The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 216-220 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 216-220)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 216

Charlie Wade grinned before he stated, “Remember what you have actually stated today! I may require you to do something for me in the future!”

Albert nodded before he replied, “Mr. Wade, do not fret! You can provide me orders to do anything for you!”

At this time, Master Lennard who had been pushing the ground as he kept his belly all of a sudden began weeping and also begging for mercy. “Big brother, please let me go! I will not dare to do this anymore in the future. Please, forgive me and also let me go.”

Albert sneered before he said, “You are a phony! I must instruct you a lesson. My staffs are involving get you now!”

Charlie Wade asked in a low voice, “Exactly how are you mosting likely to take care of him?”

Albert replied coldly, “I’ve currently stated that I will certainly chop him up into items prior to feeding him to the dogs! How could I not keep to my word? I have a pal that possesses a pet shelter. He has a lot of pet dogs there, they might probably end up eating ten scumbags like him!”

As quickly as Master Lennard listened to Albert’s words, he was so anxious that he started shivering in concern. “Huge sibling, I have a household that I have to look after.

Charlie Wade eyed him yet did not feel any kind of compassion for him at all.

He was nothing yet a dishonest liar that would just cause even more damage to this globe. If he proceeded messing around in the Feng Shui industry, he might cost some innocent individuals their lives!

To put it bluntly, he was just a sly liar that should have to die.

Master Lennard had completed the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ today just since he desired to rip-off Jasmine of her cash. If Charlie Wade had not existed today, Jasmine would undoubtedly have shed her life.

Moreover, the Moore household owned a huge company, and also if such a significant business were to collapse, Charlie Wade could not picture the variety of individuals that would certainly be impacted by this! If so, Jasmine would certainly not be the only one influenced because of what Master Lennard had actually done!

Charlie Wade really felt that there was no demand for a sleazebag like this to remain in this world.

Before long, some of Albert’s subordinates turned up as well as dragged Master Lennard away.

Master Lennard continued sobbing and also groaning, complaining about exactly how unpleasant and also pitiful he was. He even said that he regretted his actions, but no person sympathized with him at all.

Charlie Wade merely stared at him before he trembled his head. He had actually currently told him that a bloody calamity would befall him today. Master Lennard rejected to think him, and also so, he can just accept the repercussions of his activities currently.

After addressing all the issues, Albert quickly gave thanks to Charlie Wade for every little thing that he had actually done before he drove Charlie Wade house.


Upon returning home, Charlie Wade realized that Claire Wilson was still searching for a work.

Charlie Wade did not state much since even though he really wished to start up a new business for Claire Wilson Wilson, she did not seem curious about the idea in any way. He did not desire to state as well a lot.

Besides, he did not want Claire Wilson to tire herself out. If he began a company for her, she would have to take care of a great deal of work at the beginning of the business. With Claire Wilson Wilson’s character and also determination, Charlie Wade knew that she would definitely push herself, and she would just be experiencing in the end.

Later on that night, Charlie Wade obtained a call from his friend, Douglas.

Ever since Charlie Wade had helped Douglas show the cheating set a lesson at the medical facility, Charlie Wade had actually not seen Douglas once more. The main reason was simply that there were way too many things that had actually taken place in your home recently, and also he actually did not have any time to visit him in all.

Douglas notified Charlie Wade over the phone that he had recovered and also can finally be discharged from the medical facility today.

Since Charlie Wade had actually assisted him to recover his hotel and also get a payment that deserved a few million dollars, the first thing Douglas wished to do after getting released from the healthcare facility was to deal with a few of his close friends to supper.

Charlie Wade agreed instantly due to the fact that he was glad that his buddy was finally mosting likely to be released from the hospital.

Just then, Claire Wilson went out of the bathroom after showering and asked Charlie Wade delicately, “That is calling you so late during the night?”.

Charlie Wade replied, “Douglas has actually just been released from the health center. He wants to treat us to dinner. Let’s go together tomorrow.”.

Claire Wilson responded and replied, “Okay.”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 217

At midday the next day.

Charlie Wade as well as Claire Wilson went to the Maple Hotel by car.

The Maple Resort was not one of the most expensive in Aurouss Hilll, but it was among one of the most unique as well as glamorous around, showing Douglas’s genuineness in treating them.

As a matter of fact, he invested quite extravagantly on this dish as he had actually scheduled the costs dining suite in the resort. It was luxuriously embellished and also was spacious sufficient to suit twenty people with the minimal costs of seven to eight thousand dollars.

Lots of people had actually currently gotten here in the suite when Charlie Wade as well as Claire Wilson arrived. Besides Douglas as well as Loreen, there were additionally a couple of university companions.

Loreen had not had a good time recently.

