The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 206-210 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 206-210)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 206

After Charlie Wade went downstairs, Don Albertt, who was sitting in the auto, promptly bid for Charlie Wade to come over immediately. “Mr. Wade, get in the vehicle!”

Charlie Wade responded before walking over to the cars and truck rapidly. Albert started driving as soon as Charlie Wade got into the cars and truck and afterwards headed towards the borders of the city.

Heading there, Albert instantly claimed anxiously, “I listened to that an extremely renowned and reputable Feng Shui master will also be coming from Hong Kong today. Mr. Wade, you can not let him take your spotlight!”

Afterwards, Albert continued talking. “Miss Moore is the eldest little girl of the Moore family, and also she will certainly be taking control of the Moore family company quickly. If we handle to conserve her from this situation, she will absolutely deal with us in the future!”

Charlie Wade giggled before claiming, “Albert, you are not so kind. It appears as though you simply want to obtain right into Jasmine’s excellent publications?”

I recognize that you have some abilities and you recognize what you are doing, Mr. Wade. It is additionally not a negative thing for you to obtain closer to Miss Moore. Miss Moore is extremely young and also attractive, and she likewise has a strong family background.

Charlie Wade smiled before he responded faintly, “If the Feng Shui master that the Moore family worked with from Hong Kong is truly good, there is absolutely nothing else that I can do.”

Albert sighed as soon as he listened to Charlie Wade’s words. You are a master of metaphysics with genuine skills and also abilities.

Charlie Wade did not reply due to the fact that he was thinking about this matter in his heart. If Master Lennard from Hong Kong was really a descendant of the Lennard household, Charlie Wade was specific that he would have some abilities and an appropriate degree of proficiency in Feng Shui.

Consequently, he could also make the journey to the Moore household to have a look at what Master Lennard can. Perhaps, he might also have some knowledge to additional comprehend and examine the components of the!


Miss Moore’s rental property was located in one of the most elegant suite area in the suburbs.

Albert lastly stopped the auto before a very elegant and also stunning suite.

Currently, a male who looked to be the Moore family’s butler came out to see that it was. Albert fast raised his head as well as asked, “Uncle Oscar, is the eldest young lady house?”

The butler nodded any which way prior to he asked, “Albert, what are you doing right here?”

Albert giggled prior to he replied with a smile on his face. “Uncle Oscar, I invited a Feng Shui master here today to have a look at the young lady. He is really an extremely experienced master of metaphysics!”

The butler eyed Charlie Wade who was being in the guest’s seat. He certainly did not take the young man seriously as well as simply replied coldly, “Albert, Master Lennard from Hong Kong is currently right here to have a look at Miss Moore and also give her recommendations on her Feng Shui matters. If there is nothing else, I assume you must go house initially.”

Albert promptly responded, “Uncle Oscar, because Mr. Wade is already below, can’t you simply let him in to make sure that he can just have a look at Miss Moore? Mr. Wade is additionally buddies with Miss Moore!”

Oscar after that responded slightly, “There are so many people that always state that they are close friends with Miss Moore. I am currently unsusceptible to it. Besides, would anybody you bring below today be far better than Master Lennard from Hong Kong? The Moore family members has spent a lot of money and initiative just to bring Master Lennard right here. I am not mosting likely to let you in to make sure that you can cause any kind of difficulty for Master Lennard!”

Charlie Wade was a little shocked when he heard Oscar’s words. He was not stunned as a result of the identity of the Feng Shui master, however he was surprised since Albert was a well-known mobster manager that every person was scared of in Aurouss Hilll. It appeared as though the Moore family’s butler was not scared of him at all.

In addition, Albert also talked with him in such a respectful and courteous fashion …

At this time, Charlie Wade could not help thinking to himself that if information concerning the way Oscar talked to Albert took a trip across Aurouss Hilll, nobody would hesitate of Don Albertt anymore!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 207

Even though the butler undoubtedly despised Albert, the latter was not annoyed at all. The issues that Miss Moore is dealing with are getting more and a lot more extreme. We can not be specific that Master Lennard from Hong Kong will most definitely be able to resolve the problems that Miss Moore is dealing with.”

Upon hearing that, Oscar replied coldly, “Do you truly think that you will be able to locate any individual as capable as Master Lennard? Please leave right away. You will certainly never have the ability to pay the Moore household back for their losses if you disturb Master Lennard while he is reading Miss Moore’s Feng Shui for her!”

Albert damaged his head anxiously due to the fact that he did not anticipate Oscar to quit them from getting in the vacation home. If Oscar refused to let them in, exactly how would certainly Charlie Wade have the ability to help Jasmine?

