The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1861-1865 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 1861-1865)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1861

“Selling face?”
When Lord Banks heard this, he said with some emotion: “In this world, everything can be clearly priced. People say that the enemy of killing his father is greater than the sky. Then you give him 100 million, ten 100 million or even 10 billion, 100 billion, there is always a price that can move him.”
After that, he changed his words: “But! The key is how much money it costs to buy this face? If it really costs 10 billion, or even 100 billion, do you want to buy it too?”

Zayne fell silent all at once. He really wanted to save Xion.
She is his own flesh and blood. Tiger poison still doesn’t eat her, how can he watch her die?
Xion, she is the top master of the Banks Familyy, and she is still young, if she can be rescued, then she can make a great contribution to the Banks Familyy in the future. However, no matter whether it is sentiment or reason, the cost must always be weighed before calculating the plan to be implemented.

If it is really necessary to pay a price of tens of billions or hundreds of billions, the Banks Familyy may not agree to it. After all, apart from him and the old man, no one in the Banks Familyy knew that Xion was his daughter, and they thought it was a subordinate of the Banks Familyy.
It’s fair to spend tens of millions for a subordinate. A top expert like Xion spends a few hundred million, and he just bites his teeth and accepts it.

But if you really want to spend more money, this matter will be clearly out of balance in the eyes of outsiders. At that time, even if you barely accept it, you will definitely wonder if there is any hidden truth in it.
Seeing that he fell silent, Lord Banks said with comfort: “Zayne, if Xion is the flesh and blood of the Banks Familyy, your daughter, and my granddaughter, I certainly hope that she will be safe, but when doing business, we must weigh the pros and cons in everything. Disadvantages, or advantages equal disadvantages, can be done, but if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, don’t force it.”

Zayne asked in anguish: “Dad, tell me, how much cost and price the Banks Familyy is willing to bear for Xion? We also paid a great price to rescue Fitz and Zara this time… .”
Lord Banks thought for a while, and said: “If Xion is a concubine after all, her identity is shameful, so I can’t equate her with Zara. Let’s do it, within one billion, so that the accounting can be hidden. High, it’s troublesome for other people or your wife to ask.”

Zayne hesitated for a moment and said, “Well, I will try it first, and I will fly to Osaka after a while to see if I can find the key person to mediate.”
Lord Banks said: “Don’t go. The Japanese government has long known that you are behind the scenes, but they don’t want to get into trouble with Banks’ family for the time being, so they won’t go further after arresting those who did it. But if you still don’t understand a little bit and leave Japan as soon as possible, in case there are changes in this matter, if someone among our people confessed you, I’m afraid the Japanese government will change your mind and take you!”

Zayne thought for a while, and felt that Dad’s words made sense.
In this situation, the Japanese government has more or less sold the Banks Familyy for a little bit of face. As long as the murderer is brought to justice, they can not hold the Banks Familyy accountable.

But if you don’t keep a low profile at this time, and instead go to Osaka and try every means to mediate and save people, then you might be a bit shameless in the eyes of the Japanese government.
When the time comes, the Japanese government’s lack of security will turn its faces.
Thinking of this, he sighed and said, “I know Dad. I will fly back from Aomori early tomorrow morning.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1862

“Yeah.” Lord Banks said: “You have to adjust yourself, don’t put all your thoughts on Xion. Now the Banks Familyy’s trouble is even greater. After returning, we will have a meeting to discuss the feasible solutions at this stage. The plan, if we don’t quickly fill up the lost power, some families will be ready to move!”
“Ok, I see!”
At this moment. Eastcliff, Wade family.

The major news of the Banks Familyy in Japan has instantly detonated the entire Eastcliff public opinion. All the families were shocked by this news, because no one expected that the Banks Familyy, as the top family in China, would suffer such a big loss and encounter such a big failure in Japan. However, this news is a huge bad news for the Banks Familyy, but for other families, it is a good news that cannot be better!

The strength of the Banks Familyy in Eastcliff is indeed too strong. Except for the Wade Family’s barely able to fight him, the gap between the other families and him can be described as heaven and earth.
Now the strength of the Banks Familyy has been severely damaged. For other families, the gap with the Banks Familyy has naturally narrowed, so everyone is naturally happy to watch the Banks Familyy’s jokes.
Among them, the Wade Family was naturally the most excited one, not one of them.

