The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 536-540 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 536- 540)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 536

At this time, Jasmine asked, “Grandpa, should we bring any gifts along with us?”

Lord Mooore replied, “Someone gave me a piece of cold jade a few years ago. It has the effect of calming the mind and giving peace to the owner. I want you to give it to Donald and tell him that it is for his son. Even though it might only have a small effect, it is better than nothing at all.”

Jasmine nodded before she said, “Okay, grandpa. I understand.”

Just then, Lord Mooore stood up before he said, “Jasmine, I want you to come with me.”

“Okay, grandpa.” Jasmine stood up without any hesitation and hurriedly followed her grandfather into his study room.

Upon entering the study room, Lord Mooore sat down on his mahogany chair before he asked Jasmine, “Jasmine, I want to ask you whether you have made any progress with Mr. Wade recently?”

Jasmine blushed as soon as she heard her grandfather’s words. “Grandpa, I… I… that…”

Lord Mooore smiled when he saw Jasmine’s flustered reaction. “Young girl, why are you so shy and embarrassed? Just tell me what the progress is!”

Jasmine was very embarrassed as she replied, “Grandpa, to be honest, Mr. Wade has been very busy recently. We have almost no chance to meet at all…”

Lord Mooore was a little disappointed, and he said, “Jasmine, you cannot be so nonchalant about this matter! You are still young, but your grandfather is already getting older! You might be able to wait, but your grandpa cannot afford to wait for another few more years…”

Then, Lord Mooore continued speaking, “Jasmine, grandpa is not asking you to be an unethical person with no morals at all. I am not forcing you to do anything with Mr. Wade if you do not want to. The main reason I am asking you to get closer to Mr. Wade is because I can also tell that you truly like Mr. Wade from the bottom of your heart. Am I right?”

Jasmine nodded slightly as her face flushed red immediately.

Truthfully, she had become even more enamored with Charlie Wade the more she got to know him.

She was a strong and capable woman who loved a man who was equally strong and capable. The stronger the man was, the more attractive she felt he was.

Therefore, it was completely inevitable for her to feel attracted and enamored by Charlie Wade.

Lord Mooore sighed softly before he said, “Well, the biggest pity is that Mr. Wade got married so early. However, in this modern society, people take these things very lightly nowadays. Therefore, it’s not a big deal even if a man has a second or third marriage.

So, you don’t have to be too bothered about the fact that Mr. Wade has already been married before. You don’t need to care who his first wife was. All you need to know is that you should do all that you can to keep a good man by your side forever.

Even if he has already been married ten times before you, the most important thing is to get him to stay by your side for the rest of your life.”

Jasmine nodded slightly before she said, “Grandpa, I understand what you are trying to say. I cannot chase after Mr. Wade too desperately because I am afraid that he would start to dislike me if I did that. I heard that Mr. Wade is still very loving and kind toward his wife.”

“Yes.” Lord Mooore nodded in agreement. “In that case, it is not wrong for you to fight steadily, step by step, as you try to win Mr. Wade over in secret.”

At this time, Lord Mooore recalled something and he quickly said, “By the way, it will be my eightieth birthday in a few days. Please invite Mr. Wade to come to my birthday banquet. Once he is here, you can take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to him and get to know him better.”

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Yes, grandpa. I will do that.”

“Okay.” Lord Mooore nodded before he said, “Alright then. It is already getting late. You should head to the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital now to visit the junior of the Webb family first!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 537

Very soon, Reuben drove Jasmine out of the house, and they headed straight to the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital in the suburb.

In the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital, the nurses had just fed Kian, who was going crazy at this point.

Kian finally regained his consciousness after they fed him, wiped his mouth, rinsed his mouth, and washed his stomach for him. Kian had a very satisfied expression on his face as he lay on the hospital bed with his hands and feet tied up.

The few nurses resisted the urge to vomit as they walked out from the intensive care unit to the family resting room outside with a basin filled with the filth that they had just washed out of Kian’s stomach.

At this time, Kian’s father, Donald, and his brother, Sean, were sitting on the sofa with no expression on their faces.

After coming out of the intensive care unit, one of the nurses greeted them respectfully. “Mr. Webb and junior Mr. Webb, the patient, have already regained consciousness.”

Donald asked coldly, “Have you finished the gastric lavage procedure?”

The nurse nodded before she whispered, “Yes, we have already completed the procedure!”

“Okay.” Donald asked again, “The things that you fed him this time… have you already disinfected it?”

