The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 506-510 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 506- 510)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 506

The scumbag’s situation was comparable to that of the rich kid infamously known for eating shit who was all over the Internet…

Kenneth drank the urine in one gulp, wiped his mouth, and urged hurriedly, “Where’s the medicine? Quick! Give it to me now!”

Charlie Wade took the bowl of thick black medicinal soup from the servant and secretly sprinkled a little bit of the magical elixir’s scraps into the soup.

Then, he handed the soup to Kenneth and said with a smile, “Here, Mr. Wilson!”

The strong urine smell was lingering in Kenneth’s mouth that he needed something to ease the awfulness, so he quickly took a big sip of the soup when he got it.

The bitterness almost knocked him out after the big sip.

He had never tasted anything so damn bitter in his life. It was like a tonne of licorice slices melted into this bowl of medicinal soup.

Besides, not only was the medicine bitter, but it also burned badly!

As soon as his tongue touched the soup, it went numb, followed by the whole mouth. As the medicine entered his stomach, it was burning like drinking sulfuric acid!

At the same time, Kenneth felt a different kind of warmth flowing from his stomach to his penis!

Indeed, it relieved the pain almost instantly! It was so f*cking amazing!

Kenneth was very excited upon feeling the sensation. He quickly poured the rest of the medicine into his mouth regardless of its bitterness.

As he was reaching the bottom of the bowl, the dregs were as thick as black sesame paste and that made him grimace painfully when he poured it into his mouth. He managed to swallow them all into his stomach for the sake of his illness.

At this moment, his entire mouth turned very numb and it burned like hell. He didn’t know that the medicine had temporarily ruined the taste buds to the point that he wouldn’t be able to taste anything no matter what he ate for the next few months.

Moreover, as the medicine also burned his digestive system, he would have countless episodes of diarrhea for the next few months as the medicine was cleared out of his body.

In conclusion, he would suffer for some time.

Kenneth didn’t have the residue energy to feel the discomfort the medicine had given him. He felt as if there was a cool breath surging to the ulcerated penis that made him feel comfortable and soothed.

“That is so amazing, I feel the effect of the medicine already!”

Over the moon, Kenneth took off his pants in front of everyone and almost burst into tears of joy. The ulceration on the penis had healed very quickly! It was really amazing!

Charlie Wade said flatly, “The ulceration should’ve been cured by now, but the nerves in your penis have turned necrotic, so I think it’ll be hard for you to regain your manhood. Besides, I’d advise you not to just take any kind of medicine. Otherwise, you might have to go through the same process again.”

Kenneth nodded profusely.

When the ulceration started to fester on his penis, he no longer hoped to regain his charisma glory. He was happy enough for his penis to stay where it was.

He was extremely delighted now that his penis was intact!

Charlie Wade continued, “Kenneth, you should be fortunate that I was the one who had won the auction of the 300-year-old premium purple ginseng the other day instead of you. Otherwise, if you had taken the so-called medicine using the premium ginseng, your penis would rot the minute you drank the medicine! I wouldn’t even be able to do anything then!”

Kenneth shuddered in fear. He didn’t dare to be bossy around Charlie Wade anymore, he bowed respectfully and said, “Master Wade, thank you for your help!”

Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Since you have recovered, can you let the Weaver family off the hook now?”

“Of course, definitely!” Kenneth nodded.

Although he had suffered a lot because of these, there was no need to dispute with the Weaver family anymore since his penis was cured.

His feelings for Aurouss Hilll right now were nothing but sadness and misery. It was as if he started to suffer since he stepped foot in this place.

Now that his penis was cured, he wanted to just return to Eastcliff and leave this sad place…

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 507

After so many sufferings and misery, Kenneth wanted to go home so badly.

Besides, he knew that there was no one who could help him regain his manhood in Aurouss Hilll, so he wanted to try his luck at Eastcliff.

He also had an important function to attend to—his mother’s 84th birthday. As her eldest son, he must go back to celebrate her birthday.

His mother had requested that he invite Anthony to the birthday banquet, but from the looks of it, it seemed that Anthony still hadn’t forgiven him. Despite that, he cleared his throat and asked, “Uncle Simmons, my mother’s birthday is just around the corner. I would like to invite you to join our celebration.”

