The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 906-910 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 906- 910)

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 906

Greyson has been waiting for Matilda since he entered the box. Now that Matilda is here, he is naturally looking at her intently.
He found that Matilda was still so beautiful, so outstanding, so intoxicating.
He didn’t dare to imagine that Matilda was 50 years old, and she could be so beautiful.

This also strengthened his belief in pursuing Matilda.
But he never expected that Matilda, who had been thinking about it for more than 20 years, would walk in with Jacob Wilson, the scumbag who had hurt him.
He couldn’t help feeling angry, and stood up and questioned Jacob Wilson: “Jacob Wilson, why are you embarrassed to come up with Matilda?

What you did to Matilda back then, we all know well, if it weren’t for you, a scumbag, Matilda How is it possible that you have lived in the United States for so many years? You should be very ashamed of her in your heart. If I were you, I would have no face at all!”
Jacob Wilson was also very angry.

He said annoyedly: “Greyson, don’t speak too much. Anyone with a discerning eye knows what happened back then, you can’t blame me at all!”
As he said, he added: “Do you think I’ve had a better life in the past twenty years? I tell you, in the past twenty years, I regret more than anyone and feel ashamed than anyone!”

Greyson said dubiously: “You are ashamed! So I advise you to leave quickly, you shouldn’t come for this meal.”
At this time, Matilda suddenly spoke and said, “It’s all right, you don’t want to talk about the old sesame seeds and rotten grains. It is not when I was young, I liked to talk about gossip. Forty or fifty years old, why do you still say this?”

After speaking, she looked around for a week and said seriously: “Every one of you here is personally invited by me, so there must not be any unpleasantness between you.”
Jacob Wilson sneered at this time and said to Greyson: “Greyson, have you heard? Even Matilda said that.

What qualifications do you have to drive me away?”
After finishing speaking, he patted his forehead and said: “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I didn’t just come up with Matilda, I picked her up at the hotel where Matilda lived this morning, and then went to my alma mater together.

I remembered our youth back then, and then came to meet with you, why? Do you have any opinions?”
When Greyson heard this, he felt uncomfortable.
After all, I have always had a unilateral crush on Matilda, unlike Jacob Wilson.
Jacob Wilson and Matilda had been together for a long time.

Moreover, the two of them were really talented and beautiful at the time, and they were the most standard pair recognized in the school.
Therefore, there are many stories between these two people, and the two of them went back to their alma mater to recall the past, which in itself seemed a little ambiguous.

Greyson was very depressed. When he didn’t know how to refute, the young Paul opened the door and said to Matilda with a smile: “Mom, I have already greeted Oscar, the housekeeper of the Moore family, today you and yours The classmates gather here, and he will arrange everything properly, so you don’t have to worry about it, just gather with your uncles and aunts.”

When everyone saw Paul, they couldn’t help but marvel, and a woman blurted out, “Oh, Matilda, isn’t this your son? How handsome!”
Matilda nodded lightly and said to everyone: “Come on, let me introduce you to everyone. This is my son. His English name is Paul Smith.”

Another person exclaimed: “Oh, Matilda, your son is still a mixed race, he was born to your American husband, right?”
Matilda smiled and said, “I didn’t give birth to my husband, but who else could I give birth to?”
Everyone laughed.

Greyson asked at this time: “Hey, by the way, Matilda, Paul should also have a Chinese name?”
Matilda nodded and said with a smile: “Of course, Paul’s Chinese name is my last name.”
Everyone hurriedly asked curiously: “Then what is Paul’s Chinese name?”

Paul smiled slightly and said, “Uncle and Auntie, my Chinese name is Han…”
Before the latter words came out, Matilda hurriedly interrupted: “Today is our party, not with my son. Let him go first. Let’s relive the old together with the elderly!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 907

When Paul saw that his mother didn’t want others to know his Chinese name, he immediately smiled and said, “Uncles and aunts, if you eat and drink and have fun, I will leave first.”
Jacob Wilson hurriedly said, “Oh, Paul, what are you going for in a hurry? Why don’t you eat with us?”
The reason why he wants to talk to Paul at this time is to let others see that he and Paul have known each other a long time ago.

