The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 541-545 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 541- 545)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 541

At this time, Reuben, who had not spoken for a long time, stared at both of them coldly. He could tell that both father and son from the Webb family were interested and moved by his sister, Jasmine.

At this time, he could not help but feel a little excited.

It would be great if Jasmine could marry into the Webb family!

At that time, Jasmine would marry into the Webb family and become a part of their family. When that happened, she would naturally not be able to compete with him for the Moore family’s property and inheritance. He would naturally become the well-deserving heir of the Moore family.

In fact, Reuben was afraid that Jasmine would truly end up together with Charlie Wade.

He did not know Charlie Wade’s true identity and status. He only knew that Charlie Wade seemed to have some supernatural powers, and that was the reason why his grandfather respected him so much.

If Jasmine ended up with Charlie Wade, there was no doubt that Charlie Wade would marry into the Moore family. At that time, he would definitely be in trouble!

Jasmine was already his biggest rival when it came to vying for the Moore family’s property and inheritance. If she did not marry far away, she would always remain as his rival and competitor!

Moreover, Reuben knew that his grandfather really respected Charlie Wade very much, and he had been desperately hoping for Charlie Wade to join the Moore family. If Jasmine could accomplish what their grandfather wanted her to do, their grandfather would certainly place more attention and focus on Jasmine and Charlie Wade!

Jasmine and Charlie Wade would certainly take over the Moore family if that happened. So, what would happen to him then?

Therefore, Reuben absolutely did not want Jasmine to end up with Charlie Wade at all!

Since the Webb family seemed to have intentions of taking Jasmine as their daughter-in-law, all he had to do now was think of a way to persuade his grandfather and Jasmine to accept the marriage proposal offered by the Webb family. Reuben had to send Jasmine away as soon as he could!

Jasmine was not aware of the intentions of the father and son from the Webb family. Finally, Jasmine and Reuben courteously approached them before excusing themselves as it was already getting late.

Donald and Sean walked both of them downstairs before they watched silently as the pair drove away from the hospital in their car. It was only at this point that Donald finally sighed and said, “Jasmine is truly a very perfect and wonderful girl!”

Sean nodded and said, “Yes, I honestly did not expect her to become even more beautiful after just a few years.”

Donald replied seriously, “Beauty is one thing, but family background, education, and temperament are the most important things.”

After that, he continued speaking, “Jasmine is amazing in all of those aspects. If you can marry her, it would be a good thing for you.”

Sean smiled before he said, “Dad, I will really need you to help me out in this matter. Jasmine’s parents have already passed away. So, you will have to try to convince her grandfather on my behalf.”

Donald smiled as he assured his son, “You can rest assured. I know what I have to do. I believe that Lord Mooore will also want Jasmine to marry into a good family. The Webb family will surely be a perfect choice for him.”

After that, Donald spoke up again, “I think that Lord Mooore will definitely agree to it as soon as I bring this topic up. After that, we can proceed to plan Jasmine and your marriage. If everything goes well, we should be able to discuss and plan your wedding well within a month!”

“Okay!” Sean was very excited. “It would be best if we could have our wedding this year!”

At this time, all Sean could think about was Jasmine. He had completely forgotten about his pitiful and miserable younger brother.

After returning to the ward, they found that Kian was starting to lose control again.

The nurses were already bringing in his ‘extra meal’ that had been sterilized under high temperature and pressure. After that, they fed Kian his food so that he could enjoy it first before they performed gastric lavage on him to wash out as much of the ‘food’ as they possibly could.

Donald stepped into the intensive care unit to take a look and immediately walked back out with a black expression on his face.

Sean did not even bother to enter the ward at all. He simply sat on the sofa outside as he looked through Jasmine’s social media profile.

Before coming to Aurouss Hilll, he had not paid much attention to Jasmine whom he had not seen for so many years.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 542

After seeing her just now, all of his deep desires and feelings for Jasmine ignited once again.

Therefore, he wanted to browse through each and every photo of Jasmine’s circle of friends.

He carefully observed every picture of Jasmine and her friends. As he looked at her pictures, he sighed as he thought to himself that she was indeed a very perfect girl, and there was not the slightest fault that he could find in her at all.

Thus, he secretly vowed to himself that he would have to get Jasmine no matter what he had to do!


On the way back to the Moore family mansion, Reuben tentatively said to Jasmine, “Jasmine, I think that Sean seems to be interested in you!”

Jasmine replied flatly, “Oh.”

“Oh?” Reuben parroted her before asking curiously, “Why are you so cold and indifferent toward it?”