As he thought about it, Albert all of a sudden blurted out, “Uncle Oscar, have you found out about Jack Yaleman? He was likewise a Feng Shui master that was incredibly conceited, yet when he violated his borders in Aurouss Hilll, Mr. Wade was the one who called for thunder and lightning to strike him to fatality!”

Oscar was stunned after listening to Albert.

He then checked out Charlie Wade in admiration.

He had currently found out about what had actually happened to Jack.

All of a sudden, it was done by the young man before him now!

Oscar instantly developed a sense of respect for Charlie Wade.

Considered Charlie Wade professionally, he claimed, “I have already become aware of your abilities and also ability, and also I absolutely admire you, Mr. Wade.”

I wish that you will certainly not trouble Master Lennard before he is done looking at Miss Moore’s Feng Shui. I really hope that Mr. Wade will certainly not conflict if Master Lennard has actually currently efficiently solved Miss Moore’s issue.”

Charlie Wade nodded any which way prior to he responded, “No problem.”

Oscar after that made use of the push-button control to open the gate before he told Albert, “You may drive the automobile in.”

As Albert was driving into the compound of the rental property, he said loudly excitedly, “Mr. Wade, you were absolutely outstanding recently! Uncle Oscar has never been so courteous or given face to any person in addition to the Moore relative.”

Charlie Wade was detached as he claimed, “Simply consider how unpromising you are right now. I can not believe that you in fact have to butter up to the Moore family’s butler. I simply can’t comprehend exactly how you ended up being a mobster boss in Aurouss Hilll.”

Albert smiled before he replied, “Mr. Wade, you do not recognize. How could I be disrespectful towards a big as well as distinguished family members such as the Moore family?

After that, Albert parked the automobile and also stated, “Mr. Wade, allowed’s have a look at what Master Lennard is capable of!”


Oscar led both of them into the rental property. The villa was restored in a very glamorous manner, and also it seemed as though the royal family lived below.

Upon showing up on the second flooring, Oscar led them to an area with the door wide open prior to he knocked carefully on the door.

He led them straight into the space.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 208

Then in the room, a lean middle-aged guy that was using a blue tee shirt was holding a compass as he browsed the area, whispering some words. Jasmine was standing with her back dealing with the door. Nonetheless, as soon as she heard a person knocking on the door, she turned around prior to asking, “Uncle Oscar, exists something wrong?”

Oscar fast replied, “Miss Moore, Albert brought Mr. Wade over here to help you check out your Feng Shui.”

Jasmine turned around and she was exceptionally surprised when she saw Charlie Wade. “Charlie Wade, why are you below?”

When Charlie Wade considered Jasmine, he recognized that she really did look a lot more haggard as compared to when he had actually seen her a few days earlier. According to the, there were shadows on her forehead, and also it appeared as though something was truly wrong with her lot of money at this time.

Charlie Wade smiled somewhat before he claimed, “Albert told me that you were in problem, so he brought me right here to have a look at your Feng Shui.”

Just then, the middle-aged man that was holding the compass in his hand reversed and also said, “Miss Moore, I am a Master from the Lennard family, and also I do not permit any individual else to conflict when I am checking out any type of Feng Shui matters. Otherwise, any kind of interference will certainly disrupt your Feng Shui.”

Jasmine understood that Charlie Wade knew a little concerning metaphysics, but in some way, Feng Shui was an entirely various field as compared to metaphysics. Even though she knew that Charlie Wade was a master of metaphysics, she felt that Charlie Wade can not compare to Master Lennard when it pertained to issues entailing Feng Shui and also good luck.

Therefore, she swiftly stated apologetically, “I am sorry, Mr. Wade, yet Master Lennard is currently taking a look at my Feng Shui for me. If you do not mind, could you please follow Uncle Oscar downstairs and wait for me there? I am sorry, yet I will certainly boil down and amuse you in an instant.”

Charlie Wade just responded, “Miss Moore, isn’t it better if there is an additional individual here to help you? As your close friend, I would certainly be greater than satisfied to help you solve the problem that you are facing. Nonetheless, if Master Lennard can solve your problem without my help, I would certainly still be extremely satisfied. I will only action in to help you if Master Lennard is not able to solve your problem for you.”

The middle-aged male snorted as he continued holding the compass in his hand before talking arrogantly, “I am Master Lennard who comes from twenty-two generations of Feng Shui masters! You are simply a young child, yet you in fact dare to call yourself a Feng Shui master?

Charlie Wade grinned as he took a look at the black and also red mood remaining around Master Lennard’s body with a bloody scent. He then claimed, “Master Lennard, since you are a Feng Shui master, why didn’t you predict your very own fortune today? Don’t you recognize that a bloody catastrophe will befall you today?”

