The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1821-1825 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1821-1825)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1821

Hearing Nanako’s words, Charlie Wade immediately opened his mouth and said: “You speak, if I can, I will agree.”
Nanako Ito hesitated for a moment, looked at him expectantly, and said seriously: “I want to ask Charlie Wade to leave later…”
Charlie Wade was slightly surprised, and subconsciously asked: “How long is that late?

To tell you the truth, I actually plan to return to China tonight, and the plane is still waiting in Osaka.”
Nanako Ito’s eyelids were hot, her eyelids drooped slightly, and she whispered: “This…this mainly depends on your schedule. If time is tight, a few hours are all right…”
With that said, Nanako Ito hurriedly added: “Don’t get me wrong, Charlie Wade. The main reason is that both father and Tanaka-san are seriously injured and hospitalized.

Aunt is not only busy with family affairs, but also busy taking care of them…”
“And my mind is a little confused now, I don’t know where to start for the time being, I want you to stay with me for a few more hours…”
Charlie Wade thought for a moment and nodded: “Then I will stay until the afternoon, because it will take four hours to return to Osaka.”
Nanako Ito asked, “You booked a flight from Osaka?”

Charlie Wade said truthfully: “My friend helped get a private jet, which is now parked at Osaka Airport.”
Nanako Ito asked tentatively: “Charlie Wade, can you let the people you travel with, come to Tokyo by plane first, and then you go to Tokyo airport to meet them and fly back to China? In this case, You can save four hours of driving, okay?”

After finishing speaking, Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “If it is inconvenient, it doesn’t matter, you needn’t feel embarrassed…”
Charlie Wade thought for a while, his original plan was to drive back to Osaka first, then meet Cameron Isaac, Don Albertt, and Liam and fly back to Aurouss Hilll from Osaka.
However, the method Nanako Ito said is also a good solution. Let Cameron Isaac and the others come directly to Tokyo by plane, so they don’t have to drive this way.

Moreover, it is normal for Nanako Ito to feel at a loss and helpless for a while after the Ito family has experienced an accident. You might as well stay here for another day, and you can also inquire about the Banks Familyy’s actions in Tokyo.
Thinking of this, he said to Nanako Ito: “If this is the case, then I will wait for dawn to say hello to my friends and see their situation.”

Nanako Ito clenched her fists excitedly, and said happily, “That’s great!”
The cheerful Nanako Ito quickly invited Charlie Wade to her restaurant. It is said that the restaurant at home is actually bigger than a medium-sized restaurant outside.

Charlie Wade feels like entering a Japanese-style buffet restaurant, where there are several busy chefs, and they are making all kinds of Japanese meals.
Nanako Ito asked Charlie Wade expectantly: “Charlie Wade, do you like any of these meals? Just say if you like them, and the chefs will prepare them for you immediately.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1822

Charlie Wade looked around for a week, and didn’t feel any sense of all kinds of delicacies, so he smiled slightly and said, “Thank you, please give me a bowl of ramen.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said to the chef responsible for making ramen: “Yokoyama-san, please make two bowls of ramen. Charlie Wade’s bowl needs double noodles!”
The chef respectfully said: “Good lady, please wait a while with Mr. Charlie Wade.”

at the same time.
Just when Charlie Wade and Nanako Ito were having breakfast at Ito’s house, in the presidential suite of the St. Regis Tokyo, Zayne, who was in his 50s, was already out of bed.
He was holding a cup of coffee and a cigarette in between, looking at the Tokyo street scene still shrouded in the dark outside the window, and he was surprised.

When the cigarette burned out, he poked the cigarette butt into the ashtray, then lit another one, and asked his confidant Mr. Palmer: “How are the young masters and young ladies now?”
Mr. Palmer checked the time and said, “The plane should land in Eastcliff in half an hour. I have already informed the family that the wife has already rushed to the airport with the doctor. When the plane lands, he will immediately take the young master. He and Miss sent to the family hospital for a comprehensive examination.”

“Yeah.” Zayne nodded, and said with a gloomy expression: “This time the incident is so dangerous, I almost put both Fitz and Zara brothers and sisters in Tokyo! This damn Matsumoto beloved, even if it is annihilated. He is full of doors, and it is difficult to quench my anger!”
Mr. Palmer hurriedly said: “Master, Matsumoto’s family has become ashes, you don’t have to be too angry.”
Zayne gritted his teeth and licked his smoke before he said fiercely: “After all, it is in Tokyo.

