The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 606-610 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 606- 610)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 606

“Huh?!” Hannah shrieked in a panic, “But I just donated fifteen million as you said…”

“So what?” Charlie Wade said coldly. “You’re the mastermind behind today’s scam, do you think it’s fair for me to punish Linda alone?”

“Yeah!” Linda growled indignantly, “She’s the real culprit!”

Charlie Wade looked at Hannah and smirked, “See, even your accomplice says that you’re the culprit. You have to go to the coal mine with your pal here and contribute to the Hope Foundation.”

Then, he pointed to the woman named Gianna and commanded, “And you too, the three of you, get ready to work at the coal mine and redeem yourself.”

Gianna cried out loud. She shook her head and hands, knocked her head on the floor to beg, and wailed, “No, please don’t! I’m innocent! Linda dragged me here to join them for mahjong, that’s all! I don’t know about their plan, I don’t know anything!”

Charlie Wade said coldly, “Do you think I’d believe you? Shut up when I ask nicely and I’ll spare your family. If I hear a single yelp from you, you’ll end up like Linda and your whole family will go to the coal mine with you!”

Gianna shut her mouth tightly and shivered in great fear. Indeed, she didn’t mumble a word although she was terrified.

Then, Charlie Wade said to Albert, “Albert, make a headcount of all of these bullies here, including Hudson, and send all of them to work in the coal mine. They will be given the worst accommodation and food, a monthly salary of two thousand dollars, and they’ll work all year round!”

He added in a louder and stern voice, “If these people work hard and voluntarily work overtime, give them a reasonable salary increment. On the contrary, if they are lazy and procrastinate, deduct their salary accordingly. No matter what, as long as they manage to accumulate three hundred grand to donate to the Hope Foundation, let them go.”

Two thousand a month, twenty-four thousand a year, it would take more than a decade to accumulate three hundred thousand dollars.

Even if their salary was increased to three thousand a month, thirty-six thousand a year, they still needed at least nine years to reach the three hundred thousand mark.

Charlie Wade felt that since these people were part of the gambling racket, they had to atone for those families who were ruined by gambling and bankrupt. They also had to atone for the children who had gone through all kinds of hardships because of their parents’ gambling habits.

Sending them to work at the coal mine and make a donation with their salary was the best punishment for them.

Albert nodded and said, “Okay, Master Wade, I’ll prepare a bus right away and send them there!”

Charlie Wade commanded, “Before you let those gangsters on the bus, break their legs so as to prevent them from trying to escape from the mine.”

“Alright, Master Wade. Don’t worry, I’ll break their leg here, then have them cuffed with iron chains all day long when they arrive at the coal mine so that they can’t run away!”

“Good.” Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction.

Hannah cried desperately and pleaded, “Charlie Wade, you can’t lock me at the coal mine forever… I still have my husband and children to take care of and my mother-in-law to support…”

Charlie Wade said flatly, “Simple, the same rule applies to you too, I’ll let you go when you save enough to make the three hundred thousand dollar donation.”

Hannah wailed loudly, “No, Charlie Wade, you can’t do this to me! We are family!”

“Family? Why didn’t you think of this when you cheated my mother-in-law? Why didn’t you think that we are family then?”


Elaine Ma, who had been silent throughout, shouted angrily, “Hannah Queen, you cruel b*tch, you wanted to con me and now you talk about family?”

Hannah knelt in front of her, crying and begging, “Elaine Ma, I’m so sorry, I know I did you wrong, but I’m still your sister-in-law after all. Please forgive me!”

Elaine Ma kicked her aside and growled, “You conned me. You let me lose two million dollars, then you aimed your target at my house, then my villa. You were trying to drive us to a dead-end! You are a cruel and greedy b*tch!”

Then, something crossed Elaine Ma’s mind suddenly. She slapped her thigh and screamed, “D*mn, my money!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 607

Elaine Ma completely forgot about her money when she was immersed by the scene of the people wailing and crying.

When the thought struck her mind, she turned to Charlie Wade and yelled, “Hurry, ask them to return the money to me! They won more than two million dollars from me!”

Charlie Wade asked them to donate their money to Hope Foundation for two reasons, one was to punish them and the other was to teach his mother-in-law a lesson.

