The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2457 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2457)

When James rushed out, Fitz was no longer visible. He chased out for a hundred or two hundred meters, seeing that he had no chance to chase this big nephew back, so he could only turn around and walk back. On the way back to the old man’s study, James was in a particularly good mood, and he couldn’t help but secretly thought: “Oh, I’m really lucky, I’m worried about how to divert the old man’s attention, Fitz is a coincidence. It’s a coincidence that I came to touch the old man’s mold at this time and made the old man angry like this. It is estimated that the old man is only thinking about how to teach him well.”

James was proud of his heart. After returning to the old man’s study, he said with a look of shame: ” Dad, I know that boy, he runs faster than a dog, I can’t even get out…”

Lord Banks yelled, “You are also a trash!”

After speaking, he immediately called the housekeeper. Entering, he sternly commanded: “Notify all the subordinates, if they see Fitz, this rebellious son, immediately bring it back to accept the family law treatment!”

The butler immediately bowed and said: “Master, rest assured, I will pass on. ”

The Lord Banks waved his hand, and the housekeeper hurriedly left. Immediately, he said to James: “Hurry up and prepare for crisis public relations as I said, the more vigorous the better! In addition, immediately rush to Aurous Hill! Deana and Zara, I want to see them if they are alive, and to see corpses if they are dead! ”

James hurriedly nodded and said: “I’ll go now!!”

At this moment, Fitz had already drove away from Banks’ house and drove all the way towards the airport. While driving, he took out his cell phone and prepared to call the person in charge of the crew at home.

There are several private jets in the Banks Family, and Zayne owns one. He is now in Australia, so the private jet stays in Eastcliff. However, just when he was about to make a call, Zayne’s phone call came in suddenly.

Fitz hurriedly connected, and as soon as he came up, he cried and said, “Dad! Mom and sister are missing…”

Zayne’s heavy voice came out from the phone: “I know what’s wrong. I see, where are you now?”

Fitz said hurriedly: “I am on my way to the airport, and I plan to go to Aurous Hill now. I will find my mother and sister!”

Zayne immediately asked: “You listen to me, don’t go to the airport. I just received the news that your grandfather is asking the entire Banks Family to look for you everywhere, ready to take you back to be dealt with by the family law. How did you offend him?”

Fitz Hearing this, he said with angrily: “I heard that my mother and Zara had an accident, and I always felt that this matter was caused by grandpa, so I went to question him. I didn’t expect him to become angry. Uncle James tried to slap me. I ignored him and ran out.”

“Damn!” Zayne immediately rebuked and cursed: “You are in your 20s. You have wasted your past 20 years already? What is your grandfather’s character, don’t you know a little bit in your heart?”

Fitz said angrily: “But…”

Zayne immediately interrupted him: “But what? Your grandpa’s life? All he really cares about is himself, and he only cares about his own absolute power in the Banks Family! Once anything or anyone affects him or affects his power in the Banks Family, he will not hesitate to take care of it. Aren’t I the best example? You know that I’m not even your grandfather’s opponent, so why do you stand up to him? Don’t you want to stay in the Banks house anymore?”

Fitz gritted his teeth and said: “If Mom and Zara were really killed by grandpa, not only will I not stay in Banks’ house, I will even kill him and avenge my mother and sister!”

“You…” Zayne was anxious, but then he deliberately lowered his voice and warned in a low voice: “Even if you have such an idea, you must not say it. The real man depends on doing it. Not by words!”

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