The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 586-590 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 586- 590)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 586

”I win!” Linda yelled excitedly as she pushed all of her tiles down suddenly! “I have fifty-eight thousand, all in one suit, a Concealed Hand, and a Concealed Kong! This is a multiplier of forty-eight, and that means I win four hundred and eighty thousand dollars! Sorry, Sister Elaine Ma!”

Elaine Ma felt as though she had just fallen into an ice cellar!

Four hundred and eighty thousand dollars just because she discarded one tile?

She had just won three hundred thousand dollars after such a long time, and she was already giving up all of her winnings just like that. She even had to top up another one hundred over thousand dollars to make up for the losses…

That was more than a hundred thousand dollars!

Elaine Ma felt very uncomfortable, and she felt as though she was breaking apart mentally.

Hannah hurriedly persuaded her, “Oh! Elaine Ma, it cannot be possible for you to win every game anyway! You have already won so many games. It does not matter if you lose one game. You will get back all of your losses almost right away!”

Linda also smiled as she said, “Yes, it is just one round anyway. We are going to play many more rounds today!”

Elaine Ma felt a little more comforted and assured at this time. However, she was suffocating in her heart, and she really wanted to win back all the money that she had lost!

After using her internet banking to transfer four hundred and eighty thousand dollars to Linda, they continued with their next game.

However, Elaine Ma got very bad tiles for her next game.

She was in shock when she turned her tiles over! How could she possibly have such a bad hand?!

She was either missing a tile or having a broken combination. She did not even have a pair at all!

If she had tiles like this, she would need to draw at least seven or eight tiles for her to win…

She was on the verge of collapse!

How could she possibly turn this around?

Elaine Ma felt that she would not even be able to win even after everyone had already made up two sets of tiles!

Moreover, it seemed as though the other three people on the table had very good hands as they were all very happy and excited at this point.

Hannah was the first to draw her tile.

After that, it was followed by Linda and Gianna.

As soon as she saw them drawing their tiles, Elaine Ma could feel her heart beating frantically.

When she saw that her tiles were getting more and more hopeless, Elaine Ma started to feel even more anxious and worried.

At this time, she reached out her hand and touched a ‘Yaoji’ tile. She felt that there was an eighty percent probability that she would be safe if she discarded this tile. Therefore, she threw the tile out before she yelled, “Yaoji! I don’t think any of you would want this card, right?”

Gianna, who was seated next to Elaine Ma, yelled excitedly, “Hahaha! This is crazy! I won!”

Hannah also replied in an embarrassed manner, “Oh my God! I won too. I have a Dragon Tiles Suit!”

Linda smiled as she said, “Hey! I won too! I got the Thirteen Orphans!”

Elaine Ma looked at the tiles displayed by the other three players, and she was utterly shocked when she realized that all of them had won because she had discarded her ‘Yaoji’ tile!

With just one single tile!

This was terrible.

Elaine Ma had already lost one hundred and eighty times because of this game, and this amounted to one million and eight hundred thousand dollars!

Elaine Ma felt as though her head was already spinning at this time.

What was happening?! She had suddenly lost two games in a row, and she already lost more than two million dollars simply because of these two games! This was simply too cruel!

Besides, Elaine Ma did not have much money left. Her entire savings amounted to more than two million dollars, but after deducting all her losses today, she would be left with two to three hundred thousand dollars…

Elaine Ma really wanted to cry, but Gianna was already urging her at this time, “Sister Elaine Ma, why don’t we settle the account first? After that, we can move on to the next game.”

When she heard Gianna asking her to settle the account with them, the expression on Elaine Ma’s face changed immediately. This was one million and eight hundred dollars! How could she possibly be willing to give it to them?

The other three women exchanged glances with one another. At this time, Hannah started to persuade Elaine Ma again, “Elaine Ma, it does not matter if you lose two games. If you are lucky, you will definitely be able to win two more games later. If you stop playing now, you will not be able to get back what you lost!”

After that, she continued speaking, “The last time we played, Gianna also lost two to three million dollars. However, she won two million dollars with a big four and won, followed by another two million dollars because of a big three. She won back a lot of money that night!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 587

Even though Hannah was trying to stabilize Elaine Ma’s mentality and emotions, Elaine Ma’s mentality had already collapsed at this point!

