The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 676-680 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 676- 680)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 676

Sean replied excitedly, “I’ll listen to you, Dad!”

Donald nodded in satisfaction as he said, “Come, let’s go in and ask Charlie Wade to give me one of the Rejuvenation Pill!”

“Ask him for the pill?” Sean hurriedly asked, “How are you going to ask for it?”

“By kneeling!” Donald replied indifferently, “Since the entire Moore family has already knelt down in front of Charlie Wade, then we’ll have to kneel down in front of him too!”

“Kneel? You want me to kneel down in front of Charlie Wade?” Sean jumped up as he yelled, “You want me to kneel before him? Dad, why don’t you kill me instead?”

Donald could not help but frown as he stared at his son and said, “Did you even hear anything that I was telling you earlier?”

Sean had a very sad and depressed expression on his face as he said, “But Dad, you’re asking me to kneel before him! When have I ever knelt down before anyone else aside from you and my grandfather? Didn’t you tell me that men should never kneel down in front of anyone else?”

Donald sneered before he replied, “If Han Xin thought the same way as you when he was humiliated in the past, then he wouldn’t have been named the God of War in Chinese history!”

After that, Donald asked, “What does it matter if you have to kneel in front of others? You can kneel down in front of a person before stabbing him. That is how a true hero acts!”

Sean nodded slightly when he heard his father’s words and he replied, “Okay then, I’ll listen to you, Dad.”

Donald patted his son gently on his shoulder as he smiled and said, “Being able to conform to change is also a very huge improvement!”

After that, Donald could not hide the excitement on his face as he said, “Come on and follow me into the Moore family mansion now!”


At this time, Charlie Wade has already helped Lord Mooore up to his feet.

As Lord Mooore stood up, the other members of the Moore family also followed in his steps.

Everyone also stood in line to offer up their birthday gifts to Lord Mooore at this moment. Therefore, Charlie Wade returned to his seat as he allowed Lord Mooore to continue with his birthday banquet.

After Charlie Wade returned to his seat, a group of people started gathering around him as they spoke to him excitedly.

Everyone was rushing forward to place their bids for a Rejuvenating Pill.

There were also people who had already started the bid from three hundred million dollars, to four hundred million dollars, and even as high as five hundred millions dollars at one go.

However, Charlie Wade simply replied indifferently, “I’m sorry everyone, but I really received the Rejuvenation Pill by accident. I don’t have any more of these pills after giving it to Lord Mooore.”

Someone recognized Charlie Wade and he knew that he was none other than the great Master Wade who had struck Jack Yaleman the Feng Shui master from Hong Kong to death at the metaphysics gathering at the White family mansion. Therefore, he shouted out, “Master Wade, I know that you’re the supreme leader of the metaphysics circle! I’m sure that you must have refined and concocted this Rejuvenating Pill on your own. Please have some compassion for us and refine a batch of these pills for all the old and elderly men like us. We’ll be more than willing to pay you the highest price that we can for this pill!”

At this time, Charlie Wade thought to himself and knew that he would not be able to experience any peace in his life if anyone were to find out that he had the ability to refine the Rejuvenation Pill. Therefore, he replied lightly, “Even if I am the supreme leader of the metaphysics circle, there are just some things that are way beyond my abilities.”

As Charlie Wade spoke, he had a look of regret on his face as he said, “Based on my personal research, this Rejuvenation Pill was refined by a genius doctor and warlock during the ancient times. It is a pill that was specifically refined for emperors and generals in the army. After many years passed, it seemed as though this medicine has slowly started to fade and even the method of refining and concocting the medicine is already lost. Therefore, I believe it will be impossible for anyone to refine the Rejuvenation Pill now. However, all of you can rest assured that I’ll definitely share this pill with everyone if I have the skills and capability to refine and concoct the Rejuvenation Pill in the future!”

When everyone heard Charlie Wade’s words, they could not help but give up. At the same time, they could only hope that Charlie Wade would really be able to refine the Rejuvenating Pill one day.

Donald and his son had just entered the Moore family mansion at this time. When Sean heard Charlie Wade’s words, he quickly spoke to his father, “Dad, Charlie Wade said that he doesn’t have any more Rejuvenation Pills on him!”

“Doesn’t have any more?” Donald smiled contemptuously before he said confidently, “I don’t believe him!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 677

When Sean saw that his father firmly believed that Charlie Wade definitely had more Rejuvenation Pills on him, he looked at his father before he asked, “Dad, are you really going to look for Charlie Wade and beg him to give you a Rejuvenation Pill?”