You were always so greedy and dissatisfied with your current situation, weren’t you?

You were addicted to gambling, weren’t you?

You thought that you could make a fortune and be rich by playing mahjong, didn’t you?

Well, I let you lose all your money so that this experience would stick in your mind!

Charlie Wade looked at the women on the floor and asked, already knowing what their answer would be, “Hey, about the money you won from my mother-in-law—quickly discuss how you’re going to repay her!”

They exchanged befuddled glances and cried, “We’ve donated all our money to the foundation, including her money…”

Charlie Wade turned to Elaine Ma and shrugged indifferently, “Sorry, Mom, they don’t have the money.”

“What?!” Elaine Ma gaped in horror and then screamed in great dismay. She barged forward, grabbed Hannah’s hair with one hand and Linda’s hair with the other, and shook their heads violently. She even bumped their heads together like two bowling balls.

She screamed and cursed hysterically, “Argh, b*tches! Give me back my money! Give it back to me!!!”

A lot of their hair was torn off their scalps from the shaking and tugging. Their painful wails echoed through the house. Hannah cried out aggrievedly, “Elaine Ma, please let go, Elaine Ma, please! Your money has gone mostly to Linda, I only won a little from you and I donated it all…”

Elaine Ma let go of Hannah and grabbed Linda’s hair with both hands. Then, she released one hand to slap and scratch her face until it was covered in blood and was swelling badly.

“Linda Howard, you’d better return the money to me today or I’ll scratch your skin off your face! Argh, d*mn you! I’ll ruin your face!”

Linda didn’t dare to fight back although she was in great pain. She could only cry and beg, saying, “Elaine Ma, I’m sorry. Elaine Ma, please let me go. I really don’t have the money now, I donated all of them to the charity at your son-in-law’s order, that includes the money that I won from you. I really don’t have any money to give you…”

Elaine Ma was out of her mind. She scratched Linda’s mouth and shouted, “I don’t care! Give me back my money! Give me back my money!”

Soon, the corner of Linda’s mouth was torn and bleeding. Her face grimaced in pain and she wailed in horror.

Elaine Ma had gone completely crazy now. All she wanted was to get her money back which was all the money their family had. These people conned her of all her money.

Now she had only taken back her house and nothing else…

She knocked Linda to the floor, crouched over her, and slapped her non-stop.

Linda was in utter pain. She screamed and struggled violently. Suddenly, there was a sudden cracking sound from the pocket of Linda’s jacket. Elaine Ma and Linda froze.

After a while, Elaine Ma roared, “Bangle! My bangle! My jade bangle!”

She screamed like a lunatic as she reached out to Linda’s pocket. Abruptly, she yelped in pain and withdrew her hand. Her fingers had been cut and were bleeding.

Even so, she reached in Linda’s pocket again and retrieved a small part of the broken jade bangle out of the pocket…

Elaine Ma sat on the floor and howled in despair as she looked at the broken bangle!

The jade bangle that was worth five million dollars!

And she had broken it!

The most valuable jadeite jewelry were bangles. A bangle with such a good quality could fetch up to four or five million on the market. However, once broken, they could only be made into rings or pendants that would only be worth around two hundred thousand…

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 608

Elaine Ma was on the verge of collapsing.

She couldn’t collect the two million dollars and she broke the five million dollar jade bangle. It was a terrible loss!

She turned her glare at Gianna and shouted hysterically, “You! You didn’t donate your money! Give me back my money! Give me all my money back or I’ll kill you! I’ll f*cking kill you!”

Gianna knelt on the floor in fright, crying and pleading, “I don’t have any money, I’m very poor. I only have around sixty thousand in my savings account. I’ll transfer it all to you if you want it…”

Elaine Ma slapped her furiously and growled, “I don’t believe you! Show me your balance! Hurry!”

“I really don’t have any money, I have an income of two thousand something a month. I wouldn’t have joined Linda to con people if I were rich…”

Then, she took out her phone, opened the mobile banking app, and showed Elaine Ma her balance. It really only had sixty-three thousand dollars in it.

Elaine Ma nearly fainted.

What could she do with sixty-three thousand dollars?!

She had lost a hundred times that amount!

Elaine Ma turned her fury gaze at Charlie Wade and yelled, “You! It’s all your fault! Loser, why did you let them donate the money? Why didn’t you let them pay me back?!”