The nurse hurriedly replied, “It has already been sterilized. We placed it inside the pressure cooker and sterilized it at a high temperature and pressure. Even though we cannot eliminate the smell, I can assure you that there are no longer any bacteria or viruses in it…”

Kian’s iron rule of having extra ‘supplements’ every hour on the dot remained the same.

Donald naturally did not dare to stop his son from doing so. After all, he could see that his son was truly on the verge of death if they fed him even one minute later. Donald was afraid that something would really happen to his son.

Therefore, he discussed this matter with a team of medical experts before they came up with a temporary solution, which was to put those ‘supplements’ for Kian in a pressure cooker for at least half an hour in advance so that it would not contain any bacteria and viruses that would make him sick.

This was the only buffer they could come up with at this stage.

Donald glanced at the few nurses before he waved his hands sullenly and said, “Alright then, you can all leave now. Please remember to prepare all of his next meals in advance.”

The nurse nodded before she said, “Mr. Webb, you can rest assured that we have already prepared all of his eight meals for tonight in advance. Each of his meals has already been sterilized in advance, and we will serve the patient his meal at room temperature.”

Donald suddenly felt a surge of nausea overpowering him, and he quickly waved his hand as he said, “Alright, you can leave now.”

After the few nurses had left the room, Sean whispered to his father, “Dad, are we really going to let this continue? How could Kian possibly need to eat shit every hour?! If this news spreads to the public, the Webb family will definitely lose face!”

Donald asked, “What else can we do? Do you want me to watch your brother die?”

Sean hurriedly replied, “I did not mean that at all. I am just saying that we should bring Kian back to Sudbury. It is not a solution for us to continue staying here. We should bring Kian back home and use our own family doctor and nurses to handle him. At the very least, we can be more rest assured that they would be tight-lipped about this matter.”

Donald thought about it before he replied, “Okay, then. We will send your brother back to Sudbury, but we cannot leave Aurouss Hilll yet.”

“Why?” Sean asked in surprise. “What other business do we have here?”

Donald replied, “I suspect it is not an accident that your brother suddenly contracted this sudden illness. Something must have happened to cause him to behave in this manner. There must be some clues or information that we have not figured out yet. I plan to stay in Aurouss Hilll for a short while to investigate and look into this matter. I want you to stay here with me.”

Sean nodded when he heard his father’s words and said, “Yes, dad. I will stay here with you.”

Donald nodded before he said, “If that’s the case, we will arrange for our doctor to accompany Kian back to Sudbury tomorrow morning.”

Upon saying that, Donald stood up before he said, “Come, let’s go in and see your brother.”

The father and son stood up before they pushed the door of the intensive care unit open. At this time, a strong and disgusting stench overcame them immediately.

Even though the windows were all open and the exhaust fan was already turned on, the smell was still lingering even after a long time.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 538

Kian was lying on his bed with tears in his eyes as he looked out the window silently. He could smell the strong stench on his breath whenever he breathed, and he felt very disgusted with himself.


When he saw the decadent and desolate expression on his son’s face, Donald could not help but feel distressed.

Kian did not look at him but instead continued to stare out the window as he choked and said, “Dad, why don’t you just let me die? I am really on the verge of collapse because I have to do something so disgusting every hour of the day…”

Donald hurriedly stepped forward as he held his son’s hand and said, “My good son, you have to remember that it is always better for you to live than to die!”

Kian burst into tears before he said, “But, who can live an even more miserable life than mine? If I have to continue living like this for the rest of my life, I would rather be dead now…”

Donald felt very upset, and he said seriously, “Kian, don’t worry. Dad will definitely heal you no matter what method I have to use. I promise you!”

Kian turned his head around and looked at his father before he subconsciously asked, “Dad, do you mean what you just said?”

As Kian spoke, the strong stench coming from his mouth hit Donald directly.

Donald’s eyes reddened immediately, and he even shed two drops of tears. He resisted the wave of nausea that hit and his strong urge to vomit before he nodded and replied, “Yes, I mean it! You don’t have to worry!”

Then, Donald spoke again, “I will arrange for someone to take you back to Sudbury tomorrow. I will stay behind in Aurouss Hilll to find the culprit who did this to you. After that, I will surely find a cure for you. Make sure that you take care of your health after you go home. Wait for your father to come back with good news!”

Kian nodded excitedly as he suddenly felt a glimmer of hope.

Sean could not help but sigh as he said, “Kian, don’t worry. I swear I’ll take revenge for you and kill the person who did this to you!”

Kian was very touched and nodded before saying, “Thank you, brother!”

At this time, a nurse came knocking on the door before she entered and said, “Mr. Webb, there is a Mr. Moore and Miss Moore who are here to see you.”

