The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 551-555 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 551- 555)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 551

”Absolutely not?!”

Donald would never have expected Lord Mooore to turn down his request just like that.

It seemed as though Lord Mooore did not even think about it before turning down his request.



The Webb family was wealthier and more powerful than the Moore family. His son was even the eldest grandson of the Webb family. To put it bluntly, he was the most outstanding young man in the whole South Region.

There were so many girls from many different big and powerful families who were waiting to get involved with Sean, even trying to take the initiative to get closer to him!

They were giving the Moore family face simply by saying that they had taken an interest in Jasmine!

After all, the Moore family would be using the Webb family to climb up in status!

Lord Mooore had ten thousand reasons to agree to the marriage proposal, but he should not have any reasons to turn it down!

Yet, it seemed as though Lord Mooore had turned down the marriage proposal without any hesitation whatsoever. Why?

Why did he look down on the Webb family?

Donald felt very uncomfortable and could only ask anxiously, “Uncle Moore, do you think that Sean is not worthy of Jasmine?”

In his subconscious mind, Lord Mooore indeed wanted to say “No, he is not good enough!”.

Are you kidding me? Could Sean ever be compared to Charlie Wade?

In his eyes, Donald’s precious son could never be compared to Charlie Wade.

After all, Sean could not make him look ten years younger in a single day.

But Charlie Wade could! He could make him look and feel ten years younger!

Moreover, Charlie Wade’s talent and ability had already reached the sky. He had extraordinary strength and power. So, how could a junior from the Webb family possibly compare to him?

However, Lord Mooore could not speak too bluntly since the Webb family were still their friends and acquaintance after all. He did not want to say those hurtful words to them.

Therefore, he simply replied calmly, “Donald, please do not get too offended. I do not have the final say in this matter. As you know, the younger generation nowadays is all about freedom of love and marriage. I will leave everything to Jasmine to make her own decisions about her marriage. I do not want to call the shots for her lifelong happiness.”

Donald shook his head before he said, “Uncle Moore, don’t you know how our families work? In our family, no matter whether you are a boy or girl, there is no such thing as freedom of love and marriage! Don’t we have to follow all of our family’s arrangements? Uncle Moore, as long as you agree to the marriage proposal, I believe that Jasmine will not dare to disobey you.”

Families like theirs had always paid extra attention to their marriages.

Donald initially thought that Lord Mooore would certainly agree joyfully as soon as he proposed a marriage between Sean and Jasmine. After all, the Webb family was undoubtedly stronger and more powerful compared to the Moore family. It would be an upgrade for Jasmine to marry into the Webb family.

Moreover, Jasmine was at the perfect age to get married.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 552

In these wealthy and powerful families, the girls would often get engaged when they were twenty years old.

Moreover, most of them would get married as soon as they graduated from college at the age of twenty-two or twenty-three years old.

Therefore, Donald was hoping for Lord Mooore to mention this matter directly to Jasmine. He was also hoping that Lord Mooore would directly ask Jasmine to accept the marriage proposal.

Most of the girls in these wealthy and powerful families were all aware of these family arrangements for marriage. As long as the elders in the family made the arrangements, the younger generation would naturally obey them.

Lord Mooore did not expect Donald to continue persisting even though he had already declined the marriage proposal directly.

Therefore, he could only chuckle and wave his hand as he said, “To be honest, Jasmine is still very young, and I do not wish for her to be married yet. After all, her elder brother is not even married yet.”

At this time, Donald blurted out, “Boys can wait to get married even when they are older, but girls cannot do that! The latest age for them to get married is when they are at the age of twenty-four or twenty-five years old. If a girl waits until she is thirty years old to get married, that would be greatly discounting her own value too!”

Lord Mooore smiled faintly before he said, “For someone who sincerely likes Jasmine, it would not matter to them if she is twenty-four or twenty-five years old when they get married. Even if she is thirty, forty, or fifty years old, Jasmine will still be happily married.

However, if someone does not truly love her, there would be a huge difference for them if they got married when she was twenty-five or twenty-six. Therefore, I only wish for my granddaughter to be happily married.”

