The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 741-745 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 741- 745)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 741

It’s not just Donald who is angry. Sean was also angry!
This “cross talk” between Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus and his son almost crushed and humiliated the entire Webb family on the ground!

Even after the humiliation was over, the father and son pissed on them!
What makes them even more unacceptable!

This cross talk was spread to Facebook and made it public all over the Internet!
Since the Webb family is the first family in the south of the Yangtze River, it can be regarded as having a good face in the country, so this cross talk so openly mocked them, satirized them, and insulted them, and it exploded in the circle of netizens!

On the one hand, people are curious, what is the origin of these two foreheads? You dare to insult the Webb family so much, isn’t this looking for death?

On the other hand, people also like to watch this kind of big family drama, so everyone started to pay attention to this video, so it immediately got a huge amount of attention.

Now the whole network is spreading this cross talk frantically. Countless people reposted, liked, commented, and even reposted it on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, WeChat groups, and QQ groups. The popularity is extremely high.

Donald Webbwas enraged, so he immediately took out his cell phone and called his local underground spokesperson in Eastcliff. As soon as he came up, he said, “I want the lives of Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus and his son! Today! I want it tonight!”

The other party was surprised and asked, “Master Webb, is it because of the Facebook video?”
“Why are you so fcking bullshit?!” When Donald heard that he also mentioned the Facebook video, he knew that this matter had spread so much, he blurted out: “Find them both tonight, kill them both, I’ll give you 20 million, if you can’t find it or kill them, I’ll fcking kill you!”

“Okay, Lord Webb, I’ll take ten carts to Aurouss Hilll overnight, and find them if I say anything, kill them both, and give this breath to Lord Webb!”
But Donald didn’t know. At this moment, Mrr.. Lloyd’s family had already drove on the highway overnight and rushed all the way to Eastcliff.

After arrangements were made to kill Mrr.. Lloyd and his son, Donald immediately called a friend.
As soon as he came up, he said to the other party: “Mr. Phillips, did you see that video on Facebook?”
“I saw it.” The other party couldn’t help asking: “Old Webb, what’s the background of this person, dare to fight against you like this?”

Donald said coldly: “Just leave it alone, I have sent someone to kill them. I called you to ask you for a favor.”
“You said.”

Donald said: “I have 30 million. Please help me contact the public relations company and the operation of Facebook, and help me delete this video. It is best to block the entire network and don’t let it spread again!”

Now, celebrities, celebrities, and entrepreneurs all have special crisis public relations.
Once the negatives broke out on the Internet, you can immediately spend a lot of money on it, and all kinds of online searches and news can be removed.

Therefore, what Donald thought at this time was to quickly spend money to remove all the videos. After the removal, there will be no new transmissions, so after a while, people will naturally forget about this.

Or, when someone else’s news breaks out, everyone’s eyes will be attracted by the other person, and then they will be relieved.
The other party thought for a while and said, “Mr. Webb, you have too much influence in this matter. If you want to completely suppress it, 30 million is not enough!”

Donald immediately said: “Then you make an offer! How much can you suppress it!”
The other party hesitated for a while and said: “Well, I won’t say 100 million, don’t say 50 million, you give me 70 million, I promise to delete this video permanently on Facebook!”

“Okay!” Donald blurted out: “I will arrange for someone to make money now!”
Soon, Donald arranged his own finances and immediately remitted 70 million Dollar to the other company.

While Donald was waiting for the helicopter, the video was deleted on Facebook.
At this moment, Charlie Wade was in the kitchen, cooking while watching the volume of video plays and likes soaring.

Marcus’s phone is in front of him, and his Facebook account is about to explode at this time!
Charlie Wade liked his black humor very much, and felt that it was a very murderous punishment for the Webb family.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 742

However, when the number of likes exceeded 1.5 million, his Facebook suddenly prompted: “Your account has been permanently banned for posting illegal videos!”
Charlie Wade frowned suddenly. What the hell? Permanent ban?

