The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 476-480 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 476-480)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 476

His assistant smiled before he claimed, “Do not worry also a lot, Mr. Kobayashi. We’ll take half an hour at the majority of to reach the flight terminal. At that time, not even God will certainly be able to quit us!”

Ichiro’s Maybach promptly repelled from Serene Globe Center as well as they headed on the expressway completely to the flight terminal right away.

They were planning to arrive at the flight terminal as rapidly as feasible before they boarded the airplane to go back to Tokyo.

Ichiro’s enjoyment increased rapidly along the way. He repeatedly took a look at the four wonderful pills before he whispered to himself, “The Kobayashi family members will be able to count on this wonderful tablet to stand up strong and powerful throughout the globe! Back then, I’ll certainly come to be the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma.”

The Maybach zoomed right and also reached Aurous Flight terminal very quickly.

As soon as the car stopped at the entryway of the flight terminal, Ichiro was about to get out of the cars and truck to hurry into the airport terminal at the fastest speed.

As soon as he obtained out of the car, 8 off-road Mercedes-Benzes drove over prior to they bordered his Maybach.

Very soon, thirty bodyguards worn black got out of the eight vehicles. These individuals were all masters that had actually been meticulously trained by Isaac as well as each of them had amazing strength and also body.

Isaac stepped out from among the off-road Mercedes-Benzes before he looked coldly at Ichiro and claimed, “Mr. Kobayashi, our young lord would love to invite you to find over for a chat!”

” Your young lord?” Ichiro asked nervously as he concealed the wonderful pills in his pocket. “That’s your young lord? Do you know who I am? I am the vice chairman of Kobayashi Pharma!”

Isaac stretched out his hand and also patted Ichiro on his face before he responded indifferently, “Kobayashi Pharma is a Japanese company and also we’re not in Aurouss Hilll. Why are you attempting to tell me that you are currently?”

Ichiro instantly came to be extremely nervous.

He did not know the reason why these people were trying to quit him. Was it due to the enchanting pills or was it because of another thing?

If it was really due to the magical tablets, after that he would truly be in an extremely unsafe situation right now. After all, the various other group of people looked very solid and qualified.

If they declined to allow him go, he would definitely not have the ability to get away.

If they were looking for him for some various other reasons, after that did that mean that he could still send the medicine back to Japan?

As he considered this, Ichiro made believe to be tranquil as he asked, “Who’s your young lord?”

Isaac responded gently, “Mr. Kobayashi, Kobayashi Pharma has already copied many ancient Chinese prescriptions so I presume your family most likely has a good understanding of the scenario in our nation. Have you ever before became aware of the Wade household from Eastcliff?”

” The Wade household?” Ichiro was entirely shocked currently!

How could he possibly not hear of the Wade family from Eastcliff?

It was the most powerful family in this country and their household stamina additionally placed top in the world! Even the significant conglomerates in Japan can not even be compared to the Wade household, in addition to a family that was just running a little pharmaceutical business like himself.

Ichiro worried suddenly and he blurted out, “Might I understand why your young lord is trying to find me?”

Isaac replied gently, “If there’s anything you need to find out, you’ll understand after you come with me.”

Ichiro asked nervously, “And also if I refuse to find with you?”

Isaac grinned faintly before he took out a pistol from his pocket and said, “Considering that our young lord has instructed me to bring you to him, if I can not bring you there to life, then the least I can do is to bring your cadaver to him!”

Ichiro was extremely worried however he was even a lot more concerned whether he can send the wonderful tablets to Tokyo.

This was the crucial to laying his structure in his family members!

As he thought of this, he asked tentatively, “May I go with you on my own so that my aide can head back to Japan now? There are a lot of essential things that he needs to take care of.”

Isaac chuckled before he said kindly, “Naturally, everybody is allowed to leave with the exception of you.”

Ichiro heaved a huge sigh of alleviation and also he quietly handed the little wooden box over to his aide. Afterwards, he patted his shoulder gently before he stated, “You should take the aircraft back to Tokyo first. Tell my dad that I’m great and that I’ll go back and also see him quickly!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 477

Ichiro handed the swiped enchanting tablets over to his aide and he was lastly alleviated after watching his assistant enter the airport with no problem. After that, Ichiro asked Isaac, “Where is your young lord?”

Isaac responded gently, “You’ll understand as soon as you feature me.”

After he was done speaking, he signaled at individuals around him prior to they dragged Ichiro over to the closest off-road Mercedes-Benz immediately.

The convoy swiftly left the flight terminal as they headed towards the pet farm opened up by Albert in the residential areas.

En route to the pet dog farm, Isaac called Charlie Wade prior to he claimed, “Mr. Wade, Ichiro is in my hands currently. I’m bringing him over to Don Albertt’s dog farm now. If you wish to come, I will certainly send a person over to select you up promptly!”