“That’s right.” Donald nodded slightly before he said, “You’ll come with me later and I’ll apologize to Charlie Wade on your behalf. After that, you’ll kneel down and beg for Charlie Wade’s forgiveness. After that, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to ask him for a Rejuvenation Pill then.”

Sean had a very depressed expression on his face as he said, “Dad, do you mean that you want me to kneel down before him and apologize and confess to my mistake? After that, you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to ask him for the pill?”

Donald glared at Sean before he asked, “Do you have anything to say about my plan?”

Sean was startled by the look in his father’s eyes and he hurriedly waved his hand as he said, “No…I have no objections at all!”

Donald nodded in satisfaction before he said, “Like I said, a man needs to be as flexible as they possibly can be. If you kneeling down is useless, then I’ll kneel down too. As long as I can get my hands on the Rejuvenation Pill, I’d even be willing to call him my father! In this world, is there anything else more important than life itself?”

“Well…” Sean knew that his father had already been completely hooked by the temptation of the Rejuvenation Pill. Therefore, he knew that it was completely useless for him to say anything at all at this time.

As the father and son were walking back into the banquet hall, Charlie Wade had already sent everyone who was surrounding him away.

The birthday banquet was about to begin at this time but when Charlie Wade looked around him, he noticed that there were two empty seats at the table that he was sitting at.

These two seats had originally been prepared for Anthony and his granddaughter, Xyla.

Charlie Wade could not help but wonder if something was wrong.

From his understanding, Anthony was a very punctual person who had a good sense of timing and he would always keep all of his promises. Therefore, he was not the kind of person who would be so late.

As he thought about this, Charlie Wade took out his cell phone and called Anthony immediately.

The phone call was connected very quickly.

However, it was Xyla who answered the phone.

“Wade…Master Wade…”

Xyla’s voice was a little nervous and aggrieved.

Charlie Wade hurriedly asked, “Xyla? Where’s your grandfather? Why aren’t both of you here at Lord Mooore’s eightieth birthday banquet?”

Xyla replied with an angry voice, “Master Wade, my grandfather’s clinic has been smashed and destroyed! He’s busy cleaning up and fixing up his clinic now. We might not be able to attend the birthday banquet today. My grandfather did not want to tell you and Lord Mooore about this matter because he was afraid that it would affect everyone’s mood…”

At this time, Charlie Wade could not help but wonder who would actually be courageous enough to smash the well-known and reputable Dr. Simmons’ clinic?

Charlie Wade hurriedly asked, “Who did this?”

Xyla replied, “The father and son of the Webb family from Sudbury! They wanted to ask my grandfather to make a trip to their home in Sudbury to treat Kian’s illness. However, my grandfather felt that Kian is a very despicable person who deserves to suffer and he refused to agree to their request. That’s the reason why they had asked their men to smash and destroy my grandfather’s clinic!”

Charlie Wade had a very cold expression on his face when he heard Xyla’s words.

It turned out to be the work of Donald and his son?

Anger flashed through Charlie Wade’s heart as he asked, “Xyla, are you or your grandfather hurt in any way?”

Xyla quickly replied, “No. I was not at the clinic at that time. Our clinic had already been smashed and ruined when I came back. The Webb family members had also left with their men at that time. My grandfather is also fine. Only the clinic has been smashed and destroyed.”

When Charlie Wade heard that they were both not injured, he relaxed a little as he said, “Xyla, tell your grandfather that I will help him to deal with this matter.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade hung up the phone with a cold expression on his face.

The Webb family were really very arrogant. They did not even bother to constrain themselves now that they were in Aurouss Hilll and Charlie Wade could not believe that they even dared to smash and destroy Anthony’s medical hall.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 678

First of all, what was the reason that Anthony decided to open the Serene World Clinic in Aurouss Hilll? It was simply because Anthony wanted to repay Charlie Wade’s kindness. That was the main reason that Anthony had decided to move to Aurouss Hilll.

As a result, Donald and his son actually had the audacity to smash and destroy Anthony’s medical hall. He really could not tolerate and swallow the anger that he was feeling!

Unexpectedly, Donald returned to the banquet hall with Sean at this time.

Moreover, instead of bringing Sean back to his table, Donald brought Sean with him as they headed directly to Charlie Wade’s table.