Anthony said emotionlessly, “Mr. Wilson, I’ve told you, I have nothing to do with your family anymore so don’t waste your time persuading me to attend the birthday banquet.”

Kenneth sighed and nodded dejectedly. Although he wanted to jump on the old man and beat the crap out of him, he still said humbly, “Okay, Uncle Simmons. Since you’ve made up your mind, I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. So, excuse me, I’ll go back to Eastcliff now.”

Anthony nodded.

Kenneth looked at Anthony and then Charlie Wade. He was still in the midst of anger, but he swallowed his fury and left sheepishly with his bodyguards.

Jordan was relieved when Kenneth was finally gone.

Moreover, he received a blessing in disguise too as he got a good prescription out of this commotion.

He discovered that he could treat penis ulceration with the dozen Chinese medicinal ingredients paired with his urine. It was wonderful! He could totally offer the treatment if anyone suffered such a condition in the future!

He hurried forward and said, “Master Wade, you are indeed Aurouss Hilll’s genius doctor and you have such marvelous skills. Thanks to your help, our family is able to survive Kenneth’s attack. We will forever be in debt to your kindness.”

The others also bowed and saluted. “Thank you, Master Wade, for saving our family from the fury.”

Charlie Wade glanced at them indifferently and uttered, “I’m not here to listen to boring speeches.”

He pointed at Liam and said to Jordan, “Since Liam has solved the family’s troubles, then as you’ve promised, he should be made the chairman of the Weaver Pharmaceuticals now, right? When do you plan to make the official announcement?”

Jordan was irritated by Charlie Wade’s blunt remark. He was the head of the family, he didn’t need an outsider to tell him what to do!

Besides, it was absolutely impossible for him to hand over the chairman position to the b*stard son!

Jeffrey was equally pissed at Charlie Wade’s intervention. How dare he help the b*stard snatch the chairman’s position? Didn’t he know that he was the eldest son of the Weaver family that had the ultimate right to inherit the company?

Liam, on the other hand, was extremely excited and grateful. He looked at Charlie Wade, his eyes full of gratitude, and he saw Charlie Wade as his second parent. However…

Jordan smiled and said calmly, “Master Wade, to be honest, this is our family’s personal affair. Besides, the appointment of the chairman is very important, we cannot decide so clumsily.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 508

What Jordan really meant was, “You, Charlie Wade Wade, are nothing but an outsider. Please stay away from the Weaver family’s affairs!”

Liam felt as if he had fallen from the sky to hell when he heard his heartless father’s remark.

He realized that he had been tricked—very miserably too!

His father had never wanted to give him the chance at all!

Even if he surrendered his mother’s precious snow ginseng to plead Charlie Wade to save his family, his father would never want to elect him as the company’s chairman.

Charlie Wade frowned in dismay and asked coldly, “Oh? Are you planning to break your promise?”

Jordan quickly explained, “Oh no, Master Wade, that’s a misunderstanding. There’s something that you aren’t aware of. Well, the other day, I told both my sons that whoever could solve this problem for our family will have a bigger chance to be the chairman. Of course, I’ll give Liam credit for what he did for the family today, so when it comes to the election for the chairman position, he’ll have a higher chance of winning.”

Jordan was being completely shameless and dishonest. He changed his claim from confirmation to ‘having a bigger chance’, which turned the control of the agenda back into his hands. It was like tossing a coin in his hand in which he could decide on heads or tails, who could win his game?

Jeffrey was a little agitated by Charlie Wade’s interference. Kenneth left anyway, and the crisis had been resolved, so he had no reason to be afraid of Charlie Wade anymore. He blurted in annoyance, “Charlie Wade, it’s our family’s affairs, it’s none of your business. Get out of here when we ask nicely, there is no place for you to be so rude in our house!”

Jordan was an ungrateful old dog himself. Since his son was so straightforward, he said directly, “Frankly speaking, I will never hand over my company to the son of a b*tch from Mount Golmin. I’ve slept with so many women in my entire life and this b*stard’s mom was the worst of them all. She was nothing but a f*cking village girl. I only slept with her because I was young and I had to release myself, otherwise, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at her.”

Liam growled angrily, “What did you just say about my mother?!”