He immediately took out his mobile phone and searched for the cross talk between Mrr.. Lloyd and his son, and found that the entire Facebook had been deleted cleanly!
He suddenly realized that this must be Donald who spent money to do crisis deletion public relations!

Charlie Wade didn’t expect that Donald could still use this method to curb the spread of the video, and he was suddenly a little annoyed.
After thinking about it, he took out his cell phone and called Stephen Thompson who was far away in Eastcliff.

If Cameron Isaac is only one of the many spokespersons of the Wade family, but Stephen Thompson is the only steward of the Wade family.
In other words, in the entire Wade family, except for the surname Wade, he is the top.

After the phone call, Stephen Thompson immediately said respectfully: “Hello Master, you haven’t called me for a long time.”
Charlie Wade gave a hum, and said, “I called you now. I want to ask you for help.”
Stephen Thompson hurriedly said: “Master, you are serious. You are the young master of the Wade family, and I am a servant of the Wade family. If you have anything to do, just tell me!”
Charlie Wade said, “I want to ask you, how much is Facebook worth now?”

Stephen Thompson thought for a while, and said: “If you calculate it based on the valuation, there are some elements of false reporting. The declared valuation should be about 130 billion Dollar.”
Charlie Wade asked again: “If you buy it directly?

How much is the price?”
Stephen Thompson said: “If the price is one price, it will be between 80 billion and 90 billion.”
Charlie Wade asked again: “Can you buy Facebook for me?”
“Yes!” Stephen Thompson said immediately: “Master, wait a moment, I will let people contact the boss of Facebook. I believe he will not refuse the offer from the Wade family.”

Charlie Wade said in his heart, as long as Facebook bought it, he would put that crosstalk on the homepage of Facebook users across the country, asking them to open Facebook, and they would see that crosstalk.

Don’t your Webb family want to delete the video with me? I f*cking bought this video company directly, I see how you delete it!
At this time, Donald didn’t know that Charlie Wade had already started to buy Facebook.

He searched the video several times, and finally heaved a sigh of relief after finding that there was no video.
However, his anger towards Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus did not diminish at all. Moreover, he thought carefully about the details.

Marcus had long been engraved with the word “Pathetic Jerk” on his forehead. I knew this, but Mrr.. Lloyd’s forehead had not been engraved before. When I saw him today, he was fine.
In other words, this video should have been shot after Mr. Jones was defeated and abandoned by Charlie Wade.

Moreover, in the video, the father and son laughed more ugly than they cried. It should be the video that someone threatened them to film.
Anyway, who threatened them? It seems that there is only one possibility, and that is Charlie Wade! Thinking of this, Donald gritted his teeth bitterly! The surname is Wade, I will kill you one day! Otherwise, I will be called a person in vain!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 743

Just when Donald finally breathed a sigh of relief because Facebook’s video was deleted, he never dreamed that Facebook had already completed the transaction with the Wade Family in Eastcliff.
Eastcliff Wade Family acquired Facebook wholly-owned for 85 billion.
Before this news was released, the Wade family had already begun to take over Facebook’s operations.

The first thing they did was to restore Marcus’s deleted account, as well as the deleted hot video.
Immediately afterwards, the technicians through the setting, let all the mobile users across the country, the first time they turn on the app, they will see this video directly on the screen!

Donald didn’t know that things had changed a hundred and eighty degrees. When he was waiting for the helicopter to come over, he suddenly received another call from Kian.
Kian yelled in panic on the phone: “Dad, what’s going on, why is the video playing when the Facebook app is turned on?

! Now the number of likes has exceeded two million, I asked many people, when they open the app this video plays!”
“What?!” Donald exclaimed suddenly and blurted out: “Are you sure? I just spent 70 million to solve this problem, there is no reason to come up again!”

Kian said confidently: “Of course I’m sure. I saw it myself. As long as you open the app, it’s that section. I also asked several people that their app is like this. Dad, what should I do now… ….”
Donald said with a black face, “Let me see what is going on!”
After speaking, he immediately hung up and asked Sean to turn on Facebook. really!
As soon as Facebook is turned on, it is the crosstalk by Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus by default!

