The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 441-445 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 441-445)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 441

When Anthony listened to Ichiro’s open rejection, he responded coldly, “I keep in mind that you have three kinds of medicine that are marketed all over the world, namely the tummy powder, clear throat powder, and an eczema cream.

One of it is from the Chinese physician, Zhang Zhongjing’s ‘Writing on Febrile as well as Miscellaneous Conditions’, one of it is from ‘The Han Empire’s Medicinal Report’, and the last one is from the ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’.

The expression on Ichiro’s face was a little hideous, but he proceeded denying it also currently. “Dr. Simmons, are you joking?

Those old Chinese pharmacopoeias 1 or 2 thousand years earlier are primarily rubbish without any clinical application and also scientific basis in any way.

Why would certainly such a large pharmaceutical firm like Kobayashi Pharma utilize this kind of backward pharmacopoeias from 1 or 2 thousand years back? This is actually disparaging!”

When the various other Chinese doctors and also doctors in the hall listened to Ichiro publicly insulting the significance of the old Chinese medicine that was left by their ancestors, they could not assist yet scowl as well as curse in their hearts.

Anthony replied in an exemplary tone, “It just so happens that I will certainly be cost-free for the next few days. After the Chinese Medicine Expo, I will personally write up three research papers that consist of the prescriptions in addition to ins and outs of all 3 types of the medicines that you are selling and also marketing throughout the world.

I will also consist of a detailed record of our old pharmacopoeia. After I have sorted them out as well as published whatever, it is truly as much as you to validate on your own!”

Ichiro’s face transformed black as soon as he listened to Anthony’s words.

He was the vice-chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, as well as the firm had been founded by his very own papa. Consequently, normally, he understood all the information of the business.

The reason that Kobayashi Pharma can grow to its range today was entirely due to their reliance on the prescriptions recorded in the ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia.

Given that the Japanese were great at product packaging, they simply took the old Chinese prescriptions and packaged them to a specific extent before stating and also advertising the truth that they had spent a great deal of money on looking into and also thinking of the new prescriptions on their own.

This had actually promptly opened up the market and also boosted the needs for the medication due to their excellent curative impacts.

Nonetheless, Kobayashi Pharma had constantly hesitated to confess that their drug formula was indeed plagiarised from the ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia.

Anthony had actually always been really discontented with this truth, yet he had actually never ever found a possibility to oppose concerning this matter.

Suddenly, he had actually satisfied Ichiro here today, as well as he naturally wished to look for justice for Chinese medicine.

Ichiro absolutely had not expected Anthony to precisely mention the beginnings for the prescriptions of their three leading medications.

Out of concern that Anthony would really release a paper on the origins of those medications, Ichiro hurriedly said, “Dr. Simmons, is it really essential for you to release a thesis on the prescription for the medicine? If you are not acceptable, we can just choose not to work with one another.

Anthony replied seriously, “Because you are going to coldly deny that you have plagiarized the old Chinese medicine, I have absolutely nothing else to claim to you any longer. Goodbye.”

Then, Anthony continued speaking, “Incidentally, whatever it is, I will most definitely write the thesis.”

Ichiro ground his teeth as he checked out Anthony. After an instant, he made a decision to hold back his rage as well as merely nodded prior to he said, “Well, given that you are not willing to work together and also work together with me, I will not try to force you to do so, Dr. Simmons.”

After that, Ichiro continued talking, “I do not desire the prescription for the medication anymore. Instead, can you market the medicine to me?

I agree to pay fifty million bucks for the pill. My daddy was associated with a vehicle accident the year before this, and also he is still lying in bed due to high paraplegia. As his kid, I truly wish that I will have the ability to cure him!”

Anthony was shocked when he heard Ichiro’s deal of fifty million bucks.

He rapidly eyed Charlie Wade. The magic pill belonged to Charlie Wade in the initial place. If Charlie Wade was willing to sell Ichiro among his magic pills for fifty million bucks, the decision would actually depend on him, then.

Charlie Wade secretly swung his hand at Anthony.

He did not respect fifty million bucks in any way. Furthermore, Charlie Wade did not intend to market his medicine to a Japanese individual who would plagiarize Chinese medicine even if the last offered him fifty million dollars for a single tablet.

When Anthony saw Charlie Wade swing his hand, he instantly replied, “Sorry, Mr. Ichiro. The medication has actually currently been consumed and also I hesitate that there is no more of the exact same pill in this globe now.”