She had come to Aurouss Hilll from Eastcliff for a long time currently for the primary function of learning more about the chairman of Emgrand Team. She had never ever had an opportunity to also see the male himself after working for so long in the firm.

In addition, although she had gotten to remain in the workplace when she was the management supervisor, after she was transferred to the sales department, she had actually invested less and much less time in the office which seriously lowered her opportunities of satisfying the chairman.

She had stumbled into one more issue currently. She had actually been stressed with the mystical male ever since she was rescued by him a few days ago. If reality be told, she also felt as though she had actually fallen in love with him at first sight. Therefore, her need to fulfill the chairman was less as previously, and also as a matter of fact, she was a lot more eager to satisfy her rescuer.

Yet, she would certainly never have thought that the chairman of Emgrand Group as well as her mysterious rescuer was in fact the same individual– Charlie Wade.

As Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson walked right into the collection, Douglas rose to his feet swiftly and welcomed them, “Hey, friend! Claire Wilson Wilson!

Douglas welcomed the couple very respectfully. His heart brimmed with adoration and also recognition towards this good buddy of his.

Loreen looked a little haggard and also dispirited as she held a great deal of tricks inside her. When she saw Claire Wilson Wilson, all of a sudden, she had the urge to splash the beans.

She barged onward, as well as holding onto Claire Wilson Wilson’s wrists, she claimed weakly, “Claire Wilson Wilson, come, rest with me. I wish to tell you something.”.

Claire Wilson responded with a warm smile, “What is it? What occurred to you? Why do you look so listless?”.

Loreen sighed. “It’s all due to my mysterious rescuer! You recognize what, I assume I’ve loved him! I see him anywhere … Whenever I shut my eyes, I see him. He is also in my desires, however I can’t discover him! What must I do …”.

” Umm … I do not understand just how, either …” Claire Wilson shrugged helplessly. Ever since Loreen had been rescued by that strange person, she had wished to locate him and marry him, however where and just how could you locate an individual among the crowd of individuals? That was like locating a needle in a haystack.

Anxiety drenched Charlie Wade’s temple as he listened to the girls’ discussion. Had Loreen genuinely fallen in love with him? That was preposterous! He might never ever before allow Loreen recognize that he was her savior, or else, all hell would break loose!

After a few drinks as well as a hefty meal, Douglas stood up, beginning to cheer up the environment. “Men, thank you all for coming today!

After that, he consumed alcohol bottoms-up.

A few of them who were rather near him additionally yelled, “Cheers!”.

Charlie Wade smiled gently and also took a sip from his white wine glass.

” Douglas, I heard that you are a huge employer currently, with the fancy brand-new dining establishment of yours and 2 million in cash in your hands. In fact, you recognize someone from the underworld, don’t you? You should look after us in the future.”.

A coquettish woman worn captivating clothing with hefty makeup on her face grinned charmingly.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 216

” Joanne, do you ever listen to on your own? Douglas is our ideal buddy, he will unquestionably give us a hand if we require aid.”.

A man with a square face spoke out. He grabbed his glass as well as downed it in one go.

Charlie Wade glanced over at them briefly. He remembered them as his collegemates. The female’s name was Joanne Hampton, and the man’s name was Jerry McLean.

Douglas replied timidly, “Oh no, I can not take credit scores for every one of that. Sigh, it’s a long story, simply ignore it!”.

He then took a look at Charlie Wade, feeling grateful with a shade of feeling.

It had been a stroke of tragedy to have actually been with a cheater and also sl * t that he had virtually lost whatever to her, even obtaining beaten up for that.

Luckily, thanks to Charlie Wade’s assistance, he was able to reclaim possession of the dining establishment and also obtain 2 million in settlement. Therefore, every little thing that he owned currently was essentially due to Charlie Wade. He couldn’t take any credit score for that.

Thus, he transformed the subject as well as started, “Anyway, Jerry, you’re rather well off now, aren’t you? I heard that you are just one of the magnates in your company! I wager you need to be making 6 numbers a year.”.

Jerry responded to with a sigh, “Ah, forget it. The firm doesn’t treat me rather. I’m about to surrender and send my resume to Spikeworth Corps to attempt my luck. Remember George? George Harris? I heard that he is a senior manager there, a solid setting! Who would certainly have thought that the kid is doing so well now!”.

” Oh, George …” Douglas took care of an unpleasant smile. He was out good terms with George, which was why George had not been invited to tonight’s supper.

However, Jerry as well as George were fairly close. If Spikeworth approved him, he would be selected to a distinguished setting with George’s referral.

Loreen spoke after pondering for a while, “I heard that Spikeworth is a huge business in Aurouss Hilll that has great reviews. Wow, I didn’t understand that George is doing so well currently, either.”.

Claire Wilson was a little stunned when she listened to the name of Spikeworth Corps being stated.

