The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 781-785 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 781- 785)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 781

“Enough!” The Lady Wilson’s chest rose and fell violently, staring at Elaine Ma, and cursed: “You shrew, what if the Wilson family is now down? Sooner or later we have a chance to rise again, your family will It’s impossible to return to Wilson’s house if you wish.

Jacob Wilson hurriedly said to Elaine Ma at this time: “How can you talk to mom like this? Hurry up and apologize to mom!”
Elaine Ma frowned and looked at Jacob Wilson, and said coldly: “You forgot how this old woman drove you out? At this time, she started to turn to her again. You treat her as a mother. Does she treat you as a son?”

After finishing speaking, Elaine Ma pointed at Mrs. Wilson again, and said coldly: “Lady, I beg you to figure out what is wrong with you now, and you are still pretending with me? I tell you, you are kneeling now. If you ask me to return on the ground, I won’t go back! What kind of shit Wilson’s family is reduced to selling furniture to survive. Who the hell is going back!”

The Lady Wilson was mad and pointed to Elaine Ma’s nose, saying every word: “Elaine Ma, my has lived for so many years. You are the first person who dares to talk to me like this. Remember what you said today. Sooner or later, one day, I will break your leg and make you kneel in front of me and kowtow to apologize!”

Elaine Ma disdainfully smiled: “Come on, just you? A handful of old bones are almost in the soil, and you want to break my ’s leg? Come on, my leg is here, if you have the ability, you can hit me. Give it a try?”

As he said, Elaine Ma actually stretched out his legs and sneered at the Lady Wilson with contempt.
This made the Lady Wilson annoyed enough, she couldn’t wait to really interrupt Elaine Ma’s legs on the spot, so that she would dare to be so arrogant again.

However, in front of Charlie Wade, Mrs. Wilson didn’t dare at all.
She still remembers the scene where Charlie Wade hit a group of bodyguards alone, which made her still feel lingering.

Harold Wilson used to be very arrogant, but now that Charlie Wade was there, he didn’t dare to move for a long time. Seeing that his grandma was insulted by Elaine Ma, he didn’t dare to step forward and help find a place, so he could only hide behind with a sad face.
At this time, Christopher had a dark face and came back with the boss.

As soon as he came back, he said to Mrs. Wilson: “Mom, let’s go, they bid too low!”
The boss hurriedly said: “Brother, 1.1 million is really a lot. Your set of furniture is of average materials, and it has been old and the damage is relatively large. My price is already very fair. You can change it to another place.

Absolutely can’t get a higher price than this.”
Lady. Wilson was so angry that she heard that the quotation was only one million and one hundred thousand, and she immediately scolded: “For such a good piece of furniture, only one million and one hundred thousand? Your heart is too dark, right?”

The boss said helplessly: “I’m a sincere price. If you don’t believe it, just ask about it again.”
Mrs. Wilson coldly snorted and said to her family: “Go! Change another house! I still don’t believe it!”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said at this time: “Mom, or I will give you 1.2 million, you can sell it to me, to be honest, I have feelings for Dad’s furniture.”
“You want to be beautiful!” Lady Wilson gritted her teeth and said, “Even if I chopped and burned the wood, I will never sell it to you!”

After speaking, she waved to Christopher Wilson, “Go!”
Christopher Wilson gave Jacob Wilson a dry look, and hurriedly accompanied the Lady Wilson to turn around and leave.
Looking at their backs, Jacob Wilson couldn’t help but shook his head again and again, and sighed: “I didn’t expect that the Wilson family would be reduced to a seller’s property.

That set of furniture was my father’s favorite during his lifetime. It’s a shame to sell it!”
Claire Wilson Wilson knew that his father had a lot of affection for that furniture, but he still came forward to comfort him: “Okay, Dad, grandma has a temper. It’s impossible to sell that furniture to you.

Let’s take a look at the others. .”
“Yeah.” Jacob Wilson sighed, and immediately said to the shopping guide: “Let me take a look again, your Fujian materials are too expensive, and Burmese materials have been waiting too long.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 782

The shopping guide nodded and said, “If you need it, come back.”
Turning around, Mrs. Wilson’s family has disappeared.
Jacob Wilson went to several shops selling rosewood, but it seemed that he didn’t see the one he liked.

Elaine Ma was anxious, so he proposed to buy other furniture such as the bedroom, dining room, etc., otherwise it is very likely that he would go shopping for nothing today.
Jacob Wilson also felt that it was not a problem to look at it this way, so the family moved to the living hall.

