The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 596-600 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 596- 600)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 596

Elaine Ma blurted out immediately, “Charlie Wade, Mom does not want your money.”


Charlie Wade was very surprised at this time. What the hell? She did not want his money? When did his mother-in-law become so humane?

Charlie Wade was very surprised but he almost vomited blood out of anger when he heard Elaine Ma’s next sentence.

At this time, Elaine Ma said, “Charlie Wade, just bring the house deed for the villa that Zeke White has given you over here!”

“What?” Charlie Wade blurted out immediately. “Mom, do you know how much that villa is worth? It’s worth one hundred and thirty million dollars! Don’t tell me that you can lose more than one hundred million dollars by playing mahjong with some old ladies in the mahjong hall!”

Elaine Ma choked and she said, “No, I did not lose one hundred million dollars. I lost more than sixty million dollars in total and I owe her another fifty-five million dollars…”

After that, Elaine Ma blurted out, “My dear son-in-law, you must bring the house deed for the villa here to save me. If you don’t save me, I’ll really be dead this time!”

Charlie Wade blurted out, “Mom! This villa is worth one hundred and thirty million dollars. You’re actually exchanging it for fifty-five million dollars?”

Elaine Ma felt very anxious and she said, “My dear son-in-law, please find a way to bring fifty-five million dollars here then. If you can’t find a way to raise fifty-five million dollars, then please just bring the house deed over here with you. Otherwise, Mom is really going to die. When that time comes, you can only come here with Claire Wilson Wilson to collect my dead body!”

Immediately afterwards, another man’s voice sounded over the other end of the line: “You are Elaine Ma’s son-in-law, aren’t you? You’d better hurry up and come over here with the house deed immediately. Otherwise, your mother-in-law will not leave this villa alive today!”

Charlie Wade frowned before he asked, “Who are you?”

The other party yelled immediately, “You aren’t qualified to know who I am! You only need to know that your mother-in-law owes me fifty-five million dollars. If you refuse to pay up, then you can be prepared to collect her dead body!”

After that, the other party continued speaking, “Oh, by the way, your mother-in-law took off all of her clothes for me to take a high definition video of her just now. If you refuse to pay up, I will spread this video across the Internet and city even after her death!”

Charlie Wade was very enraged when he heard those words.

He did not care if anyone hit Elaine Ma, scolded Elaine Ma, forced himself on Elaine Ma, or even killed Elaine Ma. In fact, he might even thank them for it.

However, he found it unbearable that someone had taken this kind of video of her and threatened to circulate it on the Internet and all around the city.

This was because Charlie Wade was afraid that his wife, Claire Wilson Wilson, would be very upset if she ever saw the video!

She was a very kindhearted person and she was even willing to use all of her savings to help him to save Mrs. Lewis from the orphanage. She had even shed tears because of her!

Claire Wilson Wilson had even withstood countless ridicule and pressure from the whole family as she begged Lady Wilson for help during Lady Wilson’s birthday banquet.

It would definitely be a fatal blow to Claire Wilson Wilson if she were to find out that her mother, Elaine Ma, was not only killed, but that there was also this kind of video of her circulating everywhere even after her death. She would be immersed in great pain for the rest of her life!

Charlie Wade did not really care about Elaine Ma’s life or death, but he really cared about Claire Wilson Wilson!

All these years, Claire Wilson Wilson had always respected him and took care of him. She had never once despised him or looked down on him even when everyone in the world looked down on him.

Claire Wilson Wilson would even help him and encourage him whenever he was feeling down. How could he possibly repay her kindness? How could he bear to see her in pain?

As he thought about this, Charlie Wade immediately said, “Please don’t hurt my mother-in-law. You just want the villa, right? I will just give it to you then. Give me your address and I will go there with the house deed for the villa now!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 597

As soon as the other party heard his words, he immediately said, “Villa C11 at Thompson First. You’d better bring your house deed along with you. If you dare to call the police, I’ll kill your mother-in-law right away!”

