The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 616-620 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 616- 620)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 616

It was possible that Hannah would make a run for it if she really had that much money in hand. After all, she and Elaine Ma were two peas in a pod. They were greedy and loved money more than anything.

‘Mother is right,’ Christopher thought. ‘Now that me, our children, and even my mother have become burdens, it’s possible that she has chosen to run away with the money!’

A layer of resentment and gloom surfaced on Christopher’s face. He said in a deep voice, “Let me call Elaine Ma and ask.”

He grabbed his phone and called Elaine Ma.

His call was answered almost immediately.

“Hey, Elaine Ma, it’s your brother-in-law, Christopher…”

Elaine Ma gritted her teeth in disdain when his voice came from the other end of the line!

This f*cking old dog! He must have known about Hannah’s plot to scam her!

Maybe he was the real mastermind behind all this!

When she thought about the terrible losses she had suffered today, she wanted to curse him at the top of her lungs!

However, when her thought shifted to the fact that Hannah was on her way to the coal mine, she suppressed her anger and said disdainfully, “Christopher Wilson, my husband and I were kicked out of the Wilson family, remember? Why are you calling yourself ‘brother-in-law’?”

Christopher huffed a heavy breath of dismay, but since he had called her for an important reason, he knew that he couldn’t annoy her. Hence, he cleared his throat and said sheepishly, “Sorry, Elaine Ma, I misspoke.”

Elaine Ma snorted. “Alright, I don’t have time for your bullsh*t. Talk, what do you want from me?”

Christopher asked hastily, “Elaine Ma, have you seen Hannah today?”

Elaine Ma quickly denied, “No! I’ve not seen her since we met at Summer’s house the other day. What happened?”

“No?!” Christopher yelped, and then cursed in his heart, ‘B*tch, who do you think you’re fooling, you lying b*tch? Hannah has been broadcasting to me live the entire day today! She reported to me when she arrived at your house, she reported to me when she was in your BMW, and she reported to me when she was playing mahjong with you. In fact, she even reported to me how much money and assets she had won from you! And you dare to say that you didn’t see her?!’

Christopher was exceptionally furious, but he swallowed his fury, and tried again, “When Hannah went out this morning, she said she was going to play mahjong with you. Are you sure you didn’t meet her?”

Elaine Ma was rather chagrined. The three women who played mahjong with her today along with their gangster had been sent to the coal mine. If their family members somehow found out that their disappearance was related to her, they might get revenge on her. Worse, she wouldn’t be able to defend her innocence if they called the police!

So, she had no choice but to deny it to the end!

She said impatiently, “Hey, you’re funny, do you know that? How can I not know if I have seen her or not? The answer is still NO! No, I didn’t meet her today!”

Christopher didn’t care if he would be exposed. He started to ask with a frantic tone, “Elaine Ma, please don’t hang up. Tell me honestly, please, did you see her? Where did she go? At noon, she sent me a message saying that she was playing mahjong with you at a friend’s house and she even told me that she had won Charlie Wade’s Thompson First villa! How could you not have met her?”

“Christopher, are you trying to make a joke here? It’s not funny, by the way! Since when did she win our villa? Besides, I said I haven’t seen Hannah today, do you understand? I can’t stand her, how could I have played mahjong with her?”

Speaking of which, she figured that Christopher must be behind the scam, so she gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “Christopher, it’s possible that your wife has eloped with someone and used me as a smokescreen! I heard a rumor that she used to frequent a gigolo at the KTV lounge who is about the same age as your son Harold. I even heard that they wanted to save money and run away together!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 617

Christopher shouted angrily into the phone, “Elaine Ma, you’re slinging mud—that’s a pack of f*cking lies!”

Elaine Ma blurted anxiously, “Oh, don’t you believe me? Fine! If you can find Hannah, I’ll admit defeat!”

“What do you mean?”

“Go and figure it out yourself! I’m very tired now, I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”

Immediately, Elaine Ma ended the call.

Christopher almost smashed the phone with anger when he heard the busy tone on the phone.

Harold caught his arms hurriedly and said, “Dad, calm down! The priority right now is to find Mom!”

Unfortunately, Harold didn’t know that his mother was on the way to the gullies in Erith and it was utterly impossible for the Wilson family to find her with their resources.

Wendy leaned against her father and persuaded, “Yeah, Dad! Don’t be so mad! What did the b*tch say?”