Elaine Ma chose a set of tens of thousands of beds for herself, and Claire Wilson Wilson also chose a set of more than 10,000. Furniture such as wardrobes, dining tables, and storage cabinets were quickly available in the living hall.
He even bought all the household appliances he needed and other miscellaneous things for a total of more than 700,000 Dollar.

Elaine Ma has been quietly settling accounts for Jacob Wilson. Knowing that he still has more than 1.2 million Dollar left, she has an idea in her heart. If Jacob Wilson really uses the money to buy a set of rosewood sofas, it will really be any money. There is not much left, but if you just buy a good European style sofa, at least one million will be left.

So she kept mumbling next to Jacob Wilson and said: “Jacob Wilson, if you can’t find a suitable rosewood sofa, it’s better to buy a set of European style first, and when you have money, let’s just buy a set of 1 million Dollar. Isn’t the Persian red pear better?”
Jacob Wilson knew what her idea was, so he said lightly: “You don’t have to worry about what kind of sofa I buy.

Anyway, the furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and recreation room are all available, enough for you.”
Elaine Ma was very depressed, and blurted out: “Why don’t you listen to persuasion! You buy a ready-made sofa and it will be delivered to your home in the afternoon.

Tomorrow our family can move to a new house happily. But, if you continue to consume it, this little money can’t buy Fujian materials, and you can’t look down on Burmese materials. How long will it be spent?”

Jacob Wilson suddenly hesitated.
More than 1.2 million Dollar, buying rosewood is indeed high or low.
If you continue to hesitate, it will definitely delay the normal use after moving.
If, according to Elaine Ma, buy a set of European-style sofa now, it can be delivered to you this afternoon, and you can move in tomorrow.

When Jacob Wilson was hesitant, Charlie Wade suddenly said, “Dad, I think Mrs. Wilson will definitely contact you after a while.”
Jacob Wilson asked subconsciously: “Why?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Because of the money!

That set of furniture must be sold for less than 1.1 million Dollar. It is estimated that you will have the highest price after a round, so it must be sold to you.”
Elaine Ma said contemptuously: “What are you talking nonsense? Didn’t you listen to the Lady just now?

Even if you chop and burn wood, you won’t sell it to us!”
“So what?” Charlie Wade said calmly, “They are now at the poorest time. Dad has paid an extra 100,000 Dollar. This 100,000 Dollar is a large sum for them. The Lady Wilson is so smart. People who are arrogant will definitely not throw away this 100,000 Dollar for nothing.”

Elaine Ma curled his lips and said: “Just can you? Do you think you can see a feng shui fool, so you can see through everything? Based on my understanding of the Lady Wilson, if she can swallow this breath, take this Sell ​​the furniture to us, and I will eat that set of furniture raw!”

As soon as the voice fell, Jacob Wilson’s cell phone rang suddenly, and he was surprised and said, “It’s my eldest brother.”
After speaking, he quickly picked up the phone to connect.
Christopher Wilson said coldly on the phone, “You said just now that you want this set of furniture for $1.2 million, is it true?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 783

When Jacob Wilson heard this, he said with excitement: “Of course it is true, 1.2 million, I want it!”
Christopher Wilson said angrily: “Okay, since you really want it, put the money on your mother’s card, and this furniture will be sold to you!”
Jacob Wilson left an eye on it and said, “In this way, you send the furniture to Thompson First A05. After the furniture is unloaded, I will pay immediately.”

Christopher Wilson on the other side of the phone hesitated for a moment, and said, “Okay, things are in the car now and can be transported at any time.”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said, “Well, let’s see you at Thompson First! I’ll wait for you there!”
After speaking, Jacob Wilson immediately hung up and said excitedly: “Charlie Wade, you guessed it! They are willing to sell!”

Elaine Ma’s expression suddenly became very ugly.
Not only did he just say something, he was slapped in the face by a phone call by Jacob Wilson, but more importantly, if Jacob Wilson bought the old furniture with this 1.2 million Dollar, wouldn’t his family have no money?

Thinking of this, Elaine Ma was extremely depressed, and the look in Charlie Wade’s eyes was almost humane.
Charlie Wade didn’t bother to talk to Elaine Ma, he knew exactly what Elaine Ma wanted, so the more she couldn’t get it, the more interesting he found it.
It just so happened that the family of four had also bought other furniture, so Charlie Wade drove the car and drove the family to Thompson First.

Thompson First’s A05 villa has been completed. Except for the lack of furniture, everything else is full of incomparable luxury. The decoration of the living room is magnificent. The whole floor is polished by natural marble, like a mirror, which makes people feel like a mirror. It feels magnificent.
Elaine Ma looked at the extravagant decoration, her pores were stretched out, and she was happy from ear to ear.