Sean hurriedly spoke up at this time. “Grandpa Moore, if you are willing to let me marry Jasmine, I promise you that I will definitely love her and treat her well for the rest of my life!”

Lord Mooore nodded before he said, “Of course I believe that you will treat her well. However, everything depends on Jasmine and I will not decide on her behalf.”

Donald felt a little upset.

He had already said so much and his son had even promised to love and take good care of his granddaughter, yet, he was still rejecting them. What did he mean by that? Was he looking down on the Webb family?

Donald was silent for a moment before he asked, “Uncle Moore, can I ask you a question? Since you keep turning down my request, is it because you have a better candidate in mind to become the son-in-law of the Moore family instead?”

When Lord Mooore saw that the other party was still persistent, he did not want to beat around the bush any longer. He wanted the other party to give up. Therefore, Lord Mooore nodded before he replied, “Yes. I will not hide it any longer. I do have a strong candidate in mind.”

After that, he added, “Jasmine also has a candidate in her heart, and both of us feel the same way about the same person.”

Sean was extremely disappointed when he heard Lord Mooore’s words. He had finally met a woman who made his heart skip a beat. However, he never expected that her family would reject him, look down on him, and also reveal that she already had a person that she loved!

Donald was also very shocked and could not hide the anger that he was feeling toward Lord Mooore at this time.

D*mn it! Did this terrible old man really have such high expectations that he even looked down on the Webb family? This was unbelievable!

As he thought about it, Donald frowned before he asked, “Uncle Moore, since this person can make you turn down the Webb family, he must be from a very wealthy and prestigious family in Eastcliff, am I right?”

Lord Mooore shook his head before he said, “No… that young man is just an ordinary man. He is not from any wealthy or prestigious family at all. In fact, if I remember correctly, he was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage ever since he was eight years old.”

Donald became even angrier when he heard Lord Mooore’s words, and he blurted out immediately, “How could an orphan who has no parents at all possibly be better than Sean?! Uncle Moore, what do you see in him?”

Lord Mooore laughed before he said, “Sometimes, people cannot be compared merely in terms of wealth and their family background. Some people are naturally more capable and talented compared to others.”

Donald frowned before he asked, “Uncle Moore, do you mean to say that Sean is not capable?”

“Of course not.” Lord Mooore smiled as he continued speaking. “I meant to say that everyone always has their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Sean could be very good in every aspect, but he might not be able to play basketball.

However, another person might not be good at anything at all, but he could be very good at basketball. If a girl is attracted to a guy because of his basketball skills, no one could say that Sean was not good in the first place.

In truth, Sean was not weaker than the other party, but he only lost simply because the girl was attracted to a guy who could play basketball.”

At this time, Lord Mooore’s inner thoughts were, ‘D*mn it, Donald. Why do you have so much nonsense to say? I have already said so much but you still refuse to retreat. Instead, you continue to argue and try to justify your position in this matter. Do you really want me to tell you face to face that your son is nothing but sh*t in my eyes? Will you finally be satisfied then?!’

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 553

Donald was a little annoyed by this unexpected response.

He thought that Lord Mooore would agree to his marriage proposal without hesitation and immediately accept his son as their family’s son-in-law.

However, Lord Moored had rejected his proposal over and over again!

Humiliation and confusion filled Donald’s mind.

Sean was equally frustrated and said, “Lord Mooore, why don’t you want Jasmine to marry me? Our Webb family is the number one family in the South Region. Even in this country, how many could dare say that they are better than me, Sean Webb?”

Lord Mooore smiled gently at him and said, “Of course, Young Master Webb is a very excellent gentleman, but you can’t force feelings to grow out of nowhere. You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.”

For Lord Mooore, it was hard for him to be too harsh against the father and son who did not have a clear conscience of the matter, so he could only beat around the bush and try to talk sense into them.

Sean snorted irritably, feeling rather upset and agitated.

He assumed the meeting would progress as smoothly as he had planned it, but it was harder than scaling Everest.

Just when he pouted in irritation, Reuben arrived home.

When Reuben saw Donald and Sean in their living room, he hurried forward and said politely, “Hi, Uncle Webb, Sean, what a surprise! Welcome to our house. May I know what’s the occasion of the visit?”