“Then?” Jasmine asked, “Does he mean anything to me at all? No, he is nothing to me. So, do I have to pretend to be very excited just because he is interested in me?”

Reuben asked, “Sean is very handsome. Aren’t you in the least bit interested in him?”

Jasmine shook her head before she said, “I have no feelings for him at all. In fact, he is not even a friend of mine. At best, he could only be considered an acquaintance.”

Reuben hurriedly tried to persuade her, “Are you stupid? Do you know how wealthy and powerful the Webb family is? They are the top and most influential family in the South Region! If you get together with Sean, this will definitely be the icing on the cake for the Moore family!”

“I have no feelings for him whatsoever,” Jasmine replied indifferently. “I will not get together with a person I have no feelings for even if he is the richest man in this world.”

Reuben asked in surprise, “Jasmine, don’t tell me that you are really in love with Charlie Wade?!”

Jasmine glanced at Reuben embarrassedly, and she could not answer his question at all.

Reuben sighed before he said, “My dear sister, are you truly that foolish? I know that grandpa might be confused, but are you really going to try and pursue Charlie Wade just because grandpa asked you to do that? Charlie Wade is already someone else’s husband. He has a wife. What about you? You are the noblest and most eligible girl amongst all the other girls in Aurouss Hilll. How could you possibly get together with a man like Charlie Wade?”

At this time, Jasmine evaded his question and said, “Brother, don’t worry about me. I will take care of my own business.”

“Hey!” Reuben replied as he sighed pretentiously. “I am your brother, and I’ve watched you grow up ever since you were a young girl. As your brother, I sincerely hope that you will be able to marry a man who is right for you and has never been married before, just like you. It would be a huge pity if you married a man like Charlie Wade who has already been married before!”

After that, Reuben continued speaking, “What’s more, Charlie Wade is just a useless son-in-law who knows nothing at all. How could he possibly be worthy of someone like you?”

Jasmine turned around and looked at Reuben before she said sternly, “Brother! Mr. Wade is not as useless as you make him out to be. You just haven’t seen him for who he is yet.”

Reuben replied disdainfully, “What is he capable of? What other abilities does he have? All that he knows how to do is to concoct some medicine. I don’t think that is so great at all.”

Jasmine shook her head before she said, “Everyone has their many different faces. In many people’s eyes, Mr. Wade might be nothing more than a piece of trash and a useless son-in-law. However, in my eyes, Mr. Wade is a real master, and he is different from what everyone thinks he is!”

Reuben curled his lips slightly before he said, “Don’t tell me you really think that he is a real dragon in this world, Jasmine. I want to laugh when I think about it! Pfft…”

Jasmine glanced at Reuben and felt that the sarcastic expression on Reuben’s face made him seem like he was mentally retarded.

However, Reuben felt that it was time for Jasmine and his grandfather to open their eyes and see Charlie Wade’s true colors.

Charlie Wade was the real dragon in this world? If so, Reuben would just have to figure out a way for Sean to become Nezha so that he could strip Charlie Wade of his skin and tendons!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 543

At the same time, Anthony was at the Serene World Clinic and was currently in a daze as he stared at the Rejuvenating Pill that Charlie Wade had given him.

He was thinking about what Charlie Wade had said to him. Charlie Wade told him that this medicine would be able to make him ten years younger, and it would also extend his life by another ten years.

Although he knew that Charlie Wade had magical powers, he still felt that this kind of medicinal effect was simply a fantasy.

As the saying goes, there would be a day when flowers bloom and people would never be young again.

Human beings could control anything in this world, but time was the only thing they could never control.

How many people in this world could actually come up with a Rejuvenating Pill that could turn time around?

However, since the medicine had been given to him by Charlie Wade, Anthony had full confidence in the medicine’s ability.

He knew that Charlie Wade would never deceive or lie to him. If Charlie Wade said the medicine would have such a magical effect, it simply meant that the medicine would have that effect.

Therefore, Anthony made up his mind to take the medicine according to Charlie Wade’s instructions.

Anthony carefully placed the Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth. He initially thought that it would be very difficult for him to swallow this pill. Unexpectedly, the pill immediately dissolved, and there was a pleasant and sweet taste that flowed directly into his abdomen.

This was followed by a magical moment that Anthony would never forget.

He felt a warm current tightly wrapping itself around his whole body, and it felt like strange energy was beginning to work on every part of his body.

At first, Anthony could feel some tightness on his face. Then, his scalp began to itch and go numb before the rest of his joints started feeling a little warm.

A few minutes later, Anthony felt as though he had been completely reborn!

He truly felt that his body had been restored to the way it had been ten years ago!

