The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 581-585 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 581- 585)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 581

Charlie Wade looked at Jasmine before he smiled and said, “I came here with my father-in-law to attend his class reunion with his old classmates. I didn’t tell you about it because I did not want to trouble you.”

Jasmine hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, you should tell me in advance that your father-in-law will be having a class reunion here! I would have made the necessary preparations to entertain him and his friends!”

Charlie Wade smiled as he said, “There is no need for you to make any special preparations for him. After all, it is just a group of old men who are just out to catch up and have some fun. I am afraid that they will not be able to adapt to it if everything is too grand.”

As he spoke, Charlie Wade said again, “Furthermore, I have never told my father-in-law that I have a good relationship with you. I am afraid that he will be very confused if the young lady from the Moore family comes out to entertain him personally.”

Jasmine nodded slightly before she said, “By the way, Mr. Wade, my grandfather will be holding his eightieth birthday banquet at noon tomorrow. I was originally intending to send you the invitation card tonight to ask you if you have the time to come for his birthday banquet tomorrow. My grandfather has been talking about you and really wants to see you.”

Charlie Wade thought for a moment before he nodded and said, “I have nothing on tomorrow. I will come to the birthday banquet.”

For Charlie Wade, even though the Moore family was not that powerful, they were still the wealthiest and most powerful family in Aurouss Hilll. Therefore, Charlie Wade felt that he could save himself a lot of trouble if he maintained a good relationship with them.

Furthermore, Charlie Wade had a very good impression of Jasmine. He felt that this woman was very smart and promising, and that made him want to appreciate her a little more.

When Jasmine saw that Charlie Wade had already agreed to come for her grandfather’s birthday banquet, she hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, should I come and pick you up in the morning tomorrow?”

Charlie Wade declined immediately as he said, “No, it’s okay. You must be busy since it’s Lord Mooore’s birthday banquet tomorrow. I will just go over to your house by myself.”

Jasmine nodded before she smiled sweetly and said, “Okay then, Mr. Wade. You can come and look for me when you arrive tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will do that.”

Jasmine lowered her head to look at the time on her watch before she said apologetically, “Mr. Wade, I will not bother you anymore. I have to go back and make some preparations for the banquet now.”

“Go.” Charlie Wade nodded, and he watched Jasmine leave before he took the elevator to the tenth floor.

Room 1008 on the tenth floor.

The group of old men was all surprised at the level of luxury of the room, and every single one of them held their cell phones in their hands as they continued snapping pictures.

The highest floor that a well-known mobster boss in Aurouss Hilll with an unprecedented reputation could reach was the tenth floor of the Glorious Club. Therefore, they knew that the people who could enjoy a room on the tenth floor were all very impressive.

This was an eye-opener for Jacob Wilson and his old classmates because they naturally did not have the ability or status to come here on their own.

Everyone was praising Charlie Wade, and someone said, “This is all thanks to Jacob Wilson’s son-in-law! This place truly looks and feels more like a royal palace!”

“Yes! I have already lived for more than fifty years in this life, but I have never been to such a luxurious place! Jacob Wilson’s son-in-law is truly amazing!”

Everyone kept praising Charlie Wade, and this made Jacob Wilson feel very proud of himself.

He had been targeted and ridiculed at the very beginning, so, he never would have expected to become the person who would receive so much respect and so many compliments from his old classmates. Jacob Wilson was very satisfied, and this was a huge boost to his self-esteem.


As Jacob Wilson and his classmates were enjoying the ultimate luxury on the tenth floor of the Glorious Club, Elaine Ma and Hannah had already arrived at the Thompson First villa to play mahjong with a rich and wealthy woman who was introduced by Hannah.

At this time, a middle-aged woman who was dressed up to the brim was sitting on the banker’s seat as she prepared and set up an electronic mahjong machine. She smiled before she said, “Hannah, who is this sister? Why don’t you introduce her to me?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 582

Hannah said, “Sister Linda, let me introduce the both of you. This is the friend that I mentioned to you before. Her name is Elaine Ma. She enjoys playing mahjong, just like you, and she always has a very good hand in mahjong! She’s always been willing to bet, and she is not a sore loser either.”

Elaine Ma hurriedly said, “Hello, Sister Linda!”

Linda nodded lightly before she smiled and said, “It just so happens that I have always been missing another permanent mahjong friend. If you’re interested, you can come here often to play mahjong with me and Hannah in the future.”

Elaine Ma hurriedly replied, “Oh, that’s really great! This is such a coincidence! I have a friend who I have been regularly playing mahjong with, but she is already going to the United States soon. I was afraid that I would not be able to find a friend to play mahjong with anymore!”

Linda took the initiative to stretch out her hand and said to Elaine Ma politely and respectfully, “Hello, Elaine Ma. I am Linda. Welcome to my house!”

