I think about it, since it is a custom of others, they may not feel that there is anything wrong with this. If they insist on opposing it, they will break the other party’s rules.
So he had to lift his feet up and said sincerely: “Then work hard, Miss Nanako.”
Nanako Ito, who was still wearing a kimono, looked up at Charlie Wade, and smiled ashamed. She was so beautiful.

Afterwards, she gently held Charlie Wade’s feet with both hands, and gently changed him a pair of slippers, then slowly stood up and said to Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, please!”
Charlie Wade nodded slightly and walked in with her.
Nanako Ito introduced to him: “This house has a history of more than a hundred years. It was severely damaged during the Great Kanto Earthquake. Because the repair cost was too high, no one paid attention to it.

Later, it was taken by his father. I bought it and spent huge sums of money to repair it, and it looks like it is now.”
Charlie Wade asked curiously: “Mr. Ito seems to have a soft spot for old houses? The house in Kyoto looks much older than this one.”
Nanako Ito smiled softly: “In fact, it’s mainly because I like this style of architecture.

After I moved from Kyoto to Tokyo at the age of fourteen, I have not been accustomed to life in Tokyo, so my father bought it here and spent a lot of money. Money to repair it will become what it is now.”
With that, Nanako Ito said with emotion: “But I still like Kyoto more.”
Charlie Wade nodded and said, “This mansion is quiet in the noisy, and it has an ancient flavor and charm. It is already very good, but the Kyoto one is indeed better.”

Nanako Ito said in a sad tone: “My father asked me to take over the family affairs. It seems that I will rarely have the opportunity to go back in the future…”
After finishing speaking, she looked up at Charlie Wade, and asked a little pleading: “Charlie Wade, ( have a request. I wonder if you can agree to it?”

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