To put it bluntly, she did have some skills when it came to playing mahjong. However, the biggest problem was that she could not change the tiles that she drew. There was nothing she could do if she had a bad hand. At this time, all of her emotions were openly displayed on her face.

For instance, she could be very excited for a very long time if she won, but when she lost, she could not help but wait to eat the other person alive!

She had won so many games earlier, but she had only won about three hundred thousand dollars. However, she had lost so much money after losing two big games. This naturally made her feel very uncomfortable. Not only did she lose the three hundred thousand dollars she had won, but she also lost more than two million dollars! This was literally half of her life savings!

Elaine Ma had not earned much money for herself in this life, and her husband did not have many skills at all. Therefore, it was very difficult for her to save two million dollars.

In truth, she had almost lost a lot of money when she set out to buy the P2P financial management funds in the past. Fortunately, Charlie Wade had stood up for her and had gotten back the money for her.

After that, she had taken her daughter’s office rental refund of more than one hundred thousand dollars and the money from Jacobs’ mediocre sale of his antiques to make up the two million dollars in her savings account.

As a result, she had lost all of her money just because of two games…

When Linda saw that Elaine Ma’s face had already turned green, she deliberately agitated her by asking, “Sister Elaine Ma, do you still want to play? Are you feeling heartbroken because of the money you’ve lost? It is just a little more than two million dollars anyway. You can afford a villa in Thompson First, but it is so painful for you to lose this little bit of money?”

“Play! Of course, we’re playing!” Elaine Ma’s face twitched slightly as she said, “This small amount of money is not a problem at all! We are just playing for fun, anyway. Let’s continue!”

“Yes, we are just playing for fun anyway! Money is not an issue,” the other two women chimed in immediately.

At this time, Elaine Ma had no idea that the other three women were in fact cooperating and working together to cheat her out of her money.

This was an automatic mahjong machine, and when shuffling the tiles, Linda could actually shuffle the tiles according to the predetermined plan.

That way, she would be able to control the distribution of the tiles!

In the last game, Elaine Ma had gotten a very good hand, but the sixty thousand and ninety thousand had already been divided equally between the other three players. Therefore, Elaine Ma’s tiles were already at a dead-end as soon as she was dealt those tiles. As long as the three of them refused to discard their cards, Elaine Ma would never be able to win at all.

However, Elaine Ma did not know this.

Elaine Ma was naturally confident after getting a Heavenly Hand! Even though she did not win in the end, she thought that it was just because she was unlucky and missed a tile.

It was this kind of mentality that made Elaine Ma feel even more inclined to fight back.

After that, Linda controlled the automatic mahjong machine to make sure that Elaine Ma could win the next game.

Elaine Ma proceeded to win two games in a row as her tiles were very beautiful. However, even though she won, she did not win much money.

She only won one hundred thousand dollars from the three of them. This was just a drop in the bucket compared to what she had already lost to them!

Elaine Ma became even more emotional and unstable at this point. She had lost more than two million dollars because she had lost two games, but she only won one hundred thousand dollars after winning another two games?! Why couldn’t she win two big games instead?

As she thought about it, Elaine Ma gritted her teeth as she prepared to smash it out with these three people!

They continued with their game.

This time, Elaine Ma had three east, three west, three south, and two north. Her other two cards were two red suits.

Elaine Ma was stunned when she saw these sets of tiles.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 588

This set of tiles was another Heavenly Hand. She could win with two North Winds and a red tile.

Most importantly, if she could get a North Wind tile, she would be able to get East, South, West, and North Wind. She would be able to win a big four!

Winning with a big four was one of the biggest multipliers!

If she could touch a North Wind, she would be able to win her two million dollars back!

As she thought about it, Elaine Ma really wanted to yell in excitement as she wanted to get a North Wind tile.

She felt that the North Wind tile or the red tile would usually be of little use to anyone. Therefore, an average person would usually discard these tiles when they have it. So, even if she could not draw the tile on her own, someone would definitely discard one of these tiles.

Little did she know, these tiles that she had were already a dead-end!

The North Wind and the red tile that she needed were already in Gianna’s hand. That was to say, like her previous Heavenly Hand, the set in her tiles was already a dead-end, and she would never be able to win this game at all.