Elaine Ma quickly shook hands with her.

After that, Linda said, “Oh, you see, my villa has basically been sitting idle after the renovation was done. So, I thought of using it as a venue for my sisters to play mahjong with me.”

Elaine Ma could not help but feel a little envious of Linda. She could simply use such a big and luxurious villa to play mahjong. This meant that she was probably even richer than Summer.

After that, Elaine Ma quickly looked around the Thompson First villa.

The renovation and interior design of the villa were indeed very luxurious, but this villa was not as big as the one that Zeke had given to Charlie Wade.

The villa that Zeke had given to Charlie Wade was the largest villa unit in the entire Thompson First. Moreover, the villa supposedly owned by Linda was the smallest villa amongst all the villas in Thompson First.

However, even the smallest villa was already very big and luxurious for most people.

Elaine Ma could not help but ask, “Sister Linda, how much did you spend to buy this villa?”

Linda was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly replied, “Oh, it did not cost me too much. I paid about eighty million dollars for it.”

In fact, this villa did not belong to Linda at all. This villa was the property of a film and television company.

After buying the villa, the film and television company had renovated it and turned it into an indoor filming location. Not too long ago, a television series called, ‘New Love Apartment’ was actually filmed and completed here. However, the television series was still in post-production, and it had not been officially broadcasted yet.

The villa happened to be vacant after the television series was completed, and the film and television company would not be filming for another month. Therefore, they decided to temporarily rent out the villa to cover some of their cost.

To set up this trap for Elaine Ma, Hannah had rented this villa for five thousand dollars a day. She was prepared to cheat Elaine Ma of all her money here because she wanted to take revenge on Elaine Ma for humiliating and insulting her and Christopher the other day.

It would be best if she could also cheat Charlie Wade’s villa out of Elaine Ma. That way, she would be able to turn her life around immediately!

Elaine Ma did not know that all of this was simply a trap that had been laid out for her. She thought that she was really lucky to have met an acquaintance who would eventually develop into a long-term cash-making machine for her.

Therefore, Elaine Ma looked at Linda with a flattering expression on her face as she said, “Oh! Sister Linda, it would be really convenient for us to play mahjong together in the future! My family and I will be moving into my son-in-law’s villa, which is Villa A05 at Thompson First next month!”

Linda had already long known that Elaine Ma had a villa at Thompson First. If it weren’t because of that villa, she would not have agreed to work together with Hannah just to cheat Elaine Ma of her savings.

Linda was in her fifties, and she had been a croupier at a casino in Macau for more than thirty years. She was definitely good at all sorts of cards and gambling games, including poker and mahjong, which she was superb in.

This time, Hannah promised Linda that she would provide her the technical support in the game, and that both of them would split the profits equally between them.

Therefore, Elaine Ma regarded Linda as her ATM, while Linda regarded her as a big fat pig that she could not wait to split into half! After that, she would be able to share the profits equally with Hannah!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 583

Everyone had their own tricks up their sleeves, and they could not wait to start the game.

Therefore, Linda clapped her hands as she greeted another woman, smiled, and said, “By the way, this is Gianna Rowe. She is also a close friend of mine. We are all not very good at gambling, so we should just start the game with the four of us now!”

Elaine Ma also replied excitedly, “Okay, let’s get started immediately. To be honest, my hands are getting itchy already!”

Linda smiled before she suggested, “Since today is the first time we are playing mahjong together with Sister Elaine Ma, let’s not start with too much capital. We will start with one thousand dollars, and we will cap it at sixty-four times, okay?”


Elaine Ma was a little shocked when she heard Linda’s words. She blurted out immediately, “A thousand dollars capped at sixty-four times?! This would eventually cost more than sixty thousand dollars at the end of the day! Do you usually play mahjong with such a big capital?”

Linda smiled before she waved her hand and said, “Sister Elaine Ma, is this considered a big capital? To be honest, this is the smallest I have ever played. When I was playing with some of my friends the other day, we were playing at three thousand to five thousand dollars. We even played a few rounds of ten thousand dollars.”

Then, Linda pointed at Hannah who was sitting next to Elaine Ma before she said, “The last time Hannah played a five thousand dollar game with me, I think I lost close to one million dollars that day! On the other hand, I think that Hannah won three hundred thousand dollars that night, right?”

Hannah hurriedly replied, “Oh, Sister Linda! You are just too rich. You cannot even remember how much money you lost that night?! You lost more than two million dollars that day! I won about five hundred thousand dollars, but the biggest winner that night was Gianna!”

At this time, the woman named Gianna smiled before she said, “Oh, I simply won a little more than a million dollars that night. That is not a lot of money to Sister Linda anyway!”

Linda smiled before she said, “To be completely honest, that small amount of money means nothing to me. My husband earns hundreds of millions of dollars every year, so he does not really mind if I lose thirty to fifty million dollars playing mahjong.”