Lord Wade was pacing back and forth in the living room of the villa with excitement, saying, “The masters of the Banks Familyy have always been a problem to my heart, especially that Xion, young and strong, scary, and capable of doing things. It is very strong, and the execution is outrageous. It has always been a thorn in my eye and a thorn in my flesh. I didn’t expect that this time the full fold will be in Japan! It is great!”
“Yeah!” Corran on the side was also full of excitement: “The Banks Familyy is really losing money this time.

The top masters have been swept up by Japan. For a long time in the future, they will all have their tails in their hands!”
Lord Wade nodded and asked him, “How is Jon talking with Ito Yuhiko?”
Corran shrugged: “Jon met Ito Yuhiko at the hospital, but Ito Yuhiko doesn’t seem to be interested in continuing this business at this stage, so I don’t seem to be too caring.”

Lord Wade said: “It is also understandable. After all, even ordinary people may not accept this kind of thing after losing his legs. What’s more, Ito Yuhiko, Japan’s top rich man, is understandable for a period of depression.”
Corran asked again: “Then should I let Jon come back, or let him stay in Tokyo to see?”
Lord Wade thought for a while and said, “Let’s stay in Tokyo first, and then visit Ito Takehiko in two days. Maybe his attitude will loosen. Now there are still a few days before the Chinese New Year.

Let Jon stay in Tokyo until the twelfth lunar month. Nine come back again.”
“Okay.” Corran nodded and said, “I will go to Aurouss Hilll tomorrow morning. It would be great if Charlie Wade was willing to come back for the New Year!”
Corran chuckled and said casually: “It is good if Charlie Wade is willing to come back. If not, we can’t force it…”

Lord Wade said very seriously: “The Wade family itself is not considered prosperous. If Charlie Wade is willing to come back, it will not only give the Wade family a boost, but also lock us in a marriage partner in advance. I dare not say that he can do it. The Zara from the Banks Familyy, but at least the Stefanie from the Sun family is within easy reach. Marriage with the Sun family is not bad. At least the two can be combined to suppress the Banks Familyy!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1863

Charlie Wade’s plane landed safely at Aurouss Hilll Airport at around ten o’clock that night. In order to give Claire Wilson Wilson a surprise, Charlie Wade didn’t tell her to come back tonight. Cameron Isaac had already arranged the convoy to pick up the plane, so when everyone got off the plane, they shared several cars and went home.
Don Albertt and Liam left separately, and Cameron Isaac took the initiative to drive Charlie Wade back to Thompson First, but Charlie Wade naturally did not refuse.

After getting in the car, Cameron Isaac smiled and said to Charlie Wade as he drove, “Master, this time we made the Banks Familyy so miserable. If the Banks Familyy knows about it, I’m afraid it will be desperate with us…”
“It doesn’t matter.” Charlie Wade said with a smile: “The Banks Familyy is now hard to protect itself. It has lost so many people. I am afraid that it will not be able to recover in a few years. It must be overwhelming in recent years.

“This is…” Cameron Isaac sighed: “Xion Banks, who was so distracted by the people of Eastcliff, was also brought in by you. The Banks Familyy really suffered a heavy loss this time.”
“Xion?” Charlie Wade frowned and asked, “Who is Xion?”
Cameron Isaac said: “This is the woman you greeted her on the plane. She is Xion, one of the strongest players in the Banks Familyy.”

“Oh?” Charlie Wade asked curiously: “Is she the heir of the Banks Familyy?”
“No.” Cameron Isaac said: “It just happened to be Banks. She joined the Banks Familyy at the age of 18 and it has only been three years now. However, in the past three years, there has been a lot of noise, and the strength is really intolerable. Look down.”
Charlie Wade nodded lightly and smiled: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a chance to discuss with her.”