Elaine Ma kept waiting for the North Wind and the red tile, but it did not appear even after so many rounds. After waiting for a few more rounds, Linda drew a tile before she turned it over and said with a smile on her face, “Oh! It seems as though I have a draw again! This time, I have another Concealed Hand! I win by a multiplier of forty-eight times!”

Gianna saw that she touched the last six tiles and she hurriedly said, “Oh, Sister Linda! You won by the last six tile! I have three of them in my hand. That means that you’ve won the Last Tile Claim!”

“Oh! It really is the Last Tile Claim!”

Linda clapped her hands excitedly as she said, “Then, add another eight times. Therefore, it is a multiplier of fifty-six times which adds up to five hundred and sixty thousand dollars!”

Elaine Ma could not help but feel dizzy at this time!

She only had a little more than two hundred thousand dollars left in her bank account. How could she possibly afford to pay another five hundred and sixty thousand dollars to Linda now?

Elaine Ma could not help but pull Hannah aside at this time as she asked in a low voice, “Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth, I do not have so much money anymore. Can you lend me some money?”

Hannah secretly cursed in her heart because she felt that Elaine Ma deserved it. However, she pretended to be in a difficult spot as she said, “Sister-in-law, I don’t have that much money either. You should also know about the situation the Wilson family is in…”

Elaine Ma hurriedly asked, “But weren’t you and brother-in-law looking to buy a villa not too long ago? Even an old villa would already cost more than ten million dollars! Couldn’t you lend me a few hundred thousand dollars today?”

Hannah sighed before she said, “That money has all been taken away by that old lady to fill up the holes in the Wilson Group!”

Elaine Ma said anxiously, “Then, what should I do now? I do not have enough money to pay for the losses now. I can’t continue to play, so what should I do to turn things around now?”

At this time, Linda suddenly asked, “Sister Elaine Ma, are you already broke? Do you have enough money to settle the account? If you are not going to play anymore, please settle the account first.”

Elaine Ma was very anxious at this time. After that, she smiled before she said, “Why wouldn’t I have any more money? I simply did not bring enough money out with me. Can I owe you this small sum of money first? I will settle the account with you after we are done playing these last eight rounds of mahjong.”

She felt that she had to find a way to win her money back today. If she did not continue playing with them, she would lose more than two million dollars today!

She originally thought that it would be very easy for her to talk to Linda and convince her to agree to her request since Linda was so rich and often lost millions of dollars during every mahjong game. Elaine Ma felt that Linda did not care too much about money anyway.

Unexpectedly, Linda suddenly had a very cold expression on her face as she said in a sharp voice, “Sister Elaine Ma, you cannot do this! Every mahjong game should be settled after every win or loss! How can you be owing anyone money? When I lost the game to you, I paid and settled my account immediately, so why are you trying to delay settling the account now that you’ve lost?”

Linda continued speaking, “Besides, how can you still expect to continue playing with us when you don’t even have enough money to settle your account now? It would not be that bad if you won the game, but what will we do if you continue losing and refuse to pay us?”

Elaine Ma’s face was flushed red, and she did not know what to say.

When Linda saw the expression on Elaine Ma’s face, she said contemptuously, “The only reason why I was willing to invite you over to play mahjong today is because Hannah told me that you are pretty good at playing mahjong. If you are not willing to fork out the money to continue playing, please settle the account with me first. Give me the five hundred and sixty thousand dollars that I won and we will stop playing today!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 589

Elaine Ma had completely fallen into a pit. She did not realize that she had already fallen into a trap. All she could think about was how she could win her money back.

Therefore, Elaine Ma got very nervous when she heard that Linda did not want to continue playing anymore. At this time, she blurted out immediately, “How can we stop playing just because you want to stop playing now?! We already agreed to play another eight rounds! We have only played three rounds now!”

Linda replied helplessly, “Sister Elaine Ma, it’s not that I do not want to play with you anymore. However, the point is that you do not have the money to play with us anymore!”

After she was done speaking, Linda said, “Why don’t we take a step back instead? Why don’t you settle this account first and then, we can play a smaller game? I will still accompany you to play even if it is a one thousand dollars or one hundred dollars game. Will that be fine?”