Jacob Wilson was also inexplicably surprised, and said with emotion: “When I saw it last time, the decoration was not finished yet, and the living room is still covered with scratch-resistant floor mats. I can’t see the details. If I look at it today, it looks more stylish than the palace. !”
Claire Wilson Wilson does the decoration herself, so you can see the cost of the decoration of this villa at a glance.

She pulled Charlie Wade aside and whispered: “This decoration probably costs tens of millions. Why is Mr. White doing this? Generous?”
Charlie Wade said: “After all, it’s a rich man. A villa worth more than one hundred million Dollar is given away, so tens of millions of decorations are nothing.”
“Okay…” Claire Wilson Wilson stuck his tongue out and said, “This is the first time I have seen such a high-standard residential decoration.

It’s too scary.”
Charlie Wade smiled without saying a word.
In his mind, there are still many memories of being in the Wade family as a child.
The Wade Family Mansion in my memory was many times more luxurious than this ten or twenty years ago.

Just when Claire Wilson Wilson’s family of three were amazed by the luxurious decoration of the villa, Christopher Wilson led the truck with the goods and arrived at the door of Thompson First Villa.
Jacob Wilson was overjoyed and hurried out to direct the porters to move the Fujian Rosewood furniture into the villa.

Lady Wilson took Christopher, Harold and Wendy, got out of the car and took a look in the courtyard. After the villa’s courtyard was renovated, it was much more luxurious than before, and the four of them felt uncomfortable to death.

Christopher went into the villa because he had to follow in to see how the furniture was moved. When he came out, his face looked many times uglier than before.
Mrs. Wilson couldn’t help asking: “Christopher, how is the decoration inside?”
“Hey…” Christopher Wilson sighed and said uncomfortably: “I have never seen such a luxurious decoration! It’s so dizzy!”

“Really?!” The Lady Wilson came to her energy, blurted out: “I want to go in and take a look!”
Harold also wanted to see and insight, so he hurriedly said: “Grandma, I will support you!”
Wendy looked at this villa with an extremely complicated mood.

She used to be the fiancée of Gerald White’s son, and this villa was owned by Gerald White’s uncle Zeke White. If she had married Gerald White, this villa could not only come here often, but might even live here.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 784

But now, the one who is about to live here is Claire Wilson Wilson, who she has looked down upon and has been very upset!
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help saying: “Grandma, I’ll be with you too!”
After speaking, he walked up quickly, and supported his grandma with his brother Harold from left to right.

The grandparents walked into the living room, looking at the magnificent and carved decoration, they couldn’t even speak in amazement.
Above the living room, there is an oversized ceiling of more than ten meters high. In the center is a huge and luxurious golden crystal lamp. The light is refracted through the crystal and it is colorful and it is so beautiful that it is suffocating!

Lady Wilson stood in the living room, her legs trembling.
My own villa, if compared with this place, is simply a huge pit!
The decoration here is simply countless times stronger than that of our own villa!
The Lady Wilson couldn’t help thinking, what a pleasant experience would it be if you could live here?
I’m afraid that I just want to stay at home every day, look here, touch there…
It’s a pity that I have no life!

This son, Jacob Wilson, don’t look at the usual squanderings, he is really lucky in choosing a son-in-law.
Who would have thought that the smelly silk from an orphanage like Charlie Wade could have such good luck?

Knowing this a long time ago, I would never look down on Charlie Wade at the beginning, and be polite to him when you say anything, and be polite to Jacob Wilson’s family. In that case, I might have the opportunity to live in this luxurious villa. …..
It is a pity that he had clearly severed his relationship with Jacob Wilson at the beginning, even if he wanted to restore the relationship with him, he would not agree…

Harold and Wendy on the side felt even more uncomfortable.
Wendy looked at this palace-like living room, her eyes even turned red.
If it wasn’t grandma who had offended Charlie Wade, how could the White family retreat to herself?

I should have become the young grand daughter of the White family, but now, after being played by Chairman Wilson and Mr. Weaver, my reputation in Aurouss Hilll has been completely ruined. During this time, I didn’t even have a suitor by my side. I wanted to marry a rich family. It’s a foolish dream!
When the grandfather and grandson were thinking about each other, the porter had moved all the furniture into the living room.

Jacob Wilson took a count and checked one by one to make sure that everything was okay, and he was extremely excited.
He is really sentimental about this set of furniture, and it can be said that it is the best result to buy this set of furniture.

