The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 546-550 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 546- 550)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 546

”It’s okay.” Lord Mooore replied indifferently. “I can also hand the invitation card to Dr. Simmons so that I can invite him to come and attend my eightieth birthday banquet.”

Then, he pointed at the entrance of the Serene World Clinic before he said, “Come, bring me into the clinic now.”

At this time, Xyla happened to be busy in the outer hall of the Serene World Clinic. When she saw Lord Mooore coming into the clinic, she hurriedly rushed forward as she said respectfully, “Lord Mooore, why are you here today? Are you feeling any physical discomfort?”

Lord Mooore coughed slightly before he smiled and said, “When a person gets older, their body and health is not as good as it used to be. Recently, the weather has gotten a little colder, and I think I am down with a cold. I came here to ask your grandfather to prescribe some medicine for me.”

Xyla hurriedly replied, “Please come in immediately. I will go inside and ask my grandpa to come out!”

After that, Xyla invited Lord Mooore into the clinic. After sitting Lord Mooore down, she ran inside before asking Anthony to come out.

As soon as he heard that Lord Mooore was here, Anthony hurriedly put down everything he was doing and rushed out to receive him.

Anthony had always regarded Charlie Wade as his greatest benefactor, but he was also very grateful toward Lord Mooore. After all, the only reason why he had gotten to know Charlie Wade was because Lord Mooore had been so critically ill. That was the reason why Anthony had accepted Reuben’s invitation to come to Aurouss Hilll to see him.

If it weren’t because of that incident, Anthony would never have had the opportunity to meet Charlie Wade.

Therefore, Anthony had always felt very grateful toward Lord Mooore from the bottom of his heart.

When Lord Mooore saw Anthony who had just walked out from the back of the clinic, he was so shocked that he was completely at a loss for words!

He could not understand how Anthony had suddenly become so young again!

The last time they had met, Anthony was clearly a regular old man who practiced medicine and had a greying beard and hair. However, most of his grey hair was now black and shiny, and it seemed as though there were much fewer fine lines and wrinkles on his face. Anthony’s shriveled body also looked much healthier, and he had a very ruddy complexion and seemed to be full of energy.

Anthony was supposed to be in his seventies, but because of his good health and complexion, he looked as though he was only in his sixties!

To Lord Mooore, this was simply the same as turning back time!

He really could not understand how Anthony could become so much younger all of a sudden!

Lord Mooore could not help comparing himself to Anthony. He was eighty years old this year and was only a few years older than Anthony. However, he looked much older because he had been critically ill and had been vomiting and sick for a long time.

However, when Lord Mooore compared himself to Anthony, he felt that they were almost a generation apart even though Anthony was less than ten years younger than him!

Lord Mooore, who was in shock, could not sit still anymore. He stood up as he trembled and asked in shock, “Brother Simmons, hasn’t it only been a few days since I last met you? Why do you look so different now? I feel that you look so much younger now. You look like you are more than twenty years younger than me now! Did you discover an extraordinary way to regain your youth and health?!”

Anthony hurriedly arched his hands before he said, “Brother Moore, the reason why there is a sudden change in me is because I recently encountered a very good opportunity.”

Lord Mooore was very envious when he heard Anthony’s words. If he could, he wanted to encounter the same opportunity as Anthony did.

He was more than willing to do so even if it would cost him all of his wealth!

Therefore, Lord Mooore asked Oscar to retreat temporarily. When Lord Mooore was left alone with Anthony, he cautiously asked, “Brother Simmons, I wonder if it would be convenient for you to reveal where your opportunity came from?”

Anthony lowered his head as he said apologetically, Brother Moore, please forgive me but I cannot reveal the source of my opportunity. I have already made a promise, and I have to keep my word!”

As soon as Lord Mooore heard Anthony’s words, his eyes flickered and he blurted out immediately, “Was the opportunity you are talking about given to you by Mr. Wade?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 547

Lord Mooore was not stupid. What kind of opportunity could actually make a person look ten years younger than he originally was?!