Christopher huffed indignantly, “Elaine Ma said that your mom has an affair with some dude and that she eloped with him!”

“What?!” Harold, Wendy, and Lady Wilson looked shocked! Their jaws almost dropped to the floor!

“An affair?!” Lady Wilson shouted. “Is this true?”

“I don’t know, Mom!” Christopher said anxiously, “That’s what Elaine Ma said on the phone! She said that the setup and scam were just a decoy, and that Hannah had actually set me up for me to let down my guard so that she could grab more time for herself to run away!”

Harold cursed in dismay, “The b*tch lied, Dad! My mom did not have an affair, let alone elope with him!”

Christopher’s face twisted a little weirdly. He said in a much calmer and colder tone, “We aren’t sure! Anyway, now that I think about it, your mom did seem a little suspicious!”

“What are you saying?” Harold and Wendy asked simultaneously, “What do you mean by that?”

“Your grandma has been asking me for the eight million dollars but your mom didn’t want to give it to her. She’s the one who had suggested that I transfer all the money into her account and let me tell your grandma that the money was stuck in the fund management account. That was why I had transferred all our money to her—the fifteen million, all of it!”

Upon hearing the amount, Lady Wilson’s eyes opened so wide they almost popped out of her eye sockets. She slapped Christopher across the face and chided, “Didn’t you say that you only had ten million?!”

Christopher was shocked by the slap as well as the truth he just blurted impulsively. He was feeling extremely aggrieved and angry that he raised his voice and talked back, “Mom! It was you who estimated that I have ten million! I didn’t say it myself!”

“Then why didn’t you be honest with me?! I’m your mother! Why didn’t you come clean with me and tell me how much money you actually had?!”

Christopher was dumbstruck.

Indeed, it was his fault for concealing the fact about the actual balance in his account, he was guilty as charged.

Lady Wilson huffed in anguish, “I always thought that you were different from your brother. I thought that you were better, smarter, and slicker than him! But, how dare you, how the hell dare you lie to me!”

Then, she gritted her teeth and muttered, “A wise man can be ruined by his own wisdom, silly boy! Instead of being truthful to your mother, you gave all the money to your wife. Great, now that she has run away with all the money, we’re done!”

Wendy uttered in agitation, “No! Grandma, my mom wouldn’t do that!”

Lady Wilson glared at her and blurted from the corner of her lips, “She wouldn’t do that, you say? Then, tell me, where is she now? Where did she go? Why did she disappear now?!”

Then, she continued aggressively, “Also, your mom kept talking about the scam, but why did all of her accomplices including herself disappear except Elaine Ma? This shows that there is a lot of oddity in this matter!”

Harold blurted his opinion that popped at the top of his head, “Is it possible that Elaine Ma was behind this? Could it be that she, in turn, took care of my mom and her accomplices?”

Lady Wilson exclaimed disgustedly, “Elaine Ma? Do you think that the stupid b*tch is capable enough to do such a thing? Only your idiotic uncle would be fooled by her! I don’t want to comment about your mother’s character right now, but she is ten times more clever than Elaine Ma, that’s the fact! If she had really wanted to fool Elaine Ma, there’s no way that Elaine Ma could have counterattacked!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 618

There was a dash of uncertainty and doubt on Christopher’s face. He was almost convinced that his wife had run away with the money!

There was no other better explanation than this!

How could four adults disappear out of thin air just like that?

Even if they did, there must be some clues or traces left behind, right?

The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that Hannah might have betrayed him! Indeed, she was very rich now with the winning and their fifteen million cash.

He huffed and bit his lips in anguish, then said, “No, I can’t just wait here. I want to go to Elaine Ma and ask her in person!”

The annoyed Lady Wilson smacked Christopher with her cane and cursed, “You’d better get some answers from her and find Hannah! Even if you can’t find her, get the fifteen million back for me! You don’t have to come back if you can’t get the money, I’ll just assume that I only have one son!”

Christopher nodded dejectedly. “Okay, alright, I’ll go now!”

Suddenly, Lady Wilson said, “Wait! I’ll go with you!”

“Why? Mom, you’ll only create more trouble if you go!”

“Did you just say I’ll create more trouble?!” Lady Wilson cursed, “After losing all the money, you dare say that I’m a troublemaker?! I must go, nothing you say or do can stop me! If you don’t resolve this matter, I’ll break ties with you and live with Jacob Wilson!”

