The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 776-780 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 776- 780)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 776

But in order to live, in order not to be beaten or hungry, Hannah can only choose to compromise.
However, at this time, the Wilson family, how did they know that she was suffering and insulted like this.
They thought she was lying in a five-star hotel, being served by a lover who was twenty years younger than her.

Therefore, the Wilson cursed Hannah bitterly. Christopher Wilson and his sons and daughters heard this. Not only were they not angry, but they were also aroused by anger and dissatisfaction in their hearts.

To say that the most hurt person by Hannah belonged to Christopher Wilson’s family.
For Christopher Wilson, both people and wealth are empty, and all day long wondering whether Hannah would go crazy looking for young guys outside with the ten million Dollar, and wear countless green hats on herself.

The reason why Harold and Wendy hate Hannah is very simple, that is money!
Without the money, the Wilson family was struggling. Even with the two rich second generations of them, they were desperately like dogs. The more they lived, the more they were suffocated.
“Damn, Hannah, this b*tch, if I get her one day, I have to break her leg, otherwise I can’t get out of this nasty breath!”

Christopher gritted his teeth and cursed loudly. After the cursing, he took out his phone and said angrily: “I’m looking for a car. I will take these furniture to the furniture store tomorrow morning and let people give an estimate. If it’s appropriate, then Sold directly.”

Lady Wilson looked at the furniture displayed at home in pain with a look of dismay.
When the Lord Wilson was alive, the Wilson family had a glorious experience. Some furniture was made of fine rosewood. Not only does it have a lot of value, but the meaning is also different.
However, there is no way to reluctantly, if you don’t sell it, you will have to return to the bank sooner or later.

So she said to Christopher: “If these furniture are sold slowly, let alone the value of one million six hundred and seven hundred thousand, we are anxious to sell, the other party will definitely have to keep the price down, so the price must not be so high, but if you can give it a price One million and three hundred thousand, you can shoot.”

“Okay.” Christopher Wilson nodded and said, “1.3 million is not too much, at least it can be turned around first.”
At this time, Jacob Wilson was lying on the sofa, using his mobile phone to look for pictures of furniture, and wanted to look at the furniture style he was interested in first.
Elaine Ma muttered with ulterior motives from the side: “Jacob Wilson, don’t be extravagant when buying furniture, save a little money and we will live in the future.”

Jacob Wilson snorted disdainfully, and said, “My son-in-law said, two million will be used to buy furniture and appliances.”
Elaine Ma suddenly became anxious, and blurted out: “I buy furniture, but life is not enough?”
Jacob Wilson said dissatisfied: “What are you yelling at? This money was given by Charlie Wade to buy furniture and appliances.

If you spend 1.5 million, the remaining 500,000 will be returned to Charlie Wade. I persuade you. Don’t worry about it, I won’t give you a penny.”
“You…” Elaine Ma gritted his teeth bitterly.
But at this time, Jacob Wilson had two million in his hands, and she had nothing in his hands. Before cracking his password, she couldn’t do anything!

At this time, Jacob Wilson saw a set of classical Chinese-style all-wood furniture and sighed: “If we can take a set of this kind of furniture, or get the set of rosewood and mahogany furniture from the Wilson family, we put it in our set. It’s perfect in the new villa!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 777

The next morning, Charlie Wade’s family of four had eaten and drove directly to the Furniture City.
Elaine Ma thought about it all night, but she didn’t think of how to get the money from Jacob Wilson’s bank account. Seeing that it was going to be spent, she scratched her heart anxiously.
At the same time, Mrs. Wilson’s family also got up early in the morning.

After breakfast, the truck arrived. The workers loaded the Rosewood furniture from the Wilson family, and drove to the furniture market with the Wilson family.
In the west of Aurouss Hilll, there is a large-scale furniture city. Almost all the furniture sellers in Aurouss Hilll gather here.

There are everything from high, middle and low grade furniture here, and it can be said to be the best place to buy furniture.
Jacob Wilson himself has always been under the influence of Father Wilson, and he especially likes antiques. Not only does he like to shop for antiques, he also likes old furniture, especially old furniture with good wood.

