The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 846-850 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 846- 850)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 846

Elaine Ma knew this was a threat. As long as she eats by herself, even as long as she reaches out to get the meal, she will probably suffer a meal.
So she cried and pleaded: “Sister, you beat, scolded, scolded, and punished yesterday. Please be merciful and forgive me…”

Gena raised his eyebrows and asked: “I can spare you, but who can bring my dead mother back to life? Do you know how miserable it was when she drank pesticides and finally lay in the hospital bed with breathless and suffocated breath? ?”

Elaine Ma burst into tears and said: “Sister I know you are a filial daughter, but I haven’t harmed your mother…”
Gena angrily said: “You still talk nonsense with me? I tell you, my mother was killed by an unfilial daughter-in-law, so I feel sick when I see someone like you!

You should be glad that it is not an ancient society, otherwise My Lady chopped you out for the sky!”
Lady Wilson hummed triumphantly: “Gena, you are so right! This kind of woman was supposed to be immersed in a pig cage in ancient times! It is the kind of bamboo cage, put her in it, and then fall Put on a few big rocks and throw them into the river to drown her directly!”

Elaine Ma was so frightened that she didn’t dare to say anything, nor did she dared to eat. She could only bow her head and stand in front of Gena, like a kid who made a mistake.
Gena drank her last mouthful of porridge, and used the last piece of steamed bread to turn around in the porridge bowl, dipped all the remaining rice fat in the porridge bowl, and ate it in one bite.

Afterwards, she said intently: “Oh, I don’t seem to be full.”
At this time, a female prisoner pointed to the plastic basket and said, “Sister Gena, isn’t there still one portion left in there? You can eat that portion too!”
Gena deliberately looked at Elaine Ma with a smile, and asked with a grin: “Oh Elaine Ma, I have breakfast for you, are you okay?”

“No comments, no comments!” How can Elaine Ma dare to say nothing? Can only nod like garlic.
Gena smiled and said, “I’m fine, I am a person who exercises a lot, so I have a lot of appetite. It took a lot of physical energy to beat you yesterday, and I really need to make up for it today.”
With that, she walked to the plastic basket and took out the lunch box inside. After opening it, she held the buns in one hand and the lunch box in the other for porridge.

Because she deliberately wanted to torture Elaine Ma, she drank porridge and sucked very loudly, making Elaine Ma’s gluttonous legs soft and her stomach twitching.
Gena ate up all the steamed buns and drank almost one third of the porridge. Then she shook her hand deliberately and threw the lunch box to the ground, and the porridge was immediately spilled.
Gena sighed and said annoyedly: “Why is it spilled?

It’s a waste…”
As she said, she waved to Elaine Ma and said, “Go to the toilet and get a mop, and mop this piece clean.”
Elaine Ma has never cherished food in her entire life, and she has not even finished a bowl of rice cleanly, but now looking at the pool of rice porridge on the ground, she feels very distressed.
Seeing her eyes fixed on the rice porridge on the ground, Gena smiled and said, “Elaine Ma, if you are hungry, you can also kneel on the ground and lick the porridge.”

When Elaine Ma heard this, she felt wronged and wanted to die.
Kneeling on the ground and licking porridge? How dirty this ground is! Countless people have stepped on it. The mop that mopped the floor in the toilet is already black. Now that I let myself lick the porridge spilled on the floor, how can I stand it?

You can’t lick it even if you starve to death!
Thinking of this, she hurriedly said: “I’d better mop it clean.”
Gena sneered: “Whatever you do, but you will lick it sooner or later. If you don’t believe it, let’s just wait and see!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 847

A little more than eight o’clock, Charlie Wade drove the car and went out with the old man who burned the bag.
There were still more than two hours before the plane landed, but Jacob Wilson couldn’t wait.
After the Thompson First, he hurriedly asked Charlie Wade: “Good son-in-law, do you know where the flowers are sold? I want to buy a bunch of roses to take with him.”

Charlie Wade said, “Dad, people still bring their son. It’s not appropriate for you to send roses in front of his son, right?”
Jacob Wilson thought for a while, nodded and said, “You are right, then let me be given a bunch of ordinary flowers.”
Charlie Wade said: “I know there is a flower shop, not far away, let’s go buy flowers first.”
When he arrived at the flower shop, Charlie Wade spent five hundred Dollar and asked the shopkeeper to help with a bouquet of flowers that symbolized friendship, and then he took Jacob Wilson back to the car.