Annoyed and upset, Christopher nodded reluctantly and said, “Alright, fine, let’s go then!”

They quickly rushed out to take a taxi and went straight to Elaine Ma’s house.

Meanwhile, Charlie Wade and Jacob Wilson were sitting in the living room watching TV while Elaine Ma was alone in the room, wailing and weeping under the blanket for the two million dollars that she lost and the broken jade bangle.

At this moment, there was a sudden bang on the door.

Charlie Wade went to open the door and frowned when he saw Lady Wilson and Christopher standing at the door. He asked in an unfriendly tone, “What are you doing here?”

The agitation in Lady Wilson’s messy mind increased the minute she saw Charlie Wade. She cursed while trying to push Charlie Wade away, “Get out of my way, loser! I want to see Elaine Ma!”

The frown grew deeper between Charlie Wade’s eyes. His cold voice persisted, “Old lady, we’re no longer related to you and you aren’t welcome here!”

“What did you just say?!” Lady Wilson growled angrily, “How dare you?! Watch your tongue, you disrespectful jerk!”

“Do you really think you’re still the head of the Wilson family? Do you really think your dominant and pompous attitude still works wherever you go? Again, you are not welcome here, so get lost!”

Charlie Wade wanted to close the door when Jacob Wilson ran over after hearing the commotion.

He, too, frowned when he saw the two people standing at the door and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Lady Wilson snorted and asked with sheer majestic temperament, “Jacob Wilson! Do you still see me as your mother?”

Jacob Wilson was startled, but he replied steadily, “Well, you were the one wanting to sever ties with me. You should ask yourself if you see me as your son.”

Lady Wilson’s face twisted in embarrassment. She blurted, “Blood is thicker than water! I’m always your mother no matter what!”

Jacob Wilson sighed in annoyance. He was fed up with being put down and insulted by his own mother, so he said in dismay, “You kick me out of the house and cut ties with me when you’re tired of me but you call yourself my mother when you need me. Are you serious? I’m sorry, I don’t want such a mother!”

Jacob Wilson immediately turned his head and went back inside.

Charlie Wade smiled at the unwanted guests and said, “Well, you’ve heard what my father-in-law said. Please go back!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 619

Never did Lady Wilson expect that the cowardly Jacob Wilson would be so gutsy and confident in front of her!

She couldn’t help feeling angry and frustrated!

For decades, she had been suppressing Jacob Wilson using her majesty and authority, and Jacob Wilson had never been able to resist or even refute her bossiness.

He didn’t even dare to object when she kicked him out of the Wilson family house.

But now, he dared to say such things to her!

He had become bold and brazen, didn’t he?!

He didn’t want such a mother?! How the hell dare he spout such a rebellious remark!

This was outrageous!

Just when she blew a gasket and wanted to pick a bone with them to solidify her dignity, Christopher, on the other hand, stood humbly and said, “Charlie Wade, we aren’t here to look for trouble today, I have something very urgent that I need to ask Elaine Ma, so could you please ask her to come out quickly?”

Charlie Wade knew that Christopher must be here because of Hannah, but he wouldn’t know, not even in his dreams, that Hannah, Linda, and their clan had been sent to Erith secretly. To him, it was like Hannah had disappeared into thin air.

So, Charlie Wade said, “Well, you can tell me and I’ll pass the message to her.”

“My wife is gone!”

Charlie Wade pretended to be shocked and asked, “Gone? How?”

Christopher was irritated by Charlie Wade’s nosiness, but he contained his fury and said, “I just can’t find her, I can’t get in touch with her. Before she lost contact, she told me that she was with Elaine Ma, and that’s why I’ve come to ask in case Elaine Ma knows something.”

Charlie Wade chuckled. “Actually, you can deduce the situation without asking.”

“What do you mean?” Christopher blurted in confusion.

“Simple. I think your wife ran away.”

Then, Charlie Wade cracked his knuckles, making a series of popping sounds, and said, “Have you looked into the mirror lately? Look at you—no money, no power, no friends. I guess you’ll have to file for bankruptcy soon, am I right? I bet the villa will be seized, right? Aunty Hannah has never suffered a day in her life, did you really think she’ll live with you in a shady rented flat?”

Christopher growled furiously, “This is none of your business, shut the f*ck up!”