If this is the case, everyone can guess that he has already met Matilda before this meeting.
In this way, everyone naturally knows that the relationship between the two is extraordinary, which can also make those who have ideas about Matilda retreat.

When others heard the conversation between these two people, they did feel that something was not quite right. Why is Jacob Wilson so familiar with Paul?
Paul smiled and said to him at this time: “I won’t eat with my uncles and aunts at noon, because I still have business in the afternoon.”

Having said that, I specifically told Jacob Wilson that I asked Mr. Wade to come to my company in the afternoon to help me see Feng Shui, and I had to come and entertain him.
Jacob Wilson smiled and nodded, and said: “My son-in-law has no other skills. It’s okay to look at Feng Shui’s skills.

Let him take a look at you when the time comes. He will definitely not ask you how much money, otherwise, yesterday’s Don’t you just drink the wine for nothing?”
After that, Jacob Wilson said again: “Well, let me call him and let him give you a free bill!”
Greyson on the side was very depressed when he heard this.

what happened? Could it be that this Paul, Jacob Wilson, and Jacob Wilson’s son-in-law have already drank together?
When did this happen? Is it yesterday?
Didn’t Matilda just arrived in Aurouss Hilll yesterday? Just arrived yesterday, and had dinner with Jacob Wilson and others?

This is really a special treatment!
Thinking of this, Greyson felt a little uncomfortable. He not only thought to himself, does Matilda still like Jacob Wilson now?
At this time, Paul smiled and said to Jacob Wilson: “Uncle Wilson, you don’t need to be so polite. If you ask Mr. Wade to waive me, then I’m ashamed to let him watch it for me.”

Matilda on the side also smiled and said, “Jacob Wilson, let’s not interfere with the children’s affairs.”
Jacob Wilson glanced at Greyson and saw that his expression was very depressed, and he knew that his goal had been achieved, so he stopped talking to Paul about this, but smiled and said to him: “Okay, then you go ahead. Your mother is here to take care of me, so don’t worry.”

Greyson felt even more depressed when he heard him say this. What do you mean by this? Why do I feel like you are Paul’s stepdad?
Thinking of this, Greyson held a fire in his heart, and thought to himself: Jacob Wilson, Jacob Wilson, you already took Matilda 20 years ago, now if you dare to ruin my good deeds, then I will not let you go! “

So he deliberately said loudly: “By the way, Jacob Wilson, what about your wife? That is the shrew who is very famous throughout our college. What is the name?”
An old classmate in the class smiled and said, “Her name is Elaine Ma!”
“Yes! It’s Elaine Ma!” Greyson smiled and said, “Jacob Wilson, I heard that you and Elaine Ma are very affectionate. Your relationship should have deepened after so many years? Why didn’t you call Elaine Ma together today? “

As soon as Jacob Wilson heard him mentioning Elaine Ma, his face immediately became uncontrollable, and he blurted out, “Greyson, which pot is not opened here. Elaine Ma is not a classmate in our class, why is she here?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 908

Greyson smiled and said: “You, you have to figure out that you are a married man after all, so don’t mess around with flowers outside, and don’t be unruly towards other women, otherwise, once Elaine Ma’s shrews know , she will definitely not spare you.”
Jacob Wilson suddenly became angry and blurted out: “Greyson, what are you talking about here? When did I get in trouble, and when did I feel bad about other women? I tell you, don’t think you have two bad money.

You can point to sang and curse here, Jacob Wilson will not eat yours!”
Matilda’s expression was very embarrassed, and her voice became a little angry, and she said, “You two are endless, right? What I said just now, we are here for a class reunion today, not to make you arguing here. If you are still like this, then I will leave!”

Jacob Wilson said innocently: “Matilda, you heard it too, it’s the old bastard Greyson who is fanning the flames by the side!”
Greyson was also a well-known Hong Kong businessman anyway, and he was confessed wherever he went. At this time, Jacob Wilson was scolded as an old bastard, and he was naturally very dissatisfied.

So he slapped the table and stood up and shouted angrily: “Jacob Wilson, who the f*ck do you say is the old bastard?”
Jacob Wilson’s this also came up, glaring at him and said, “I’m talking about you, what’s wrong?”
Greyson said coldly: “Jacob Wilson, don’t think it’s an old classmate, I can’t do anything to you, I tell you, you really annoy me, I make you can’t eat, you think I am going back to Aurouss Hilll from Hong Kong , Can you be bullied by a worm like you?