Holding the bouquet of flowers, Jacob Wilson was very excited, and said with a smile: “This boss is good at craftsmanship. This flower looks very impressive! I believe Matilda will like it!”
Charlie Wade smiled slightly, and said to his heart that Jacob Wilson is a typical second spring glow. If this Matilda is interesting to him, maybe the two can get together.

Thinking of this, Charlie Wade felt a little sympathetic to the old man.
No way, for the sake of my wife, I must not let Elaine Ma evaporate from the world. Therefore, although the old man can happily meet the old lover now, but after a few days Elaine Ma is released, his hard life will be again it has started.

If Elaine Ma knows that Matilda is back, he still doesn’t know how to make trouble, then Jacob Wilson’s life will probably be more sad than before.
But naturally, Charlie Wade didn’t tell his dad. After all, he is in the most exciting time now, so let him enjoy the feeling of freedom and the breath of his first girlfriend before Elaine Ma comes out!

At this time, Jacob Wilson asked again: “Oh yes Charlie Wade, have you booked a place in Shangri-La?”
“It’s booked.” Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Don’t worry about me, I will satisfy you and Matilda today.”
“That’s good, that’s good!” Jacob Wilson breathed a sigh of relief. He held the flower and looked at it again.

He approached the only rose in the bouquet and smelled it, and sighed, “Scent! It’s so refreshing!”
After finishing speaking, I couldn’t help humming an old song: “Rose rose, I love you; rose rose, love is heavy…”
Charlie Wade shook his head and sighed secretly. He didn’t expect that after last night, he would be quite depressed…

After driving to the airport, the two arrived at the arrival hall of the airport. Jacob Wilson kept staring at the arrival screen at the airport. After searching for a long time, he finally found Matilda’s flight.
The expected landing time of the flight is 10:20, and there is one hour left, and the other party is returning from abroad, there must be an entry process, so it is estimated that it will be 11 o’clock when she comes out.

Jacob Wilson was very excited and didn’t feel tired. He stood for more than an hour after standing.
Five minutes before eleven o’clock, a group of people came out from the exit. Jacob Wilson was holding flowers looking forward to it.

Suddenly he saw a middle-aged woman wearing a black dress, and immediately waved to her excitedly: “Matilda! “
When the other party saw him, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he said with surprise on his face: “Oh my God, Jacob Wilson!”

After all, walk a few steps quickly and walk towards Jacob Wilson.
Charlie Wade also became interested, and hurriedly wanted to see what Jacob Wilson, his first love, looked like.
So he took a look, and he was shocked!
Matilda is said to be the same year as Jacob Wilson, and both are 48 years old, but Matilda doesn’t look like a 48-year-old woman at all!

She is tall and slender, and her skin is well maintained. She wears a long black one-piece dress, which looks like a goddess, and her hair is very dignified.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 848

As for the appearance, it is even more impeccable, beautiful and generous, and it has a bookish breath from the previous generation of intellectuals.
Among the stars of this age group, there is an actress named Kelly Hu. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful and charming women among the stars of this age group, but Matilda is even more beautiful than Kelly Hu!

Kelly Hu is in her early 50s and she is still charming, and Matilda’s actual age is three years younger than Kelly Hu, and she seems to be more than six or seven years younger than her!
This is an aunt who is nearly fifty years old!

This is an eldest sister who is less than 40 years old in her thirties!
Charlie Wade was stunned. He really didn’t expect that Jacob Wilson’s first love was such an impeccable super middle-aged beauty. It can be imagined that she must be very beautiful when she was young!

Charlie Wade is a little envious of Jacob Wilson, this wimpy old man, how can He actually fall in love with such a super beauty back then!
At the same time, Charlie Wade also sympathized with Jacob Wilson more!
Because of Elaine Ma, he has lost such a majestic beauty, this is simply picking up a grain of sesame seeds and losing ten acres of watermelon land!

At this moment, Jacob Wilson looked at Matilda, who was still beautiful in front of him, and felt even more sympathetic to her than Charlie Wade!
Why is there no trace of too much time on Matilda’s face after more than 20 years?
Why is she still so beautiful that she can’t breathe after more than twenty years?
Why is it that more than 20 years have passed, her shallow smile and faint dimples are still so high, so that she can’t move her legs just by looking at it?