Jacob Wilson walked over and said in a serious tone, “Brother, I think Charlie Wade is right. The Wilson family is a bottomless pit now. If I were Hannah, not only would I not live with you, but I’d also take all your money and start a new life by myself!”

“You…” Christopher didn’t expect that Jacob Wilson would rub salt directly into his wound. He huffed indignantly and shouted, “Jacob Wilson Wilson, don’t you dare insult my wife like that! I would have broken your nose already if you weren’t my brother!”

As soon as his scornful growl faded, Charlie Wade slapped him across the face. Stars and bright lights appeared in his eyes in an instant.

Before he could regain his composure, Charlie Wade chided coldly, “Christopher, how dare you be so presumptuous at my house. Did you forget what happened to your dear son and your lackeys?”

Christopher shut his mouth sheepishly after being slapped.

He knew that he was in the worst standpoint right now.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 620

Even if he was still the former Christopher, he couldn’t go up against Charlie Wade in any way.

He wasn’t sure when and how Charlie Wade had become so skillful and amazing in martial arts that he could defeat the Wilson family’s brawny bodyguards. He definitely couldn’t withstand Charlie Wade’s beating!

Dejected, Christopher contained his fury and said in a low voice, “Jacob Wilson, it’s my fault for being so rude earlier. I’m sorry, but could you please ask Elaine Ma to see me? I have something important that I must ask her.”

Jacob Wilson was utterly happy right now. He wanted to just hug his darling son-in-law and kiss him!

He had been so frustrated by Christopher’s provocation when suddenly, Charlie Wade slapped him! It was such a refreshing scene!

Smiling gleefully inside, Jacob Wilson donned an emotionless face and said, “Brother, did you and Hannah want to buy a villa two days ago?”

“How did you know?” asked Christopher suspiciously.

“Elaine Ma told me. She was at her friend’s house playing mahjong when you and Hannah went to view the house.”

Christopher nodded. “Yeah, we did, but what does it have to do with today?”

Lady Wilson, on the other hand, frowned in confusion and asked, “Chris, what’s going on? Are you planning to buy a house? When? Why? Why don’t know anything about it?”

Christopher was startled and then sighed desperately in his heart.

The gears in his brain were stuck by all the anxiety and tension that he completely forgot that he didn’t want his mother to know they were buying a new place.

Staring uneasily at Lady Wilson’s grumpy face, he put on a patience tone and explained, “Mom, Hannah and I are afraid that we wouldn’t have any place to live after the villa is seized, so we went ahead to view any potential house that we can afford…”

“Bullsh*t!” Lady Wilson cursed. “My house will be seized because you didn’t want to help the family with your money! You’re so stingy when it comes to helping the company and you even went as far as viewing houses behind my back?!”

Christopher looked extremely embarrassed and awkward. He knew that he couldn’t settle his mother’s wrath any time soon…

Frustrated, Lady Wilson slapped him and shouted, “Ungrateful b*stard! You don’t believe in your own mother and choose to believe an outsider! Great, now your fifteen million is thrown down the drain! You are literally driving us to a dead end, b*stard!”

Jacob Wilson felt quite bitter and upset when he heard that his brother had fifteen million in his possession.

He was once part of the family, but he only had one million in his savings. Later, he managed to increase his saving to two million after trading the antiques and some stipends from Claire Wilson Wilson.

Unexpectedly, Christopher had fifteen million!

Feeling sourish, Jacob Wilson said, “No wonder! Brother, you transferred all the money to Hannah, didn’t you?”

Christopher huffed angrily, “It’s none of your business!”

Jacob Wilson sighed and said, “Brother, you’ve given Hannah so much money. Even if she doesn’t want to cheat on you, there are many young men out there who dream that a rich woman would be able to support them financially and they would grasp onto her tightly like she is their lifebuoy!”

“What do you mean by that?” Christopher demanded, frowning angrily.

Jacob Wilson pretended to be shocked and said, “Haven’t you read all those real life cases on the Internet? There are so many similar cases out there! Some young men will target rich old women like Hannah and seduce them with their youthful energy. When the time comes, they would simply say something like, ‘Ah, I don’t want to work anymore.’ Then, these rich women will immediately give them cars and houses, keep them as their toyboy, or even elope with them!”

Then, Jacob Wilson shook his head and said regretfully, “Fifteen million, Chris, fifteen million! I wonder how many young men are surrounding Hannah like bees to flowers! I’m afraid she can’t make the decision in an instant!”

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