The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2460 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2460)

Steve hurriedly said: “Mr. Banks, I am the head of the Hogwitz family in the United States. I wonder if you have heard of our family.”

James couldn’t help frowning. “The Hogwitz family in the United States? It seems that I have never heard of this powerful family?”

As James thought this, Steve hurriedly added: “My mother belongs to the Rothschild family!”

All over the world, the popularity and power of the Rothschild family can be said to be known to everyone. Sure enough, when James heard the Americans introduce themselves as blood related to the Rothschild family, and he immediately took it seriously.

Afterwards, James walked quickly to Steve, took the initiative to stretch out his hand, and introduced himself: “Hello, I am James Banks.”

Steve quickly shook hands with James flattered, and said, “Hello Mr. Banks, My name is Steve Hogwitz! It’s a great honor to meet you!”

James nodded and asked curiously, ” Where did you come from?”

Steve hurriedly responded, “I flew all the way from New York. I just landed at Aurous Hill Airport.”

“Yes.” James smiled slightly: “Seems we both are arriving together.” After that, he asked: “What family business do you have in Aurous Hill?”

“I have no business here.” Steve explained: “My eldest son has been expanding his family business in Aurous Hill some time ago, but he suddenly disappeared a few days ago. I came to Aurous Hill this time to find his whereabouts.”

“Oh?” James suddenly became curious. , Thought to himself: “What a coincidence?! This Steve also came to Aurous Hill to find someone? Strange that a person with blood relation to the Rothschild family would disappear in Aurous Hill?”

“But when you think about it carefully, Aurous Hill is indeed a bit weird. Not only people with blood relation to Rothschild disappeared here, but even the daughter-in-law of the Banks Family and the eldest granddaughter of the Banks Family also disappeared here. It seems that this small place is really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger !” Thinking of this, James suddenly flashed: “The disappearance of Steve’s son, and the disappearance of Deana and Zara, I wonder if there is any connection!”

At this point, James immediately felt that the two things might really be related! So, he immediately said to Steve: “It’s true that I came to Aurous Hill this time to find someone as well. It seems that the two of us have the same purpose. Maybe there is some kind of connection to our missing people.”

“Really?!” Steve exclaimed: “Mr. Banks, this matter even bothers you to come in person. Could it be that someone from the Banks Family is missing in Aurous Hill?!”

James nodded: “That’s true!”

After speaking, James said immediately: “Steve, I think we can find someone on this matter and exchange information, maybe we can find some valuable clues!”

“Yes!” Steve said without hesitation, he said, “If I can investigate this matter with you, I will feel more at ease!”

James asked him, “Which hotel are you staying in Aurous Hill this time?”

Steve said : “I am staying in the Aurous Hill International Hotel. My son stayed there before he disappeared!”

James nodded, “Coincidentally, I also booked Aurous Hill International Hotel. If so, let’s go together! It will give us a chance to be able to have a good chat on the way!”

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