He has always liked the set of Rosewood furniture in the Wilson’s villa, but it’s a pity that he can’t have it to himself, so he can only think about it.
Because he likes old wooden furniture, Jacob Wilson has to go straight to the wooden furniture hall when he arrives in the furniture city.

When Elaine Ma saw him head straight to the wooden furniture store, his face was immediately pulled off, and he blurted out: “Jacob Wilson, you are not allowed to buy a bunch of rotten wooden furniture home! Our house is a luxuriously decorated villa. Buy it if you want. This kind of luxurious European-style furniture, that kind of wood furniture, is earthy and expensive, and it’s uncomfortable to sit down, absolutely not to buy!”

“What do you know?” Jacob Wilson said disdainfully: “Chinese-style furniture plays with wood and heritage, and there is still a lot of room for appreciation for this thing, and culturally talented people can understand it!”
Elaine Ma blurted out: “We are both from the same university, do you think you are more educated than me?”

Jacob Wilson waved his hand: “This kind of culture talks about the foundation, I don’t need to explain it to you.”
After finishing speaking, he said to Charlie Wade: “Good son-in-law, if we can buy a set of Rosewood furniture, we won’t come in vain today!”

Charlie Wade nodded indifferently and said, “Dad, as you like it.”
Seeing that Jacob Wilson ignored her, Elaine Ma stomped her feet in anger. She would have been mad at her when she was going, but now she dare not mad at him casually. After all, she doesn’t have any money now. Isn’t it too passive to turn her face at this time?

So she could only pull Claire Wilson Wilson aside and said, “Claire Wilson Wilson, you persuade your dad not to buy that kind of flashy wooden furniture, which is expensive and unsightly. What’s the matter? Keep hundreds of thousands in the bank. Isn’t it good to prepare for a rainy day?”
Claire Wilson Wilson said helplessly: “Mom, since that money Charlie Wade has given Dad full control, let’s not interfere.”

“You kid, why aren’t you facing me at all?” Elaine Ma didn’t expect Claire Wilson Wilson to be indifferent to him at all, and suddenly felt uncomfortable.
Claire Wilson Wilson said earnestly: “Mom, you have lost so much money in a game of cards. It’s time to learn a little bit and stop. Now that you have agreed to let Dad control the money, you must respect Dad’s choice.”

Elaine Ma was as uncomfortable as it was in his throat.
At this time, Jacob Wilson walked directly into a shop called “Kane’s Emporium”, this shop is a store that specializes in Rosewood furniture, which is quite famous in Aurouss Hilll.
As soon as I entered, a shopping guide stepped forward and asked enthusiastically: “What would you like to see?”

Jacob Wilson said: “I want to see the rosewood furniture, which is in the living room.”
The shopping guide hurriedly asked: “Then how big is your living room?”
Jacob Wilson said: “Almost a hundred square meters!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 778

“A living room with more than 100 square meters?!” The shopping guide was dumbfounded after listening, and blurted out: “This is too big, right?”
Jacob Wilson chuckled and said, “Thompson First’s largest villa, can the living room be small?”
The shopping guide’s eyes were full of shock, and he hurriedly said: “Sir, such a big living room, then you can buy more furniture to look less empty!”

After that, the shopping guide hurriedly led him to a set of Rosewood sofa and introduced: “Sir, our set of 3221 Rosewood sofa is specially designed for villa customers. There are eight people in total. Being able to sit down is very atmospheric.”

Jacob Wilson stepped forward and touched the armrest of the sofa. He was very satisfied with the slippery touch. He curiously asked, “What price is this set?”
The other party said: “Sir, this set is made of Fujian Rosewood, good quality wood, and old material. If you like it, we can give you a cost price of 1.98 million!”

“Oh!” Jacob Wilson was startled and said, “You are expensive!”
The other party explained: “This is made of Fujian materials, good materials, so the price is naturally more expensive, but your Thompson First first-class large-scale villa is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Such a luxurious villa requires such a set of sofas. !”
Elaine Ma frowned on the side and said: “What kind of a ghost sofa, a set will cost almost two million. After buying this family, you can just sleep on the sofa!”
Jacob Wilson glared at her, and then said embarrassingly: “This set is too over-budget, is there a cheaper one?

