The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1826-1830 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1826-1830)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1826 to 1830

Hearing the old man pitying Bruce again, the boss Corran was a bit dissatisfied and said: “Dad, Bruce has been away for so many years, so please stop mentioning this kind of thing. Let’s talk about it again. Responsible, so even the entire Eastcliff family is inseparable, and it is not something we can control.”
Myles also agreed: “Yes, Dad, isn’t this talking about Fitz and Zara? Why did you talk about Bruce?”
The old man sighed and waved his hand: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, let’s get it right!

All in all, the Banks Familyy’s first step towards Japan is already emptying one foot. The next situation will face them very much. Unfortunately, this is a good opportunity for us to catch up and take advantage of it! What do you think?”
Everyone glanced at each other, and Corran was also very agreeable and said: “Dad, you are right, I also think this is our great opportunity!”

“Our ocean shipping business started later than the Banks Familyy and was at an absolute disadvantage, but if we could take advantage of the failure of the Banks Familyy, reach a cooperation with the Ito family, and take down the Japanese market, it would be tantamount to getting stuck in the Banks Familyy. The neck is definitely a powerful blow to the Banks Familyy!”

Lord Wade nodded, but he pondered for a moment before he said: “At the moment, we are not suitable for direct competition with the Banks Familyy. This matter must be kept low-key and slowly. We must not let the Banks Familyy know in advance.”
Corran asked in a puzzled way: “Dad, the Banks Familyy can go to Japan to destroy people’s families in a high-profile manner. When we go to Japan to talk about cooperation, should we still hide it?”

Lord Wade smiled slightly: “The strength of the Banks Familyy is there. We are now talking about cooperation with the Ito family in the past with great fanfare. For the Banks Familyy, it just slapped them and made them hard on their faces.”
After speaking, Lord Wade said again: “However, we slapped the Banks Familyy. With the style of the Banks Familyy, we will inevitably conflict with us, and we will be in trouble.”

Corran asked hurriedly, “Dad, what do you mean then?”
Lord Wade said very seriously: “If you want to deal with the Banks Familyy, you must dissect your opponent from a deeper level, instead of superficially comparing the two sides’ paper data!”
Corran quickly stood up, bowed and clasped his fists: “Dad, I am dull, please tell me!”
Lord Wade shook his head slightly, thinking of Bruce again in his heart.

He sighed in his heart: “My eldest son, Corran, is also a brilliant talent, but he is still far from the level of genius, so he can’t do it well. However, Bruce is the top genius who never came out of the world. He is never ’percent through a single point’, but rather ’perceive without a point’ and learns without a teacher! What a pity, what a pity…”
Corran also saw a trace of disappointment in his father’s eyes, and suddenly his face turned red.

Lord Wade expressed a few words in his heart, and quickly put away his thoughts, and said to everyone: “Although the Banks Familyy has many heirs, only Zayne can enter Lord Banks’s eyes. What’s more, Zayne’s sons and daughters are very competitive. The two most outstanding young people of this generation.”
“Especially that Zara, who is deeply loved by Lord Banks and Zayne. The degree of preference for Zara between these two fathers and sons has long surpassed other heirs, even the eldest grandson Fitz.”
“So, once Lord Banks is dead, the power will definitely fall into the hands of the Zayne Banks Familyy!”

“In the future, among the Zayne Banks Familyy, the one with the greatest say in the future must be Zara!”
Speaking of this, Lord Wade was already glaring, and said forcefully: “Zara is a female stream and will eventually marry as his wife. Once she gets married, it will be the day when the Banks Familyy was divided into two. So, who Whoever can conquer Zara can conquer half of the Banks Familyy’s assets!”

I have to say that Zayne’s acting skills are very good.
If it wasn’t for Ito Yuihiko who knew what kind of person he was, it would be easy to be deceived by his smiling and friendly appearance.
Although disgusted in his heart, he still braced himself and did a good job on the surface, so he smiled and said: “Mr. Banks is too polite, you are coming to Japan, I was going to meet at the airport in person, and then arrange the hotel for you.

Staying here, I didn’t expect to encounter so many things.”
Zayne hurriedly said: “Where is it, Mr. Ito doesn’t have to be so polite. The friendship between our Banks Familyy and the Ito family has a long history. We will definitely continue to strengthen cooperation and deepen our relationship in the future. Why should we be stuck with this little thing?”

Seeing his hypocritical appearance, Ito wanted to vomit the breakfast in his stomach, but he could only nod his head and said in agreement: “Mr. Banks is right! You really don’t have to be too rigid…”
Zayne nodded in satisfaction, and said seriously: “Mr. Ito, although the things that happened in Tokyo in the past two days are chaotic and even hurt you seriously, I still have to say something about the facts. This series of things After the dust settles, the Ito family is the biggest winner.”

Ito Yuhiko knows what Zayne’s words mean. He knows that in addition to explaining the facts, Zayne also wants to mention himself. Now his family is fighting between snipes and clams, and the fisherman is profiting, and he is pushing his family to profit from it. , He is Zayne.
In other words, Zayne also reminded himself, don’t forget the help that Banks Familyy gave to yourself.
However, Ito doesn’t want to owe such favors casually.