As soon as they arrived at Charlie Wade’s table, Donald immediately arched his hand as he said in a respectful manner, “Master Wade, I’m sorry if my son has offended you in any way because he didn’t know what he was doing and saying earlier. I’ve brought him here to apologize to you and to ask for your forgiveness now. I hope that you won’t take it to heart and I hope that you can accept his apology and forgive him for his mistake.”

Charlie Wade had just hung up the phone and he was still feeling very angry at this time. In fact, Charlie Wade knew that the reason why Donald dragged his son, Sean, all the way here to apologize to him was simply because he wanted to get a Rejuvenating Pill from him. Therefore, he smiled as he said, “Mr. Webb, just not too long ago, both you and your son were calling me a useless son-in-law who’s nothing more than a pathetic piece of trash. So, how can I be worthy of an apology from you or your son? Mr. Webb, didn’t you say that I am just a pathetic piece of trash that you can scold or hit whenever you want to?”

When Donald heard Charlie Wade’s words, he knew that Charlie Wade did not intend to forgive them just like that.

Therefore, Donald immediately yelled at Sean, “A*shole! Come here and kneel down to apologize to Master Wade now!”

As soon as Donald spoke up, many people turned around and placed their attention on them.

They could not help but wonder whether Sean from the Webb family would really kneel down before Charlie Wade!

Sean was so angry and frustrated that he could feel his whole body burning up at this time!

No matter what it was, he was still the young master of the Webb family. He was part of the super rich second generation in the entire South Region. How could his father ask him to kneel down in front of a useless son-in-law from Aurouss Hilll? If words about this matter spreads out to the public, how could he possibly face anyone in the future?

As he was hesitating, Sean turned around and he was frightened and shocked when he saw the expression on his father’s face. Sean was afraid that if he continued to refuse and hesitate, his father would be so angry that he would kick him down to the ground and beat him up in front of everyone else. Therefore, Sean could only lower his head as he bent his knees and knelt down in front of Charlie Wade.

“Oh my god! The young master of the Webb family really knelt down in front of him!”

There was a huge uproar in the banquet hall.

Sean’s face turned so hot and red and he felt that he was about to die.

Donald did not say anything else after he saw his son kneeling down in front of Charlie Wade. Shortly after, Donald yelled, “Why are you in a daze? Hurry up and apologize to Master Wade now!”

At this time, Sean could only say, “Master Wade, I am sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me!”

Charlie Wade replied calmly, “I think that it would be better not to say anything at all if you’re going to apologize without any sincerity at all. We’ll be able to save everyone’s time and there will be no hard feelings at all.”

When Donald heard Charlie Wade’s words, he immediately understood that asking his son to kneel down was not enough to impress and appease Charlie Wade.

Therefore, he shouted angrily at his son as he said, “Hurry up and kowtow in front of Master Wade now! I want you to beg for Master Wade’s forgiveness!”

Sean clenched his teeth before he leaned forward and kowtowed before he said, “Master Wade, please forgive me for acting impulsively! I am extremely sorry for my actions and words!”

Charlie Wade laughed playfully before he said, “Since you’re already apologizing so sincerely, then we can treat it as though this incident has never happened.”

Donald finally heaved a huge sigh of relief when he heard Charlie Wade’s words. After that, he blurted out, “Master Wade, there’s something else that I would like to ask of you! I wonder if you’ll be willing to sell me one of your Rejuvenating Pills? I am willing to pay you one billion dollars in cash for it!”

Everyone at the scene could not help but exclaim in shock!

He was offering him five hundred million dollars just a while ago but it had already become one billion dollars in the blink of an eye? As expected, the Webb family was really rich and one billion dollars or eight hundred million dollars was nothing at all to them.

Charlie Wade smiled slightly at this time before he said, “Mr. Webb, you’re really thinking too much. I don’t have any more Rejuvenating Pills on me but even if I have one, it would be simply impossible for me to sell it for just one billion dollars. Besides that, even if I was willing to sell it for one billion dollars, I’d never sell it to you!”

As soon as he spoke, Charlie Wade snorted coldly as he said, “I’m a man who holds grudges. I can still clearly remember that you were clamoring for me to be responsible for beating Cain up and you even said that you’ll make sure I pay the price for my actions. Now, you actually have the audacity to come and ask me for a Rejuvenating Pill? Do you really think that I’m a goldfish with only seven seconds of memory?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 679

Donald felt his heart tighten as soon as he heard Charlie Wade’s words.

He knew that Charlie Wade would not give in so easily. However, since he had already offered a sky-high price of one billion dollars, he thought that Charlie Wade would have given in and forgotten all the contradictions that had happened earlier for the sake of the money.