“One thousand dollars? One hundred dollars?” Elaine Ma blurted out anxiously. “How could we do that? How can I possibly win my money back if we are only going to place such small bets?”

Linda replied helplessly, “Well, if you want to continue betting ten thousand dollars, you have to take out your money first. Otherwise, I do not want to play anymore and we will just stop playing today.”

Hannah hurriedly stepped in and said, “Sister Linda, Elaine Ma really does not have so much money on hand. Since we are all friends, why don’t you give her a way out?”

After that, Hannah secretly winked at Linda.

Linda immediately understood what Hannah was trying to tell her. “Alright then, I will give you face today because of Hannah. If you do not have any more cash, you can use something else of equal value as a mortgage instead.”

As soon as Linda said these words, Elaine Ma suddenly felt as though she had been given a way out of hell.

Elaine Ma hurriedly replied, “The house that I am living in now is a small three-bedroom apartment. I think it should be worth two million dollars at least. Is it okay if I mortgage the house to you?”

“That would be fine!” Linda smiled before she said, “However, you have to bring me the house deed first. After that, you have to write me a mortgage contract.”

Elaine Ma blurted out immediately, “Okay, then. Wait for me. I will go home and bring the house deed over to you right now!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine Ma hurriedly got up to leave.

Linda hurriedly stopped her as she said, “Hey! Sister Elaine Ma, don’t leave in such a hurry. You have not paid me the five hundred and sixty thousand dollars that you lost to me just now.”

Elaine Ma checked the balance in her bank account and realized that she only had two hundred and sixty thousand dollars left. Therefore, she said, “Sister Linda, I only have two hundred and sixty thousand dollars left in my bank account. Can I transfer this amount to you first? After that, I will go home and bring my house deed over and you can deduct the rest of the money that I owe you from the amount that I will get from my mortgage. Is that okay?”

“That would be fine.” Linda said, “Why don’t you write me an IOU for three hundred thousand dollars first? After that, you can go home and bring your house deed over. Otherwise, what would I do if you refused to pay me the three hundred thousand dollars that you owed me after you leave? Am I right?”

At this time, Elaine Ma simply wanted to go home and take her house deed so that she could continue playing mahjong with them. She wanted to win her money back from them! Therefore, as soon as she had heard Linda’s words, she nodded without any hesitation at all as she said, “Okay, then! I will write you the IOU now!”

Linda immediately brought a piece of paper and pen over before Elaine Ma wrote an IOU for three hundred thousand dollars on it. Linda finally let her go when she pressed her fingerprint on the IOU.

Elaine Ma drove home in a hurry as soon as she left the villa at Thompson First.

Elaine Ma knew that her daughter was probably still busy at work, and her husband and son-in-law would still be out for her husband’s class reunion. Therefore, she was certain that they would not find out she had taken the house deed if she returned home and left immediately.

That way, she would be able to turn things around by continuing the mahjong game with her friends.

Very soon, Elaine Ma returned to the villa at Thompson First with the house deed in her hands.

After getting the house deed, Linda immediately searched for the market value of a house in the same community on her cell phone. At this time, she found out that the lowest price for a house of the same value was only one million and eight hundred dollars.

Therefore, she looked at Elaine Ma as she said, “Sister Elaine Ma, the bank generally recognizes only ninety percent of the market value of the house whenever they accept any mortgage. The market value for your house is one million and eight hundred thousand dollars. So, even if you mortgage your house, you will only get one million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars.”

All Elaine Ma wanted at this point was to continue playing mahjong with them so that she could turn things around. Therefore, she blurted out immediately, “Alright then, I will mortgage my house to you for one million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars. After deducting the three hundred thousand dollars that I owe you, you can just transfer one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to me. We can continue playing after that. What do you think?”

Linda replied, “That will be fine, but we will have to draw up a mortgage contract first. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will refuse to acknowledge it when you lose the house to me later.”

Elaine Ma said anxiously, “Alright then, let’s hurry up and sign the mortgage contract now so we can continue playing already!”

After that, Elaine Ma signed a mortgage contract with Linda and also pressed her fingerprint on the contract. After the mortgage contract had been signed, Linda transferred one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to Elaine Ma.