After all, the reason why the Ito family can survive this dispute is not really dependent on Zayne, but Charlie Wade!
Don’t say that he didn’t rely on Zayne. Zayne’s sons and daughters can survive, and he must thank Charlie Wade!
If Charlie Wade hadn’t saved Fitz and Zara brothers and sisters, and Zayne guarded the corpses of a pair of children, it might not have been able to find out the real murderer.

Therefore, Ito Yuihiko couldn’t help but sighed: “Oh, Mr. Banks, it is very dangerous for the Ito family to survive this time!”
As he said, he patted the roots of his thighs and sighed: “Look at my legs, they are completely abolished. If it wasn’t for my loyal servant Tanaka who pushed me to jump off the viaduct, I would have been knifed. Hacked to death.”

In this remark, Ito Yuhiko actually explained a point to Zayne first. First of all, if he can survive, it has nothing to do with your Zayne and the Banks Familyy.
Immediately afterwards, Ito Yuihiko said again: “And my daughter, she also suffered a ninja ambush in Kyoto, and was fortunate to be saved by a master, so she was spared. Otherwise, I would really want a white-haired person to send a black-haired person. Up!”
Speaking of this, Ito Yuhiko pretended to be curious and asked: “By the way, Mr. Banks, it seems that your children were also saved by the mysterious master in Kyoto?”

Zayne’s expression became a little depressed when he heard this.
What I meant just now was to mention Ito Yuhiko. You have the last laugh, and you have killed Machi Takahashi and Ryoto Matsumoto. More than half of the credit is due to a strangers help.
Unexpectedly, the old fox, Takehiko Ito, came directly to say something like this. The meaning is also very simple: Don’t say I want to thank you, it doesn’t exist.

We both have to thank the mysterious master, otherwise my daughter will be finished. Both your son and daughter will be finished. Although Zayne was depressed, he couldn’t refute Ito’s words. After all, his sons and daughters were indeed saved by that mysterious man. I also asked my son and daughter specifically, who is that mysterious person? Now that you have such a powerful ability, can it be used by yourself?

But Zara told him that the mysterious person was very dismissive of their brother and sister. It was to help Takehiko Ito’s daughter, Nanako Ito, to relieve the troubles, so they chased them all the way.
Rescue them brother and sister, that was just by the way. The only clue I know is that he should be Chinese. But I don’t know anything in more detail.

Originally, Zayne wanted Xion to leave to check the clues and details of that person.
But now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Homeland Security Department all want to capture Zayne’s subordinates. So he could only give up this idea and let Xion return home first, so as not to be caught by the Japanese government. Once caught by the Japanese government, it will be as serious as the killing of the door, even if it is not sentenced to death, it will be at least life imprisonment, so you won’t think about it in this life.

So Zayne could only give up temporarily. Now I heard Ito mention that person again, so he deliberately asked: “Mr. Ito, that mysterious person is said to protect your daughter, so you should know him?”
Ito Yuhiko shook his head and said regretfully: “I really want to know him, but unfortunately, that person is really too mysterious. I asked my daughter, but my daughter didn’t know, otherwise, I really want to take him. For my own use! With such a powerful person by your side, you should never have to worry about safety anymore!”

Zayne stared at Ito Takehiko for a moment, feeling that he didn’t seem to be lying. It seems that Ito Takehiko does not know who the mysterious person is. But why would he save Nanako Ito? Is it a pure chivalrous man of justice? However, it seems a bit strange for a Chinese to come to Japan as a hero. Or, he is an overseas Chinese living in Japan?
Zayne couldn’t think of a reason, so he simply left him behind, looked at Ito Takehiko, and said seriously: “Mr. Ito, I’m here this time. In fact, besides visiting you, I also want to talk to you about cooperation. Talk about a general intention.”

After speaking, he said: “Ocean shipping is the next very important business of the Banks Familyy. Although we pursue a global strategy, we still attach great importance to the Japanese market in East Asia. Block business and reached a cooperation with the Ito family. I don’t know what Mr. Ito wants?”
Yuhiko Ito nodded and said seriously: “The Ito family has always wanted to reach a cooperation with the Banks Familyy on this business.”

When Zayne heard this, his eyebrows showed a bit of joy, and he thought to himself: “It seems that cooperation with the Ito family can be a matter of course.”
Zayne was thinking triumphantly, but Ito Yuhiko had already planned to use the dragging technique.
Seeing him, he changed the conversation and said apologetically: “But Mr. Banks, you can see my current physical condition.

The doctor said that I have to observe in the hospital for at least half a month.”
“Moreover, even if you leave the hospital, you will have to rest for a few months when you go home. For the time being, you may not have much energy to focus on business operations.”
“Therefore, whether or not this cooperation should be carried out or how it should be carried out, it may take a while to give you a clear answer…”

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