For example, the price of Burmese rosewood is not much lower than that of Fujian?”
The shopping guide said: “This set of Burmese rosewood costs about one million Dollar, and we don’t have it in stock now.”

After finishing talking, the shopping guide added another sentence, saying: “Most people who play rosewood still like Fujian materials, but Burmese materials are really not up to the standard.”
Jacob Wilson smacked his lips, feeling a little regretful.

I bought a sofa set for nearly two million, which obviously exceeded my budget too much.
After all, not only buying a sofa at home, but also other furniture and appliances in the living room, furniture for at least two bedrooms, furniture for the dining room, and appliances for the room.
Bedroom furniture and dining room furniture don’t need to be so good, but at least a few hundred thousand are enough. So if you want to buy a good sofa, the budget cannot exceed 1.4 million.

So he hurriedly asked the shopping guide: “If I order a set of Burmese materials, how long will it take to deliver it?”
“This…” The other party thought for a while, and said, “It will take a month for less to say. You know, this kind of timber is more troublesome to purchase. When the timber comes in, it will be sent to the processing plant for processing.

It will take a long time to send it to Aurouss Hilll again.”
“This is too long…”
Jacob Wilson thought to himself, can’t the living room even have a sofa after moving in as a family?
It seems that I can only look at other cheaper sofas.

As he was thinking, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, and said, “Is the boss here? Can I accept second-hand old furniture? Fujian Rosewood!”
Jacob Wilson turned his head subconsciously, and suddenly looked at his big brother Christopher, who was walking into the store.

Christopher didn’t expect that he would meet Jacob Wilson’s family here. When he thought of his current desolate appearance, he almost subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave.
At this time, a man suddenly walked out of the store, looked at Jacob Wilson, and hurriedly asked loudly: “Did you say you want to sell Fujian Rosewood furniture?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 779

Jacob Wilson was confused by the boss’s question.
I’m obviously here to buy furniture, how can I sell it?
So he said to the boss: “I’m here to buy furniture, can you understand it?”
The shopping guide also hurriedly said: “Boss, this gentleman wants to buy a set of Rosewood furniture.”

After finishing speaking, he pointed to Christopher who had just come in, and said, “This gentleman is selling furniture.”
The boss suddenly realized, and hurriedly said to Jacob Wilson: “Oh, I’m so sorry, I made a mistake.”
Then he looked at Christopher and asked him, “Sir, are you selling furniture?”
When Christopher heard Jacob Wilson say that he was here to buy furniture, he really wanted to turn around and leave.

After all, he didn’t want Jacob Wilson to read the joke either.
However, this store is the largest rosewood furniture store in Aurouss Hilll, and it is also the most affordable store for second-hand rosewood furniture on the market. If you turn around and go, you might lose a thousands or so less when you go to other stores.

Millions even.
So, he could only bite the bullet and said to the boss: “Yes, it’s me. I have a set of Fujian Rosewood sofas and chairs that I want to sell. They are all old things.”
The boss hurriedly smiled and said: “Okay, we mainly make furniture for Fujian Rosewood. Where are your goods? Is it convenient to take a look first?”

Christopher glanced at Jacob Wilson awkwardly, and said in a low voice, “The goods are in the car, and the car is in the parking lot. You can come and see with me.”
Looking at Christopher at this time, Jacob Wilson was secretly surprised.

Because of the disappearance of Hannah, Christopher Wilson has been very upset recently, and at the same time worried, so he has lost a lot of weight, his hair has turned white all of a sudden, and he looks quite a little down.
Jacob Wilson had never seen such a decadent big brother.
And Christopher’s side was followed by Mrs. Wilson and his son and daughter.
The four grandparents all looked decadent, especially the son, with ugly expressions.

The thought of selling the valuable furniture left by her husband made Lady Wilson feel like a knife cut in her heart, not only hurting but also bleeding.
Suddenly seeing Jacob Wilson and Jacob Wilson’s family also here, her face suddenly became more ugly.
Jacob Wilson hesitated for a moment, but he walked over and asked, “Mom, brother, why are you here?”