Charlie Wade replied immediately, “Okay, I’ll bring it over there right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie Wade went back into the private room before he told Jacob Wilson, “Dad, I have to go out and get something done. You can continue having fun here with your friends. Just let the waitress know if you need anything. Everything will be charged to Albert’s account.”

“Okay.” Jacob Wilson nodded before he patted Charlie Wade on his shoulder as he said, “My dear son-in-law, thank you so much for what you have done for me today. If it weren’t for you, I would have felt so ashamed and lost so much face today.”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “Dad, I’ve only found out today that it hasn’t been easy for you all these years. As your son-in-law, it is only natural for me to help you get some face and respect!”

Jacob Wilson felt very touched and he simply sighed as he nodded repeatedly.

Charlie Wade did not say anything else and he simply stood up before he walked out of the room.

He did not go home to pick up his house deed but instead, he simply stopped a cab before he headed straight to the villa at Thompson First.

On the way there, he called Albert immediately.

As soon as the call was connected, Albert said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what can I do for you?”

Charlie Wade replied, “I want to bring your men over to Thompson First now. My mother-in-law has lost more than sixty million dollars in a mahjong game. Some people are holding her hostage now. I think that something isn’t right with this situation. I want you to come over with me to see what’s going on there.”

Albert was very furious when he heard Charlie Wade’s words.

D*mn it! Someone actually had the guts to set up a trap to trick Charlie Wade’s mother-in-law in Aurouss Hilll?

This person was simply seeking his own death!

Albert immediately replied, “Mr. Wade, I will bring my men over there to hack that b*starved to death right now!”

Very soon, Charlie Wade arrived at the villa at Thompson First where his mother-in-law was being held hostage.

Charlie Wade knocked on the front door and as soon as he entered the villa, he saw about a dozen gangsters surrounding his disheveled mother-in-law in the living room. His mother-in-law’s face was red and swollen because she had been severely beaten up and she looked very pitiful and miserable at this time.
Charlie Wade also noticed that there were two other middle-aged women that he did not know there in the villa. When Charlie Wade looked around the villa, he saw that even Hannah was here.

Charlie Wade was slightly taken aback. Why was this woman here?

Hannah had a guilty conscience when she saw Charlie Wade but she calmed herself down immediately.

She felt that it was not her fault that Elaine Ma lost money to Linda. After all, Elaine Ma did not lose money to her anyway. She was just here to enjoy the show, so what could Charlie Wade possibly do to her?

As soon as Elaine Ma saw Charlie Wade walking into the living room, she burst into tears as she wailed, “Charlie Wade, my dear son-in-law. What took you so long? I was waiting so anxiously for you!”

Charlie Wade looked at his mother-in-law before he asked, “Mom, how can you lose more than sixty million dollars by playing mahjong?”

“I don’t know why I was so unlucky!”

Elaine Ma cried as she explained, “Your aunt had asked me to come and play mahjong with her friends. I thought that I would just join them for a few games just for fun. Who would have known that I would lose more and more money to them after a few games? After that, they even forced me to mortgage your villa at Thompson First to them. I had no other choice…”

At this time, Elaine Ma had a furious expression on her face as she said, “I suspect that these people are deliberately ganging up to cheat me of my money!”

Charlie Wade sneered before he said, “You don’t have to suspect anything. They’re obviously out to cheat you.”

Linda could not help but yell out loud at this time, “Hey! Don’t run your mouth talking nonsense here! Everyone was a willing and voluntary participant in this mahjong game. Who can you blame if your mother-in-law has bad luck?”

At this time, Hudson quickly said, “Second Aunt, why are you wasting your breath on him? I’ll talk to him!”

After that, Hudson glared at Charlie Wade before he said, “Hurry up and hand your house deed over to me! I also want you to write me a voluntary transfer statement! Otherwise, you and your mother-in-law will not be leaving this villa today!”


Charlie Wade nodded faintly before he said, “I did not bring my house deed with me.”

