The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 706-710 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 706- 710)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 706

Jacob Wilson was trembling in fright at this time. Seeing that Mr. Phillips was still hesitant, he hurriedly said: “Mr. Phillips, go quickly. If this group of people really do anything to you, I can’t explain to your family!”
Mr. Jones shouted coldly: “If you don’t want to go, just stay.”

Mr. Phillips gritted his teeth and dared not delay any longer, and hurried out of the box.
Jacob Wilson was desperate in his heart, but fortunately Don Albertt was still in the box, so he prayed that Don Albertt could cope with the situation.

However, Don Albertt could do nothing at this time.
This group of people kicked open the door of the diamond box and made such a big movement. If there was no accident, their own people would have appeared long ago.

Up to now, no one has come over, which proves that these people have been ill-adjusted.
Mrr.. Lloyd gritted his teeth and looked at Don Albertt, and said coldly: “Don Albertt, your death date is here!”

After speaking, he turned his head and said respectfully to Mr. Jones: “Mr. Jones, please do it!”
Mr. Jones nodded, took a step forward, and said, “Don Albertt, come forward and die!”
When Don Albertt was young, he was considered a half-practiceer. He did not accept his fate when he was young. Instead, he prepared a posture to deal with it. He said coldly: “If you want my fate, it depends on whether you have this ability. Now!”

Mr. Jones sneered and said, “You are just an ant in my eyes!”
After all, he walked directly towards Don Albertt.
Don Albertt looked solemn, but knew that he couldn’t give in at this time, so he immediately punched Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones sneered, only to punch lightly.
But when the two fists collided, Don Albertt only felt that his body was hit by a huge boulder, and with a puff, he felt a strong attack. He couldn’t stand it, he immediately flew out and fell to the ground. .

Don Albertt, who fell to the ground, suddenly changed his complexion. He couldn’t believe that the strength of this man was so abnormal! It’s crushing yourself!
Marcus saw this scene, his eyes lit up, and his heart was ecstatic!

And his father Mrr.. Lloyd is even more excited!
The one who fell to the ground was the underground emperor of Aurouss Hilll!
However, after tonight, his position will be replaced by himself!
And he will become a dead body!

Thinking of this, Mrr.. Lloyd immediately sneered: “Don Albertt, aren’t you very arrogant and awesome? Now you know what there are outsiders and there are heaven outside, right?”
After all, Mrr.. Lloyd walked up to Don Albertt and gritted his teeth and said: “Before killing you, I also want you to taste it. What is humiliation!”

Immediately, he hurriedly said to Mr. Jones: “Mr. Jones, please help me to control him. I want to engrave the word “Pathetic Jerk” on his forehead to avenge my son!”
Mr. Jones said coldly: “I came to kill him today, not to ask you to engrave him. If you want to engrave, you can wait until I kill him!”

Mrr.. Lloyd hurriedly said: “Mr. Jones, in that case, he won’t be able to feel the pain of humiliation and death!”
Mr. Jones glanced at him and said, “The surname over there is Wilson, you can engrave it whatever you want, Don Albertt, I will kill him first!”

After all, Mr. Jones grabbed Don Albertt’s neck with one hand, and lifted him up with his feet hanging in the air!
Mr. Jones only used a little force on his hand, and Don Albertt suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck, completely out of breath, and it felt more painful than hanging himself. It seemed that his Adam’s apple would be crushed vigorously!

At this moment, Don Albertt’s face was full of black and purple, his heart had already realized that he would die today!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 707

As early as when Mrr.. Lloyd rushed into the Diamond Box, Charlie Wade left home and drove the old man’s BMW car to Heaven Springs.
Originally, he was not prepared to go out so early.
But his mother-in-law Elaine Ma kept talking to him at home.

For a while, I disliked Jacob Wilson and went to a restaurant to be extravagant. I felt that 20,000 Dollar would be better for her to buy cosmetics, and by the way, I could go to the mahjong hall to rub a few circles with friends;
After a while, I disliked Charlie Wade for not going out to work and eat plain rice when he was idle at home;

Later, she said more and more vigorously. She insisted on introducing Charlie Wade a job as a security guard in the parking lot. She also said that the salary of 3,000 Dollar a month would be paid to her.