Ichiro gritted his teeth prior to he responded with a gloomy expression on his face. After that, he stated, “Dr. Simmons, I understand. I will certainly not try to compel you to do anything anymore.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 442

After he was done talking, Ichiro reversed and also left instantly.

Currently, Charlie Wade stated to Anthony, “This Japanese guy appears a bit perilous. If he truly believes that you have the prescription for top-level paraplegia, you ought to be much more careful.

Once this magical tablet is mass-produced, he would be able to acquire absolute riches in this globe.”

There was a movie called ‘I am not the God of Medicine’ not too long ago, as well as it had to do with a Chinese leukemia individual. Because he might not afford the extremely expensive medicine produced by Western cultures, he could only go to India to get some imitation drug.

Via this flick, you might really see how black-hearted those big pharmaceutical teams could be just because they wanted to make some money.

When a new medicine was created, an individual needed to invest at least twenty to thirty thousand bucks a month to afford the medicine. What else could the individual do?

Kobayashi Pharma additionally wished to obtain their hands on a few special medicines that they might mass-produce to sell at a high cost. That was the reason they had established their sights on Anthony.

In truth, Ichiro felt that if he had the prescription to create a tablet that can cure high paraplegia, it would be equivalent to having an effective tool for accumulating cash.

A person with high paraplegia was not able to get out of bed, stroll, or even urinate willingly. This frequently made the patients feel that it would be better for them to be dead than to life because if they lived, their family members would need to experience along with them.

If a billionaire suffered from high paraplegia, he would certainly be greater than willing to hand over fifty million bucks or even more just to receive a single tablet that could heal his condition.

If a billionaire like Costs Gates had high paraplegia, he might really charge him fifty billion bucks for the medication!

When it comes to the bad people that had high paraplegia, Ichiro did not care about their life-and-death at all. What did it relate to him anyhow? He would certainly never ever offer the medicine at an economical cost!

Ichiro had actually not expected Anthony to directly decline as well as turn down his request. He can not assist yet really feel a little upset.

Given that Ichiro had already performed his examination before meeting Anthony, he recognized that Anthony still had the wonderful pill that might heal high paraplegia.

Ichiro just needed to locate a means to obtain his hands on the wonderful pill. Afterwards, he would have the ability to bring it back to Japan with him so that his business’s pharmacists can analyze and examine the ingredients in the wonderful tablet so that they can ultimately develop the enchanting pill on their own!

Anthony can currently identify what was going on in Ichiro’s mind. Nevertheless, it would be difficult for a male with such huge passions to surrender so easily.

Anthony understood that Ichiro would most definitely search for other methods as well as methods to obtain his hands on the enchanting tablet.

Consequently, he told Charlie Wade, “Please be rest assured, Mr. Wade. I will beware.”

At this time, Charlie Wade replied earnestly, “It is worthless for you to be careful. You need to comprehend the principle that every person is innocent until they are shown guilty.”

Anthony hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what do you think I should do then? I have actually been carrying the wonderful tablet that you gave me around with me in any way times. If they were to try as well as nab it away from me, after that …”.

Charlie Wade grinned a little before he stated, “I will momentarily fine-tune a few even more tablets for you later, as well as you should carry those pills around with you. If a person attempts to take the enchanting tablet from you, you should give them those pills rather.”.

In Charley’s memory, he recalled that there was a kind of ‘Incurable Lucidity Tablet’ tape-recorded in the. The individual would show wonderful recuperation in just a short time after taking the pill.

Charlie Wade did not know whether Ichiro’s daddy truly had top-level paraplegia, yet if Ichiro attempted to swipe the wonderful pill from Anthony, he would most definitely be out of good luck then!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 443

In addition, it was not that hard to refine the Incurable Lucidity Tablet.

All that was required was just some of the more usual medical materials.

As it was not time for the public auction of the purple ginseng to begin yet, Charlie Wade capitalized on this opportunity to search for Graham prior to he offered him a checklist of a loads medical natural herbs as well as materials that he needed.

Graham fast collected every one of the medicinal natural herbs and products for him.

After that, Charlie Wade went to the lounge that had been rented by Graham prior to refining four of the Incurable Lucidity Tablet right away.