“Mr. Moore and Miss Moore?” Donald frowned slightly before he came to a sudden realization. “They must be from the Moore family. Please invite them in.”

After that, he hurriedly added, “Please ask them to wait in the waiting room outside. Don’t bring them into the ward.”

The nurse nodded before she turned around and left.

Sean asked in surprise, “Dad, is the Moore family here?”

“I think it should be them,” Donald replied. “We have not visited the Moore family yet since we came to Aurouss Hilll to deal with our personal matters. Perhaps the Moore family has already heard about our predicament and have decided to visit us instead.”

Sean nodded when he heard his father’s words. At this time, he suddenly thought of Jasmine, the young lady of the Moore family.

The last time he had seen Jasmine was about three to four years ago. At that time, Jasmine was already very beautiful.

He had thought of pursuing Jasmine back then. After all, Jasmine was not only very beautiful, well-educated, and capable, but the most important thing was the fact that the Moore family was also very wealthy and powerful. It could be said that the Moore family would be a perfect match for the Webb family.

However, he had not completed his studies at that time, so he did not have the time to pursue and go after Jasmine.

After returning to the country, he had been busy learning the ropes and taking over the family business from his father. Therefore, he did not come to Aurouss Hilll and kept delaying his intentions and plan to pursue Jasmine.

When he heard that there were visitors from the Moore family, Sean’s affection and feelings for Jasmine suddenly returned!

He was already looking forward to meeting her again. He sincerely hoped that Jasmine would be one of the two people who came here today!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 539

Donald and his son, Sean, had just come out from the intensive care unit when the nurse brought Reuben and Jasmine into the family waiting room.

Sean spotted the slim and glamorous Jasmine at a single glance. He was taken aback for a moment and only regained his senses after a few seconds.

Donald was also a little surprised to see Jasmine.

He was Jasmine’s elder, so he had not had much contact or interaction with Jasmine. They had not seen each other for several years, but unexpectedly, this young girl was now even more beautiful and attractive than she had been in the past. She would not lose out to those big celebrities at all!

At this time, Reuben quickly stepped up as he spoke very respectfully, “Hello, Uncle Webb. I am Reuben from the Moore family, and this is my cousin, Jasmine. My grandpa heard that you are in Aurouss Hilll, so he wanted us to come and pay you a visit.”

Reuben continued, “My father is not in Aurouss Hilll for the time being so he could not come and visit you in person today. Please forgive us for being rude.”

Donald hurriedly replied, “Oh! Lord Mooore is too polite. I was supposed to visit him, but something happened at home, so I could not walk away at all. I was the one being rude.”

Even though there was a substantial difference between the wealth and power of the Webb and Moore family, they were both one of the most powerful and influential families in the South Region. Therefore, it was already a traditional custom between these two families that anyone who visited the other person’s territory should take the initiative to come and visit the host first.

If Donald came to Aurouss Hilll, under any normal circumstances, the first thing he would do was to visit the Moore family. That way, the two families would be able to maintain a close relationship with one another.

However, Donald could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

After all, his family’s current predicament was indeed a little special. He felt that it would be very shameful to talk about his youngest son’s current condition.

Therefore, he simply replied frankly, “Oh, the reason I came to Aurouss Hilll this time is because my youngest son, Kian, has come down with some physical and mental problems. As soon as I arrived at Aurouss Hilll, I stayed at the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital without going anywhere else. Otherwise, I would have gone to visit Lord Mooore a long time ago. I hope that Lord Mooore will forgive me and I sincerely hope that he will not hold this against me.”

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Uncle Webb, you don’t need to be so courteous and polite. Grandpa knows that you have some personal business to deal with. Therefore, he does not blame you at all.”

As she spoke, Jasmine took out the piece of cold jade with a carving of Guanyin on it and handed it to Donald saying, “Uncle Webb, my grandfather asked me to pass this piece of cold jade to you. He said that it has the effect of calming the mind and bringing peace to its owner. He hopes that it will be able to alleviate your youngest son’s condition a little.”

Donald hurriedly said, “Please help me thank Lord Mooore for his kind gesture.”

Then, he reached out his hand to take the piece of cold jade from Jasmine.

Sean had been watching Jasmine all this time without saying anything at all. After he had finally regained his composure, he said calmly, “Jasmine, it seems as though we have not seen each other for a long time, right?”

Jasmine nodded as she smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I think it has already been three to four years since we last met each other. I don’t remember too clearly.”