Anthony subconsciously stepped in front of the mirror and was shocked when he saw his reflection!

It was no wonder why he had felt some tightness on his face earlier. It turned out that his old and wrinkled skin had tightened up, and he looked so much younger than he was before!

What was even more amazing was that he previously had a head full of grey hair, but unexpectedly, half of his head was now filled with black hair!

He could also easily straighten his body which was already hunched and bent over, and there were great improvements in his severely degraded joints.

Anthony hurriedly checked his pulse and found that his breathing and pulse had greatly improved compared to how it had been before!

This meant that Anthony not only looked younger and had stronger bones, but his internal organs had all been rejuvenated and made new again!

This was equivalent to him suddenly returning to his sixties when he was in fact already in his seventies!

Anthony was filled with shock and excitement!

If a person’s life was a clock, the energy stored in the clock would continue to fade over time, and this clock would stop completely when the moment came where all of the energy stored in the clock was completely exhausted.

Yet now, it seemed as though Charlie Wade had used his God’s hands to rewind and turn Anthony’s clock backward twice!

This also meant that Anthony’s clock could run for another two more rounds!

Wasn’t this a miracle?!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 544

If there was really such an elixir and miraculous medicine, even if it was one million or one billion dollars, those old and wealthy people would rush to buy it.

After all, what was the use of making more money if they were aging and getting older? If they could use that money to restore their youth, those billionaires who had tens of billions of dollars would certainly be willing to spend half or most of their wealth to earn them another ten to twenty years of life without any hesitation at all!

This was how they could buy time for themselves!

Anthony could not help but shed tears of excitement at this moment!

He could not help but cry bitterly.

Then, he immediately took out his cell phone and sent Charlie Wade a text message: [Mr. Wade, I have already taken the Rejuvenating Pill that you gave to me. Thank you for your reward. I will definitely do my best and do everything that I can for you in the future!]

Charlie Wade replied lightly: [If the effect of the medicine is good, that is the best. However, other than Xyla, you should remember not to tell anyone else about this medicine.]

After all, Charlie Wade needed a premium three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng just to create this Rejuvenating Pill. It was truly a very rare and precious medicine.

At this time, Anthony called out to his granddaughter, Xyla, who had been busy grinding medicine next door to come over to his room. As soon as Xyla saw her grandfather, she was shocked and asked, “Grandpa… What happened to you? Why do I feel as though you suddenly look so much younger? This is exactly how you looked when I was about ten years old!”

Anthony was very excited as he said, “This is all thanks to the Rejuvenating Pill Mr. Wade gave to me. He told me that I would become ten years younger and I would be able to live longer after taking this medicine. I really did not expect it to have such a magical effect!”

Xyla was stunned and blurted out immediately, “Grandpa, what kind of miraculous medicine is this? How can it have such a magical effect? This is simply too incredible!”

Anthony trembled as he said, “I have told you before that Mr. Wade is truly a real dragon in this world. Everything that he does is beyond our comprehension. I have already lived such a long life, and I never expected to be able to meet someone as amazing as Mr. Wade in this lifetime…”

As he spoke, Anthony hurriedly took out a small wooden box containing the magical pills that Charlie Wade had given to him.

There was one and a half magical pill inside the small wooden box at this time.

These were the magical pills that Charlie Wade had refined and concocted to treat and repair the body, restore nerve damages, and also to strengthen a person’s body.

Half of it was the remaining half of the pill from what he used to help Charlie Wade save Jacob Wilson.

After that, Charlie Wade had rewarded him with another magical pill after finding out that he had refused to treat Kenneth’s illness.

Anthony kept thinking that since he was already old, he should be carrying this one and a half magical pill around with him at all times in case of an emergency.

However, since Charlie Wade had already blessed him with a Rejuvenating Pill, he was prepared to give one of his magical pills to his granddaughter, Xyla.

Therefore, Anthony took out the whole pill before he said, “Xyla, this is the magic pill that Mr. Wade has given to me. I was originally planning to keep it for myself…”

As he spoke about this, Anthony looked at Xyla before he said sincerely, “Xyla, do not blame grandpa for being so selfish. After all, your grandpa is already old, and old people are always afraid to die. I did not want to leave you so soon…”

Xyla hurriedly cut in, “Grandpa, don’t say such things! I have never thought that you were selfish!”

Anthony smiled slightly as he said, “Actually, I understand and I know full well that I am being very selfish.”