If it is not so convenient to do things without leaving, I will definitely let Ruoli catch Mr. Matsumoto in front of me. Cut him a thousand times, and he will die!”
Mr. Palmer said, “Master, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has guessed that this incident was caused by our Banks Familyy. When you are resting, they have been protesting with me. They feel that we have made such a big disturbance and they still don’t say hello.

Too much, and threatened to submit this matter to the Homeland Security Council for investigation and handling, thinking that this matter has violated their homeland security.”
“Infringement of homeland security?” Zayne coldly snorted, “A good man Matsumoto in a small area can be hooked on homeland security? I think they are not satisfied that we killed so many people in Tokyo. Can’t hang on it?”

“Yes.” Mr. Palmer said truthfully: “The Tokyo government is also very dissatisfied. It feels that this matter is too cruel and affects Tokyo’s image very much, so they decided to investigate it to the end.”
“Moreover, the international airports of Tokyo and several surrounding cities have entered a state of emergency. They are strictly investigating all departing foreigners, and even announced that private jets that are temporarily not allowed to leave the country and charter flights take off. Our private jets They are all monitored. Things may be a little tricky.”

Zayne asked him, “Which other airports in this state are relatively more relaxed?”
Mr. Palmer said: “At present, there should be only Osaka Airport, because Osaka is quite far away, hundreds of kilometers.”
Zayne nodded and said, “Then let them spread out, find a way to take public transportation to Osaka, and then transfer another plane from China.

Remember not to transfer from Eastcliff, from China to the sea, so as not to The Japanese customs are vigilant, and then take Ruoli and the people who actually participated in the action back to the country tonight.”
“Good master!” Mr. Palmer nodded respectfully, and then asked again: “Master, when do you plan to go back then?”
“I’m not in a hurry.” Zayne smiled and said coldly: “The Takahashi family suffered heavy losses, the Matsumoto family was completely destroyed, and Ito Yuhiko was disabled.

Tokyo is very safe now. I will stay for two more days.”
After all, he checked the time and said, “Mr. Palmer, you go to prepare some gifts for visiting patients in the morning, and go with me to the hospital at noon to take a look at Takehiko Ito. This is our only partner at the moment. !”
Chapter 1823
Charlie Wade and Nanako Ito had breakfast together, and the sky in Tokyo was already bright.

Nanako Ito said to Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, I will ask the servant to prepare a guest room for you. You can take a short rest. I haven’t slept all night. It’s too hard.”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “Don’t bother, I’m not tired.”
“How can you not be tired?” Nanako Ito couldn’t hide his distress. “Since the battle with Tenglin Ninja last night, Charlie Wade has never rested for a while, and he has gone through two battles and drove hundreds of kilometers. ……”

Charlie Wade smiled and asked her, “You haven’t rested, do you feel tired?”
Nanako Ito looked slightly startled, and he thought about it for a moment, and said: “I really don’t feel tired at all. Not only I don’t feel tired, but I also feel like I have inexhaustible strength all over my body. The whole person is in a very good state… .”

After that, she hurriedly asked, “Charlie Wade, this should be the effect of the medicine you gave me?”
Charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, that medicine can not only cure injuries, but also improve the body’s ability and endurance, so people will not get tired so easily.”
Nanako Ito couldn’t help feeling: “This medicine is really amazing. If it produces energy, Charlie Wade’s Oracle Pharmaceutical will definitely become the world’s top pharmaceutical company, right?”

Charlie Wade smiled and said: “This medicine can’t be mass-produced. It is a very rare thing in itself. It was left by ancient Chinese genius doctors. If you take one, you will lose one…”
In fact, the medicinal materials needed for refining the rejuvenating pills are not difficult to obtain.
But the key is that this pill must be refined with reiki.
Aura is like the powerful energy that turns steel into molten iron during steelmaking.

Without this energy, just pile a pile of iron ore together for 10,000 years, and iron ore cannot turn into steel.
Therefore, it is not difficult for Charlie Wade to make this medicine, but the possibility of mass production is minimal.
Moreover, he is not going to put such a strong medicine out for mass production.
This thing is too bad for ordinary people. If it comes out in large numbers, it is likely to cause a shock in the world, and it is definitely not a good thing for him.