Chinese medication was always constructed out of different medical natural herbs as well as materials. After boiling the herbs, no issue what the medicine was for and also no matter just how various it was, the color of the medication would certainly still be dark brownish.

It was additionally the very same for tablets.

The color of the Incurable Lucidity Pill was practically the same as the previous magical pill that he had actually concocted before this. Charlie Wade purposely made the dimension of the Incurable Lucidity Pill the exact same size as the magical tablet before this.

By doing this, no person would certainly have the ability to tell the difference with their naked eye.

After he was done, Charlie Wade returned to the public auction hall and also provided Anthony the four pills when no person else was paying any interest to them.

Charlie Wade likewise took back the remaining one and a fifty percent magical pill from Anthony to make sure that he can keep it risk-free for him for the time being.

After that, it was lastly time for the public auction of the uncommon three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng.

The host swiftly stepped on phase prior to he said, “Next, we will certainly start bidding for our last medical natural herb! The three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng! Prior to we begin the public auction, we wish to welcome the world-renowned Dr. Simmons to find onstage to directly evaluate this superb purple ginseng on our behalf!”.

Anthony had already consented to the organizer’s ask for him to assess the fantastic purple ginseng on stage prior to going to the expo. Consequently, when the host called for him, Anthony rapidly strolled toward the center of the stage before taking the outstanding purple ginseng in his hands.

After meticulously recognizing and also examining the purple ginseng, Anthony stated, “Everybody, in my simple viewpoint, the real life expectancy of this outstanding purple ginseng is actually about three hundred as well as fifty years or perhaps more.

For that reason, I think that this purple ginseng can really be stated to be the most effective among the very best! So, you can all rest assured today!”.

Everyone existing at the scene exclaimed out loud as quickly as they heard Anthony’s words.

They originally thought that the purple ginseng was three hundred years old. However, that would certainly have expected it to be greater than 3 hundred and also fifty years of ages rather? This was merely fantastic!

Charlie Wade might not assist however consider Anthony in affection currently. This was because Charlie Wade did not expect Anthony to be able to inform the real age of the premium purple ginseng.

It appeared as though Anthony really had a really solid Chinese clinical background as well as abilities.

Simply then, the host smiled prior to he claimed, “Dr. Simmons is a widely known medical professional who has actually researched as well as focused on both old and also contemporary medication.

Simply a couple of days ago, Dr. Simmons really cured an individual with high paraplegia and also developed a clinical wonder. As a result, I think that everybody can feel confident that this is certainly an outstanding purple ginseng based upon Dr. Simmons’ truthful assessment.”.

When Anthony returned to his seat, he unexpectedly listened to a person speaking behind him. “Dr. Simmons, top-level paraplegia is a terminal ailment that can not potentially be healed by Chinese or Western medication.

Anthony reversed as he looked in the instructions of the voice. After seeing who it was, Anthony smiled prior to he stated, “Chelsea Fox! What are you doing here instead of remaining at the National Medical Facility?”.

The National Medical? Individuals around them could not aid but say loudly in shock when they heard Anthony’s words.

The National Medical Center was really respected, and also any type of rep of the National Medical Facility was of the highest level of clinical skills in the whole nation!

Chelsea giggled when she heard Anthony’s words and also said, “I simply came below today to see if you really can heal top-level paraplegia. Because it appears so mystical, I do not totally believe it whatsoever!”.

Anthony grinned somewhat prior to he said, “It may actually just be reports, after that! You honestly do not need to think it at all.”.

Chelsea was stunned due to the fact that she did not anticipate Anthony to be so modest. She had anticipated him to be much more direct.

However, since he had actually blatantly rejected healing high paraplegia, Chelsea did not know what else to state.

The beginning cost for the purple ginseng is five million bucks. Each rise in the quote must not be less than one million dollars.

The host smiled before he stood aside immediately.

As quickly as he was done speaking, Jeffrey, that was seated in the back row, promptly raised his placard prior to shouting, “10 million dollars.”.

Every person was left amazed since nobody anticipated the price of the three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng to be doubled in the initial quote itself.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 444

Jeffrey recognized that if individuals proceeded bidding for the premium purple ginseng, the rate of the purple ginseng would most likely cost twenty to thirty million dollars ultimately.

He just increased the cost of the purple ginseng in the very first bid simply so that he could discourage some people away. He was additionally really hoping that he would be able to take the purple ginseng away at a lower cost instead!