After that, Anthony handed the magical pill to Xyla before he said, “Xyla, your grandfather has already received too many favors from Mr. Wade. I am already an old man, but I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy Mr. Wade’s kind blessings and help. Therefore, I do not want to be enjoying all these blessings given by Mr. Wade all by myself. I am giving this magical pill to you, and you should keep this with you at all times in case of an emergency.”

Xyla hurriedly waved her hands as she said, “Grandpa, you should keep this medicine for yourself! I do not need it at all!”

Anthony earnestly replied, “Xyla, be good and listen to your grandpa. You should just accept this medicine and keep it with you. Your grandpa should not be enjoying all these blessings and good fortune by myself. I want to share some of my good fortune with you.”

Then, Anthony sighed again as he said, “Xyla, from now on, you have to make sure that you serve Mr. Wade well. You have to continue serving him even if your grandpa dies in the future. This is not only to repay Mr. Wade for his kindness but also so that you will be able to seek a greater blessing and good fortune for yourself!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 545

When she saw the earnest and sincere expression on her grandfather’s face, Xyla hesitated for a moment before she finally took the pill from his hands.

Once upon a time, she had also dreamt whether she could own the miraculous medicine for herself. However, she knew that her grandfather was already old, and she knew that he needed the medicine more than herself. Therefore, she did not think much about it.

Xyla never expected her grandfather to willingly give her the medicine that Charlie Wade had given to him!

Therefore, after receiving this magical pill, she was also extremely excited. At the same time, her grandfather’s words kept echoing in her mind.

Serve Mr. Wade for a lifetime?

Xyla wanted to do so, but she did not know whether Charlie Wade would despise her for it.

Anthony could see right through her careful thoughts. Therefore, he smiled slightly before he said, “Xyla, Mr. Wade is a person who values love and justice. As long as you treat him wholeheartedly and are sincere, he will surely treat you in kind. Your grandpa is already old and I will not live for much longer. You are still young, and I want you to always stay by Mr. Wade’s side to serve him. I can assure you that as long as you serve him with all your heart, Mr. Wade will definitely not treat you badly in the future.”

Xyla nodded before she said, “Don’t worry, grandpa. I know what I have to do!”

Anthony sighed as he said, “In the beginning, when Reuben invited me to come to Aurouss Hilll to treat Lord Mooore’s illness, I was planning to let you come here alone. After all, my old wounds and injuries were not healed then. However, I was afraid that Lord Mooore would not be able to live for long even if you treated him. That was the reason why I decided to make the trip here anyway. Who would have known that I would meet such a noble man because of this trip to Aurouss Hilll…”


Anthony stayed up all night because he was filled with excitement.

At the same time, Lord Mooore from the Moore family also could not sleep.

However, he was not as fortunate as Anthony. After Charlie Wade had saved his life and he had taken the magical pill, his health and body were indeed much better compared to when he was seriously ill and bedridden. His legs were much more flexible, but because of his poor health, there were no massive improvements to his physical fitness.

Since the temperature in Aurouss Hilll had dropped and it was much cooler over the past two days, Lord Mooore constantly felt very cold and was coughing all the time. This was the main reason why he could not sleep at night.

Early the next morning, Lord Mooore felt very dizzy when he woke up.

He had been coughing badly and had stayed up all night because of it. Therefore, both his physical and mental health was not that good at this point.

When the old man came out of his bedroom, both Jasmine and Reuben had already left the house. Both of them were now busy running the family business for him, and they always left the house early and returned home late every night.

Therefore, Lord Mooore asked his butler, Oscar, to drive him to Anthony’s Serene World Clinic. He planned to get Anthony to prescribe him with some medications to warm his body up and also to treat his bad cough.

As soon as Serene World Clinic opened its door in the morning, there was already a Rolls-Royce parked outside the entrance. The top-notch luxury car immediately caught and attracted the attention of many pedestrians.

After that, Oscar supported the elderly Lord Mooore as he got out of the Rolls-Royce.

At this time, there were four of the Moore family’s most well-trained bodyguards following closely behind both of them.

Lord Mooore took two steps before he stopped to cough twice, and then he took another step forward.

Oscar supported each of his steps and also helped to rub the old man’s back as he coughed. At this time, Oscar asked respectfully, “Lord Mooore, since you are feeling so unwell, you should be resting at home. I can ask Dr. Simmons to come over to see you.”

“I can’t do that.” Lord Mooore waved his hand before he said, “Dr. Simmons is so reputable and famous, and he is a well-known doctor in this country. Many people are waiting to see him and ask for his help. So, how could I possibly ask him to come and see me because of my minor illness?”

Oscar replied, “Lord Mooore, you will be celebrating your eightieth birthday soon. You are the birthday star, so how could you possibly do everything yourself?”

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