However, he really did not expect this guy to pay no attention to the sky-high price of one billion dollars at all. Instead, Charlie Wade was going through the old account and he was still taking it to heart.

If this was a normal business transaction, Donald would have already left upon encountering an opponent who would be negotiating in this manner, no matter how big the business opportunity was.

However, Donald could not just shake his hands and leave right now.

This was because deep down in his heart, Donald could not resist the temptation of the Rejuvenating Pill at all. It was as though Donald had been completely captivated by the attraction brought about by the Rejuvenating Pill, and the pill and the consequent effect after he took the pill was all that he could think about.

Therefore, Donald knelt down without any hesitation at all as he clasped his hands together before he said to Charlie Wade in a pious and respectful manner, “Master Wade, I didn’t know any better. I know that everyone in Aurouss Hilll treats and regards you as the dragon on earth. Please do not hold anything against an ordinary and common man such as myself!”

Donald was indeed a very eloquent person.

In order to prevent his opponent from having the opportunity to continue stomping and trampling all over him, he had deliberately lifted and praised his opponent. This way, it would basically be very difficult for his opponent to continue insulting him.

However, at this time, Charlie Wade was not angry at the father and son for what they had said to him. Instead, he was angry and furious because he had found out that they actually had the audacity to smash and destroy Anthony’s Serene World Clinic.

Charlie Wade would definitely have to avenge Anthony. Otherwise, he would not be at ease.

Therefore, Charlie Wade looked at Donald before he smiled and said, “One billion dollars is indeed a very sincere and tempting offer. However, Mr. Webb, I feel that your manners seem to be a little inferior compared to your son’s.”

Donald was a little taken aback and he instantly realized that Charlie Wade was referring to the fact that he did not know him.

At this point, Donald did not feel that it was shameful or embarrassing for him to kowtow before Charlie Wade at all. After all, he was doing this for the Rejuvenating Pill!

As he thought about it, Donald hurriedly kowtowed in front of Charlie Wade without any hesitation at all.

After kowtowing to Charlie Wade, Donald raised his head before he said piously, “Master Wade, please give me an opportunity! As long as you’re willing to sell a Rejuvenating Pill to me, I will credit one billion dollars in cash to your account immediately!”

Charlie Wade looked at him and he smiled playfully before he said, “The Rejuvenating Pill is a simple matter. In fact, you’ve guessed it correctly. I do have another Rejuvenating Pill on me and I was originally intending to keep this pill for myself. However, since you’re offering me a very good price for the pill, then I can definitely consider selling this pill to you…”

As he spoke, Charlie Wade reached into his pocket before he slowly took out a wooden box, similar to the one that he had given to Lord Mooore earlier. After opening the wooden box, there was indeed another Rejuvenating Pill inside the wooden box.

After taking out the Rejuvenating Pill, Charlie Wade stood up before he said to everyone who was present at the scene, “Everyone, the Rejuvenating Pill is indeed a very priceless and valuable treasure. I hid this piece of information from all of you earlier and I hope that you can all forgive me. I’ll tell you the truth. There is indeed another Rejuvenating Pill and I was initially intending to keep it for myself. I did not have the intention to sell it to anyone at all. However, since Mr. Webb seems to be so sincere and since he quoted such a high price for the pill, I am going to take his offer into careful consideration.”

Even though everyone was very greedy for the Rejuvenation Pill, they did not stand a chance at all.

After all, how many of them could actually offer one billion dollars in cash for the Rejuvenating Pill?

Not more than five of the people present at the birthday banquet today could actually afford to do that.

Besides that, who would dare to compete with the Webb family at a time like this?

Both Donald and his son had already knelt down and kowtowed before Charlie Wade for this medicine. If they tried to take the medicine from him at this time, wouldn’t they be incurring the wrath of the Webb family?

Donald looked at the Rejuvenating Pill and he could smell the fresh medicinal fragrance emitting from the pill. He was very excited as he said, “Master Wade, as long as you’re willing to sell this pill to me, I will transfer one billion dollars to your account immediately!”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “Don’t get too excited. Before we talk about the Rejuvenating Pill, there is something else that we haven’t talked about yet.”

“Something else?” Donald frowned before he asked, “What are you referring to?”

The expression on Charlie Wade’s face was very dull and gloomy as he replied coldly, “Anthony and I are very close friends. How are you going to fix things with me, now that you and your son decided to smash and destroy Anthony’s Serene World Clinic earlier today?”