Jordan arched his eyebrow in disdain and shouted coldly, “What? Do you want to talk back to me now? You really are the son of a b*tch! After so many years, we’ve let you stay under the roof, we’ve fed you, we’ve provided you with education, and this is how you repay us? How dare you want a place in the Weaver family business? From now on, you’re no longer part of our family. Get the hell out of here!”

Liam dropped his head, disappointed, and stood sullenly on the side. He had admitted defeat, he had only his naivety to blame because he believed Jordan!

If so, he had no purpose to stay in the Weaver family anymore. It was better to just cut ties with them!

Liam clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and said, “Alright! From now on, I have nothing to do with the Weaver family!”

Jeffrey was extremely thrilled, he smirked, “B*stard, who are you to decide you have nothing to do with us? We’ve wanted to kick you out from a long time ago, don’t you know? It’s such a waste of our efforts to raise you for so many years!”

Charlie Wade asked Jordan coldly, “Jordan Weaver, are you sure this is what you want to do?”

Jordan sneered contemptuously, “Again, this is our family’s affairs and has nothing to do with you. You’ve overstayed your welcome, now get out!”

Jordan didn’t believe that Charlie Wade had some sort of a powerful background—he was just a person who happened to have a cure for Kenneth’s disorder. This nobody couldn’t do anything about him.

Now that Kenneth was cured and left their house, he had nothing to do with the Weaver family even if he was hit and killed in a car accident.

So, why did he have to bother himself with Charlie Wade?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 509

Charlie Wade wasn’t very surprised when Jordan went back on his words. In fact, he had expected it.

When there was more than one child in the family, it was only normal that parents found it difficult to treat each offspring fairly and equally.

Lady Wilson was the best example. She didn’t like Claire Wilson Wilson very much because she disobeyed her by being together with Charlie Wade, so she favored the obedient Wendy more.

Jordan had never ever regarded Liam as his own son. He only raised Liam as a servant in the Weaver family, so how could he possibly hand over the family business to him?

Charlie Wade glared at Jordan and asked again, “I’ll give you one last chance to settle the chairman position issue. Think about it carefully before you speak.”

Jordan sneered, “I don’t have to think, I’ll tell you one more time, I’ll never let Liam be the chairman! To tell you the truth, I’ve never thought about electing him as the chairman. Even if he saved the Weaver family today, to me, he is nothing but an illegitimate son, a b*stard who was born by the village sl*t without my consent!”

Then, he turned to Liam and shouted, “And you, you ungrateful dog! I’ve kept you in our house for so many years is to make you an obedient dog! How dare you covet the chairman position! If I had known how greedy and ungrateful you were, I wouldn’t have brought you back in the first place! I should’ve just thrown you into the lake at the mountain after that woman died!”

Liam glared back at Jordan in great dismay. “Jordan Weaver, you can insult me, but don’t you dare insult my mother!”

“Your mother?” Jordan smirked in disdain, “A village sl*t who bit off more than she could chew, and she even dreamed of marrying me! Shameless woman! She makes me sick!”

Liam trembled in anger, he clenched his fists so tightly that veins were visible on his arms. “Jordan Weaver, you insult my mother over and over again. I’ll kill you!”

He was about to rush forward when Charlie Wade stood in his way and said flatly, “Liam, stop. Don’t dirty your hands with that crippled old man, it will tarnish your reputation as the head of the Weaver family, the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals.”

Everyone gaped in bewilderment upon Charlie Wade’s direct remark.

Jordan was taken aback, then laughed sinisterly and said, “Dude, you’re so funny, do you know that? Do you think you have the final say about our family’s business?”

Charlie Wade nodded matter-of-factly. “When I say he is the head of the Weaver family today, that’s what he is!”

Jordan smirked disdainfully, “Kiddo, I’ll forgive your rudeness as you treated Kenneth on our behalf, now get out of here when I ask nicely. Otherwise, I’ll let you see for yourself how ruthless our family can be!”

Jeffrey joined his father’s provocation and said, “Charlie Wade, I haven’t settled the score with you since the last time! If you get nosy into our family’s business, I won’t let you off the hook so easily!”

Charlie Wade barged forward and slapped him on the face, sending him spinning!

No one had expected Charlie Wade to make the move!