Don’t weigh and weigh what strength you have and yell at me?”
Jacob Wilson suddenly felt a little guilty. If he wanted to talk about his strength, he wouldn’t even be able to get 10,000 Dollar.

The villa I lived in was also abducted by my son-in-law, and compared with a vendor like Greyson, it was useless at all.
If you really angered Greyson, you might not be able to offend him.
When he was riding a tiger, Paul hurriedly said: “Two uncles, this game is for my mother’s team today, so please give my mother a face and don’t quarrel in my mother’s team. “

Jacob Wilson immediately borrowed the donkey from the slope and blurted out: “Paul, uncle looks at your face and doesn’t have the same knowledge as him!”
Greyson said annoyedly: “After you scold me, you still say you don’t have the same knowledge as me? Do you believe that I’m licking you now?”

Matilda’s expression became frosty, and she asked coldly, “Greyson, what do you want? If you really don’t listen to advice, then I can only ask you to go out. Don’t blame me for disregarding the love of my classmates.”
Greyson was very annoyed. It was obvious that he was scolded. Why didn’t Matilda look at her at all?
Jacob Wilson also felt that his face couldn’t hold back. How should he respond when he was scolded in public?

Hard? Will he really come up and smoke himself?
At this moment, a 60-year-old old man stepped in.
When the old man saw Paul, he smiled and said, “Mr. Paul, the chef has already prepared the food. I wonder if you can start the food?”

Paul looked at the old man and said in surprise: “Oh, Oscar, why are you here in person?”
With the name of Oscar, everyone at the dinner table was shocked!
Oscar? Could it be Oscar, the chief steward of the Moore family in Aurouss Hilll?
Everyone knows that this Oscar is a great figure with great status and face in Aurouss Hilll!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 909

When Greyson heard that this person was Oscar, he immediately put away the arrogant face that he had just dealt with Jacob Wilson.
Because when he was still studying in Aurouss Hilll in his early years, he knew that the Moore family was very strong, and that the Moore family was now the strongest family in Aurouss Hilll.

Although he is now a well-known Hong Kong businessman and has hundreds of millions of fortunes, it is still far from the Moore family.
The assets of the Moore family are tens of billions, a hundred times more than themselves, so the Moore family’s stewardship status is much higher than that of itself, and its energy is much greater than that of itself.

Paul was also a little flattered at this time, he really didn’t expect that Oscar would come here in person.
At this time, Oscar smiled and said to Paul: “Mr. Paul, the Moore family has not cooperated with your law firm in one or two days. When I just opened up the export business in the United States, I accompanied our master to the United States.

Moreover, we encountered many legal problems at the time, and your father helped us solve them. In fact, our old Lord Mooore and your father had a personal relationship with you very well, but you were still in school at that time, and you might not be clear about these. “
Speaking of this, Oscar said again: “So, for the Moore family, you are the son of an old man, how can we neglect?

If we neglect, it seems that we have no way of hospitality.” :
Paul nodded gratefully and said, “Uncle Oscar, if you have the opportunity, please help me thank Lord Mooore, and also help me tell Lord Mooore that I may be a little busy these days. After I have settled the matter here.

After the company starts to get on the right track safely and steadily in Aurouss Hilll, I will definitely come to visit.”
Oscar nodded and smiled, and said, “You can contact me directly at that time, and I will help you arrange time with the Lord Mooore.”

After all, Oscar said: “Okay, I won’t bother here anymore. Since the dishes can be served, then I will let the back chef quickly start the dishes.”
Paul said: “I just want to go, Oscar, let’s go out together.”
“Good.” Oscar nodded.

As Oscar was about to leave, Greyson hurriedly stood up and said respectfully: “Hello Oscar, I am Greyson from Hong Kong Huisite Trading Company. I am glad to meet you!”
Oscar looked at him in surprise, and asked curiously: “I’m sorry, I don’t seem to remember this company. Does your company cooperate with the Moore family?”