Charlie Wade eyed Claire Wilson Wilson, who was out cold currently, prior to he responded, “Alright after that. Schedule an automobile to select me up from outside my home in five mins.”

After making the pearl and also clam arm band for Claire Wilson that deserved thousands of numerous bucks, Claire Wilson was finally able to rest very well after using it.

For that reason, she would certainly never awaken in the middle of the night whatever happened. Charlie Wade was not worried that Claire Wilson would discover that he had snuck out in the middle of the night.

Concerning five mins later, Charlie Wade walked out of the house. There was already a Rolls-Royce parked outside currently.

Even though Charlie Wade had actually never fulfilled the driver in the past, the motorist acknowledged him instantly as well as he rapidly unlocked for Charlie Wade as he said pleasantly, “Mr. Wade, please.”

Charlie Wade nodded and got into the automobile prior to they headed out of the city.

When Charlie Wade lastly reached Albert’s pet dog ranch, Isaac was currently there.

This was Charlie Wade’s very first visit to Albert’s canine farm even though he had actually currently heard of this area for a long period of time.

The location of the pet dog farm was really remote and also huge in scale. As soon as he got out of the call, Charlie Wade might listen to plenty of canines barking and also roaring.

In addition, the voices of these pets were very low as well as heavy and it appeared as though they were all huge pet dogs.

It was reported that the reason Albert possessed this canine farm was mostly to increase, reproduce, and train some fighting pets for the underground pet fighting occasion.

Some people in the underworld were obsessed with pet fighting as well as they would certainly commonly arrange competitions and also wager tens of countless bucks on the dogs that they liked.

In addition to elevating pets, Albert additionally concerned this as a torture ground. If there were anyone that he required gone from this world, he would merely send them below to become provisions for the ferocious fighting dogs.

There was a three-story structure in the lawn of the pet ranch and also this structure was generally made use of by the personnel as their workplace as well as resting ground.

There was also a stockroom for keeping pet dog food in the structure and also a secret room that Albert normally used for lynching.

Currently, Ichiro was hung on a framework in the dark with his hands entirely bound.

The underworld of Aurouss Hilll was very little various compared to the underworld in Hong Kong or Taiwan. It had incredibly rigorous guidelines and regulations and also these guidelines were still the same as those utilized by mobsters and gang members from over a century ago. As soon as the rate of interests of the gang was violated, the first thing that the wrongdoer would deal with was lynching.

Currently, the six men dressed in black that Ichiro had actually sent out to rob Anthony of the enchanting pills were also detained right here.

When Ichiro saw the six males, he was truly scared.

He realized that this issue could really have something to do with the magical pills. He might not help however question what these people were mosting likely to do to him since he had currently sent the enchanting pills back to Japan.

Currently, Charlie Wade stepped into the structure.

Isaac welcomed him professionally with a bow, saying, “Mr. Wade, Ichiro and also his 6 guys are all right here.”

Charlie Wade responded a little prior to he took a look at Ichiro. After that, he smiled as he claimed, “Mr. Kobayashi, it seems as though we ultimately reunite.”

” Ah … you … you are …” Ichiro instantly remembered Charlie Wade!

When Ichiro was asking Anthony for the prescription for the magical pill at the Chinese Medicine Exposition, Charlie Wade was right there. Ichiro at first thought that he was simply Anthony’s secondary or assistant at that time. Suddenly, he in fact became the young lord of the Wade family members!

Charlie Wade considered Ichiro, who was lifted up in the air, prior to he stated in a cold fashion, “Mr. Kobayashi, you’re actually extremely courageous! That gave you the audacity to send out men to burglarize an old man of his enchanting tablets? Are you tired living?”

Ichiro panicked when he heard this as well as he blurted out quickly, “Mr. Wade, this is all just a huge misconception!”

” Misconstruing?” Charlie Wade asked as he directed at the six males worn black that were bound on the ground next to him. “Do not these 6 men come from you?”

Ichiro hurriedly shook his head. “No! I do not recognize them in all!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 478

Charlie Wade nodded prior to he looked at the six guys as well as asked, “Do you understand this male, then?”

The six guys had a blank expression on their faces. They seemed they can not speak their language at all.

Isaac advance right now prior to he spoke to them in Japanese. At this time, the 6 guys also trembled their heads as they stated a lot of words.

Soon, Isaac informed Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, they stated that they do not know this guy in any way.”

” Oh.” Charlie Wade nodded prior to he said lightly, “Since they do not recognize each other, then simply choose among them prior to cutting them up active. Afterwards, you can feed him to the pets before asking the continuing to be 5 people once more.”

” Okay!” Isaac promptly described Charlie Wade’s words to the 6 men in Japanese and the 6 guys were all stunned and also stunned at this time.