The Weaver family members wanted to jump on him. Charlie Wade glared at them coldly and said, “Listen to me carefully. From now on, I, Charlie Wade Wade, will make Jordan and Jeffrey Weaver marked men! I’ll release a hit list to the underworld! If any of you want to stand up for them, go ahead, I don’t mind putting a few more names on the hit list!”

The hit list in the underworld was like the film John Wick. Once the list was issued with a lucrative reward, the entire underworld would rattle and they would go after the marked men for the reward.

Ichiro Kobayashi, who was now taking care of Don Albertt’s dogs in his kennel, had a price put on his head by his brother in Japan. The reward of a mere fifty million had many people excited to make a move on him. If he put the same price tag on Jordan and Jeffrey, they would not be peaceful for the rest of their life.

Jordan smirked at Charlie Wade’s remark, “Who do you think you are, really? Do you think you’re so compelling? My family’s net worth is at least one billion dollars, I can take one billion as the reward and order a hitman on you!”

Charlie Wade smirked back, “Rubbish, you don’t have the power to do that.”

Then, he took out his phone and called Albert.

Albert’s gracious voice sounded from the other end of the line when the call was connected. “Yes, Master Wade, what can I do for you?”

“Albert, release a hit list for me, I want Jordan and Jeffrey Weaver to be hunted down! The reward is a hundred million dollars and it will take effect at midnight!”

“Alright, Master Wade, I’ll release the order to the entire city right away!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 510

Immediately afterward, the notifications of incoming messages buzzed on Jeffrey’s phone like a swarm of busy bees!

He was a member of a chat message group whose members consisted of several people with good relationships with the Weaver family. They were becoming frantic at this moment!

“Jeff, how did you end up on Don Albertt’s bad side? He is offering a reward of a hundred million dollars for a hit list on you and your dad! It will take effect at midnight!”

Jeffrey’s face darkened. He was shocked and scared.

Before he could reply, another message popped up in the group.

“F*ck, Zeke White is adding another hundred million bonus on the hit list!”

“D*mn, Graham Quinton too! The reward has now increased to three hundred million!”

“Oh my god! The Moore family is in it too! They add two hundred million, which makes the rewards five hundred million dollars now! D*mn!”

Blood drained from Jeffrey’s face and cold sweat drenched his face and body. He dropped the phone and the screen broke.

Jordan hurriedly asked, “Jeffrey, what’s going on?”

Shivered in fear, Jeffrey told Jordan everything in a shaky tone.

Jordan was so shocked upon the news. It was as if his soul had left his body!

What happened?

Why was this young man so influential and dynamic?

The infamous Don Albertt succumbed to his orders, while the White family and the Quinton families were also courteous to him.

What’s even more terrifying was the Moore family, the most powerful family in Aurouss Hilll, wanted to curry favor with him too?! Who was he?!

Five hundred million dollars! With that much money as the reward, the underworld of the entire country would pursue him and his son as prized treasures!

He was really scared this time. As he stole a glimpse at the indifferent Charlie Wade, his legs went jelly. He knelt down on the floor, cold sweat drenching him profusely, and he was shaking uncontrollably!

“Master Wade, please have mercy on us! Please spare us!”

Jordan knelt on the floor too and started pleading, “Master Wade, I’m sorry! I’m terribly sorry for looking down upon you. Please forgive me, please forgive us! I’ll never do it again, I swear! I’ll be your dog forever!”

Charlie Wade glared at them coldly and said, “Oh, you want to stay alive now, huh? What’s with the pompous attitude just now?”

Jordan slapped himself on his cheek and cried, “Master Wade, it’s my bad, I wasn’t thinking straight. Please forgive me…”

Then, he continued hurriedly, “Master Wade, Liam will be the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals and he’s the head of the Weaver family now! Are you satisfied?”

“Well, I would’ve been satisfied if you had said it earlier, but now, nope, too late.”

Jordan squealed in shock and asked, “Master Wade, what can I do to please you?”

Charlie Wade looked at him and the astonished Jeffrey indifferently, and said, “You hate Mount Golmin and the woman who lived there and gave birth to Liam so much, don’t you? Okay then, I order you and your son to go to Mount Golmin to scavenge ginseng for the rest of your lives and you can’t leave that place forever!”

Then, a layer of gloomy ice hovered beneath Charlie Wade’s expression as he said, one word at a time, “Listen to me carefully, you can’t leave Mount Golmin for the rest of your lives!”

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