The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2454 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2454)

Mr. Banks shook his head slightly and said indifferently: “John Garrett has not been perfect, but I still have no doubt about his loyalty.”

James hurriedly added fuel and jealousy: “Dad! As the saying goes, knowing people does not know their heart! You have always valued John Garrett, but who knows whether John Garrett will betray you under the lure of others’ interests? ”

Old man Banks snorted, “James, You can’t even see through such a basic question? It really disappoints me!”

“Ah?” James didn’t know why the old man said this suddenly, and said nervously, “Dad, forgive me for being stupid, please? You make it clear.”

Lord Banks asked coldly: “If someone can buy John Garrett to deal with the Banks Family, then why should he let John Garrett deal with Zara? Is John Garrett my personal guard or the captain of the guard! If they can totally buy John Garrett, why not come and kill me? Even if you can’t kill me, it can at least create a big threat to me. Why spend so much effort on a girl who is inconsequential?”

James understood instantly, and the cold sweat immediately wetted his back. He thought to himself: “I didn’t expect that the old man is so difficult to fool. It seems that he can no longer forcefully shake the pot to John Garrett, otherwise the old man will definitely notice the abnormality!” Thinking of this, James immediately changed his face and said in agreement: “Dad, that does make a lot of sense. It seems that John Garrett would not have betrayed you, but since he has not betrayed you, and his whereabouts are unknown now, this proves that the person who secretly manages things has much strength. We must be cautious!”

Lord Banks rubbed his temples: “I have not yet considered the master behind this. I still have many other questions that I can’t figure out. I can’t figure out why Tate Landry was shot. Judging from the pictures on the scene, the car crash was severe, Tate Landry would definitely die no matter what happened, why would someone have him shot? Why did they need to shoot him?”

James also looked puzzled and said: “You’re right. It is obvious that Tate Landry’s abdomen and lower body are smashed and mangled. There is no need to shoot him. He would die shortly anyway.”

Lord Banks frowned and muttered: “Let me think about it since the accident happened as scheduled, it proves that everything is still going according to plan until the crash. In other words, when the crash happened, John Garrett was sure to be at the scene.”

The old man repeated it in his mind a little bit: “Since John Garrett is at the scene, how would he react when he saw Zara sitting in Tate Landry’s car?”

James could only follow along. The old man said: “If John Garrett didn’t betray you, then he would be very shocked when he saw Zara.”

“Yes!” Lord Banks nodded, “John Garrett found that Tate Landry got Zara in the car. Shocked, angry, and even scared.” At this point,” Lord Banks continued: “In this case, John Garrett and Tate Landry will definitely have a conflict. He will definitely question Tate Landry, who instructed him to hurt Zara.”

James heard These words and was immediately shocked! “According to the old man’s analysis, then John Garrett may have extracted the key information from Tate Landry. Although I didn’t contact Tate Landry directly, I still let people contact Tate Landry’s family, and tell him the Banks Family wanted to kill one more. Let him take care of the girl Zara. If the old man knows this information, he must know that the person who wants to harm her is the Banks Family. At that time, I will be the biggest suspect ”

Thinking of this, James hurriedly said: “Dad! I think some people have begun to suspect that our Banks Family is behind this. Now our top priority is to quickly do crisis public relations!”

Lord Banks nodded slightly and blurted out: “Immediately conduct crisis public relations, and at the same time, through the media, strongly condemn criminals like Tate Landry, and at the same time, offer a reward of 50 million for valuable clues! Whoever finds this mother and daughter, I will reward one hundred million!”

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