The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2456 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2456)

The butler had to plead: “Young master, please calm down first, wait a moment, and after the master has finished talking with the second master, I will go in and report!”

Fitz shouted: ” No! I can’t wait! I’m going in now. If you stop me again, then I will dismiss you from service!”

The housekeeper was not sure what to do, so Lord Banks said to James with a dark face: “James, you go and bring Fitz in.”

“Okay!” James hurriedly turned and left the study, and said to the butler: “Master said, let Fitz in.”

The butler was relieved and quickly gave up. Fitz took a step and rushed into the study. As soon as he came in, he questioned Lord Banks a little eagerly: “Grandpa! Where are my mother and my sister?!”

Lord Banks said seriously: “This is knowledge I do not yet have. We don’t know where your mother and your sister are now, I don’t know anything now. Just before you came in, I just told your second uncle that he should give a reward to the outside world immediately. 50 million to collect useful clues. If anyone can save your mother or your sister, I will directly give 100 million.”

Fitz clenched his fist and asked angrily: “Many people on the Internet now say that it is you who wants to kill my mother, is it true?!”

Lord Banks’s face changed suddenly, and he sternly said: “Damn! What are you talking about? I am the head of the Banks Family. Would I do such shameful things?”

James, seeing that he was filled with indignation, sounded dignified appearance, his heart aghast! He thought, “The old man is indeed an expert, and he can speak so righteously when he speaks nonsense with his eyes open! If I didn’t know everything, I thought he really couldn’t do such a thing.

Fitz said aggressively at this time: “If it were put before, I would definitely not believe it! But the betrayal of Xion happened some time ago. Although the outside world now thinks it was my father who did it, I thought about it. I can’t understand it. No matter how bad he is, he is not so bad that he wants to murder his own daughter! So, he is really doing it for you!”

When it comes to this, Fitz gritted his teeth and said: “Xion is your granddaughter. If you could do it to her you could do it to anyone, let alone my mother!”

When Lord Banks heard this, his whole expression was furious! He angrily grabbed an embossed dragon-print inkstone on the desk worth over ten million, and slammed it to the ground with a snap, and the falling powder shattered.

At the same time, he pointed at Fitz and roared in anger: “Unreasonable! Unreasonable! Am I still your grandfather in your eyes? Am I still the head of the family in your eyes?”

Fitz did not flinch. Angrily said: “If my mother and sister are really harmed by you, I will not only deny you grandpa, but I will fight you hard!”

Lord Banks was very angry, pointed at James, and shouted: “James! You heard him! Silence him!”

James immediately stepped forward, grabbed Fitz by the collar, and gritted his teeth and cursed: “You are an inexperienced son! Your father is not here, I am an uncle, so I will teach you a lesson!”

Fitz gritted his teeth and pushed James away. Then he immediately stepped back and retreated to the door of the study, pointing at Mr. Banks, shouting word by word: “You remember what I said! If you killed my mother and my sister, I will kill you!” After speaking, he immediately turned around and ran away!

Lord Banks was holding his chest in resentment, trying to speak, but because he couldn’t get up with a single breath, he coughed several times: “Just like his mother he is born to be rebellious!”

Then, after another violent cough, he immediately said to James: “Go! Go! Get this bastard back to me!”

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