The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2452 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2452)

He quickly opened this post and found that it was the first-hand live information released by the local media of Aurous Hill. On the other side of the tunnel, one of the lanes had been cleared by the obstacle removal work.

The police immediately entered the scene and found the scene of the Rolls-Royce car accident. Immediately afterwards, they also found Tate Landry who was shot through the back of the head. This made them numb for a while! They thought that Tate Landry was only in a car accident, but they did not expect that Tate Landry would be shot to death!

This immediately made things more complicated. Why was Tate Landry shot? Who would shoot him? What made them even more incomprehensible was that the two hostages disappeared out of thin air! The report also detailed the disappearance of the hostages.

According to the report, the police found the blood and hair of two hostages in the back of the deformed Rolls Royce, and even Zara’s shoes were missing. Only in the car, from the vehicle, we found valid evidence that the hostage was in the car at the time of the collision.

It can be proved that when the car accident happened, the two hostages were in this Rolls Royce like Tate Landry. However, the two hostages disappeared out of thin air! Judging from the strength of the vehicle impact, even if the two were not dead, they must have been seriously injured. How could they disappear out of thin air?

Originally, the news that Tate Landry appeared in Aurous Hill and took hostages with explosives and escaped has already aroused great attention across the country. Therefore, when this news was issued locally in Aurous Hill, it immediately spread across the country!

The local news that was just released was quickly reprinted and released by major domestic news media. The number of commenters rapidly increased, and the popularity of TikTok searches quickly became the first! Suddenly, people across the country began to pay close attention to where the two hostages had gone.

Seeing that this incident has caused such great concern across the country, Charlie immediately said to Isaac Cameron: “Isaac, you first go to the news, and spread the true identities of Deana and Zara throughout the network. You must let the people know that it is the Banks Family’s daughter-in-law and granddaughter who were kidnapped!”

Isaac Cameron asked hurriedly, “Master, do you want to publish the video you shot at the same time? In that case, the Banks Family will be finished!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Let’s not post it. The video in my hand is a real killer. It’s a bit too early to use now!”

After that, Charlie sneered and continued: “I want to let the influence of this matter ferment first. Ultimately, the disappearance of Deana and Zara has become a suspenseful event of national concern, sparking wild speculation and discussion among people, and making everyone desperately eager to uncover the mystery. Then I will publish the video and directly send the Banks Family Into the grave!”

Then, Charlie immediately ordered: “Isaac, you can find me a batch of journalist with big brains, let them stir the pot! Let them guess Deana and Zara’s whereabouts, and stir the conspiracy behind the whole thing! Have them say that the Banks Family’s competitors must be dealing with this thing!

Others can boldly guess that this mother and daughter were saved by an expert! Someone can even predict that the mother and daughter must have died, and the body may be discovered soon!

Then, in these speculations, the truth is mixed in! Let some of them speculate that the two mother and daughter were in fact killed by the Banks Family! Once this matter becomes a mystery that plagues everyone, then I publish the answer, the Banks Family won’t even think about turning over again!”

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