When Nanako Ito heard him say this, she regretted a little bit, but didn’t think about it any more.
Charlie Wade checked the time and said, “I’ll call a friend and tell them about coming to Tokyo.”
Nanako Ito nodded expectantly.
Charlie Wade took out his cell phone and called Cameron Isaac.
As soon as the phone was connected, Cameron Isaac asked him: “Master, where did you go? No one was seen all night…”

Charlie Wade said, “I’m in Tokyo.”
“Ah?” Cameron Isaac became more puzzled, and asked, “Didn’t you say that you are going to see friends in Kyoto? Why did you go to Tokyo again? This is a few hundred kilometers away.”
Charlie Wade said: “Something happened to my friend’s house, so I’ll accompany her to take a look.”

Then he asked, “By the way, Isaac, how are things going on in Osaka?”
Cameron Isaac hurriedly said, “Going back to the young master, things are going well. Today, the day will basically be over. When do you think we will return to Aurouss Hilll?”
Charlie Wade said: “I called you just to talk about this. I have something to do in Tokyo.

After you get it done, you will fly to Tokyo first. Then I will go to the airport and meet you. Let’s be together. Tokyo flies to Aurouss Hilll.”
Cameron Isaac blurted out: “Master, private jets can’t fly in Tokyo now! It’s restricted by Tokyo.”
Charlie Wade asked in surprise: “Why are private jets restricted here in Tokyo?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1824

Cameron Isaac said: “I heard from my Japanese subordinates that in the past two days in Tokyo, there have been many very serious criminal cases in succession, and they seem to be related to foreign forces. Therefore, Tokyo has strengthened customs control and private jets. If you want to leave Japan, only Osaka can fly in the entire country, and you can’t fly anywhere else.”
Hearing this, Charlie Wade understood in his heart.

Strict control here in Tokyo must be inseparable from the fact that the Banks Familyy killed Ryoto Matsumoto.
In fact, if you think about it carefully, you can figure out why.
Take the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as an example. If someone violates the law in Tokyo, they definitely want to punish the perpetrator through normal legal means.
However, a group of foreigners suddenly came out on their own turf and abused lynching against their own nationals, and the methods were so brutal. This kind of thing cannot be tolerated by any country’s security department.

Therefore, it can be seen that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and even the Japanese Homeland Security Department, hope to catch the Banks Familyy’s lynching gangsters as soon as possible, in order to emulate them, and at the same time save a bit of face.
Thinking of this, Charlie Wade sighed softly and said, “Forget it, you guys wait for me in Osaka. I will drive over in the afternoon.”
Cameron Isaac hurriedly said, “Master, it’s too hard to drive, such a long distance, and it’s still snowing here in Osaka.

The highway is closed because of the thick snow. You may not be able to make it in six or seven hours. Leave the car at Tokyo Airport and let my staff drive by themselves. You fly directly from Tokyo to Osaka. See you at the airport, so the time will be faster.”
Charlie Wade asked him: “I have no restrictions on flying from Tokyo to Osaka, right?”

Cameron Isaac said: “There are currently no restrictions on flying within Japan. They can’t control the entire domestic and overseas aviation at once, but it should be tightened gradually.”
Charlie Wade said, “Let’s leave tonight, no delay, I will try to arrive at Osaka Airport at seven, and then we will meet and take off from Osaka Airport on time at eight.”
Cameron Isaac hurriedly said: “Good master, then we will arrive at Osaka Airport before seven o’clock to wait for you.”

“Ok, see you tonight!”
Charlie Wade hung up the phone, and Nanako Ito hurriedly asked, “Charlie Wade, what happened to it?”
Charlie Wade nodded, and told Nanako Ito about the situation.
After hearing it, Nanako Ito said: “Then I will help Charlie Wade look at the ticket now.”
With that said, he quickly took out his mobile phone and checked the flight information.
“Charlie Wade, there is a flight that takes off at 5:40 in the afternoon. It takes an hour to get to Osaka and land at 6:40, okay?”

Charlie Wade nodded: “The time is just right, so choose this one.”
Nanako Ito said: “Charlie Wade, give me the passport number. I’ll book the ticket. I’ll take you to the airport in the afternoon!”
The short-haul ticket itself is not expensive, so Charlie Wade didn’t decline, and said to Nanako Ito, “Thank you, Nanako.”
Nanako Ito smiled knowingly: “You and I don’t have to be so polite!”