After breaking her connections with the Wilson household and was rejected from the Wilson Group, she had actually been sending her resume to a lot of business over the past couple of days in hopes of a brand-new work, among which was Spikeworth Corps.

Claire Wilson said with a smile, “Hey, I likewise sent my resume to Spikeworth. If we ace the meeting, we will certainly operate in the same firm.”.

Joanne was a little shocked. “Claire Wilson Wilson, you’ve been working in your family members business all these years, why would certainly you suddenly wish to obtain a task at Spikeworth?”.

Claire Wilson Wilson’s smile came to be a little bitter as she continued, “I’ve reduced connections with my family members now, so I require to locate a brand-new job. Otherwise, I can’t sustain my household.”.

Upon hearing this, Joanne eyed Charlie Wade, her look full of ridicule and also disgust. “Charlie Wade, check out your spouse. She has to work so difficult for the household. As a male, you are so worthless as well as ignorant to allow your female to be so desperate and depressed.”.

Jerry was not extremely close to Charlie Wade, so he laughed unscrupulously. “Charlie Wade, why don’t you attempt your luck in George’s company, too? Maybe, based on your certifications, you are just certified as the cleaner, but for the purpose of our time invested back in university, he ought to be able to make you the head of the cleansing team.”.

Charlie Wade responded flatly, “No thanks, you need to maintain the advantage for yourselves. I’m not interested.”.

Jerry was upset by Charlie Wade’s indifference, as well as his tone came to be extra ominous as he claimed, “Charlie Wade, I understand that you are really egotistic, yet just look at yourself currently. Get actual!”.

Douglas resented the bantering and inserted, “Alright, that’s enough! It’s our course reunion today, don’t bully Charlie Wade like that.”.

After that, he counted on Charlie Wade and stated apologetically, “Dude, don’t take it directly. You know them, they have a quick tongue.”.

Joanne grunted insolently. “Douglas, we are so frank due to the fact that Charlie Wade is always laid-back and also passive. He has no ability whatsoever, however he’s respectable at claiming.”.

Jerry added disdainfully, “This is what a deadbeat loser resembles …”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 219

Charlie Wade gazed daggers at them, but also for Douglas’s sake, he could not be bothered with these 2 morons.

In spite of Charlie Wade’s silence, Joanne and Jerry detested him much more for not protecting himself after being mocked and insulted! What a loser!

Jerry continued his disrespects, “Hey, in my opinion, Claire Wilson was absolutely blind. A lot of dudes in our class and also yet, Charlie Wade the loser was her last choice? Huh, such a waste!”.

In the middle of their small talk, all of a sudden, the suite’s door was pushed open.


Several brawny guys in black barged into the area, and among them, a young man with a crew-cut head and also a cigarette in his hand claimed coldly, “Get out of here. I desire this area.”.

Jerry frowned in annoyance. “What do you think you’re doing? Can’t you see that we’re having our supper?”.

He slammed the table fiercely and also growled, “This is the Maple Resort, initial come first offer! Don’t you understand the regulations?”.

” Very first preceded serve?”.

The fierce-looking boy came to Jerry as well as slapped him on his face with no caution. Jerry was up to the flooring, his face swollen as well as bright red.

” That the f * ck do you think you are? I am Rambo, Don Albertt’s servant! F * ck off!”.

” Rambo?”.

Clutching his inflamed face, panic and stress and anxiety flooded Jerry’s eyes. Rambo was infamously understood to have the block around below. Although his rank was considered menial in the entire Aurouss Hilll, he was still feared by citizens like them.

” I’m sorry, Rambo! We’ll go currently! We’ll get out of below immediately!”.

Rambo sneered triumphantly as well as heckled the group, “What are you still doing here! Venture out, f * ckers!”.

Loreen and Claire Wilson were stunned by the abrupt altercation and also they hid behind Charlie Wade submissively.

Charlie Wade checked out Rambo, his eyes as tranquil as the lake, but his tone as cold as ice when he talked. “For Albert’s purpose, I’ll spare your life if you leave right here right now!”.

” F * ck, Charlie Wade, are you f * cking insane! That’s Rambo Miller!”.

” We’re incredibly sorry, Rambo, we do not know this person! You can do whatever you want with him yet please don’t hurt us …”.

Jerry as well as Joanne cursed Charlie Wade completely with their gritted teeth and panicked gazes. What the hell did he believe he was doing today? That was Don Albertt’s guy, Rambo Miller! A murderer that had actually seen blood! Might he just dig his very own severe far from them and also leave them all alone!

Nevertheless, in spite of their panic, Rambo stopped briefly as he recalled at Charlie Wade, attempting to look that face in his memory. Instantly, his expression transformed, and also he asked hesitantly, “You are … Charlie Wade? Charlie Wade … Mr. Wade ?!”.