Elaine Ma could not help but feel very excited when she heard Linda’s words.

Linda was truly a fool!

Moreover, if Hannah was going to partner up with her, it would surely be an easy win for them!

Elaine Ma quickly dispelled all of her doubts and worries from before as she smiled and said, “Okay then, Sister Linda. Let’s start with one thousand dollars.”

Linda nodded before she smiled and said, “Let’s get the dice rolling!”

“Okay!” Elaine Ma rubbed her hands together excitedly.

After Linda dealt the cards, she immediately took the lead to start the game.

After that, the four of them started checking their tiles.

Elaine Ma was very excited with the tiles she had been dealt with!

She could not believe how lucky she was!

All she needed to win the game was just a tile with three on one side, and a twenty thousand tile. If she could draw these tiles, she would win the game immediately!

Elaine Ma was very excited, and she began looking forward to drawing the card that she lacked.

However, after being unable to draw the tile that she needed after a few rounds, she thought of her agreement with Hannah. After that, she sent her a signal, asking her for a three.

Hannah understood her intentions and hurriedly let go of a three tile.


“Oh, I will take it!” Elaine Ma was very happy as she took the tile in front of her before she discarded a tile and said, “Eight!”

After that, Elaine Ma said triumphantly, “I have a draw!”

Linda asked her in surprise, “Oh, Sister Elaine Ma! You have a draw so soon?”

Elaine Ma smiled before she said, “Yes, it seems as though I have a very good hand today.”

Linda nodded as she said, “Then, I hope I will not burn myself.”

After that, Linda reached out her hand before she discarded her tile, “Twenty thousand!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 584

Elaine Ma was overjoyed when she saw Linda discarding the twenty thousand tile, and she immediately flipped her tiles over as she yelled, “Haha! I win! I take twenty thousand!”

“Oh, no!” Linda deliberately replied, “Ahh! Why am I always so unlucky?! Why did I discard that tile?!”

Elaine Ma hurriedly replied, “Hey, Sister Linda, we have already come to an agreement. So, since you’ve lost, you cannot go back on your words anymore!”

Linda replied, “Don’t worry, Sister Elaine Ma. I am not that kind of person. Since I am the one who discarded the wrong tile, I will definitely pay you the money that you won.”

Hannah also chimed in as she said, “Yes, Elaine Ma. Sister Linda is betting a few thousand dollars for a mahjong game just for fun.”

At this time, Linda had already handed the twenty-four thousand dollars over to Elaine Ma as she said, “You won twenty-four thousand dollars, right? Why don’t you count this money first?”

Elaine Ma was very excited, and she quickly took the money in her hands and counted it before she put the money aside as she continued playing mahjong with them.

After that, Elaine Ma’s luck remained surprisingly good.

Any tiles that she was dealt with were always good, and Elaine Ma won almost every game with Hannah’s help.

After playing a few rounds of mahjong, Elaine Ma had only lost two rounds. She had been winning all the other rounds they had been playing. At this point, she had already won more than three hundred thousand dollars!

She was already used to playing mahjong, but the most money she had ever won from playing mahjong was just ten thousand dollars. She had never won so much money before, and after counting her winnings and realizing that she had won more than three hundred thousand dollars, Elaine Ma could not hold her excitement any longer.

At this time, as they were shuffling the tiles, Hannah coughed lightly to give her accomplices a signal.

The expression on Linda’s face changed, and she knew that it was already time for them to close the net.

Since they had already fed the pig, it was now time to slaughter the pig!

Immediately afterward, Linda yawned before she said, “Oh! It’s so boring to just play one thousand dollars. I am already falling asleep. Why don’t we place a bigger bet instead so that I can feel more refreshed and energized for the game?”

Hannah smiled before she said, “Well, I am fine with that.”

Then, Hannah turned around and looked at Elaine Ma as she smiled and asked, “What do you think about that, Elaine Ma?”

Elaine Ma did not know that she had already fallen into a trap. She felt that she had won three hundred thousand dollars so easily and if she played a little bigger, she would probably be able to win three million dollars tonight!

She was simply greedy to win more money and did not even think about the possibility of her losing the game.

Therefore, she was very excited as she said, “Okay, let’s play a bigger amount, then!”

Linda nodded before she said, “Well, let’s start playing at ten thousand dollars, then! It’s really boring if we keep placing small bets.”

After that, Linda continued speaking, “If you guys think that the amount is too big, I can ask my neighbor to come over and play with you guys instead. She also likes to place smaller bets when playing mahjong. I can ask her to take over my spot while I go upstairs and take a nap.”

“Ten thousand dollars?” Elaine Ma was stunned. Wasn’t that too big?

It would be scary to lose five or six hundred thousand dollars just like that.