Linda did not care about that money at all because she knew that even though she was transferring those one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to Elaine Ma, it would all come back to her soon.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 590

Elaine Ma secretly made up her mind to earn back all of her money and make more profits this time!

She gave everything that she had to continue playing the game.

However, she would never have expected to lose the one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars in just half an hour!

Elaine Ma was completely bewildered at this time. She was very unwilling to stop playing after losing all her money, and she quickly said, “Come, come, let’s play another round!”

Linda said, “Sister Elaine Ma, you don’t have any more money now. So, how are you going to pay us if you lose after we continue playing?”


Elaine Ma did not know how she should answer her question.

She had completely exhausted everything she had.

She had already used up all of her savings, and she had even mortgaged the only house occupied by her entire family.

She did not have anything else she could mortgage anymore.

However, Linda had sharp eyes, and she could recognize the value of the jade bracelet on Elaine Ma’s wrist at a single glance. Therefore, she blurted out, “Oh, I think that you have a valuable jade bracelet too!”

“Jade bracelet?” Elaine Ma looked down at her wrist and suddenly remembered that she still had a valuable treasure on her.

This jade bracelet was a gift from Graham, the head of the Quinton family, because he had wanted to get into Charlie Wade’s good books.

Charlie Wade had originally given this jade bracelet to her daughter, Claire Wilson Wilson, but she had taken it from her daughter before Claire Wilson Wilson even had the opportunity to wear it. After that, Elaine Ma refused to return it, and she blatantly took it and treated it as though it belonged to her.

Since it was just a jade bracelet, Charlie Wade did not care too much about it. Moreover, Claire Wilson Wilson did not want to ask her mother to return it to her. Therefore, Elaine Ma had always been wearing the jade bracelet.

At this time, Elaine Ma hurriedly took off the jade bracelet before she handed it over to Linda and said, “This jade bracelet is one of the finest and purest jade bracelets in the market. It was bought for five million dollars, but why don’t I mortgage it to you for four million dollars instead?”

Linda took the jade bracelet in her hands to examine it and was pleasantly surprised.

This jade bracelet was indeed made out of top-quality and precious jade. Therefore, it would not be expensive at all if this jade bracelet cost five million dollars.

However, since Linda had already worked in a casino for so many years, she was a connoisseur at cheating and taking advantage of people.

Linda smiled slightly before she handed the jade bracelet back to Elaine Ma. After that, she said, “Sister Elaine Ma, your jade bracelet is indeed very precious. However, to be honest with you, I don’t think that it is worth five million dollars at all. It is worth only a few hundred thousand dollars at most.”

“How is that possible?” Elaine Ma blurted out, “This jade bracelet cost five million dollars! I saw the receipt with my own two eyes!”

“Well, even if you bought it for five million dollars, it does not necessarily mean that you will be able to sell it for five million dollars,” Linda replied disdainfully. “After all, you should understand how things work in the jade industry. If you are slaughtered when you buy the jade, it does not mean that you will be able to slaughter someone else and sell it for the same price. Do you understand what I am saying?”

After that, Linda continued speaking, “Well, since we are all friends and since we are getting along so well, for the sake of our friendship, I am willing to give one million dollars to you if you mortgage this jade bracelet to me. If you accept my deal, we can sign a mortgage contract. If you do not want it, we can just forget it.”

Elaine Ma was already desperate at this point, and she simply blurted out, “I am willing!”

Hannah quickly said, “Oh, Elaine Ma. Why don’t you forget it already? Even if you mortgage this jade bracelet for one million dollars, you will only be able to play another two or three more rounds before the money is gone anyway. So, why bother at all?”

Linda nodded before she said, “Hannah is right. One million dollars is not really a big deal. So, why don’t we call it a day and continue playing another day instead?”

“No!” Elaine Ma yelled anxiously. “Do you truly think that I have no more money left? Don’t forget that I still have a villa at Thompson First. My villa is the largest and most luxurious Villa A05! It is worth one hundred and thirty million dollars!”

Hannah hurriedly replied, “Oh, but isn’t that villa owned by Charlie Wade? Can you honestly mortgage his villa?”

Elaine Ma burst out anxiously, “Of course I can do that! Why not?! He is my son-in-law. If he dares to refuse my request, I will deal with him properly at that time!”

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