He was so angry that he immediately called the person who was in crisis public relations, and blurted out: “Mr. Phillips, are you playing me so much? How come the video is released again?! And all users will see it by default! “

The other party said embarrassingly: “Oh, Mr. Webb, I just received the news. You can’t blame me for this. The main reason is that Eastcliff Wade’s family just bought Facebook and paid 85 billion in cash. The other party did not hesitate. They just sold it…”
“What are you talking about?!” Donald went crazy and exclaimed: “The Wade family bought Facebook whole?”

“That’s right!” Mr. Phillips said embarrassingly, “Just now, they contacted Facebook’s boss directly and quoted a cash purchase price. The other party agreed without hesitation. You know, the world recently The economy is not so good. The entrepreneurs who start their own businesses want to get rid of their hands and realize it. At such a high price, they are paid directly in one lump sum, and there is no resistance at all…”

As he said, the other party hurriedly said: “Mr. Webb, don’t be angry, the 70 million, I will leave it as it is, and I will immediately let the finance call you back! This time I’m really sorry, brother, I can do nothing. !”
Donald was shocked! What is the Wade Family’s purpose? So how can a big family smash with a small character like yourself?

He didn’t offend the Wade family much! It’s nothing more than five of your own dogs, who injured Wade’s servants in Shangri-La. Is it necessary to revenge yourself so frantically?
In order to make a fool of myself, even bought Facebook directly?

! At this moment, Donald still didn’t know that Charlie Wade’s son-in-law would have anything to do with the Eastcliff Wade family.
In his mind, he instinctively thought that these were two completely different things.
One is that he offended Charlie Wade, Charlie Wade injured his subordinates, and recorded a cross talk between Mrr.. Lloyd and Marcus;

One was that his subordinates offended the Wade family, and the Wade family protected their assets. Starting from Cameron Isaac to the Wade family, they began to have trouble with themselves.
It must be a coincidence that these two incidents collided together on Facebook. It should be that the Wade family saw this video and wanted to use this video to humiliate the Webb family, but found out that they had deleted the video by crisis PR, so they simply put it. Facebook bought it.
Eighty-five billion in cash, you can take it, this boldness is indeed a top big family!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 744

Even though the Webb family’s assets are around 200 billion Dollar, the proportion of cash is actually not so much, at most less than 10 billion Dollar.
A family is like a family. If a family has 2 million assets, it does not mean that they have 2 million cash.

The house may be worth 1.3 million, a car worth 200,000, and Miscellaneous other things are worth two hundred thousand Dollar, and finally there are two hundred thousand Dollar in cash.
With so many assets and cash, there are only two million.
Therefore, the Webb family has a net worth of 200 billion Dollar, and the real cash proportion is not much.

If they were to buy Facebook for 85 billion, they would have to sell nearly half of their assets.
However, the Wade family is different.
No one knows exactly how much assets and cash the Wade family has. In short, they bought things with a lot of money.

The imperial group of 100 billion, buy it when you say buy; the steep tone of 85 billion, buy it when you say it!
Donald was a little frightened in his heart. The Wade family was so willing to spend the capital to deal with the Webb family.

Could it be that they were going to fight the Webb family to the end?
If this is the case, wouldn’t the Webb family want to be cool? Just as he was panicking, there was a roar from far and near in the sky.

The helicopter arranged by Mr. Webb is here.
This is a heavy civilian helicopter with a large fuselage that can accommodate at least ten people. This time, not only will Donald and his son be taken away, but also Mr. Jones’s five wastes will be taken away.

Donald saw that the helicopter had hovered over his head and was slowly descending, his flustered heart eased slightly.
For him, it is more important that nothing goes home now. For big things, you can wait to go home before slowly discussing solutions. At this moment, Cameron Isaac stepped out of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Behind him were dozens of black-clothed bodyguards de deer, with a murderous look on their faces. Donald trembled for a while when he saw this scene.
He originally thought that the Wade family might not really want to rip apart with the Webb family, it was likely that Cameron Isaac was good at making opinions.