Master Lennard chuckled before saying, “What? Are you claiming that I will experience a bloody catastrophe today? You should be insane, boy!”

Charlie Wade shrugged prior to replying, “I am informing you the truth. If you do not pay focus to solving your own ton of money, I am worried that you will be not able to avoid this bloody catastrophe!”

Master Lennard sneered as he said, “Young man, I am a descendant of the Lennard family members! Don’t you boast and also act as though you are a master of Feng Shui in front of me!”

Charlie Wade smirked before he responded, “You think I am just boasting? You are not the initial Feng Shui master I have ever fulfilled. To be truthful, I believe that you are only a sham!”

Master Lennard cursed out loud right now. “What? You attempt to call me a sham? You are outrageous!”

Charlie Wade smiled prior to speaking once more. “Have you become aware of a male called Jack Yaleman? Do you understand what occurred to him?”

Master Lennard shot back as he blazed at Charlie Wade with a cold expression on his face. He looked at Jasmine prior to he said, “Miss Moore, if you will permit it, I would certainly such as to proceed to aid you reverse your lot of money right away.

Jasmine responded a little and she eyed Charlie Wade prior to stating, “Master Lennard, please do it as soon as possible!”

Without additional hold-up, Master Lennard took out a couple of items of talisman paper prior to he gestured at deep space and also shouted out, “All those that are combating the fight ranged before them, listen to the regulation currently!”

He then tossed the couple of items of talisman paper right into the air and looked around him as he observed the direction as well as speed of the talisman paper that was scattered on the ground. After that, he pointed at an eco-friendly potted plant that was positioned in front of the window prior to he said, “Miss Moore, I have actually found the problem!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 209

When Jasmine heard that Master Lennard had already uncovered the source of all her issues, she was extremely excited as well as rapidly said loudly, “Master Lennard, since you have already identified the resource of all my troubles, will my ton of money boost after I get rid of that potted plant?”

Master Lennard responded with a significant expression on his face. Even if you get rid of the eco-friendly potted plant, you will not be able to remove the impact that it has left on the Feng Shui formation.”

Jasmine hurriedly asked, “Because situation, what should I do?”

Master Lennard responded, “You must put an exorcism carrier improved by a Feng Shui master by the window rather than that potted plant. By doing this, you will be able to entirely remove all of your issues, and back then, your good fortune will continue to flow in from the east!”

Jasmine after that asked, “What is an exorcism carrier?”

Master Lennard promptly took an egg-sized rock out from his pocket prior to he said earnestly, “Miss Moore, this is a chalcedony stone that has actually been worn down and weathered for millions of years. Your lot of money will certainly maintain streaming in from the eastern.”

Jasmine was filled with delight as she paid attention to Master Lennard’s description, after which, she rapidly asked, “Master Lennard, how much is this chalcedony stone? I will buy it from you!”

Master Lennard’s eyes brightened as soon as he listened to that Jasmine would certainly get the stone from him.

He quickly responded with a serious expression on his face. “Miss Moore, this chalcedony stone is worth at least eighty million Hong Kong bucks, but considering that we have a fondness to satisfy, I will certainly offer it to you for simply ten million bucks!

Jasmine responded prior to responding, “Money is not a trouble as long as it will certainly have the ability to aid me resolve the problems that I am facing.”

Master Lennard responded with no doubt, “Miss Moore, do not fret. If you put this chalcedony rock before your window today, your fortune will certainly transform completely tomorrow!”

Jasmine heaved a big sigh of alleviation before getting her checkbook and also creating a cheque for ten million dollars in cash. After that, she handed it over to Master Lennard instantly. “Master Lennard, I will certainly buy the chalcedony rock from you. Please help me to do the needed prep work currently.”

Jasmine wanted to resolve the problem she was facing asap.

She had actually been tortured by her bad luck lately.

Her rotten luck had started since she celebrated her twenty-fourth birthday celebration last month.

She had actually gotten involved in different cars and truck mishaps, and all of the five automobiles in her house had been harmed to varying degrees.

Not long after that, she had actually sprained her ankle and also might still feel discomfort till today.

Not only that, however simply a few days back, Jasmine had lost the only valuable treasure that her mother had entrusted to her. Jasmine truly treasured that diamond locket.

She had actually been wearing that ruby necklace for greater than ten years which was nearly fifty percent of her lifetime! She was using an incentive of numerous million bucks if anyone returned the ruby pendant to her, however alas, there had actually been no information concerning it in all.

She had been crying for many evenings over this matter.

Additionally, one of business partners that the Moore family had actually been collaborating with for several years had actually all of a sudden finished their collaboration with the Moore family the other day.