At this time, Matilda walked to Jacob Wilson quickly. After standing still, staring at him, she smiled gently: “Jacob Wilson, I really didn’t expect it, we haven’t seen you in more than 20 years!”
Jacob Wilson was a little nervous. He was a little helpless and said, “That, yeah, Matilda, I didn’t expect it to be… for so many years!”

When Charlie Wade saw that the old man was still holding the flowers when he was talking to Matilda, he forgot to give them to them, and hurriedly reminded him behind him: “Dad, don’t hold the flowers all the time, give them to them!”
Jacob Wilson came back to his senses, and hurriedly handed the flower to Matilda, and said nervously, “Matilda, this…this flower is for you. Welcome back to Aurouss Hilll!”

Matilda took the flowers with joy, took a deep look at Jacob Wilson, and said, “Jacob Wilson, thank you!”
There was no flower in Jacob Wilson’s hand. He didn’t know where to put his hands at once, so he rubbed awkwardly and smiled stiffly: “Matilda, we haven’t seen each other for so many years, why are you polite to me… ..”
At this time, a tall and handsome young man with blond hair came over with his luggage from behind.

This blond young man has white skin, no different from white people in Europe and America, but his eye pupils are black, and his facial features are somewhat Asian in style, and he looks a bit like Matilda. He looks like a mixed race.
He walked up to Matilda and yelled with a smile, “Mom, is this your college classmate?”

Matilda hurriedly pulled him and introduced Jacob Wilson, “Jacob Wilson, let me introduce to you. This is my son, Paul.”
Jacob Wilson took the initiative to stretch out his hand and smiled: “Oh, Paul, hello! You speak Chinese really well!”

Paul laughed and said, “Uncle is polite. Although I am an American citizen and my father is also American, I still have half Chinese blood. My mother taught me to speak Chinese since I was a child and never let me slack off.”

Jacob Wilson nodded and quickly introduced Charlie Wade, saying: “Matilda, Paul, I will introduce you to you, this is my son-in-law, Charlie Wade Wade!”
Paul took the initiative to stretch out his hand to Charlie Wade, smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 849

Paul’s Chinese is indeed very good. When he closed his eyes and listened, he couldn’t tell that it was an American. Charlie Wade was also very surprised. So he shook hands with him and said with admiration, “Mr. Paul’s Chinese is really impeccable. .”
Paul smiled humbly, and said, “Mr. Wade has been awarded!”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “By the way, Matilda, I have booked a box at Shangri-La Hotel. Let’s go to have a meal first, and pick up the dust for you and your son!”

Matilda smiled and said, “Thank you so much, Jacob Wilson and son-in-law, who came to pick us up from afar and invited us to dinner…”
“It should be!” Jacob Wilson smiled awkwardly, and couldn’t wait to say: “It just so happened that we were driving here, let’s go directly!”

“Okay.” Matilda nodded, and then said to Paul: “Son, tell your driver, we won’t take the company car, let’s take your Uncle Wilson’s car.”
Paul smiled and said, “Okay mom, I’ll call the driver and ask him to send the luggage to the hotel room first.”

“it is good!”
Paul politely said to Jacob Wilson and Charlie Wade: “Uncle Wilson, Charlie Wade, wait for me first, I’ll make a call, sorry!”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said: “Oh, Paul, look at your child, you are too polite, you don’t need to be so polite with your uncle.”

Paul smiled and said, “It should be.”
After speaking, he took out his mobile phone and walked aside to make a call.
Jacob Wilson then asked Matilda curiously: “Matilda, you and your son returned to China, and did you arrange a driver in China?”

Matilda nodded and said: “After Paul’s father passed away, didn’t I always want to return to the country to settle, but his father left a company. Paul said that he can’t throw away his father’s life’s hard work, so he began to gradually start business six months ago. The transfer to China is here.”

Jacob Wilson asked in surprise: “Did you transfer all the industries to China first?”
“Yes.” Matilda said: “But I don’t participate much in these things, it is Paul taking care of it.”
Jacob Wilson nodded lightly, feeling a little inferior in his heart.
Matilda and her son returned to settle in China, and even transferred the business. An enterprise worth such a lot of trouble is probably not small in scale. From this point of view, Matilda’s current economic strength is very strong.

In contrast, I am a little embarrassed. After all, the Wilson family is now down, and he has no source of income. It can even be described as penniless. The only one who can do it is Thompson First. The villa is now, but this villa is still owned by Charlie Wade.
Thinking of this, Jacob Wilson felt a little bored.