They can not believe it. Charlie Wade had simply asked one solitary sentence and he was really mosting likely to chop them up as well as feed them to the canines?

Did he truly have that much intestines?

At this time, Charlie Wade informed Albert, “Albert, given that you’re more accustomed to this area, take these 6 men out and weigh them individually.

After that, I desire you to pick the heaviest one to chop up and also feed to the canines! Let the five of them observe every little thing prior to you bring them back here for further examining!”

Albert asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, suppose they confess to their criminal activity ahead of time?”

Charlie Wade replied lightly, “It’s currently too late now. Whatever it is, we’re going to feed every one of them to the pet dogs this evening!”

Ichiro remained in utter shock at this time. His only distinction from his six men was that he can comprehend their language and he right away understood the meaning behind Charlie Wade’s words.

He was mosting likely to chop up a living person as well as feed him to the dogs? Was the young lord of the Wade family truly so cruel?

What happens if he wished to cut him up too?

Currently, Albert and his guys brought the 6 unidentified men out of the structure.

Regarding 10 mins later, Ichiro can hear the canines in the pet dog farm shouting and grumbling.

After that, the continuing to be five guys were dragged back into the building.

The 5 guys were so scared that they were all convulsing in a fierce manner.

As soon as they entered the structure, the 5 individuals freaked out and also they began yelling at Ichiro in Japanese.

Isaac promptly converted what they were saying to Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, these individuals are telling Ichiro that they saw their buddy being sliced alive and fed to the pets.”

Charlie Wade nodded prior to he looked at Ichiro, that was so afraid that he was about to lose consciousness anytime.

After that, Charlie Wade claimed coldly, “Ichiro Kobayashi, I’m going to provide you one last chance. You ‘d much better be truthful with me now. Or else, you’ll endure the same destiny as that guy previously!”

Despite the fact that Ichiro actually wished to add to his household, he did not base it on the facility that he would be losing his life as a result of it. He was in deep shock when he realized that Charlie Wade could in fact kill and get rid of his body tonight.

He hurriedly begged, “Mr. Wade, I’ll confess it! I was the one that paid and employed them to rob Dr. Simmons of his enchanting pills.

Charlie Wade asked with a black face, “Where’s the medicine now?”

Ichiro responded, “My aide brought the medication with him to the flight terminal …”.

Charlie Wade asked once again, “Has the plane removed?”.

Ichiro nodded repetitively, “Yes, it needs to have already removed now and it must have gone out of Aurouss Hilll’s airspace now …”.

Charlie Wade gritted his teeth prior to he said, “Exactly how dare you rob us of the medicine left behind by our ancestors? Good! Great! Because your guy has actually currently brought our medication back to Japan with him, after that you will certainly leave your life behind in this nation!”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 479

Ichiro was so terrified that he began crying out loud as soon as he heard Charlie Wade’s words.

He was not an enemy but he was just a rich young lord who wanted to recognize his own household based on what he might provide for them.

Currently, he had really been caught by Charlie Wade and was entraped in a pet dog ranch, perhaps being become scrumptious food in the mouth of countless evil canines at any moment. Ichiro was naturally worried as well as feeling very regretful at this time.

He sobbed as he pled Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, I’m asking you now. Or else, why do not I call my dad and ask him to inform the staff to ask the aircraft to turn about and return to Aurouss Hilll promptly? I will return the enchanting pill to you directly.

Charlie Wade responded, “Are you still trying to lie to me at a time like this? After placing a medication into the equipment, you’ll be able to evaluate all the components as well as components in a medical product in a few minutes’ time.

Ichiro responded as he sobbed, “Yes, we do own that type of devices. I did not bring it along with me to Aurouss Hilll! Mr. Wade, you can rest ensured that as lengthy as the enchanting tablets are not sent out to the Kobayashi Pharma laboratory, we will not be able to obtain a checklist of its ingredients.”.

Charlie Wade sneered before he responded, “Do you really assume that I’ll think what you state? You might even have actually instructed your man to scrape off a little of the magical pill due to the fact that just a little of the powder itself would certainly be enough for you to examine and also examine the components!”.

Ichiro proceeded weeping as he said, “Mr. Wade, I’ll utilize my character and character to vouch that I’m not existing …”.

Charlie Wade offered him a put throughout his face as he cursed at him, “You’re a thief as well as a burglar and also you in fact attempt to speak about your character and character before me?”.

Ichiro was at a loss for words.

Charlie Wade was. He was undoubtedly a thief and a robber and also it was really ironic for him to be discussing his character as well as character at this time …

Ichiro fast asked, “Mr. Wade, please tell me what I can do, then. You can come up with a remedy for this issue and as long as it is within my capability, I will definitely accomplish your demand.”.

Charlie Wade responded, “In fact, it’s in fact extremely straightforward. Since you have actually taken our wonderful tablet, after that I can just presume that you have currently gotten the active ingredients as well as formula for the pill. It would be much better for you to pay us straight for the prescription of the magical pills, after that.”.