After that, she remembered something and asked Charlie Wade: “By the way, Charlie Wade, would you like to bring some gifts for your family when you go back tonight? Shopping in Tokyo is still very convenient, usually in the afternoon, it will be more lively, if you want to go shopping , I have lunch with you, OK?”
Charlie Wade thought, he must bring some gifts to his wife after he has been away for so many days, and his mother-in-law, Elaine Ma, also hoped that she would bring something for her, so she still took time to go out and stroll around.

So, he said to Nanako: “Then you will take me hard to take me around, I am really not familiar with Tokyo.”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “No problem, I will accompany you to Ginza in the afternoon.”
After that, she thought of her father Ito Yuihiko, and asked Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, I want to go to the hospital to deliver meals to my father at noon. Is it convenient for you to come with me?”
Charlie Wade agreed without thinking, “Okay, let’s go to the hospital first, and then go shopping.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1825

After breakfast, Charlie Wade, who had nothing to do, was dragged by Nanako Ito to her boudoir.
Just like in Kyoto, Nanako invited Charlie Wade to sit on the tatami in the boudoir, burned a plate of incense, and prepared a cup of Japanese matcha for Charlie Wade.
Then she said to Charlie Wade: “Charlie Wade, I want to take a look at the financial statements and detailed information of the family industry, and get familiar with the overall operation of the family as soon as possible.

If you feel bored, please tell me.”
Charlie Wade was free, so he said casually: “I have nothing to do, you are busy, I will play with the phone for a while.”
Charlie Wade doesn’t really like to play with mobile phones, and unlike young people nowadays, he always keeps his hands on the phone.
The reason why he wants to look at his cell phone is to check the news in Tokyo to see if he can find more useful information.

Nanako Ito leaned over in front of the book case and looked at the confidential family data attentively. The information in her hand was all top secret, but she did not shy away from Charlie Wade beside her.
Charlie Wade flipped through some local news, and one piece of news aroused his interest.
The news said that relatively serious violent incidents have occurred in Tokyo.

As the number one violent organization in Japan, the Yakuza group issued a message to its members across the country, claiming to use violence to curb violence and use violence to maintain public order in Tokyo.
The Yakuza group is the head of the Japanese gang, and it is the world’s three largest gangster organization with the Italian Mafia, and its strength cannot be underestimated.
They issued a statement at this time, although they did not name or surname, it should be aimed at the Banks Familyy.

This time the Banks Familyy played a bit too big, and offended all Japanese black and white.
Even if they can retreat completely this time and want to come to Japan to develop in the future, they will probably receive “special attention” from the Japanese government and non-governmental organizations.
At this moment, Eastcliff Wade Family Mansion.
Charlie Wade’s grandfather, Nathaniel, called the entire Wade family to a meeting because of the same news.

Today’s Lord Banks looks very happy.
While flipping through the news with a tablet, he said to everyone: “This time the Banks Familyy really lost his children and broke down! The cooperation has not yet been negotiated. The eldest grandson and the eldest granddaughter almost died, and now the entire Japan is given to I’m offended, and I’m afraid it will be difficult for the Banks Familyy to go to Japan for development in the future!”

Charlie Wade’s uncle Corran laughed, and said triumphantly: “The Banks Familyy is also embarrassing this time. The Banks Familyy’s old man is afraid that he can’t eat for three days!”
Third Uncle Myles said with some regret: “Hey, in the final analysis, the Banks Familyy is still lucky, damn! Ryoto Matsumoto has done such a big game, why did the mysterious man rescue Fitz and Zara? If Fitz and Zara die in Tokyo, the entire Banks Familyy must be greatly injured! These are the two most outstanding members of their younger generation!”

“Yeah…” Lord Banks couldn’t help sighing, “Although Lord Banks has the wrist and courage, after all, he is old and Zayne is more than hot, but his ability is still lacking. In front of Bruce, It’s like a clown, and she’s not enough to look at it. The wife he crazily pursues, after being rejected countless times by Bruce, became discouraged and chose to marry him…”
Speaking of this, Lord Banks sighed and said with a grimace: “If Bruce was still alive, don’t say that Banks Familyy is the Heavenly Dragon, and it may not be Wade Family’s opponent…”

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