Cameron Isaac laughed and said, “Master, she is also a master among ordinary people. How can she be compared with you? If you just say a word of thunder, I think Xion will turn to ashes!”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “Thunderstorm this kind of thing can’t be used too often, I have the opportunity in the future, I still hope to learn from real martial arts masters.”
Cameron Isaac said: “The national martial arts masters are basically in Eastcliff. Some of them serve the Order and some serve the top families.”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly: “If you have the opportunity, you can go to Eastcliff again.”
While talking, Cameron Isaac’s cell phone rang suddenly.
He kept his cell phone on the cell phone holder in the car. He looked down and exclaimed: “Master, it is your aunt who is calling…”
“My aunt?” Charlie Wade frowned, and the image of a young woman appeared in his mind.

He had an impression of his aunt. Aunt Cynthia was two years younger than his father. He was not close to his father before, and naturally he was not so close to a family of three.
In his memory, his aunt was a relatively snobby woman, because he felt that the uncle was the eldest son, so the aunt had been close to him since he was a child.
Moreover, because the uncle and dad were a little uncomfortable, the aunt stood in the uncle’s camp. Before, she always tried every means to help the uncle run against her dad. This was what bored Charlie Wade.

Cameron Isaac was also a little puzzled at this time, saying: “I have no contact with your aunt. I don’t know why she called me suddenly, so I will answer it first.”
“Good.” Charlie Wade exhorted: “Don’t disclose any information about me.”
“Good master!”
Cameron Isaac said, reaching out and pressing the answer button.

As soon as the phone call, he respectfully said: “Hello, Miss!”
Cameron Isaac was a subordinate of the Wade family, and the subordinates called the main family. Except for the old man, Corran, Bruce and Cynthia were all young masters and young ladies.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1864

As for Charlie Wade’s generation, they are generally called Young Master and Young Miss.
On the phone, Cynthia spoke with a high-pitched tone, “Isaac, are you in Aurouss Hilll recently?”
Cameron Isaac hurriedly said respectfully: “Miss Im back, I’m in Aurouss Hilll.”
Cynthia gave a hum, and said, “Tomorrow, vacate the presidential suite of Aurouss Hilll Shangri-La Hotel, and arrange for a convoy to pick me up at the airport. I will fly there in the morning.”

Cynthia usually travels by private jet, so there is no specific departure time at all.
Get up early and go a little earlier; get up late and go a little later.
After listening, Cameron Isaac asked in surprise: “Miss, you are coming to Aurouss Hilll?! I don’t know what else needs to be prepared next?”
Cynthia asked, “What has Charlie Wade been up to lately?”

“Master Charlie Wade…” Cameron Isaac glanced at Charlie Wade, who was expressionless in the back seat, through the rearview mirror of the car, and said: “Master Charlie Wade is not busy, he should be at home with his wife. Right.”
Cynthia said in a somewhat contemptuous tone: “The dignified young master of the Wade family, it’s fine to join a low-class family in a third-rate city. Give him an Emgrand Group. If he doesn’t manage it well, he only

knows how to stay home with his wife and do housework every day. System!”
Cameron Isaac was embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the conversation for a while. After thinking for a while, he asked, “Miss, are you here this time to see Master Charlie Wade?”
“Right.” Cynthia said, “Tomorrow night, let Charlie Wade come to Shangri-La to see me, so I will invite him to dinner.”
Cameron Isaac hurriedly said, “Oh, well, I’ll talk to Master Charlie Wade later.”
“Yeah.” Cynthia said: “By the way, I am a person who recognizes a bed when sleeping. What brand of bed does the master bedroom of your presidential suite use?”

Cameron Isaac thought for a while and said: “It seems to be the black label series of Simmons in the United States, all imported with original packaging.”
Cynthia blurted out: “Replace it! Change to a bed from Swedish Heisteng, and ask for their high-end series.”
Heisteng’s bedding can be said to be the most expensive bed in the world. Any entry-level mattress costs hundreds of thousands, and a high-end series mattress costs millions.

If you add the bed frame, at least two million.
Even a five-star hotel would not use such an expensive bed.
But now that Cynthia has spoken, Cameron Isaac can only agree and say: “Miss, Aurouss Hilll should not have a Heisteng store. In this way, I will arrange someone to buy it at Highland Falls tomorrow morning, and then drive it back to you to replace it.”
“Yeah.” Cynthia’s voice sounded satisfactory, and continued: “Yes, there are quilts. I want to cover the quilt made of Icelandic goose down.