Both parties had actually at first gone through an arrangement procedure as well as were nearly to sign the collaboration contract. The other event had actually suddenly decided to work with a person else rather. They did not simply reject to sign the brand-new partnership contract with the Moore household, yet they additionally revealed that they would certainly be terminating every one of their existing agreements since they were mosting likely to deal with one more partner instead.

Jasmine really felt as though she had shed whatever when it was currently placed in front of her.

This was a substantial loss to the Moore family.

After being tormented by misfortune and tragedy continuously, Jasmine found it excruciating and wished to get rid of her bad luck asap to ensure that she would not endure anymore losses.

Investing 10 million dollars to resolve her Feng Shui issue as well as placed an end to all of her issues was in fact, extremely cost-efficient for her.

Master Lennard was shivering in enjoyment when he got the cheque of 10 million bucks in his hand.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 210

Master Lennard rapidly placed the cheque away prior to walking over to the window and also getting rid of the environment-friendly potted plant. He placed the chalcedony rock by the home window as he continued chanting his rules.

Charlie Wade jeered as he experienced this scene.

He realized that Master Lennard did not know what he was doing whatsoever. He had also caused a disaster by making the scenario even worse than it originally was!

From the, Charlie Wade had currently studied an unusual circumstance that resembled what he was experiencing in Jasmine’s area.

He can feel a scary Feng Shui formation in this room, as well as he understood that the Feng Shui in this area was a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’.

As the name recommended, even if a dragon was living under this Feng Shui formation, it would certainly likewise be caught. If so, exactly how could an ordinary person retreat this?

No matter exactly how excellent an individual’s lot of money was, those that lived in a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ would undoubtedly shed their excellent ton of money and also be plagued with continual poor good luck and bad luck.

As Jasmine was residing in this room, it was only natural for all of her good fortune to be caught, and this was also the reason that she was suffering from constant rotten luck.

This ‘dragon encapsulation development’ was simply starting to take form and had not been improved.

If they allowed the Feng Shui development to proceed materializing, it would certainly not only alter Jasmine’s fortune, yet it would additionally change her destiny.

When that occurred, Jasmine would certainly not only endure as a result of misfortune, but she would certainly also potentially lose her life!

What was even more of a coincidence was the fact that the only loophole in this ‘trapped dragon formation’ was none apart from the environment-friendly potted plant!

Green plants signified wood, which represented life and vigor!

The eco-friendly plant was the only point protecting against the ‘dragon encapsulation development’ from perfecting its shape.

This was also the only reason that Jasmine still had a bit of luck.

Master Lennard had actually taken the environment-friendly potted plant away and also changed it with his damaged rock instead …

Stones symbolized rocksSignified which represented the unbreakable!

After eliminating the potted plant and also replacing it with the chalcedony stone, the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ was virtually completed.

Currently, Master Lennard finally finished shouting his spell, and he spoke to Jasmine in a deep voice. “Miss Moore, you can feel confident that I have actually already recovered the Feng Shui in your area for you.”

Jasmine promptly asked, “Will my good luck be restored instantly? Does that mean that I will not be dealing with anymore bad luck?”

” Yes!” Master Lennard nodded before he said, “I have actually done the very same treatment for some really famous people in Hong Kong and Macau, and also I have actually restored their riches significantly! Hence, you don’t need to fret about anything, Miss Moore.”

Jasmine asked once again, “Master Lennard, in that instance, do you have any way helpful me to discover the ruby locket that my mommy gave to me? I agree to pay you one more 10 million bucks if you assist me get it back!”

Master Lennard scratched his head prior to responding, “Miss Moore … I am only efficient Feng Shui mastery. Searching for shed items is not my area of experience …”.

Jasmine might just nod in dissatisfaction. “It’s okay, Master Lennard. I am currently exceptionally grateful to you for reversing my bad luck for me.”.

As soon as she was done talking, her cellular phone all of a sudden sounded. A woman talked with Jasmine over the phone anxiously. “Miss Moore! Something dreadful has actually taken place!”.

Jasmine promptly asked, “What took place?”.

The other party replied, “The delivery that we exported over to the USA has just arrived at the port. Upon inspection, nevertheless, the firm said that our products are unqualified their criteria, and also they wish to return the products according to the agreement. They are also requesting 3 times the initial price of the product as settlement!”.

Jasmine’s eyes widened in horror as she panicked and blurted out, “They want to return the five thousand tons of products that we shipped to them ?! I will shed 10s of numerous dollars in transportation and custom-made affirmation costs alone! Moreover, if they are requiring 3 times the price of the goods as settlement, that would cost me an additional numerous hundred million bucks!”

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