As soon as Lord Mooore heard Charlie Wade’s words, he could not help but frown immediately. He had a very angry and gloomy expression on his face as he said, “Donald! The genius doctor, Dr. Simmons, is an expert doctor who is very well-known in Aurouss Hilll. He has treated and saved the lives of countless people! Moreover, he’s also one of my very close friends! Why did you smash his clinic?”

Donald was very shocked when he heard Charlie Wade and Lord Mooore’s words.

Unexpectedly, Anthony and Charlie Wade actually shared a strong friendship!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 680

This was really tricky!

He really did not know about their relationship prior to this!

Donald had simply thought that Anthony was nothing more than a well-known and reputable doctor in the country. Since he could not beat him up, then he could only smash and destroy his clinic to exert a little pressure and force the genius doctor to finally agree to see and treat his youngest son.

He really did not expect to cause more trouble for himself.

However, Donald was very eager to get his hand on the Rejuvenating Pill. At this time, Donald could only turn around as he pointed his finger at his son, Sean, who was kneeling down beside him at this time. After that, he said indignantly, “Hey! This is all my son’s fault! He is very impulsive and ill-mannered. I’m sorry that I did not teach my son well!”

Sean could not help but twitch slightly at this time.

He really did not expect that he would have to bear the responsibility for his father’s action at this time.

Even though he was very angry, he did not dare to show his dissatisfaction at all.

Since he had no choice but to bear the responsibility on his father’s behalf, he could only sigh as he gritted his teeth in anger!

After that, Sean lowered his head before he said, “I’m sorry for acting impulsively. I shouldn’t have smashed and destroyed the genius doctor Dr. Simmons’ clinic. Please forgive me for my actions, Master Wade!”

Donald also hurriedly said, “Master Wade, you can rest assured that I will definitely give the genius doctor ten times the compensation for all the losses caused from us destroying his clinic.”

At this time, Charlie Wade replied lightly, “Some things cannot simply be resolved using money.”

Donald hurriedly asked, “So, how do you want to solve this matter then, Master Wade?”

“Me?” Charlie Wade looked at Donald before he smiled and said, “My solution is actually very simple…”

As he spoke, Charlie Wade deliberately slowed down his rhythm as he turned and fixed his gaze on Sean instead.

Sean could not help but feel a little nervous and flustered when he locked eyes with Charlie Wade. After all, Charlie Wade was staring at him with a fierce and intense gaze.

As he was still wondering what kind of solution Charlie Wade would propose, Charlie Wade suddenly reached out his hand as he grabbed hold of Sean’s right wrist before he twisted it gently…

With a click, Charlie Wade directly broke Sean’s right wrist!


Sean screamed in pain and his face turned red immediately before turning pale again.

“Ahh! My wrist is broken! Charlie Wade, you are asking to die!”

Charlie Wade swung Sean’s broken wrist aside before he replied coldly, “Since you smashed and destroyed Dr. Simmons’ clinic, then it is only right for me to break your hand. This is called a direct exchange!”

Sean yelled out in pain as he shouted, “Dad! This piece of trash actually broke my hand! I want to kill him. I want him dead now!”

Donald was also stunned at the sudden turn of events. He really did not expect Charlie Wade to attack his son directly. Moreover, he would never have expected Charlie Wade to be so cruel to directly break one of his son’s hands just like that.

However, at this time, all Donald could think of was the Rejuvenating Pill in Charlie Wade’s hand.

In his opinion, if Charlie Wade would be willing to sell him the Rejuvenating Pill, he could still accept it even if his son would have to pay for it with his broken hand. Donald thought that he would only deal with Charlie Wade and settle the score with him after he has taken the Rejuvenating Pill from Charlie Wade!

Therefore, Donald’s face darkened as he opened his mouth and said, “Master Wade, I believe that my son has already paid the price for smashing and destroying Dr. Simmons’ medical hall. So, can you sell me the Rejuvenating Pill now?”

“The Rejuvenating Pill…” Charlie Wade took the Rejuvenating Pill out of the small wooden box before he waved it in front of Donald a couple of times.

At this time, Donald’s eyes were gleaming and shining brightly as he stared at the Rejuvenating Pill.

Donald really did not expect Charlie Wade to smile faintly at this time before he said, “Compared to the one billion dollars that you are going to give me, I think that it would be better for me to take this pill myself instead!”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade raised his hand before he placed the Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth and chewed twice before directly swallowing the pill!

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