The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2451 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2451)

At this moment, Zara didn’t know whether she was in reality, in a dream, or a wishful thinking because she was about to die. However, she saw Charlie’s face clearly.

“This is the benefactor who once rescued her and her brother from the hands of a group of Japanese ninjas like a god! This is the benefactor who scolded me for being superficial and obstructive on the streets of Tokyo! ”

Thinking of this, Zara subconsciously raised her hand regardless of whether everything in front of him was a dream or not.

When Zara’s somewhat cold fingertips touched Charlie for a moment, she couldn’t help exclaiming: “Okay… so real…”

Charlie was about to put her away. At Deana’s side, Zara unexpectedly woke up unexpectedly, which caught him by surprise.

At this time, Zara exclaimed excitedly: “My benefactor, it’s really you!?!”

Charlie frowned slightly: “No! You are dreaming! Go to sleep!”

After speaking, he reached out to her. A light touch on her forehead. A little reiki penetrated into Zara’s brain, making her fall asleep instantly. Charlie looked at Zara who was sleeping, and could not help feel annoyed: “Why does this woman wake up so soon.”

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he tapped Deana’s forehead lightly to make sure she would not wake up in a short time. As soon as Charlie finished this, loud noises came from the other end of the tunnel.

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Master, the tunnel entrance should have already started to clear the obstacles, let’s evacuate.”

Charlie nodded, after putting Zara down first, he again picked her up and carried her on his left shoulder with one hand. In the other hand ne hand picked up the unconscious Deana and carried her on his right shoulder, and then said to Isaac Cameron, “Go!”

At this time, at the other end of the tunnel, a helicopter had carried Lord Banks’s four men down to Don Albert’s kennel, and two other helicopters remained at the scene, one parked on the high-speed road, the other hovered in mid-air on alert.

Charlie quickly put the mother and daughter into the helicopter, and then stepped up with Isaac Cameron. Isaac Cameron got directly into the co-pilot seat of the cockpit and said to the pilot: “Go! Back to the hotel!”

The pilot immediately pulled the plane up in place and flew to Aurous Hill City at the fastest speed. During the flight, Isaac Cameron had called the hotel staff to inform the hotel staff. Originally, Xion and a few crew members who betrayed the Banks Family lived on an isolated executive floor. There were still a lot of rooms on this floor. People immediately prepared the largest executive suite for Deana and Zara’s mother and daughter.

Twenty minutes later, the helicopter landed on the helipad on the top floor of the Shangri-La. At this time, the entire top level has been completely cleared. From the top level to the closed and isolated administrative level, apart from Isaac Cameron’s most trusted subordinates, there is not even a single service staff. Charlie carried the mother and daughter on his shoulders and sent them directly to the room that Isaac Cameron had arranged.

After setting up the mother and daughter, Charlie checked the time and said to Isaac Cameron: “I guess, after 8 o’clock in the evening, the two of them should wake up. First, arrange a few trustworthy female employees to greet at them. ”

Isaac Cameron immediately nodded and said: “Good master, don’t worry, I will make arrangements.”

At this moment, Charlie’s mobile phone suddenly received a message with a few lines of big words: “A major occurrence in the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel Car accident! The scene was terrible! A-level wanted criminal Tate Landry was killed! The two hostages were missing!”

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