Charlie Wade knew that Elaine Ma had run out of money recently, and her pocket was cleaner than her face, and she couldn’t play outside, so she could only stay at home most of the time.
And as long as she is at home, she will be sulking and complaining constantly.
She was in a bad mood, and Charlie Wade was even more unpleasant.

It just so happened that tonight the old wife Jacob Wilson and his wife Claire Wilson Wilson hadn’t come home yet, so Elaine Ma kept chirping at him, really annoying Charlie Wade, so he went out early, even in the car. Sitting is much better than listening to her complaining at home.
Charlie Wade drove to Heaven Springs and stopped at the door of Heaven Springs. He didn’t get up in a hurry.

He checked that the time was still early, and it was estimated that the old man would have to sit on it for a while, so he turned off the fire and sat in the car to listen to songs and pass the time.
According to the original plan, the plan was to wait for the old man to call himself after he had finished drinking and had enough food and drink, and then went up to pick him up.

However, after waiting at the gate of Heaven Springs for a while, Charlie Wade realized that something was wrong.
At the gate of Heaven Springs, there have always been two security guards and two waitresses. The security guards are responsible for guarding and the waiter is responsible for welcoming guests.
But today, there is no one at the gate of Heaven Springs.

Moreover, there was a sign at the door stating that business was closed.
“what’s the situation?”
Charlie Wade thought to himself, did Don Albertt know that the old man is coming today, so he directly booked the venue for him?

Don Albertt is very insightful in handling things, and maybe he might be a charter.
Thinking like this, he saw a lot of panicked old men at the gate of Heaven Springs.
Charlie Wade was even more puzzled.

These old men all looked the same age as Jacob Wilson, and each of them looked scared, as if something had happened inside.
So Charlie Wade hurriedly got out of the car and stopped an old man to ask: “Uncle, what happened upstairs?”

It was Chairman Price who was stopped.
He was still in shock, and he kept shaking and said, “Someone is being killed upstairs!”
When Charlie Wade heard this, he snorted in his heart!
Murdered? !

what’s the situation? !
Could it be that something happened to Heaven Springs? !
Thinking of this, he immediately rushed into Heaven Springs.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 708

When I entered Heaven Springs, I discovered that the waiter and security had fallen to the ground.
Charlie Wade stepped forward to investigate, and found that all the waiters and security guards had passed out, and everyone had bruises on their necks, and it seemed that they had passed out with their hands.

“This is a master!” Charlie Wade couldn’t help but pay attention, and immediately stepped upstairs!
At this time, Don Albertt was dying, his eyes turned white.
On the other side, Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus winked at each other seeing this.

Marcus took a dagger from his waist and looked at Jacob Wilson who was trembling in the corner, and said coldly: “Since Don Albertt dealt with it, then I will let this Jacob Wilson suffer double crime!”
After that, he said to his father Mrr.. Lloyd: “Dad, you grab this old thing, and I will engrave the four characters “Pathetic Jerk father-in-law” on his forehead!”

Mrr.. Lloyd nodded, and said coldly: “Engrave! Must engrave! Be harder and engrave me on his skull!”
Jacob Wilson’s scared soul was not possessed, and he blurted out: “I have no grievances with you, why do you treat me like this?!”

“No grievances and no enmity?!” Marcus rushed to Jacob Wilson with a vigorous step, slapped him directly, and slapped Jacob Wilson’s face severely.
“I’m not dead! Your son-in-law has humiliated me, dare you say that you have no grievances with me?

I tell you, today I will not only engrave the four characters of hanging father-in-law on your forehead, I f*cking want it Kill you! Let your damn poor son-in-law come and collect your body!”
Marcus’s blade was extremely sharp, and Jacob Wilson cried in fright as he watched the cold light refracted by the blade.

However, he had no other way. He could only blurt out to shout to Don Albertt: “Don Albertt help!”
Don Albertt was on the verge of death at this time. His brain was about to lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen. Suddenly he heard Jacob Wilson’s call for help. With the last bit of effort, he said: “Mr. Wilson, I’m sorry, it was Don Albertt who failed you.”

Mr. Jones said with a gloomy expression: “Don Albertt, you haven’t died for so long, you old guy is a bit capable, but I advise you not to insist anymore. If you continue to persist, you will only suffer more pain!”

Don Albertt’s face was completely black and purple, but he still roared hoarsely: “I will never let you off if I am a ghost!”
“Oh?” Mr. Jones sneered: “Then I will wait for you to turn into a ghost to find me tonight. Then, I will let you die again!”