Elaine Ma became anxious and she started to lose her cool when she heard his words!

The expression on her face changed and she was filled with anger. She quickly said, “Charlie Wade! Are you trying to kill me? Didn’t I tell you to bring your house deed here with you to save me? Don’t you have ears at all?”

Charlie Wade replied lightly, “Sorry, Mom. I’ve already promised Claire Wilson Wilson that I’ll move into the villa with her next month when the renovation is completed. I can’t break my promise to Claire Wilson Wilson.”

Elaine Ma cursed, “So, you’d rather keep your promise to Claire Wilson Wilson than save my life? I will die here today if you refuse to hand the villa over to them!”

Charlie Wade replied, “You won’t die so easily with me around.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 598

“Based on your ability?” Elaine Ma was very furious as she cursed at Charlie Wade. “Haven’t you seen that there are more than a dozen men here? You shouldn’t be dragging me down even if you are planning to die here today!”

At this time, Hudson glared at Charlie Wade before he smiled coldly and said, “Young man, I asked you to bring your house deed along with you and you actually dare to play around with me? Do you believe that I’m going to let you die here today?”

Charlie Wade replied indifferently, “I’ll only give you one chance to survive. If you answer my question well, I will spare your life today. Listen carefully. Who was the one who instigated this trap for my mother-in-law today?”

Hudson laughed before he said, “You’re really a very interesting person! You actually dare to threaten me when you’ve come to my territory all by yourself? You really are courageous! Are you tired of living?”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he asked, “Where is your territory?”

Hudson stomped his feet on the ground before he said, “This villa is my territory!”

Charlie Wade nodded and smiled before he asked, “Then, do you want to know where my territory is?”

Hudson asked contemptuously, “Why? Are you trying to compare territories with me? Okay then, let’s talk about it then. Tell me, where is your territory?”

Charlie Wade replied calmly, “The entire Aurouss Hilll is my territory.”

“D*mn it!” Hudson cursed at Charlie Wade, “Are you f*cking around with me? The entire Aurouss Hilll is your territory? Do you really treat Don Albertt as though he’s nothing at all? Let me tell you something! My big boss is Don Albertt’s godson! No one in Aurouss Hilll can afford to provoke me!”

“Well, even Don Albertt will have to kneel down in front of me if he’s here today. So, who are you to me anyway?”

Charlie Wade snorted before he pointed at Hudson as he said, “I’m giving you one last chance. Tell me honestly, who set up this trap today?”

“I…d*mn it…” Hudson was furious at this time. “How dare you be so disrespectful towards Don Albertt? I’ll kill you today!”

As soon as his voice fell, Hudson suddenly felt a strong force gripping his right hand.

When he looked up, Hudson saw that Charlie Wade was already holding firmly onto his right wrist.

At this time, Charlie Wade grinned before he said, “Come on, I’ll give you ‘twelve rings’.”

Hudson subconsciously replied, “What twelve rings?”

Charlie Wade suddenly grabbed his right thumb as he pushed it back slightly…

With a click, Hudson’s thumb snapped backwards immediately.

Hudson’s thumb was broken and he quickly yelled out in pain.

Charlie Wade laughed slightly as he said, “This is the first ring.”

After that, Charlie Wade grabbed his right index finger before he broke it!

There was another click at this time.

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “This is the second ring.”

Hudson was in so much pain and he felt that he was going to collapse at this time. He broke out in cold sweat as he yelled hysterically at his subordinates, “D*mn it! I want you to hack him to death now!”

As soon as his voice fell, Charlie Wade broke the middle finger of his right hand…


Charlie Wade smiled as he said, “Well, that is the third ring!”

“Ahh! D*mn it! I’m in so much pain that I am dying. What are you doing….hack him to death now!”

More than a dozen men had already pulled out their machetes as they rushed towards Charlie Wade at this time.

Charlie Wade remained unmoved.

There were only about a dozen punks here and they meant nothing to him at all.

Therefore, Charlie Wade continued breaking Hudson’s ring finger.


