The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2459 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2459)

The Jewish man who spoke is Walter Hogwitz’s father, Steve Hogwitz. Ever since Walt and all of his men have evaporated, the entire Hogwarts family has been doing everything possible to find out their whereabouts and clues. But no matter how they inquire, the result of the feedback is the same.

No one has seen how Walter and his men disappeared from the world. Even the Skynet surveillance all over the city did not have any Walter-related video data.

This made the Hogwarts family immediately realized that Walter was very likely to provoke a very powerful person in Aurous Hill. Therefore, Walter’s father Steve came to Aurous Hill himself, just to do everything possible to find Walter and bring him back to the United States.

At this moment, the plane next to his also opened the staircase. James stepped out of the hatch and walked straight down. At this time, a welcoming convoy composed of six bullet-proof Cadillac drove up.

One had already drove to the plane of James, and nearly twenty men in black, all of the same height and body shape, came out of the car, one by one next to the convoy and stood at attention. These are all the security teams temporarily prepared by James’s men. During James’s time in Aurous Hill, these people are responsible for the security work.

However, these are just superficial security forces. Most of them are used as a frontline. Twenty minutes ago, the Banks Family sent twenty top experts to Aurous Hill. These people will secretly protect James’s safety and obey James’ Instructions in Aurous Hill. They will be dispatched to find the whereabouts of Deana and Zara.

Walter’s father Steve noticed James. He didn’t expect that the unremarkable Chinese man would have such a big entourage. So, he hurriedly stopped and said to the assistant behind him: “Check the registration number of the plane next to us, fast!”

Every plane, whether it is a civil airliner or a private jet, must have a registration number. Moreover, the registration number is generally sprayed on the fuselage of the aircraft. Generally speaking, the registration number is a combination of one letter and four numbers. For example, the combination of b2233.

Among them, the letter b represents the country. No matter where you are in the world, and see an aircraft with a registration number starting with b, you can confidently and boldly confirm that this is an aircraft registered in China.

Therefore, Steve Hogwitz wanted to check the registration number to determine which company the aircraft belongs to, and then presumably infer the identity of James. Fortunately, this kind of inquiry is not difficult. Just as James walked down the spiral ladder, Steve’s assistant finally found out the results and immediately reported: “Boss, this aircraft is a company registered in the Banks Family of Eastcliff!”

“Banks Family!?” Steve was shocked, and immediately said: “No wonder there is such a big entourage!”

After that, he quickened his pace and ran off the ladder in three or two steps and went straight to James. Before he could get close to James, several people in black immediately rushed forward and surrounded him, sternly, “Who are you?! Please stand back immediately, otherwise we will restrain you by force!”

Steve hurriedly explained in Chinese: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not malicious, I just want to say hello to Mr. Banks!”

James was about to step into the car, hearing Steve’s words, watching curiously He asked, “Do you know me?”

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