At this time, Hannah winked at Elaine Ma before she smiled and said, “Ten thousand dollars is still okay, Elaine Ma. You have been really lucky throughout the night, so if we really placed ten thousand dollars as the bet, you might even be able to make five million dollars tonight!”

As soon as she heard the words ‘five million dollars’, Elaine Ma’s sanity disappeared in an instant.

If she did not agree to the amount, Linda would just ask her neighbor to come and play with them instead. So, how would she be able to win a few million dollars tonight, then?

Therefore, Elaine Ma nodded in excitement before she said, “Okay! Let’s play a ten thousand dollars bet instead!”

“Okay!” Linda smiled slightly before she said, “Come on, let’s start now! Since we are playing a big amount now, let’s use internet banking to transfer the money. That would be much more convenient.”

The other three women nodded in agreement as they said, “Alright, then! let’s play!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 585

After reaching a consensus, all of them began to draw their tiles again.

After Elaine Ma finished drawing her tiles, she flipped her tiles around and almost screamed out in excitement as soon as she straightened her tiles!

Her tiles were perfect!

The so-called ‘Heavenly Hand’ meant that they could win as soon as they drew their tiles!

She had to have so much good luck to be able to draw such good tiles!

Besides that, the tiles that she drew were really very good. She had a pair of seven to eighty thousand, and this would mean that she would be able to win with a sixty or ninety thousand.

Generally speaking, as long as the ten thousand and ninety thousand were in someone else’s hands, she would not be able to win. That meant that from this moment onward, as long as someone discarded ninety thousand dollars, Elaine Ma would win the game immediately!

Under this kind of circumstances, she would be able to win at the highest multiplier!

As she thought about this, Elaine Ma excitedly arranged her tiles as she said, “I have a draw!”

Linda asked in surprise, “Elaine Ma that is amazing. You have a draw with the cards that you just drew?”

“Yes!” Elaine Ma said with a huge smile on her face. “I really don’t know what is going on, but I am truly very lucky today!”

Linda nodded before she said, “It seems as though you are destined to win today.”

After they were done speaking, Linda, who was seated at the banker’s seat, straightened her tiles before she said, “Concealed Kong!”

Elaine Ma exclaimed in surprise, “Oh! Sister Linda, you have a Concealed Kong as soon as you straighten your tiles. That is really amazing!”

Linda smiled before she said, “My other tiles are not that good!”

Elaine Ma reminded her at this time, “By the way, Sister Linda, if you draw another tile, you will have to reveal your concealed tiles.”

“Of course!” Linda nodded before she smiled, “Don’t worry. I will definitely show you my tiles as soon as I draw it.”

Since Elaine Ma had already called for a draw, she could not change her hand anymore. Therefore, she could only continue drawing and playing until someone discarded or if she drew a winning tile herself.

However, Elaine Ma did not know that the ninety thousand tile was actually hidden under Linda’s Concealed Kong!

Moreover, Hannah and Gianna both had two of the forty and sixty thousand tiles.

As Elaine Ma was anxiously drawing and playing her cards, Linda suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, I also have a draw now!”

After she was done speaking, Linda turned her tiles around to reveal the four hidden tiles for her Concealed Kong.

Elaine Ma suddenly felt dizzy when she saw those four tiles.

What bad luck!

Linda was actually concealing the ninety thousand tile! It was no wonder why she could not get the ninety thousand tile even after drawing so many times. Moreover, none of them were discarding any ninety thousand tiles at all.

As she was feeling slightly depressed, Elaine Ma could not help but think that even if the ninety thousand tile was gone, the sixty thousand tile was not out yet. This meant that she still had a chance to win!

She really wanted to give Hannah a secret signal to ask for a sixty thousand tile.

However, when she thought about it carefully, the best way to win at mahjong would be to draw her own tile so that everyone at the table would have to pay her three to one. If Hannah gave the sixty thousand tile to her, she would not be able to win money from Hannah. Elaine Ma felt that it would be a waste since she had such a good hand.

Therefore, she decided to rely on her own ability or to wait for someone else to discard a tile instead of relying on Hannah.

If Hannah discarded the sixty thousand tile herself, she would be overjoyed because Hannah would have to pay her then!

When it was Elaine Ma’s turn to draw a tile, she felt very excited when she started to touch her tile. She was about to exclaim in excitement, but she was very disappointed when she turned the tile around.

It turned out to be eighty thousand.

Bad luck!

If it was just a little smaller, if only if it was a sixty thousand tile, she would have already won!

In that case, three of them would have to pay her six hundred and forty thousand dollars each, and that would amount to almost two million dollars!

However, Elaine Ma comforted herself by thinking since the eighty thousand tile was here, it would only be a matter of time when the sixty thousand tile came out.

Therefore, she casually discarded the eighty thousand tile as she said, “Eighty thousand!”

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