Sean smiled before he said, “Time really flies by! You have already changed a lot over these few years. It seems as though both of us should keep in touch in the future! Otherwise, we might not even recognize each other when we bump into one another in two more years!”

Jasmine laughed before she replied politely, “Yes. We have not seen each other for so many years, and everyone has already changed quite a bit.”

Donald was keenly aware of Sean’s abnormal behavior, and he could instantly tell that his son was interested in Jasmine.

At this time, he suddenly felt that it would actually be great if Jasmine could marry into the Webb family. It would be perfect if she became his daughter-in-law!

There were many other large and powerful families in the South Region, and many of them had daughters of marriageable age. However, one of the main problems with girls from a wealthy and powerful family was that they were usually not very good looking or attractive.

Even though some of them were pretty good looking, they had very poor temperament because they had been spoiled ever since they were young. There were rarely any girls who were as intelligent and well behaved as Jasmine.

If there was a marriage arrangement between the Moore family and the Webb family, they could join forces and would also be able to actively promote and help each other out.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 540

If the two families could work together after marriage, the two families might even have an opportunity to lead and take control of the entire South Region.

As he thought about this, he deliberately smiled and asked, “Jasmine, you are so outstanding and beautiful. So, I cannot help but wonder if you are already married?”

Jasmine quickly replied in a hurry, “Uncle Webb, you must be joking. If I were to get married, my grandpa would surely have notified and invited you to come to my wedding banquet for a drink already!”

Donald smiled as he nodded slightly. This girl was very intelligent, and she knew exactly what to say.

After that, he asked again, “Then, Jasmine, do you have a boyfriend now? If you have a boyfriend, can I know which family he is from?”

As soon as Sean heard his father’s question, he hurriedly looked at Jasmine with a concerned expression on his face as he looked forward to Jasmine’s reply.

Jasmine immediately thought of Charlie Wade at this moment.

How good would it be if Charlie Wade was not married yet? She would have already confessed her feelings to him.

Moreover, Jasmine believed that Charlie Wade would not turn down her confession as she could be regarded as one of the better choices amongst all the girls who were interested in him. If that was the case, she could proudly reply and say that Charlie Wade Wade was her boyfriend when someone asked her a question like this…

As she thought about it, Jasmine could not help but sigh in her heart. Then, she replied, “Uncle Webb, I do not have a boyfriend yet.”

Both Donald and Sean heaved a huge sigh of relief.

She did not have a boyfriend. That was perfect!

It would not be easy for them to find another girl like Jasmine. Since she was still single, it was the perfect opportunity for his son to pursue her!

Donald immediately said to Jasmine, “By the way, Jasmine, please send my regards to Lord Mooore when you go home later. Please tell him that I have already arranged for a plane to send my youngest son home for treatment tomorrow. Sean and I will be staying back in Aurouss Hilll to investigate and look into Kian’s sudden illness. So, both of us would like to come and pay a visit to your grandfather tomorrow.”

Jasmine did not think too much about it and simply nodded before saying, “Okay, Uncle Webb. I will definitely inform my grandfather when I get back.”

Donald felt that he should take advantage of this opportunity to bring Sean over to the Moore family mansion so that they could stay there for a few days since they would be in Aurouss Hilll for some time anyway.

As the host, it was only natural for the Moore family to arrange for Donald and his son to stay at the Moore family mansion for a few days since they were visiting Aurouss Hilll. This way, he would also be able to create an opportunity for his son to get closer to Jasmine.

Donald also felt that this would be an excellent opportunity for him to bring up the topic of marriage to Lord Mooore. He presumed that Lord Mooore would not turn down his request.

After all, the Webb family was the wealthiest and most powerful family in the whole South Region. Sean was also the eldest grandson of the Webb family, and he was the first heir of the younger generation. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a diamond in the making in the South Region.

As long as Lord Mooore agreed to his request, Donald was certain that he would definitely help him persuade Jasmine to agree to Sean’s marriage proposal. That way, they would be able to decide on their marriage, and the two families could choose an early auspicious date so that they could get the marriage done and over with as soon as possible.

After all, Donald was not young anymore. He had already been looking forward to the day where he could hold his grandson and personally witness the continuation of the Webb family name. However, he had not met a woman who he deemed worthy of his son.

When he saw Jasmine earlier, he immediately felt that there would be no better candidate to become his daughter-in-law in this world other than Jasmine!

He never would have imagined that Jasmine’s heart already belonged to someone else.

Moreover, the man who made Jasmine so enamored was none other than the culprit who had turned his youngest son into a shit-eating beast. It was Charlie Wade!

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