Rambo had been under Don Albertt for a very long time, and so, he had become aware of Charlie Wade’s name prior to. Thus, the memory struck his mind.

Charlie Wade responded coldly, “Exists another Charlie Wade Pitch In Aurouss Hilll that I am not familiar with?”.

As if struck by lightning, Rambo widened his eyes in severe shock and also then knelt on the flooring promptly. “Mr. Wade, I’m so sorry!

Jerry was entirely dumbstruck by the abrupt change of circumstance that he mumbled, “Rambo, there should be some misunderstanding here. Yes, his name is Charlie Wade Wade, but he’s just some deadbeat loser! You do not have to address him so officially!”.

Blood drained from Rambo’s face upon hearing such an atrocious remark, and he kicked Jerry to the flooring, screaming, “Close the f * ck up! How dare you disrespect Mr. Wade! I’ll kill you today!”.

Rambo could be regarded as the leader of the underworld in this block, however he recognized complete well that he was nothing but Don Albertt’s lapdog. Charlie Wade was a person that also Don Albertt needed to flatter and coax! He really did not also certify to be so close to him!

” And also you, b * tch, just how risk you to insult Mr. Wade!”.

Rambo raised his hand as well as put it throughout Joanne’s face, forcing blood to ooze from the corner of her lips.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 220

” That’s enough, Rambo. We’re having supper here, get lost!”.

Charlie Wade couldn’t care less concerning a tiny personality like Rambo, so he waved his hand lazily and asked him to leave.

Rambo bowed respectfully and claimed, “Okay, Mr. Wade. I’ll leave below now!”.

Then, he rapidly retreated from the space like a pug.

Jerry as well as Joanne were feeling exceptionally perturbed as well as irritated. Charlie Wade, whom they had mocked as well as mocked in every possible means, had turned into Mr. Wade! What the hell was going on?!

There had to be some type of misconception right here. Charlie Wade was just a loser! Why did Rambo address him as Mr. Wade ?! He wasn’t worth it!

Douglas transformed to them and stated sternly, “You 2, see your mouth. Fortunately Charlie Wade was right here today, or else, you guys would certainly be in huge trouble!”.

Jerry and also Joanne remained as peaceful as mice after being defeated by Rambo.

Douglas after that turned to Charlie Wade and also stated gratefully, “Charlie Wade, thanks a lot! I would love to make a salute to you on behalf of everyone, thank you!”.

Charlie Wade grinned. “It’s my pleasure.”.


The next day, Claire Wilson obtained an interview invitation from Spikeworth Corps.

The interview was set up in the mid-day. Charlie Wade discreetly called Zeke when Claire Wilson was not looking.

After the call was answered, Zeke’s respectful voice reverberated, “Hello, Master Wade. How can I help you?”.

Charlie Wade said emphatically, “My wife is mosting likely to the Spikeworth Corps for a meeting, I would like to know regarding the firm as well as its history.”.

Zeke responded in shock, “Spikeworth? That business is wholly-owned by our White family. Did Miss Wilson request this firm? It would be such a waste of her ability. Why do not I change the existing chairman of the firm with Miss Wilson?”.

Charlie Wade was stunned when he figured out that the White household owned Spikeworth Corps. It was wonderful information since Zeke was on their side, but he remembered that Claire Wilson had actually informed him securely that she wanted to confirm herself with her abilities, so he stated strongly, “No, you do not have to do that. Make some plans to make sure that my wife can pass her interview.”.

” Okay, Master Wade. I’ll get on it today.”.

After Zeke finished the call, he asked his assistant to send a prompt notification to the senior administration of Spikeworth Corps. He had to do Master Wade’s every request incredibly.


At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Claire Wilson was preparing to head to Spikeworth Corps for the interview, and also Charlie Wade kept her company. They had to go by taxicab since their auto went to the workshop for its maintenance solution, but it was the peak hr, and also they could not get one also after waiting by the roadside for a very long time.

Claire Wilson started to get a little anxious and also claimed desperately, “If I’m late as well as miss out on the interview, it will definitely provide a poor perception. I shouldn’t have actually sent the car for upkeep …”.

Charlie Wade gazed helplessly at the queue ahead of them. There went to least fifty people before his turn. They had actually made a big error.

At this turning point, a black Rolls-Royce slowly dropped in front of them. The window rolled down, as well as it was Zeke. He was amazed to see them and claimed, “Mr. Wade, are you awaiting a taxi?”.

Charlie Wade was similarly amazed. It was such a coincidence for Zeke to show up at this hopeless moment! Hence, he said, “Yes, I wish to take my other half to Spikeworth Corps for a meeting. Why are you right here?”.

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