“Humph!” Christopher Wilson said coldly, “What? We are not allowed in this place?”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “I didn’t mean that. You just said that you want to sell a set of Fujian Rosewood furniture. Isn’t it the one that our dad left behind?”
Christopher Wilson suddenly became angry, and blurted out, “What does it have to do with you?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 780

After that, he was too lazy to take care of Jacob Wilson, and said to the boss: “You can go out with me to see the goods!”
“Okay!” The boss nodded, and went out of the store with Christopher.
Mrs. Wilson frowned at this moment and looked at Jacob Wilson, and asked coldly: “What are you doing here?”

Although Jacob Wilson had indeed severed the relationship with the family, on the bright side, she was his own mother anyway, and there was still some respect and jealousy when she met.
So, he replied respectfully: “Mom, Charlie Wade’s villa isn’t decorated, we are thinking about buying some furniture so we can move in.”

Jacob Wilson was telling the truth, but listening to Mrs. Wilson’s ears made her feel more uncomfortable than hitting her in the face!

When I watched this, I was about to be driven out of the villa, and even started to sell some things left by the old man, but the Jacob Wilson family, who was driven out of the house by himself, was going to move to the super luxurious building of Thompson First. Go to the villa, isn’t this just to draw your own face? !

When I thought that Thompson First A05 was the best villa in Aurouss Hilll, the Lady Wilson felt uncomfortable. She gritted her teeth and said, “You came to show off to me on purpose and watch me joke, right?”
“No!” Jacob Wilson shouted wronged, and hurriedly explained: “Mom, I didn’t mean it. You asked me why I came here, so I told the truth.”

Seeing Jacob Wilson’s humble expression in front of the Lady Wilson, Elaine Ma was very upset.
This Lady Wilson has bullied herself for so many years, and now she’s down to the point of selling second-hand furniture, is she still arrogant here?

Who do you show with an old face?
Thinking of this, Elaine Ma immediately stepped forward and said mockingly: “Oh, my mother, why did you come here? You still want to sell the furniture that Dad left behind? The Wilson family is now poor. Does it look like?”

The Lady Wilson looked at Elaine Ma’s mocking, playful face, suddenly became angry, and blurted out: “Elaine Ma, who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?!”
“Oh!” Elaine Ma curled his lips and said, “What is it? You are about to go bankrupt, and you still treat yourself as the head of the family? Isn’t it ashamed?”
When the Lady Wilson heard Elaine Ma mocked herself, she immediately blurted out, “Elaine Ma, how do you talk to me?

Is there still my mother-in-law in your eyes?”
Elaine Ma said disdainfully: “I know you can’t look down on me. What you like is your eldest daughter-in-law Hannah, but your eldest daughter-in-law is really filial to you. I heard that you gave your son a favor. The big green hat swept away all his savings.”

Speaking of this, Elaine Ma sighed and deliberately reprimanded: “This sister-in-law is really cruel. Even if you leave one or two million for your family, you wouldn’t want to sell furniture so miserable now!”
The Wilson angrily cursed: “Elaine Ma! You shrew, I shouldn’t have let you into my Wilson family back then!”

Elaine Ma said contemptuously: “I’m sorry, we have left the Wilson family now and are no longer in your Wilson family’s door, and the broken villa of your Wilson family is too old for too long, we have long been unable to look down on it, let me tell you , After we bought the furniture today, we moved directly to Thompson First A05, a large villa with thousands of square meters, full of luxurious decoration, living in it is like a queen and mother, but you , you have no chance to live in this life. !”

In the past, Elaine Ma was not less angry with Mrs. Wilson, and never had a chance to find her place.
Moreover, she has always held grudges, and has no chance to retaliate against the Lady Wilson. Now that she is in despair, she naturally has to sneer.

Lady Wilson was trembling with anger at this time, and gritted her teeth and said: “Elaine Ma, don’t be too proud, isn’t your villa deceived by Charlie Wade’s trash? You will be kicked out one day. , Then I will wait to see you sleep on the street!”

Elaine Ma pinched her waist and said, “Wait to see me sleeping on the street? I think you will be sleeping on the street soon, right? I heard that the bank will take your villa soon. Then I will see what you do.

Do! Someday if you starve to death, die of thirst, or freeze to death on the side of the road, you must reflect on it carefully before you die, why did you end up so tragically? Is it because you have done too much retribution in this life!”

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