Given her current situation, would Matilda look down on him?
It’s been half a lifetime, and most middle-aged people have at least a certain career, industry and family business, but they still have nothing to do now, which is too shameful!
Charlie Wade also saw that Jacob Wilson’s expression was a little upset, knowing that he must think that Matilda is too good, and he is not worthy of others, but he did not break it either.

At this time, Paul finished the call and said with a smile: “Mom, Uncle Wilson, and Brother Charlie Wade, I have already told the driver, let’s go out.”
“Okay.” Charlie Wade said with a smile: “Then let’s go.”

The four people went out of the airport together. A brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of them. A foreigner got out of the car and respectfully said to Paul in English: “Hello, general manager!”
Paul nodded slightly.

The foreigner driver said to Matilda, “Hello, Chairman.”
Matilda nodded and smiled, and said, “Mike, you help me deliver my luggage to Shangri-La, and directly ask the front desk to send the luggage to my and Mike’s rooms.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 850

The foreigner driver nodded hurriedly and said, “Okay chairman, I will go now!”
Then, he opened the trunk of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, took all the suitcases in Paul’s hand, and stuffed them into the trunk.
After doing this, he asked Matilda again: “Chairman, don’t you and the general manager go in this car?”

Matilda nodded and said, “I’ll take my old classmate’s car and go, you can go first.”
Jacob Wilson looked at the brand new and luxurious Rolls Royce, feeling particularly uneasy.
He can see the value of this car.

The bare car costs eight or nine million, and this car is equipped with a pure gold little golden man logo, and it costs more than two hundred thousand!
Therefore, Jacob Wilson felt even more inferior.

He couldn’t help but said to Matilda, “Oh, Matilda, you should take this Rolls Royce over there. My car is not up to grade. I’m afraid that you won’t get used to it and you will be wronged again.”
Matilda said seriously: “Jacob Wilson, we have known each other for so many years, do you think I am the kind of person who loves vanity?”

Jacob Wilson was suddenly embarrassed.
He hesitated and said: “My car is just an ordinary BMW 5 series. I’m afraid I will wrong you…”
Matilda was a little angry, and said, “Jacob Wilson, why do you care about these things so much now? Rolls-Royce and BMW 5 series are also scared, even if it is still the kind of 28-year-old bicycle popular among your male students.

Are they all a means of transportation? Don’t talk about the BMW 5 Series, even if you are riding a big 28 to pick me up today, I am willing to ride.”
As he said, Matilda said with a smile, “But I guess it’s a bit hard for you to ride a bicycle at your age now?”

When Matilda said this, Jacob Wilson felt a lot more comfortable.
He was really afraid that Matilda was used to being a Rolls-Royce and would feel a little uncomfortable when sitting in his BMW fifth series. If it made her feel uncomfortable, he would have trouble with her face.

However, Paul suddenly said to Matilda in English in a low voice at this time: “Mom, maybe you should take this car. The comfort of the BMW 5 Series is very poor, I am afraid you can’t adapt.”
Matilda waved her hand, and also whispered: “When you see my old classmates in the future, don’t drive this public car.

Ask if your company has the most common commercial car, like the Buick gl8 two or three. A hundred thousand cars, I don’t want to come back after more than 20 years, to make everyone feel too distant.”
Paul reluctantly said: “The company really doesn’t have such a cheap car. The most common commercial vehicles are Toyota Elfa with more than one million Dollar…”

Matilda said: “Then just buy a car worth two or three hundred thousand Dollar.”
Paul had no choice but to nod his head and said, “Well, since you have ordered everything, then I will arrange it.”
After speaking, he stepped to the driver and told him: “Go back and buy a Buick gl8.”
The driver was taken aback for a moment and said, “General Manager, our company doesn’t have such a low-end car.”

Paul said, “It’s okay, just go buy one and come back.”
“it is good.”
Because Charlie Wade’s physical fitness far exceeds that of ordinary people, he couldn’t help but admire Matilda very much when he heard the whispers among them.

This aunt is not only beautiful and extraordinary, but more importantly, her emotional intelligence is too high.
Such a woman, for a middle-aged man, is even more goddess than the goddess of his dreams.
He can even have a foreboding that Jacob Wilson, the old man, should soon be completely fallen…

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