You bought it for me.”
Iceland goose down is the world’s top and most precious and rarest top down. It uses soft down on the breast and underarms of the Iceland goose duck. It is very precious and is made into a quilt, which costs at least one million. .
In other words, if Cynthia came to stay one night, just preparing the bed and quilt would cost at least three million Dollar.

Cameron Isaac did not dare to have any doubts, and immediately said: “Good eldest lady, I will do everything tomorrow.”
Cynthia hummed: “Okay, so be it, hang up.”
After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.
Charlie Wade frowned at this moment and asked: “My aunt, suddenly coming to see me, what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 1865

Hearing Charlie Wade’s question, Cameron Isaac was also puzzled: “Master, to be honest, I don’t know your aunt. In my capacity, it’s actually difficult to have direct contact with the Wade family’s direct members. Steward Thompson will have more daily contact with them. Why don’t you call and ask him?”
Charlie Wade waved his hand and said indifferently: “Forget it, it doesn’t make sense to call and ask. Soldiers will stop you and the water will cover you. Let’s see what she wants to do first.”
Cameron Isaac asked again: “Then will you go to dinner with your aunt tomorrow?”

Charlie Wade nodded: “Go, if you set a time, tell me directly when the time comes, and you won’t use it to pick me up, I will go by myself.”
Charlie Wade thought of her aunt’s previous appearance. In her mind, she was a relatively mean woman. When she was five years old, she married a young master from a quasi-first-line family in Eastcliff, and later gave birth to a son. , I don’t know.

So Charlie Wade asked Cameron Isaac: “Isaac, what is the status of my aunt at Wade’s house now? It stands to reason that she is married, so she should not be able to intervene in her family’s affairs anymore?
Cameron Isaac replied truthfully: “Master, your aunt has separated from her lover a long time ago, and since the separation, she moved back to the Wade family.”
Charlie Wade frowned and asked, “Separated? What’s the matter?”

Cameron Isaac chuckled and said, “In fact, we shouldn’t say such things, but since you asked, Master, I will tell you…”
Immediately, Cameron Isaac gave a slight pause and explained: “When your aunt married to the Bass family, although the Bass family was not as good as the Wade family, it is still a quasi-first-line family in the entire Eastcliff family. The overall strength is also very good. However. Six or seven years ago, the Bass family bet on the steel industry and invested a lot of money to build a steel group. It coincided with the continuous collapse of the steel industry, so the Bass family also lost a lot of money, and the family industry lost at least half. .”

Speaking of this, Cameron Isaac smiled helplessly: “Since the Bass family is gone, your aunt has always wanted to get a divorce, but the master felt that the divorce was detrimental, so he didn’t let her leave. Fortunately, your aunt moved from the Bass family. Come out, go back to the Wade family, and then start working in the Wade family again.”

Charlie Wade nodded lightly and hummed: “It seems that my aunt is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”
Cameron Isaac smiled and said: “Your aunt’s temper is really bad, and she is also famous in Eastcliff, so when you meet with him tomorrow, if there is something wrong, don’t be too impulsive.”
“Okay, I see.” Charlie Wade smiled faintly and said: “In fact, you can guess without thinking, she probably wants me to return to Wade’s house.”

“Yes.” Cameron Isaac agreed and said: “I think so, but Steward Thompson said that the master really wants you to go back. Considering that you may be more resistant at first, so I didn’t make this matter clear.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “This time the Banks Familyy’s accident, the Wade family should be very happy, right?”
Cameron Isaac also smiled and said, “You really did a great favor to the Wade family. The Banks Familyy has not suffered such a big loss in many years. Master should be very happy.”

Charlie Wade put away his smile, sighed, and his eyes became more determined and said: “These two families, whichever one is the only one, is cheaper than the other. One day, if you can step on them together, it will be considered a real success! “
When Cameron Isaac drove to the door of Thompson First, it was already eleven o’clock at night. Charlie Wade carried the suitcase, walked into Thompson First alone, came to the door of his villa, swiped his card directly into the yard.

The room was brightly lit. Charlie Wade opened the door directly with fingerprints before his wife and father-in-law were asleep. At this time, Claire Wilson Wilson, Jacob Wilson and Elaine Ma’s family of three are sitting in front of the living room, watching TV intently.

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