He was afraid that there was only one person in Aurouss Hilll who could do such a miraculous thing.

That person was none other than Charlie Wade Wade!

Even though Anthony did not respond, Lord Mooore knew very well that Anthony must have received this good fortune from Charlie Wade. That was the reason why Anthony could become so young all of a sudden!

At this time, Anthony could not help but feel a little anxious and complicated.

He did not dare to talk about the Rejuvenating Pill without Charlie Wade’s approval.

After all, Charlie Wade had expressly reminded him not to tell anyone else about this matter just yesterday.

However, Lord Mooore had already guessed it himself. Therefore, Anthony was placed in a very tough spot.

When he saw the look on Lord Mooore’s face, Anthony could only reply awkwardly, “Brother Moore, you guessed this on your own. Please do not tell Mr. Wade that I said anything to you… Mr. Wade does not want me to tell anyone about this at all.”

Lord Mooore was even more affirmative of his guess after listening to Anthony’s words.

It seemed as though the person who gave this gift and opportunity to Anthony was none other than his good grandson-in-law, Charlie Wade!

Lord Mooore felt very envious about this.

His envy even reached a certain level where he began to feel very jealous of Anthony.

How could anyone possibly not want to be like Anthony? He was already in his seventies, but he looked like he was only sixty years old at most!

Who wouldn’t want to be given an opportunity to live for another ten years or more?

As soon as a person reached middle or old age, they would definitely become more and more afraid of death and old age.

Lord Mooore was like this too.

He had already recovered from a serious illness, but there were still many minor problems with his body.

Even though the last magical pill that Charlie Wade gave to him could prolong his life for a few more years, it was simply keeping him alive.

If it was possible, Lord Mooore also wanted to have a body that was ten years younger, just like Anthony.

At this time, Lord Mooore could only sigh as he said, “I never knew that Mr. Wade had such an amazing and incredible ability!”

Anthony solemnly replied, “Mr. Wade is really very well-versed in the field of medicine. I am afraid that I can only worship and look up to him in this life…”

Lord Mooore sighed once again as he said, “If Mr. Wade could also give me this same gift and opportunity, I would not mind giving him tens of billions of dollars in return for it!”

Although he said those words, Lord Mooore knew very well that he could not go and directly make such a request to Charlie Wade. On one hand, he would be betraying Anthony, and on the other hand, he would indirectly be betraying Charlie Wade as well.

Therefore, Lord Mooore felt that he could only wait for a coincidence or the right time for him to receive this gift and opportunity from Charlie Wade. He knew that he would not be able to force Charlie Wade to do anything no matter what it was.

The best opportunity for him to receive this gift would be if Charlie Wade became his grandson-in-law!

If Jasmine could marry him, he would not have to worry about any opportunities at all.

However, it was a pity that Jasmine and Charlie Wade had not made any clear progress in their relationship whatsoever. This made Lord Mooore feel a little worried.

It seemed as though he had no choice but to find a way to bring these two young people together!

Even if the Moore family had to lose face or even if Jasmine had to end up becoming his lover, Lord Mooore would not have any hesitations at all!

This was because Lord Mooore knew that as long as Charlie Wade and the Moore family had a deeper relationship, Jasmine would not be the only one benefitting from this relationship. Instead, the whole Moore family would surely gain and benefit from this!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 548

Just when Lord Mooore had already made up his mind, Anthony suddenly asked, “Brother Moore, where are you feeling unwell today?”

Lord Mooore put his thoughts away before he looked at Anthony and said, “Brother Simmons, just take a look at me now. My body and health are worsening day by day. Since it is autumn and the weather is getting a little colder, I have recently caught a cold because I did not pay too much attention to my own health. This is the reason why I decided to come and ask you to prescribe some medicine for me today.”

Anthony hurriedly replied, “Let me check your pulse for you first to see what is wrong with your body.”