” Eleven million bucks.” A middle-aged guy in the hall additionally yelled as he elevated his placard.

Jeffrey glanced at the man in antipathy before he raised his placard again and claimed, “Fifteen million dollars.”.

” Sixteen million dollars.”.

Somebody spoke out again.

” Twenty-five million bucks,” Jeffrey shouted as he stood up his placard once again.

Actually, Jeffrey was simply aiding Kenneth to join the public auction this moment. Kenneth would be the one birthing the rate of the proposal today. Consequently, he did not really feel distressed whatsoever.

The rate of twenty-five million bucks made lots of people consider quiting.

Despite the fact that the uncommon purple ginseng was great as well as reliable, the result of the plant was very minimal. Twenty-five million dollars was already an extremely high price to pay for the ginseng.

Right now, a person in the hall suddenly shouted, “I will pay thirty million dollars for it!”.

Everyone fast browsed just to uncover that the proposal was really made by Charlie Wade that was seated alongside Anthony.

Jeffrey and also Kenneth truly did not expect Charlie Wade to be testing them in this public auction. As a result, both of them exchanged glances with one another before Kenneth directly took over the placard in Jeffrey’s hand as well as held it up, yelling, “Forty million bucks!”.

Kenneth understood quite possibly that Charlie Wade was an extremely tough person to deal with. If he was determined about challenging him, the price of the purple ginseng would most definitely wind up being very high!

In addition, Kenneth understood that it would certainly be absolutely impossible for Charlie Wade to be able to pay for the purple ginseng.

He just presumed that Charlie Wade have to have recognized that he would certainly need this excellent purple ginseng to recover his member, which was the reason why he was deliberately raising the rate to ensure that he might trigger extra difficulty for him.

That was why Kenneth called for forty million dollars immediately because he intended to frighten Charlie Wade off.

All Of A Sudden, Charlie Wade raised his placard again prior to claiming gently, “Fifty million bucks!”.

Charlie Wade had the cash cheque for one hundred million bucks that Jasmine had offered to him resting inside his pocket right now.

Not too long ago, Charlie Wade had actually inadvertently offered this cheque to his mother-in-law, Elaine Ma, accidentally, and also it had actually practically triggered a substantial catastrophe.

Charlie Wade had been looking for a possibility to utilize this cheque. As he thought of it, he had ultimately determined that he can just make use of the one hundred million bucks to purchase the purple ginseng today!

Anyways, besides the one hundred million bucks cash money cheque, Charlie Wade had a great deal of money in his bank card. In his eyes, this cheque was just a piece of waste that he did not know how to handle. He was in fact grateful that it would finally come in handy today.

As quickly as Kenneth listened to Charlie Wade bidding for fifty million dollars, Kenneth nearly collapsed in anger.

He gritted his teeth before he said to Jeffrey, “That dreadful item of garbage! He is purposely fighting with me! Fifty million bucks ?! Just how could he perhaps afford to pay fifty million dollars for the purple ginseng?!”.

Jeffrey likewise responded as he cursed, “That youngster is really a very negative as well as trashy individual!

This purple ginseng deserves, at most, twenty million bucks. It is really a waste to buy it for fifty million dollars! It is actually a really foolish move!”.

Kenneth ground his teeth once again prior to he stated, “D * mn it! I will certainly bid against him one last time. I do not think that he will have the ability to outbid me!”.

Afterwards, Kenneth elevated his placard before he screamed, “I will pay sixty million dollars!”.

By now, Kenneth was certain that Charlie Wade would not attempt to call for a price more than sixty million bucks.

Unexpectedly, Charlie Wade raised his placard without any reluctance as he yelled, “I will pay eighty million bucks!”.

Kenneth stood up as well as took off immediately as he screamed, “What do you imply by this, the one with the last name Wade?

Why the heck are you attempting to outbid me for this purple ginseng?! Are you sure you can afford to pay eighty million bucks for it ?!”.

Charlie Wade grinned as he replied, “You are such a good grand son. Don’t worry, grandpa can afford it!”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 445

Many people at the scene understood that Kenneth had actually as soon as knelt before Charlie Wade as well as had actually called him his father and also grandfather. They laughed out loud as quickly as they heard Charlie Wade’s words.

Kenneth, not wanting to shed any more face, grit his teeth as he claimed, “Okay, after that! You actually have the guts! I will pay ninety million dollars for it!”.