Don Albertt smiled hard and said, “Don’t worry, Master Wade will avenge me today! I will walk a little slower on Afterlife Road and wait for you to come over!”

Mr. Jones snorted coldly and said, “Master Wade is nothing but rubbish in my eyes!”
After that, Mr. Jones said again: “But you really have to go slower on Afterlife Road, because soon I will send Master Wade on the road. Then, on Afterlife Road, you two can go together!”
“Just rely on you?”

Don Albertt sneered incomparably, “You don’t know Master Wade’s strength at all. In front of Master Wade, you are not even worthy of rubbish!”
“Looking for death!” Mr. Jones looked cold, and said coldly: “Come on, if you have anything, go and talk to Lord Yan!”

Immediately, he increased a bit of strength in his hand, and the breath of Don Albertt was immediately pinched. The last bit of back light has been exhausted, and the lamp is about to run out.
Marcus laughed loudly at this moment: “Cool! Kill Don Albertt and Charlie Wade’s father-in-law tonight, if you kill Charlie Wade tomorrow, I will get revenge!”

At this time, Mrr.. Lloyd had already held down Jacob Wilson’s head and said to Marcus: “Son, hurry up and engrave! After the engraving, I will take a photo as a souvenir!”
“Good!” Marcus grinned, the tip of the knife already touching Jacob Wilson’s forehead.

At this time, Don Albertt’s eyes were completely rolled up, and he almost died of asphyxiation.
At this moment, the door of the box was suddenly kicked directly by someone!
When Jacob Wilson saw someone coming, he broke down and cried, and shouted loudly, “Charlie Wade, my good son-in-law, if you come one step later, you can only collect the body!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 709

Charlie Wade’s face was as cold as frost at this time!
He really didn’t expect that Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus would dare to bring someone to kill Don Albertt and his father-in-law!
At this moment, he was so angry that he had already moved to kill!

And Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus were too excited when they saw him coming!
After such a long time, how much ridicule and humiliation Marcus has been living a life worse than death?
And all this is thanks to Charlie Wade!

Right now, I finally got revenge!
And Mrr.. Lloyd was slapped by Charlie Wade today, and he naturally hated him to the bone. Originally regretted that he could not take his life today, he did not expect that he would come to the door himself!

Immediately, Mrr.. Lloyd said to Mr. Jones: “Mr. Jones! This bastard is Charlie Wade! Kill him!”
Marcus shouted from the side: “Mr. Jones, quickly kill this poor man!”
Charlie Wade frowned and said, “You let Don Albertt and my old man, I might consider spare you a dog.”

Mrr.. Lloyd was furious, and blurted out, “Charlie Wade, what are you talking about rubbish? He wants to pretend to be forceful, so he really takes himself seriously? Do you know if Mr. Jones can take you every minute? Life!”

After speaking, he said coldly again: “I tell you, since you dare to appear here today, then don’t think about being able to go out alive!”

Charlie Wade said disdainfully: “Do you think it’s just a few rubbish? Can you kill me?”
Mrr.. Lloyd looked at Charlie Wade coldly, and the villain said with great ambition: “Charlie Wade, I know you are skilled, but the few behind me, but the great masters carefully cultivated by the Webb family, are all powerful, how can you?

If you can fight, you can’t be their opponent! Believe it or not, Mr. Jones will hit you all over the floor with a single move. Can’t you survive or die?!”
Marcus hurriedly said: “Dad, what can I say to Charlie Wade this trash, want me to say, just beat him into a trash! I want him to kneel in front of me, kowtow to admit his mistake, and before Charlie Wade’s death , I also have to engrave the word waste on his forehead, take it with my mobile phone, and post the video to the Internet so that the whole Aurouss Hilll will know that Charlie Wade is a useless waste!”

Mrr.. Lloyd laughed and said, “Okay! Just do what you said!”
Seeing Mr. Jones pinching Don Albertt hard, Charlie Wade said coldly: “Let him go.”
Mr. Jones said with a look of contempt: “Let go of him?

Boy, believe it or not, I can kill you with one hand! I will send you on the road with Don Albertt!”
Seeing his face full of confidence, Charlie Wade sneered: “This hand of yours doesn’t belong to you anymore!”
After that, he rushed up immediately!