Ichiro nodded and also agreed instantly, “Not a problem! Definitely not a problem! Mr. Wade, please name me a cost so I can report this to my family members instantly.”.

At this time, Charlie Wade replied indifferently, “10 billion bucks. Otherwise, not only will I kill you and also feed you to the pets, however I will certainly also expose the truth that somebody from Kobayashi Pharma took another person’s prescription on worldwide premises. During that time, Kobayashi Pharma’s reputation will absolutely be harmed throughout the world!”.

Ichiro was entirely startled as well as he blurted out, “Mr. Wade, ten billion bucks is excessive … we … we … we really do not have so much cash …”.

Charlie Wade asked coldly. “I’ve currently looked right into Kobayashi Pharma’s background. I think all that money must be sitting in Kobayashi Pharma’s bank account right currently, am I right?”.

Ichiro shivered as he clarified, “Mr. Wade, to tell you the fact, that cash is really crucial to Kobayashi Pharma. Additionally, that cash is under my father’s control and I have no access to it in any way!”.

Charlie Wade responded before he said, “Alright after that! You can call your papa and inform him all about this now!”.

After that, Charlie Wade claimed to Isaac, “Loosen his right hand and pass him the cell phone.”.

Isaac personally launched Ichiro’s right-hand man before he handed his cellular phone over to him.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 480

Ichiro needed to muster up his courage to call his papa.

Right now, Masao was anxiously waiting for the enchanting tablets to get here in Tokyo.

He was a very impatient person and also he had actually already asked his household to hire a rescue to take him straight to the flight terminal so he might wait there instead.

The Kobayashi household was really trustworthy in Tokyo. They even had a private independent hangar in Tokyo Airport terminal for their exclusive jet.

Besides that, there was likewise an extremely premium lounge in this garage which was had by the Kobayashi family members. As a result, Masao took his second son, Jiro, to the flight terminal as he awaited the magical tablets to get here in Tokyo.

Right now, he all of a sudden got a telephone call from Ichiro. Masao fast asked, “Ichiro, I listened to that you did not board that airplane when it took off earlier. Where are you now?”.

Ichiro fast replied, “Dad! I was captured by the young lord of the Wade family in Eastcliff. He charged me of swiping the enchanting tablets as well as their prescription. Currently, he wants us to purchase the patent for the prescription of the wonderful pill for 10 billion bucks! Otherwise, not just will he take my life yet he will certainly also subject Kobayashi Pharma’s theft of prescriptions …”.

” What?” Masao blurted out quickly as he shouted, “A * shole! Exactly how could you be so careless in handling your very own events?”.

Ichiro cried out, “Papa! I was very mindful and also careful but I do not know just how I was uncovered by them. You have to save me or I’m truly going to die tonight!”.

Masao responded coldly, “Ten billion bucks is merely a dream! I will never ever consent to that! I can still approve it if they consent to approve one billion bucks.”.

Isaac had been equating the whole conversation for Charlie Wade all this while. As quickly as he heard Masao’s words, he sneered as he claimed, “Mr. Masao Kobayashi, with all due respect, the enchanting pills that you’ve stolen from us is a magical medication with solid fixing and also remediation capacity. If you place the medicine out on the market, you ‘d absolutely be able to make at the very least ten billion dollars in a year.

Masao snorted prior to he stated, “Exactly how would certainly I know if this medication is as godly as you make it bent on be?”.

After taking our medication, you’ll definitely be able to recover within 10 minutes at a lot of. After personally experiencing the impacts of the medicine, you must pay us the 10 billion bucks promptly. Or else, I will reveal the truth that your boy stole a medication and also prescription from others to the globe and also Kobayashi Pharma’s reputation will most definitely be spoiled then.”

Afterwards, Charlie Wade proceeded, “Oh, and also your kid will certainly additionally have to pass away after that!”

Masao felt a little anxious right now.

His child was caught red-handed and also the various other celebration had proof of him swiping the medicine. If he rejected to accept him, after that Kobayashi Pharma would most definitely be discarded by everyone on the planet once the fact is exposed.

When that time comes, the Japanese federal government will additionally prohibit the production of these wonderful tablets, in conformity with international law.

In this way, he would just get on the losing end.

Additionally, it was likewise possible that he would be costing his son his life!

On the other hand, if the medication was really so reliable, after that ten billion dollars was in truth not a lot of cash.

Even if he paid 10 billion bucks to Charlie Wade, he would quickly be able to make that refund within a year. He would certainly start making profits the year after that!

As he considered this, Masao responded immediately, “Okay! If your magical tablet actually cures me of my severe paraplegia as well as restores me to my previous health problem, after that I will provide you 10 billion bucks to get this prescription from you exclusively!”

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