Lord Mooore nodded before he stretched out his hand.

Anthony placed his finger on Lord Mooore’s wrist as he checked his pulse and looked at Lord Mooore’s other conditions. After that, he heaved a sigh of relief when he discovered that the latter was only infected with a cold.

“It is just the chills and a slight cold. I will prescribe some medicine for you. You can take these medicinal herbs home and decoct them before taking the medicine. You will definitely feel better in two to three days.”

“Thank you, Brother Simmons.” Lord Mooore nodded slightly before he seemed to suddenly recall something. After that, he turned around as he said, “By the way, there is something else that I wanted to tell you.”

Lord Mooore paused for a moment before he said, “I will be hosting my eightieth birthday banquet in two days. Since we are brothers who have already known each other for such a long time, you have to come to my banquet.”

As he spoke, Lord Mooore handed a bronze invitation card over to Anthony.

Anthony took the invitation card in his hand before he promised, “Don’t worry, Brother Moore. I will definitely be there on time.”

After that, Anthony hurriedly packed the medicine for Lord Mooore and gave it to him. Then, Anthony personally sent him to the door and walked him to his car.


As Lord Mooore was returning to the Moore family mansion, Donald and Sean had just sent Kian to the airport.

To prevent him from wanting to have an ‘extra meal’ on the plane, the nurses guarding him waited for him to finish his ‘extra meal’ before they sent him up on the plane.

Kian regained his consciousness and could smell the foul stench emitting from his mouth at this time. Kian looked at his father with pain in his eyes as he choked and said, “Dad, there must be someone who is out to harm me. You have to find out who is this beast who did this to me. You have to avenge me!”

Donald nodded before he said solemnly, “Don’t worry, Kian. I will find out the identity of the culprit who is trying to hurt you. I will make sure that he dies and suffers a fate worse than death for treating you like this!”

After that, Donald said once again, “After you go home, make sure you stay at home and take good care of yourself. Do not go out in public. I will look for a world-renowned doctor to treat you. I will make sure we cure you of your illness!”

Kian choked as he nodded again and again before getting on the plane reluctantly.

Finally, the Webb family’s private jet took off from the Aurous Airport. Donald and Sean stood in place as they watched the plane depart and disappear into the sky.

After that, Donald turned around and said to Sean, “Come, let’s go to the Moore family mansion now. We will propose a marriage between you and Jasmine today!”

Sean replied excitedly, “Great, dad! We should decide on this matter sooner rather than later. We have to finalize it as soon as possible!”

After he was done speaking, Sean nervously asked his father, “Dad, do you think the Moore family will turn down our marriage proposal?”

Donald laughed before he replied confidently, “You are the eldest son of the Webb family. Do you know how many girls from so many wealthy and powerful families are waiting in line for you to pick them? Even though Jasmine is indeed very beautiful and attractive, the Webb family is much wealthier and more powerful compared to the Moore family. Lord Mooore will certainly be very excited and anxious to marry Jasmine to you!”

“Really?” Sean was very happy. “So, you mean to say that the Moore family will definitely agree with this marriage proposal?”

Donald smiled indifferently before he said confidently, “Son, in the South Region, which woman will not want to marry you? The Moore family is fortunate that you have taken an interest in Jasmine and would like to marry her! No matter what it is, in the final analysis, it is the Moore family’s good fortune to be able to marry Jasmine to you!”

After that, Donald said arrogantly, “Do you believe me if I say that as soon as I bring up this matter to the Moore family, Lord Mooore will absolutely agree to it immediately?”

Sean smiled brightly before he said, “Alright, then! Dad, let’s go to the Moore family mansion now!”

Donald smiled slightly before he said, “You are the eldest son and the eldest grandson of the Webb family. Why does it seem as though you have no backbone or prospects at all when it comes to Jasmine?”

After that, Donald reminded Sean, “When we arrive at the Moore family mansion later, you should assume a high and mighty attitude. You should let the Moore family know that it is their good fortune if Jasmine is given the opportunity to marry you. Do you understand?”