So he came to the Lady Wilson with a look of excitement and said: “Mom, there is nothing wrong with the furniture, how can I pay you?”
The Lady Wilson looked at Jacob Wilson with a complicated expression, and said, “Jacob Wilson, you are also mom’s son. Since you like this set of furniture so much, this furniture mom will give it to you.”

Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Mom, how can this work? One size fits one size. Even if you send me these pieces of furniture, your eldest brother won’t agree. Besides, isn’t the Wilson family short of money right now? Maybe it can help the Wilson family.”
Mrs. Wilson shook her head and said earnestly, “Jacob Wilson, I know what you want, but don’t worry.

The Wilson family is still your mother and I am in charge. As long as I say this furniture is given to you, it is given to you.”
When Jacob Wilson heard this, he said gratefully: “Thank you mom!”
Elaine Ma on the side was also very excited. Is this Lady Wilson changing her attitude? If you don’t want it, just don’t want it?

That’s great! I have another chance!
Unexpectedly, Mrs. Wilson sighed pitifully at this time: “Jacob Wilson, Wilson’s villa will be taken away soon. By that time, your mother and I will be sleeping on the street. Your villa is so big and luxurious, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you leave a bedroom for mom?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 785

As soon as Mrs. Wilson said this, the expressions of everyone present changed!
Elaine Ma was the first to change his face!
She instantly understood the intention of her !
Good old man! What an old fox! It’s fake that you give furniture, it’s real that you want to live in our big villa!

I finally asked you to get rid of the Wilson family, even better than the Wilson family, and can crush the Wilson family.
As a result, you suddenly licked your face and wanted to live in our big villa?
You don’t take a piss and take a picture of yourself, are you worthy? !
Jacob Wilson was not a fool either. The last second was indeed touched by the generosity of his mother , but in this second, he immediately understood her intentions.

He knew that if he let her live in his new villa, it would simply lead the wolf into the house, and the whole family would be disturbed, so he could not agree to anything.
Charlie Wade was also a little worried, if this old woman really lived in, that day would be totally turned upside down!

Not only the Charlie Wade family was shocked, but Harold and Wendy next to them were even more shocked!
Not only are they shocked, they are also very angry!
Her meaning is too obvious, this is to go directly to curry with Jacob Wilson’s family, and then move over to live with them.

In that case, what should a family of three do? !
My mother rolled 15 million and ran away. My father is almost penniless now, and their siblings have no savings.
The only reliance is the batch of antiques hidden in the hands of Lady Wilson.

If she defected to Jacob Wilson’s family at this time, wouldn’t her family be ruined? !
Once the bank takes away the villa, I’m afraid my family will sleep on the street!
Just when they were tense, Elaine Ma took the lead.

She looked at Mrs. Wilson with contempt, and said coldly: “Oh, your wishful thinking is really good. Please kick us out first. Let us live now. It’s a big villa, so I want to exchange a set of broken furniture for a room? Do you know how much my villa is?

130 million! Counting the decoration, maybe it’s 150 million, a bedroom At least it’s worth tens of millions. How much is your set of furniture?”
Lady. Wilson only wants to live in this villa now, so facing Elaine Ma’s ridicule, she said with an innocent look: “My daughter, this set of furniture is a little bit of care for mom to send you to the house. How can my heart use money?

How about measuring?”
Elaine Ma immediately said: “Don’t come to this set. Let’s use money to measure it. Isn’t it 1.2 million? We would rather give you than let you move in.”
Jacob Wilson also instantly realized. Yes, if Mrs. Wilson also moved in, then her life would be no different from hell.

So he immediately said to Mrs. Wilson: “Mom, just send it, you give me a card number, and I will call the money!”
Seeing that Jacob Wilson was not fooled, Mrs. Wilson suddenly lowered her face and asked in a cold voice, “What? Are you obliged to break up with your mother?”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Mom, I didn’t tell you to make a clean break, but you said, but in my eyes, you will always be my mother.”

“Where is my mother in your eyes?” Lady Wilson said angrily, “You don’t want to leave me a room in such a big villa. You would rather see me starving to death or freezing to death outside. Don’t want to support me! Your conscience has been eaten by dogs!”

Before Jacob Wilson had time to speak, Elaine Ma blurted out: “Don’t fix that useless thing. Sell sofas and sell sofas. Why do you still rely on us? Tell you, you were the one who broke the relationship and drove us out. Now you regret it, but we don’t regret it. After leaving Wilson’s house, we don’t know how happy we were. If you ask us to restore the relationship now, we will not agree.”

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