Hudson’s fourth finger broke immediately.

At this time, more than a dozen machetes were already swinging at Charlie Wade!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 599

After Hudson got four of his fingers broken continuously, he was in so much pain that he felt he was about to pass out.

However, he was overjoyed when he saw that his men had already swung their machetes at Charlie Wade!

He dared to break his fingers? He would ask his brothers to chop off all of Charlie Wade’s fingers then!

Charlie Wade did not care about these punks at all.

As they were about to slash Charlie Wade, an angry voice sounded from the door. “D*mn it! Stop whatever you are doing now! If anyone dares to lay a finger on Mr. Wade, I will hack you to death on the spot!”

The dozen punks looked up and they were so frightened that they almost peed in their pants!

Don Albertt!

It turned out to be Don Albertt, the mobster boss of Aurouss Hilll!

Why was he here?

At this time, Albert brought some of his most powerful subordinates here with him today. Moreover, these subordinates of his were all armed with guns and they were no ordinary gangsters.

After the men armed with guns stepped into the villa, they pointed their guns at the gang of people who were armed with machetes. The group of men quickly dropped their machetes on the ground immediately.

One of the younger men was terrified and he quickly knelt on the ground with a thud as he cried out loud and said, “Don Albertt, please spare my life!”

After he knelt down, everyone else also knelt down immediately.

They were nothing more than a bunch of lowly gangsters. Therefore, it was only natural for them to be frightened to death in front of Don Albertt.

Hudson was also shocked at this time.

What was happening?

Why was Don Albertt here?

At this time, Albert hurriedly walked towards Charlie Wade and said, “Mr. Wade, I’m sorry for being late!”

Charlie Wade waved his hand before he said, “Ask your men to lock these guys up in the room first.”

Albert nodded before he immediately instructed his men to lock all of those gangsters up in the next room.

After that, Charlie Wade looked at Hudson who had already turned pale before he said, “So, I’ve already said that I’ll give you twelve rings today, but I’ve only given you four rings. So, let’s continue!”

After that, Charlie Wade proceeded to break Hudson’s right pinky…


Hudson could not help but yell out in pain.

At this time, Albert who was standing aside quickly said, “Mr. Wade, you don’t have to waste your precious time on someone as meaningless as this. You can just leave him to me. I’ll bring him to my dog farm and let all of my Tibetan Mastiffs tear him apart!”

Hudson was very shocked and he blurted out immediately, “Don Albertt! Don Albertt! This is all a misunderstanding! Brother Wayne is my big boss! I am one of his men!”

“Wayne?” Albert frowned immediately. “You’re one of Wayne’s men?”

Hudson nodded repeatedly as he cried and said, “Brother Wayne is my big boss. So, that also means that I’m one of your followers, Don Albertt!”

Albert stared at the young man before he asked, “Then, do you know whose disciple I am?”

Hudson quickly replied, “Don Albertt, you are the mobster boss of Aurouss Hilll. Of course, you’re no one’s disciple…”

Albert gave him a tight slap across his face before he pointed at Charlie Wade and said, “I am Mr. Wade’s disciple!”


He was Charlie Wade’s disciple. He did not even call himself his younger brother!

For instance, there is the head of a sect. After that, there are dozens of masters under the head, hundreds of leaders under the masters, tens of thousands of younger brothers below the leaders, and lastly there were disciples of these younger brothers!

The famous and reputable Don Albertt actually said that he was this young man’s disciple. This meant that he was being extremely humble and respectful in front of this young man!

Hudson was trembling in fright when he heard Don Albertt’s words.

What was going on here?

His second aunt had asked him to scheme against an old lady so that he could force the old lady’s son-in-law to hand his villa over to them. He really did not expect the other party to be Don Albertt’s boss!

Linda was also so frightened that she felt her legs going weak immediately. She stared at Hannah with a pale look on her face as she asked in a low voice, “Who is this that you’ve just offended? Are you trying to get me killed?”