“I understand!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 549

Later that afternoon, at the Moore family mansion.

Donald and Sean had already selected some gifts in advance before heading to the Moore family mansion.

Lord Mooore knew that the father and son from the Webb family were at Aurouss Hilll, but he also knew that something had happened to the youngest son of the Webb family. Therefore, he did not expect them to come and visit him so soon.

However, since both the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Webb family were here, Lord Mooore was naturally very polite, and he came out to entertain the both of them in person.

At this time, Donald and Sean were both sitting opposite Lord Mooore in the living room, and Oscar was serving tea and snacks to everyone as they all chatted happily together.

Donald presented Lord Mooore with a lot of gifts and also shook hands with Lord Mooore as he said, “Uncle Moore, I have not seen you in such a long time! I did not expect you to look so strong and healthy at this age. I really envy you, Lord Mooore!”

Lord Mooore smiled slightly before he said, “My body is not as strong and healthy as it seems. At best, I will be able to live for a few more years.”

Donald hurriedly replied, “Uncle Moore, you are truly too humble.”

After that, he spoke again, “Uncle Moore, I heard that you fell critically ill the last time. However, you seem to look very radiant. I believe that you are already in good health now?”

Lord Mooore smiled bitterly before he said, “At first, I really thought that I was lucky and in good health, but I only realize today that I am far from great.”

Donald was a little surprised when he heard Lord Mooore’s words. He quickly asked, “Uncle Moore, what do you define as great then?”

Lord Mooore smiled slightly before he exclaimed, “Well, it would be great if I could return to the state my body was in more than ten years ago overnight!”

As he said this, Lord Mooore thought of Anthony who had subverted his cognition and shocked him terribly today.

He could not forget about it even after coming back from the Serene World Clinic, and he was still brooding over it.

He did not know if he would ever be able to experience an opportunity like that for himself. If he could, he would not have lived in vain.

Donald did not know what Lord Mooore had experienced and witnessed for himself. Therefore, he thought that Lord Mooore was joking when he said this. So, he smiled before he said, “As the saying goes, there is a day where the flowers will bloom again, but people will never become young again. Uncle Moore, I know that you wish that you were young again. I also have the same wish as you. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a fantasy that is impossible to realize.”

Lord Mooore smiled slightly and did not say anything else.

After all, the only reason why Donald felt they couldn’t become young again was because he had never encountered someone like Charlie Wade in this world.

Thus, Lord Mooore did not want to waste any more time talking to him about this.

At this time, Lord Mooore suddenly asked Donald, “By the way, Donald, how is your second son’s situation now?”

Donald sighed before he said, “He is still in the same condition. I have already tried all sorts of methods and ways, but there is no progress at all. I have already sent him back to Sudbury on a plane earlier this morning.”

As he spoke about this, Donald continued speaking, “The reason Sean and I have decided to stay back in Aurouss Hilll is because I want to find out the reason why my youngest son suddenly came down with this illness. I strongly suspect that someone has cast a spell on him or used black magic on him. There is a strong reason for us to believe that his illness has something to do with the witchcraft practices in Southeast Asia. I wonder if you know anyone good at dealing with this kind of practice in Aurouss Hilll, Uncle Moore?”

Lord Mooore shook his head before he said, “I have only heard of witchcraft and black magic, but I have never seen or experienced it personally before. I can’t even be certain whether these things really exist or not.”

Donald replied earnestly, “These things are actually true, but they are usually used by the smaller communities and poorer people on the sidelines. Many people use these methods because they desire to become richer and gain wealth for themselves. Wealthy and powerful families such as ours generally do not engage in these practices.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 550

Lord Mooore nodded before he said, “Yes, the wealthy and powerful families believe in Feng Shui and the eight characters. This is the essence of our ancestry. As for the dregs in Southeast Asia, I really do not have any respect for them whatsoever.”