Donald smiled back at him and said, “Oh, hi, Reuben. I just sent Kian back to Sudbury this morning, but Sean and I plan to stay back in Aurouss Hilll to find out who is the culprit behind Kian’s illness. We are here to see your grandfather and hope that we can stay here for a few days.”

Then, he added, “Oh yes, by the way, do you think my son, Sean, and your cousin, Jasmine, is a match made in heaven?”

Reuben blurted excitedly, “Of course! Of course, they are! They are a perfect match for each other!”

Donald nodded with a satisfied smile and said to Lord Mooore, “Uncle Moore, see! You’ve heard what Reuben has said. I think even if you ask all the families in the South Region, they will say the same thing as he did.”

Lord Mooore pursed his lips, embarrassed.

Reuben interjected frantically, “Grandpa, I think Sean and Jasmine would make a great couple. If they are married, it will be a strong alliance between the two families too!”

Reuben knew what his grandfather was thinking. The old man wanted Jasmine to be with Charlie Wade.

However, he strongly opposed it. He was eager to persuade his grandfather to agree to the Webb family’s marriage proposal.

Lord Mooore never expected his grandson to join forces with the outsiders to persuade him! Didn’t he know that he wanted Jasmine to be with Charlie Wade?

In his heart, Lord Mooore knew that Reuben was aware of his intentions, thus, he took the Webb family’s side because he didn’t want anything to happen between Jasmine and Charlie Wade.

Because of this, Lord Mooore felt even more disappointed with Reuben.

Lord Mooore was a man with a sophisticated mind through his lifelong experience, and he could see right through Reuben’s little tricks and schemes.

He cleared his throat and said flatly, “Reuben, you are not in place to persuade me about your cousin’s business.”

Reuben’s heart skipped a beat in fear. He shut his mouth quickly, knowing that he had upset his grandfather.

Just then, Oscar, the butler, came in from the main door and announced, “Master, Miss Jasmine is back. She is in the garage now.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 554

Lord Mooore nodded lightly as Donald and Sean exchanged glances.

Sean could see what his father was trying to say through his eyes—he was encouraging him to approach Jasmine personally about the marriage proposal.

After a while, Jasmine came into the house. She was a little surprised to see Donald and Sean at her house, however, she quickly composed herself and greeted them politely.

Donald smiled and said, “Hi, Jasmine. Your grandfather and I were just talking about you.”

Jasmine asked in astonishment, “Talking about me? May I know what’s the agenda?”

Sean looked at Jasmine intensely and said, “Jasmine, we’ve known each other since we were kids, so we can be regarded as half childhood sweethearts, right? Besides, our families have been friends for decades, so we wish to cement old ties by marriage. Hence, I asked my father to come and offer a marriage proposal to your grandfather, and he said to respect your decision. May I know if you would give me a chance?”

Jasmine stuttered awkwardly, “Sean, we have not seen each other for some time, isn’t it a bit too abrupt for you to say this…”

“Oh, if you think I’m being too abrupt, we can start slowly by dating and eventually cultivating our relationship. What do you think?”

Jasmine looked at her grandfather for help and then shook her head apologetically, “I’m so sorry, Sean. I’ve already got someone in my mind…”

Sean was flustered but he continued, “Jasmine, your grandfather said that the man you like is an ordinary man who is not part of a prominent family. As the granddaughter of the prestigious Moore family, you will be a laughingstock if you marry such an ordinary man!”

“No, I won’t,” Jasmine said firmly. “You should marry the love of your life. If you get married for other reasons, it violates the pure essence of marriage.”

Then, she tried to persuade him, “Sean, you said it yourself. We have known each other since young. I would like to offer a piece of advice—don’t choose your spouse for the sake of the family’s benefit. The marriage will not last, let alone be happy.”

Sean was extremely annoyed by her remarks.

D*mn it, I came here to ask for your hand! Not only did you reject me, but you also gave me such ridiculous and nonsensical advice! How dare you shun me like this!

Donald was equally bewildered and shocked by Jasmine’s response. Jasmine not only rejected his son’s courtship, but she even used the excuse of an unhappy and short-lived diplomatic marriage to block his attempt to a dead-end! She was rejecting Sean through and through!