Hannah was also very confused at this time.

She knew that Charlie Wade was always fooling and cheating people with Feng Shui but she really did not expect him to be so powerful!

Elaine Ma was also dumbfounded at this time. Her dear son-in-law was really too amazing! He was not only close to many wealthy and powerful people, but he was also so capable on his own? Charlie Wade was indeed very amazing…

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 600

Hudson was trembling in fright at this time and he quickly said to Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, I was wrong! I was fooled by my second aunt. She had asked me to do this. She was the one who set up the trap for your mother-in-law. I was completely deceived and used by her…”

At this time, Charlie Wade gave Hudson a tight slap across his face before he said coldly, “If you dare to say another word before the twelve rings is over, I will ask Albert to chop you up into a hundred pieces!”

Hudson was frightened by Charlie Wade’s fierce gaze and he shut his mouth immediately.

Charlie Wade looked at the five broken fingers on his right hand before he said, “Your right hand is almost done. Come on, are you ready?”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade grabbed his wrist before he flipped it with a fierce force!


Hudson’s right wrist was completely broken.

Hudson’s legs softened and he fell to the ground with a thump!

He wanted to beg for mercy but he did not dare to say a word when he thought about what Charlie Wade had just said to him.

However, this piercing pain made him feel as though he was on the verge of collapsing.

At this time, Charlie Wade said, “Twelve rings. That was just six rings. There are still another six rings that I want to give you.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade bent over before he grabbed Hudson’s left hand.

Hudson looked at Charlie Wade with tears in his eyes but he did not dare to say anything at all. He simply looked at Charlie Wade with a pitiful expression in his eyes as he shook his head to beg Charlie Wade for mercy.

Charlie Wade gave him a cruel smile.

After that, he grabbed Hudson’s left thumb before he said, “The seventh ring!”

Hudson trembled in pain!

Charlie Wade did not give him a chance to react and he continued, “Come, the eighth ring!”

Hudson felt that he was about to faint because he was in so much pain.

However, the ninth ring awakened him immediately.

The expression on Charlie Wade’s face was extremely terrifying and cruel.

Charlie Wade patted Hudson’s face gently before he smiled and said, “There are four more rings. Make sure you don’t miss it!”

Immediately afterwards, he heard another click!

This kind of disciplinary action was equivalent to cutting meat with a dull knife. Even Albert was shocked at this scene.

“There are three more rings!”

Linda was paralyzed with fear at this time.

She could only imagine that it would be her turn to suffer after her nephew was done enduring Charlie Wade’s twelve rings.

Hannah wanted to escape as soon as she could but she was quickly dragged by into the living room by one of Albert’s men who pointed a pistol at her head as he kicked her to the ground.

Hannah was almost frightened to death when the black muzzle was pointed directly at her forehead.

At this time, Hudson had already endured eleven rings.

The ten fingers on both his hands were already like beans hanging from a vine—they were completely limp. He could not move any of his fingers at all.

Now, he was only able to move his left wrist.

Charlie Wade said to him, “Come, this is the last ring!”

Hudson was in so much pain that he could not even kneel down anymore. He could only let Charlie Wade grab his left wrist before he broke it directly.

Twelve rings!

Hudson could only howl in pain.

He knew that he was already a useless person in future. His wrists and all of his ten fingers were limp and useless. So, what else could he do in the future?

Continue to be a gangster?

Could he even hold a knife in future?

He would be hacked to death by his enemies in the blink of an eye!

Charlie Wade squatted down in front of Hudson as he said coldly, “You still have two legs and feet. If you do not answer my question well, I will make sure to give you another twelve rings!”

Hudson turned pale immediately and he quickly replied, “I’ll answer all of your questions seriously no matter what you ask me!”

Charlie Wade nodded before he glanced at Hannah and Linda who were trembling in fear. After that, he asked in a cold voice, “Tell me clearly about everything that happened today. If you miss out any single detail, I’ll make sure that both your legs are useless by the end of the night!”

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