The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2458 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2458)

Zayne said coldly: “Don’t worry, if things are really like what you said, don’t talk about it. I will not let him go, but even if we as father and son want to fight him, You have to plan for a long time and make plans later! Otherwise, if you were foolish in your plans, you would fail to avenge your mother and your sister.”

Fitz was silent for a moment, and then said angrily: “Dad, I Got it…” After speaking, he couldn’t help choking up, crying and asked: “Dad! When are you coming back?! I now… I really don’t know what to do now ……”

Zayne sighed and said: “I can’t go back now. It takes more than ten hours to fly back to Eastcliff from here, but as long as I leave here, your grandfather will know immediately. It is very likely that when I got off the plane, I would be caught by the Banks Family and sent back to Australia, or was directly arrested back to the Banks Family under house arrest…”

Fitz asked helplessly: “Dad… … I should know how to do ah …… I want to go to Aurous Hill and find them …… I know that they are now unaccounted for, at least, there might be a chance to survive …… ”

Zayne thought for a while, and said, “In this way, you don’t want to go to the airport, just drive on the expressway and drive all the way to Aurous Hill.”

Then, Zayne thought about it again and said, “From Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, take the expressway. If it is about 1000 kilometers, you can drive faster, and you may be there in 10 hours.”

Fitz immediately said: “Good dad! I will drive directly to Aurous Hill!”

Zayne hurriedly said: “You When you go to Aurous Hill, you must be low-key. Don’t try to use any Banks Family’s power, because once they know you are in Aurous Hill, they will definitely catch you.”

Fitz was dumbfounded: “Dad, Without using the power of the Banks Family, how should I find my mother and Zara…”

Zayne helplessly said: “You can only trust yourself now, and other people are unreliable.” After that, he added: “Yes, I heard that Grandpa has sent your second uncle. To go to Aurous Hill, he will definitely take a plane, and he will arrive in Aurous Hill in two or three hours. After you arrive in Aurous Hill, you must be careful!”

Fitz suddenly felt very helpless, he choked and asked: “Dad. ….. Do you think Mom and Zara are still alive…”

Zayne was silent on the other side of the phone for about ten seconds, and immediately, he said: “Fitz, as long as the matter has not been finalized, we must have hope.”

He said, he said: “But you must remember, you must be prepared for the worst outcome!”

Fitz said solemnly: “Dad, I know That’s it!”

Just as Fitz drove the car to Aurous Hill quickly, Banks’ crisis public relations had already started.The overwhelming media has brought the rhythm on the Internet. Although their opinions are different, the core point they want to express is that the Banks Family is the victim, who kidnapped Deana and Zara mother and daughter. There must be someone else.

More than two hours later, James’s private plane landed on the first runway of Aurous Hill International Airport. Coincidentally, at the same time, a private plane landed on the second runway of Aurous Hill International Airport at almost the same time.

This private jet flew over from New York, USA for more than ten hours. After the plane landed, under the command of the tower, it parked on the apron dedicated to private jets. What’s interesting is that this plane, the private plane that James was on, parked on two adjacent seats next to each other. This plane from the United States took the lead in opening the cabin door, and a Jewish man in his fifties stepped out of the cabin.

He stood on the spiral ladder and paused for a while, looked around, and whispered: “Walter, my son, Dad will find you and take you home!”

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