Donald said, “From this point of view, it seems as though we really cannot find any clues leading to this matter at all. In this case, it is not easy for us to find the culprit behind this incident!”

After that, Donald clasped his fists together before he said, “Uncle Moore, Sean and I will be staying in Aurouss Hilll for a few more days. We want to stay here to investigate and look for any relevant clues about my son’s sudden illness. Uncle Moore, if it is not inconvenient for you, can we stay at your house for a few days?”

At this time, Lord Mooore smiled before he said, “The Moore family has always had a good friendship with the Webb family. Why are you being so polite with me over this small matter? Since you are already here, I will naturally do my best to host both of you. I will ask the servants to clean up two of the guest rooms for you later.”

The Moore family mansion was huge, and there were more than a dozen rooms on the first floor itself. There were also plenty of guest rooms in the mansion. Therefore, it was not too much trouble for Lord Mooore to allow Donald and Sean to stay at their house temporarily for a few days.

Donald was overjoyed when he heard this and quickly thanked him. “Thank you for your kindness, Uncle Moore!”

After that, Donald pulled Sean who had been silent all this while to his side before he smiled and said, “Uncle Moore, I haven’t officially introduced my son to you. This is Sean, the next generation heir to the Webb family in the future.”

Sean hurriedly bowed as he said respectfully, “Junior Sean would like to show my respect to you, Grandpa Moore!”

Lord Mooore smiled and nodded slightly before he said, “It seems as though your eldest son and the grandson of the Webb family is indeed very talented and smart!”

Donald laughed before he said, “Uncle Moore, you are too polite. In fact, both your grandchildren are also giants amongst men!”

Then, Donald sighed before he said, “Especially Jasmine. I have not seen her in so many years and I almost could not recognize her when she visited us at the hospital yesterday! She is truly becoming more beautiful and mature by the day.”

Lord Mooore smiled and said, “Jasmine might look very mature and capable, but she is still just a little girl at heart.”

Donald nodded before he deliberately asked, “Uncle Moore, Jasmine is already of marriageable age. I wonder if you have already found a good husband for her?”

At this time, Lord Mooore suddenly thought of Charlie Wade. Unfortunately, Charlie Wade was already the son-in-law of the Wilson family and the husband of Claire Wilson Wilson. Moreover, it seemed as though his granddaughter had not made any substantial progress. Therefore, he could only say, “I have not found a husband for Jasmine yet. I am not in a hurry to marry her off because she is still young anyway.”

Donald hurriedly replied, “Uncle Moore, truthfully, you should be anxious about this matter. After all, time flies by very quickly. If you don’t worry about it this year, you will worry about it next year and the year after that. One day, you will realize that it is already too late, and then you will rush to look for a son-in-law, wait for them to fall in love, talk about marriage, get married, and when she should conceive a baby! Jasmine might already be thirty years old by then!”

Lord Mooore nodded in agreement before he said, “Well, what you said does make sense. I will take it to heart and keep it in mind. I will also sit down with Jasmine and persuade her to start planning for her marriage earlier.”

In truth, Lord Mooore was thinking that he would use this set of rhetoric theories to try and persuade Jasmine to take the initiative to pursue and attack Charlie Wade as soon as possible instead of wasting any more precious time.

On the other hand, Donald thought that he had already set the groundwork for himself and could go straight to the topic now.

Therefore, he said confidently, “Uncle Moore, since Jasmine and Sean are both about the same age and can be regarded as good friends who are of marriageable age, I wonder if you would like to become in-laws with the Webb family?”

After that, Donald smiled because he was confident that he had already won Lord Mooore over.

He felt that after listening to his persuasion, Lord Mooore would definitely agree to his marriage proposal without any hesitation.

At this time, Sean was also staring at Lord Mooore nervously as he waited for Lord Mooore to agree to the marriage proposal.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Lord Mooore heard Donald’s words, he blurted out his answer immediately.

“No!” Then, he emphasized once again, “Absolutely not!”

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