Charlie Wade frowned in annoyance and said monotonously, “Mom, I just saved your life. Nothing is more important than that!”

“Argh!” Elaine Ma stomped furiously, “I don’t need you to save my life! I want you to get my money back! Now that my money’s all gone, what’s the point of staying alive? Give me back my money! Give it back!”

Charlie Wade rolled his eyes at her, ignoring her.

He had deliberately made her lose the money so that it could teach her a lesson. Otherwise, she would get into more trouble in the future.

He didn’t even care if she died, but it would make Claire Wilson Wilson sad and he didn’t want that to happen.

While watching the chaotic scene unfold, Albert was agitated by Elaine Ma’s irrationality and felt sorry for Charlie Wade.

What kind of a f*cking mother-in-law she was? How could she still so stubbornly cause a scene after he saved her life?!

Albert glared at her indignantly and chided, “Hey, I’m warning you, don’t think that you can be disrespectful to Master Wade just because you are his mother-in-law! If you don’t tone it down a bit, I’ll send you to the coal mine with them!”

Elaine Ma was startled by his loud growl. She suppressed her anger and muttered sheepishly, “It’s none of your business.”

Then, she pointed at Charlie Wade and said, “Do you know that this guy is actually a big liar? You’re being fooled by him. He’s using you as his weapon and shield! Someday when you come to your senses, you’ll be the first to kill him!”

Albert was enraged. He slapped her and yelled, “If you dare to instigate my relationship with Master Wade again, I’ll kill you!”

Elaine Ma crouched in fear.

She knew how capable Albert was. She would definitely be dead if she got on his nerves, so she stepped back and kept her mouth shut.

Albert stood in front of Charlie Wade, bowed, and said in an anguished voice, “Master Wade, I feel so upset and angry on your behalf! I have something to say even if it may upset you!”

Then, he raised his voice a little and blurted, “As a man with such powerful ability and strength, why do you want to be the son-in-law of this shrew? Even if you and your wife are very much in love, there’s no reason to let this kind of vixen be alive on the planet! Besides, she has disrespected you over and over again. You should just kill her!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 609

Charlie Wade shook his head slightly and said, “Forget it, Albert. Sometimes, there are things that you must learn to accept, be it good or bad.”

Albert glared at Elaine Ma indignantly while she crouched at the side, trembling in horror.

She didn’t dare to mention a word about the money anymore and kept the grief and bitterness in her heart.

At this moment, several cars stopped abruptly in the villa’s courtyard. Isaac got out of the car and personally escorted five adults who were tied up into the house.

Fear and terror were written all over the five people’s faces. As soon as they saw Linda after entering the door, a young man blurted, “Mom, what’s going on?!”

Linda looked at the crowd and wailed in despair when she saw her husband, children, and children-in-law being taken into the house.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault… I’m so sorry for dragging all of you into this…”

A man in his fifties hurriedly asked, “Dear, what’s going on?!”

Charlie Wade said coldly, “Are you aware that your wife is a con woman who ruins other people’s lives?”

“I… I didn’t know…” the man mumbled sheepishly.

Charlie Wade watched his expression and reaction closely. He smirked and said, “Are you trying to bluff me? Your wife has been active for so long, it would be so weird if you don’t know who she really is!”

Then, he glanced at the five people slowly and asked, “Which of you are Linda’s children?”

A young man and woman raised their hands timidly. They still couldn’t comprehend the situation.

Charlie Wade sneered, “I heard that you’ve graduated from prestigious universities. Do you know where your tuition fees came from?”

They exchanged nervous glances, neither daring to speak.

Linda’s husband roughly grasped the situation. He assumed that his wife had been caught when she cheated, so he quickly said, “Sir, did you catch my wife cheating? If so, let me know how much she owes you, I’ll compensate you for the money lost. Is it okay?”

Linda wailed, “Dear, our money has been donated to the charity, all twenty million of it, including the two million I won today!”

“What? You donated it?!” Linda’s husband asked in shock, “To whom did you donate it to?”

Charlie Wade answered in a cold tone, “To Hope Foundation!”