Jeffrey moved his sleeves prior to he stated, “Chairman Wilson, ninety million dollars is way as well costly for the purple ginseng! That point is unworthy that much money. Do not act so impulsively as well as be misleaded by that b * stard!”.

Ninety million bucks just to buy that purple ginseng?! No ginseng deserved that much money unless it was for a ginseng that was greater than a thousand years old!

Even though Kenneth was extremely rich, he was not a lavish or inefficient individual. He currently really felt a shed in his pocket when he needed to invest fifteen million dollars simply to make love with Wendy.

Kenneth might actually feel the hole in his budget since he would certainly have to spend ninety million dollars on an item of ginseng.

However whatever, he needed to find a way to cure himself!

It had currently been a lot of days, as well as he still had no sensation down there whatsoever. It was as though there was nothing there whatsoever.

If this proceeded also much longer, Kenneth really felt that he would really shed hope in life.

For that reason, he made up his mind that he would only pay ninety million dollars for the purple ginseng as well as absolutely nothing more than that!

Right now, Charlie Wade smoothly held up the placard in his hand prior to stating, “After that, I will certainly pay one hundred million bucks for it!”.

Kenneth trembled frantically as he cursed aloud, “What are you attempting to do, you item of garbage?! Do you truly locate it that delightful to stir up trouble as well as mess around with me?”.

Charlie Wade smiled faintly prior to he responded, “Well, I am simply interested in the purple ginseng. Are other people not permitted to bid for something just since Chairman Wilson is interested in it?”.

Kenneth continued cursing, “Do you think I do not recognize anything concerning you? You are simply the worthless son-in-law of the Wilson family!

The entire Wilson family members does not also have one hundred million dollars, so how could you perhaps have that much cash?”.

Then, Kenneth reversed to take a look at the host prior to he said, “I recommend that you drive this individual out of the auction hall! He is simply stirring up trouble below. He can not potentially have so much money to pay for the purple ginseng!”.

Anthony frowned and stated out loud, “You can place every one of Mr. Wade’s expenditures under my tab today. I have more than enough cash to spend for it.”

Graham also spoke up right now. “Mr. Wade can likewise use the Quinton family’s funds any time that he wishes to!”

Every person inside the public auction hall was stunned when they heard Anthony as well as Graham’s words.

Who was this boy? Dr. Simmons was an internationally-renowned doctor, as well as Graham was the head of the Quinton family.

Why would both of them be so going to spend for him? Furthermore, it was not a percentage. This was one hundred million bucks!

Charlie Wade grinned prior to he said, “Do not worry. It’s just one hundred million dollars so I can still afford it. I take place to have a one hundred million dollar cash money cheque in my pocket.

It has already been being in my pocket for over half a month and is starting to hop on my nerves. I rejoice that I finally have the opportunity to utilize it today.”

Kenneth responded contemptuously, “What do you assume you are extoling now? Do you truly believe that every person here is a three-year-old kid?

You have a one hundred million dollar cash money cheque in your pocket? Do you also understand just how much money that is?”

Charlie Wade smirked before he stated, “You are seriously the trashiest old man I have actually ever before seen in this globe.”

Charlie Wade after that took out the one hundred million dollar cash money cheque that Jasmine had actually provided to him out of his pocket. Since the cheque had already been being in his pocket for so many days, it was all scrunched as well as appeared like a piece of waste paper.

Charlie Wade increased the cheque in his hand prior to speaking with the host, “Sir, why don’t you send your financial team over right here to examine the credibility of the cheque?”

Kenneth sneered as he said, “D * mn it. It is simply an item of waste and you risk to state that it is a cheque for one hundred million bucks?

If it is really a cheque for one hundred million bucks, I will certainly utilize one hundred million bucks to wipe my butt tonight!”

Charlie Wade disregarded him as he proceeded holding up the cheque indifferently.

Currently, the host brought his monetary staff over to Charlie Wade to make sure that he can hand the cheque over to them.

After examining the cheque for a short while, the monetary team immediately stated, “This cash money cheque has a face value of one hundred million dollars. It is an authentic cheque.”

Everybody at the scene was stunned!

This young man actually treated a one hundred million buck cheque like an item of waste in his pocket?!

What would certainly he have done if he had accidentally lost it ?!

Suppose the cheque accidentally slipped out of his pocket while he was squatting at the commode?

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