However, the news that the Wade Family bought Facebook directly made him realize that this was not Cameron Isaac’s advocacy, but that the entire Wade Family was targeting the Webb Family!
That’s why he was flustered, limped up to meet him, nodded and bowed his head and said, “Mr. Cameron, we will get out of here.

It won’t delay you too long. Please forgive me, and I ask you to talk to the Wade family. To say a few good things, thousands of mistakes are all the fault of the Webb family. The Webb family will definitely go to Eastcliff to apologize in a few days. I also ask the Wade family to have a lot of them. Don’t be familiar with our kind of hanging silk family… ..”
Donald is really scared.

In order to use a video to humiliate the Webb family, the Wade family can buy Facebook for 85 billion Dollar. If the Wade family really wants to kill the Webb family, they don’t know what terrifying power they will use!

Cameron Isaac looked at Donald coldly at this time, and said contemptuously: “Just you, are you worthy to go to the Wade family to make an apology? Don’t look at what you count as a thing!”
Donald’s face suddenly flushed red! Yes, I don’t deserve to visit Wade’s house…

At this time, Cameron Isaac yelled in a cold voice: “Let your helicopter roll farther away, don’t fall on my Shangri-La, otherwise, I will have your helicopter dismantled, and then you and your son His other leg is also broken! Let you climb out of Aurouss Hilll for me!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 745

The helicopter is now overhead. Just let it land, and the people inside will lift up their father and son and these five dead dogs, and they can take off in less than ten minutes, and they can take their son home.
However, Cameron Isaac was not even willing to give himself this convenience!
He couldn’t help begging: “Mr. Cameron, you think our father and son are already miserable enough, so please raise your hands and let us get on the plane back home! Your great kindness, Webb will never forget!”

Cameron Isaac snorted coldly, “It’s close to me? You don’t take a picture of yourself without soaking urine, is it worth it?”
After speaking, Cameron Isaac waved his hand: “I have already said what I have said. If the helicopter lands, I will have the pilot pull down and break the leg. You can have the helicopter or your other leg !”

Donald was desperate. He knew that Cameron Isaac’s resolute attitude was absolutely impossible to give himself this face.
So he could only sigh, and tearfully said: “Isaac, wait a minute, I’ll call the pilot…”
As he said, he limped to the side and asked for the contact information of the pilot from the general aviation company to get through the phone.

The pilot received his call and hurriedly said: “Hello, Mr. Webb, I am ready to land now! Please wait a moment!”
Donald hurriedly said, “Don’t land! Shangri-La will not let the helicopter land here!”
After speaking, he hurriedly asked: “Is there any place to land near here? My son and I have broken legs and feet, and can’t be too far away!”

“Oh…” the pilot said embarrassingly: “Mr. Webb, this is the city. Except for the square at the entrance of Shangri-La, only the apron on the top of the Shangri-La building can land.”
“That won’t work either!” Donald said, “You have to avoid Shangri-La’s place.”

The pilot said: “This… there is an elementary school two kilometers away. We can try to land on the playground of that elementary school. This is the nearest place.”
“Two kilometers?!” Donald hesitated.

Both myself and my son were lame, and both their right legs were scrapped and they could not drive the car. Is it too far to walk over? Moreover, there are these five dead dogs!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked: “How many people are there on your plane?”

Donald hurriedly said, “That way, I will give you 10,000 Dollar per person. After you land the plane at that elementary school, take a taxi and pick us up. There are seven of us and our legs and feet are not very good.”

The other party thought for a while and said, “Okay, Mr. Webb, wait a moment, we will pick you up after landing.” The helicopter hovered overhead for a moment, then climbed and flew away.
Donald wiped away tears and said to Cameron Isaac: “Mr. Cameron, are you satisfied now?”
Cameron Isaac looked at him disgustedly: “Take your son and get out, don’t appear in front of me like a fly!”

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