Greyson hurriedly said respectfully: “You said that Oscar, I have always hoped to cooperate with the Moore family. There has never been a good opportunity. If possible, I hope Oscar can help introduce him.”
Oscar smiled courteously and said, “Thank you for admiring the Moore family, but the Moore family’s requirements for partners are very high. With all due respect, if it is a company that no one has ever heard of, basically It is unlikely to cooperate with the Moore family.”

A person like Oscar, who has been a housekeeper for many years, knows the entire family’s business well, and has a certain understanding of top companies, large companies, and well-known companies across the country. This is also his professionalism.
If he hasn’t heard of a company, then the scale of this company must not be very large, at best it is second-rate.

It is impossible for the Moore family to cooperate with a second-rate company.
Greyson’s expression was a bit awkward, he didn’t expect that he would be rejected so simply by Oscar.
Although the other party did not speak very directly, but the meaning is already clear at a glance.
This made Greyson feel a little frustrated, but he dared not express any dissatisfaction, so he could only respectfully and humbly said: “Sorry Oscar, I did not mean to offend!”

After finishing speaking, he sat back a little angrily, feeling a hot on his face. He had known that he would not be boring, not only did he not get any benefits, but he also lost face in front of his classmates.
Oscar nodded slightly to him as a response, his expression was a bit arrogant, but this was also normal, after all, he had long been a respected upper-class figure in Aurouss Hilll.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 910

Paul looked at the crowd at this time and said: “Uncles and aunts, please gather here, I will leave first.”
After finishing speaking, he specifically said to Jacob Wilson: “Uncle Wilson, I’m leaving first.”
Jacob Wilson looked at Paul as if he were looking at half of his son, and said kindly and kindly: “Go, go, then go to work!”

At this time, Oscar saw Jacob Wilson, and he was surprised and said: “Oh, you are Mr. Wilson, right?”
Jacob Wilson didn’t expect that the well-known Oscar, the housekeeper of the Moore family, would even know him, so he was surprised and asked, “You…how do you know me?”
Oscar said respectfully: “Mr. Wilson, let’s tell you that Master Wade is so kind to the Moore family that everyone in the Moore family is grateful for Master Wade’s kindness.

Don’t dare to forget it! You are Master Wade’s father-in-law, how could I? Don’t know you?”
Jacob Wilson suddenly realized!
It turned out to be in the face of his son-in-law Charlie Wade…
It’s really getting harder and harder for my son-in-law to flicker.

It turned out that the Don Albertt, who thought he was fooling, and Mr. White, who fudged him, are also very powerful. He didn’t expect that he would fool the Moore family, the largest family in Aurouss Hilll.

Paul on the side was shocked. He naturally knew that the Master Wade that Oscar was talking about was Charlie Wade.
But he really didn’t expect Charlie Wade to be so awesome.
Even the head housekeeper of the Moore family, Oscar, respectfully called him Master Wade.
And according to what he said, Charlie Wade has great kindness to the entire Moore family, is it the kindness that Charlie Wade can see from looking at Feng Shui?

Thinking of this, he felt that Charlie Wade’s image was a bit more mysterious. When he thought that he would come to his company to see Feng Shui this afternoon, he wanted to see if he could take the opportunity to learn some in-depth information about him.

Oscar said respectfully to Jacob Wilson at this time: “Mr. Wilson, I didn’t expect you to be at this table today. In that case, Oscar will serve you at this table today. If you have any needs, you can directly order certain.”

Jacob Wilson’s classmates were shocked. Many of them were natives of Aurouss Hilll. Everyone knew how strong the Moore family was, so no one thought that Jacob Wilson would have this kind of face.
Greyson was also shocked.

He couldn’t figure out why Oscar, who was dismissive of himself, was so polite to Jacob Wilson!
I have inquired about Jacob Wilson’s situation before, but he is nothing more than a fallen household.
The Wilson family has long been dying, and it is basically cold now. Jacob Wilson must have no capital himself, nothing more than an old hanging silk.

However, why does Uncle Oscar have to respect him this old hanging silk?
Is it just because of his son-in-law called Master Wade? !
Thinking of this, Greyson was curious about Jacob Wilson’s son-in-law.
So, he asked a classmate next to him in a low voice, “Who is Jacob Wilson’s son-in-law?”

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