The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2455 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2455)

To Lord Banks, an old fox who is so scheming, calling a thief to catch a thief is just a very common trick. The reason for issuing condemnation and offering rewards is actually to divert the public’s attention to the greatest extent. In Lord Banks’s view, most of the people are clueless.

In fact, they do not have too strong ability to distinguish right from wrong. They just rely on the amount of information they receive to vaguely judge whether something is right or wrong, true or false. If they listen to more positive opinions, they will also feel that the result is positive; but if they listen to more negative opinions, then they will naturally feel that the negative is right.

There are so many people on the Internet now making various guesses. Everyone has a mouth, and everyone has a pair of hands. They can say anything and make all kinds of guesses on the Internet. No matter how strong the Banks Family is, it is impossible to affect everyone.

So what the Banks Family has to do now is to do everything possible to post more comments that are beneficial to the Banks Family. As long as there are enough speeches favorable to the Banks Family, it will naturally be able to overwhelm those unfavorable speeches and speculations against the Banks Family.

It’s like scolding someone on the street. If 10 people scold you, you can’t scold you more than ten with one mouth. But if you can find 10,000 people to help you curse, the curses of the 10 people on the opposite side will soon be completely drowned out.

James heard the old man’s order, and immediately said without hesitation: “Good dad! I will find some media reporters who have a better relationship, as well as Internet veterans, and let them help us to speak up!”

Lord Banks lightly nodded. Now, he can’t think of any other better way. Afterwards, he hurriedly said to James: “There is one more thing I want you to do right away!”

James hurriedly said, “Dad, don’t hesitate to tell me anything!”

Lord Banks said coldly, “If Zara and Deana have encountered an accident, then the person who took them away will definitely not be able to run very far with the corpses. I chose to find a way to discard them in Aurous Hill and surrounding areas; If Zara and Deana are still alive, then judging from the photos on the scene, the two of them must be seriously injured now!

Such a serious injury is definitely not a small clinic or a street doctor. If the hospital can solve it, the other party will definitely send them to a regular tertiary hospital, and if they are seriously injured, it is impossible to go far for treatment, so you immediately send someone to Aurous Hill, in and around Aurous Hill. Do a deep search, especially in the regular hospitals in Aurous Hill. I want to see people alive and dead!”

James nodded quickly and said, “Then I will make arrangements!”

Lord Banks waved his hand: “Don’t just arrange, you have to go personally! If any of this gets leaked the wind, for us it will be a critical blow, so it must not be taken lightly.”

James nodded: “I’ll arrange the jet and fly directly to Aurous Hill.”

At that time, there was a loud noise outside the door of Old Man Banks’ study.

Fitz yelled eagerly at the door: “Don’t stop me, I want to see Grandpa!”

The butler of the Banks Family said bitterly, “Master, the master is talking about important matters with the second master. He has already ordered me, no one can go in.”

“No!” Fitz said with a trembling voice: “My mother and sister are missing, I need to ask my grandfather for more information!

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