The more amazed he was toward Jasmine’s wittiness, the more he hoped that Jasmine could become his daughter-in-law. She would be an excellent plus one to his son!

From this point on, he was determined that the Webb family would take down the Moore family’s granddaughter by all means!

Hence, Donald stepped forward to pat Sean’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Son, you and Jasmine are so young, you should advocate freedom of love and marriage. So, don’t rush it. You guys are still fresh, there is plenty of time ahead. Don’t be upset for now.”

Lord Mooore was a little relieved when Donald took a step back. He nodded gladly and gestured to Oscar, “Arrange a guest room each for Donald and Sean, be attentive to every detail, okay? Then, inform the kitchen staff to prepare lunch and entertain our guests at noon.”

Oscar bowed hurriedly and said to Donald and Sean, “Please follow me to the guest rooms.”

Donald nodded and said to the Moore family members, “Excuse us, we’ll see you at the dining hall later.”

Then, they followed Oscar to their rooms.

Once they closed the door, Sean shouted anxiously, “Dad! How dare Lord Mooore look down on me?! What, am I not a suitable candidate for his precious granddaughter?!”

Donald plastered a calm smile on his face and said, “Kid, relax. I’ll have someone to investigate if Jasmine truly has someone in her mind. If she does, I’ll find out who he is!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 555

“Who is he?!”

Sean was annoyed and frustrated. “Dad, no matter who he is, among the young people in the South Region, no one is better than me! He’s just a loser! Even the dragon in the sky has to hold still around me!”

Then, his face sank as he said, “Don’t you think the old man is too much? It’s an honor that I want Jasmine to marry me! Who do they think they are to look down on me!”

Donald said flatly, “Sean, don’t forget that we are staying with the Moore family. Walls have ears. How will you explain yourself if they hear what you’ve said? There will be no turning back.”

Sean closed his mouth in shock.

Donald sighed, slightly disappointed. “Boy, you are always like this. Too impatient. Next time, you must be calm and steady.”

“I’m sorry, dad. I didn’t think straight.”

“Lord Mooore has always been shrewd and cautious throughout his life, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to establish such a huge and diversified family business. I don’t think he will make such a ridiculous mistake. He will definitely disagree if Jasmine likes an ordinary man, so I suspect that the guy must be somebody.”

A flash of cold light flitted through Sean’s eyes as he said, “Dad, I’ve never heard of any amazing young man among the big families in the South Region. In fact, we, the Webb family, are at the top…”

Donald pondered for a second and said, “You said it yourself. Our family is the top in the South Region, but we are at the bottom of the pyramid in the country. The truly powerful and influential families are in Eastcliff. I suspect that the man Jasmine admires may be the offspring of one of Eastcliff’s big families.”

Sean sucked in a breath. “Dad, what do you mean?”

“Tomorrow night, I’ll organize a banquet at Heaven Springs and invite some heads of other Aurouss Hilll’s families to join me. I believe they will come after hearing my name.”

Right then, Oscar knocked on the door and said, “Mr. Webb, Master invites you to join him for lunch at the dining hall.”

“Okay, thanks,” Donald said, “Please inform Uncle Moore that we’ll be there right away!”

Then, he lowered his voice again and spoke to Sean, “I have two objectives for this banquet. First, I want the guests to help us find clues about what happened to your brother. Second, I want to know who Jasmine admires so much! If he truly is the offspring of a big family, we’ll have to find an alternative way to mend the matter, but if he is just an ordinary man, I’ll wipe him off the grid forever!”

Sean grinned excitedly and said, “Okay, Dad, I understand!”


Meanwhile, Charlie Wade had just finished preparing lunch and was eating with Claire Wilson Wilson and his in-laws.

In the middle of lunch, Jacob Wilson looked extremely happy, and there was a wide smile plastered on his face as if something joyous was going on.

Elaine Ma frowned in annoyance as she looked at Jacob Wilson and said, “Hey, old fool, what’s with that awful smile? What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything, goodness!” Jacob Wilson shrieked frantically, “We have a class reunion later in the evening, we’ll visit our alma mater along with our former class teacher.”

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