Then, he looked at the family of five like an eagle watching over its prey and reprimanded sternly, “You blood-sucking vampires, I wonder how many people you’ve scammed and how many families have you ruined over the years! But look at you having a comfortable and luxurious life. You can even send your children to good universities and they’ve become successful people. Do you think you can get away with this?”

Linda’s entire family looked scared and horrified.

Charlie Wade continued, “Today, I will send all of you to the coal mine in Erith for labor work and use your blood and sweat as atonement for your sins!”

“What?!” the young folks shrieked abruptly.

A man yelled, “No! I’m not from their family, I’m just their son-in-law…”

Charlie Wade nodded. “So? Do you seriously think you can get away with this? I heard that you are a lender of microloans, right? Tell me, how many young people have you ruined?”

“I… I…”

“From now on, if I listen to another rambling from you, you don’t have to go to the coal mine, I’ll just dig a pit and bury you. You’ll be coal after ten million years!”

Another good-looking young woman cried, “I’m just their daughter-in-law, I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Charlie Wade asked, “I heard that your family owns an underground casino, am I right?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 610

Blood drained from the woman’s face. She blurted, her voice shaky, “I… I’ve never been involved in the operations, I just do the accounting…”

“Accounting?” Charlie Wade said flatly, “That makes you an accomplice too! You’d better go with them to redeem yourself. All of you are really a bunch of scum!”

Isaac said, “Master Wade, I know this woman. Her father is Lucas Frank and he runs an underground casino nearby. Do you want me to destroy them?”

“Investigate their operations and background and see what they’ve done. If their sins are unforgivable, just kill them.”

The woman collapsed on the floor, frightened and befuddled.

Soon, three Toyota Coaster mini buses drove into Thompson First and parked in front of the villa. Albert’s men broke Hudson’s leg along with the rest of his gang’s before sending them into the bus.

Charlie Wade said to Elaine Ma, “Mom, let’s go.”

There was a dash of embarrassment on Elaine Ma’s face. She pulled Charlie Wade aside and whispered, “They filmed me, the shameful kind. Quick, help me find it out!”

“The shameful kind?” Charlie Wade frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Elaine Ma stomped anxiously. “That kind of video! They forced me to take off my clothes and filmed me…You must find the video and delete it! If the video leaks out, I may as well just die here!”

Charlie Wade was dumbfounded for a second. He never expected that his mother-in-law had been through such an erotic ride.

Shaking his head dejectedly, he pulled Hudson towards him and asked coldly, “Did you film her?”

Hudson cried in horror, “Sir, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight…”

“Stop all the bullsh*t. Where’s the video?”

“On my phone!”

“Did you send it to anyone?”

“No, no, I swear!”

Charlie Wade nodded. He took the phone out of his pocket, handed it to Elaine Ma, and said, “Mom, look for the video yourself and delete it.”

Elaine Ma quickly grabbed the phone, found the video in the album, and deleted it.

On second thought, she threw the phone on the floor and smashed it.

Then, she growled in dismay, “I’ll go after all of them get on the bus!”

Charlie Wade shrugged indifferently. “Okay, I’ll ask them to hurry up. It’s getting dark, I need to go home to cook for Claire Wilson Wilson.”

After watching all of them being loaded into the three buses, Elaine Ma huffed and threw the car key to Charlie Wade. “You drive.”

Charlie Wade bid farewell to Isaac and Albert, then got into Jacob Wilson’s BMW and drove away from Thompson First.

As soon as they left Thompson First, Elaine Ma cried out loud, “Oh my god, I’m so unlucky today! I lost two million dollars but I only got sixty thousand back! I broke the jade bangle…”

The more she thought about it, the more distressed and heartbroken she was. She glared at Charlie Wade who was behind the wheels with her teary eyes and chided, “It’s all your fault, loser! What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you ask them to donate the money to Hope Foundation?! Why didn’t you let them pay me back?!”

Charlie Wade said calmly, “Mom, if you had taken their money just now, what do you think would happen if the police find out they’ve disappeared? The police would track their past activities and find out that you took their money right before they disappeared. There would be nothing you can do to clear your name and by then, Dad and Claire Wilson Wilson would know about this too…”

Elaine Ma was shocked by his remark and blurted out, “Hey, don’t tell Dad and Claire Wilson Wilson about this, do you hear me?!”

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