Mr. Jones didn’t expect Charlie Wade to rush towards him, and before letting go of Don Albertt with his right hand, he attacked Charlie Wade fiercely with his left hand!
Mr. Jones was full of confidence at this time.

He felt that he was already strong and out of place. How could an ordinary person be his opponent?
Even if it is Don Albertt who has been fighting for half a lifetime, isn’t it still done by one hand?
However, what he did not expect was that Charlie Wade flashed his attack in an instant, and then suddenly grabbed his arm and punched his shoulder!

This punch is beyond imagination!
Mr. Jones’s left shoulder has all been shattered into dust!
The bones turned into powder in the flesh, this kind of pain is like thousands of bone spurs, constantly piercing the nerves and flesh, causing Mr. Jones to grin in pain, as if all his strength was emptied in an instant!

Immediately afterwards, as soon as he loosened his right hand, Don Albertt slumped to the ground, and his whole body had no reaction.
Charlie Wade looked at him, and could sense that he still had an extremely weak breath, and he was not dead, and he was relieved.

Since Don Albertt only had a trace of life left, Charlie Wade didn’t worry about saving him immediately. Instead, he looked at the group of people in front of him and said coldly, “None of you want to leave today!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 710

Mr. Jones’s left shoulder was shattered, and there was only a layer of skin and flesh on his left arm, completely out of control, he could only hang on one side, and his expression at this time was even more horrified!

He is the king of special forces! Very strong! Never encountered an opponent in the military!
If it weren’t for the price offered by the Webb family, how could he be willing to be someone else’s bodyguard and thug with his strength and arrogance.

Mr. Jones has never tasted defeat for so many years, but he did not expect that he was just a face-to-face with Charlie Wade, and his left arm was abolished. This Charlie Wade’s strength is too strong, right? !

Charlie Wade looked at Mr. Jones with a look of horror, and sneered, “What? Afraid?”
Mr. Jones looked terrified, took a step back subconsciously, and questioned: “Who are you? Why do you have such strength?”

Charlie Wade said lightly: “Who am I? I am the person you shouldn’t mess with in your life!”
Mr. Jones gritted his teeth and said to the four brothers around him: “Go together and kill him!”
The other four immediately rushed forward, and Mr. Jones joined them with a stubborn arm!
The five immediately surrounded Charlie Wade with a murderous look!

However, their faces are extremely solemn!
Just now Charlie Wade did it, and even Mr. Jones couldn’t make an effective defense. It can be seen that the opponent’s skill is much better than them!

Therefore, they can only hope that the five people can work together to beat Charlie Wade!
Charlie Wade smiled coldly at this time, and said indifferently: “The chicken and dog.”
In the next moment, Charlie Wade was like lightning, and he fought fiercely with the five people in an instant!

However, Charlie Wade’s speed, strength, and explosive power are much stronger than them!
Therefore, in front of Charlie Wade, these people have no power to parry!
There was only a crackling sound, mixed with the screams of a few people, constantly resounding through the box.

And these five people constantly feel that they are being hit hard!
Some suddenly got a punch in the chest, and several ribs broke!

Others, like Mr. Jones, accidentally broke their arms and became one-armed heroes!
There was even worse. Charlie Wade smashed his chin with a punch, and there was a pile of bones and rotten flesh attached to his lower lip. It looked so miserable!
Mr. Jones didn’t find any good end either.

He suffered heavy blows in the abdomen, and his whole person was like a dead dog, sitting on the ground unable to move!
At this time, he was completely frightened!

Before today, he had never thought that someone would be so strong that he could crush himself with a single hand!

And now, after years of encountering a rival, he finally understands the truth that there are mountains beyond the mountains, and the heavens beyond the sky!
Charlie Wade’s strength, for him, was already terrifying to the degree of abnormality! In front of him, he is the real ant!

And Mrr.. Lloyd and his son, who were still arrogant, looked shocked when they saw such a scene!
Didn’t you even dream that Mr. Jones was beaten into a dead dog in front of Charlie Wade after a few hits!
Not only him, but also his four subordinates have become four dead dogs who can only panic and pant!

Charlie Wade stepped heavily on Mr. Jones’s chest and broke many of his ribs.
He looked down at the terrified Mr. Jones, watching the painful vomiting blood, coldly asked: “Come on, tell me, who is the real ant?!”

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