The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 956-960 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 956- 960)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 956

So, he hurriedly said to Lisa with a grin: “Oh, Lisa, don’t get me wrong. Did I make a joke with Charlie Wade? You don’t know the two of us. We used to make jokes a lot, but in fact we His relationship is very good!”
Lisa snorted and turned his head to ignore him.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman with grey hair and kind face walked out of the entrance of the orphanage. Seeing everyone, she couldn’t help asking: “Oh, didn’t you go to the restaurant? Why are you still standing at the door? Huh?”
Everyone hurriedly looked back, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the speaker was Mrs. Lewis who had recovered.

At this time, Mrs. Lewis had a very kind smile on her face. She looked at everyone, and she was also very pleased, especially seeing Charlie Wade, not only comforted, but also a little grateful.
For a while, everyone also looked at Mrs. Lewis with eager and excited eyes.

Charlie Wade has the blessings of the Apocalyptic book, so it can be seen at a glance that Mrs. Lewis’s condition at this time has been completely cured and her physical condition is much better!
He felt extremely relieved in his heart, and at the same time he couldn’t help sighing that if he had obtained the Apocalyptic book earlier, Mrs. Lewis might not have to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant. A rejuvenation pill would be enough to cure all her illnesses and also Make her a few years younger or even a teenager.

The same is true for Mrs. Lewis. For her, every child in front of her is actually the same as her own, and she feels extremely cherished, and all her generation’s time has been dedicated to the orphanage.

Although she had never thought of asking these children to report their gratitude and be filial to herself, at this time, seeing everyone coming to visit her, she nodded her heads and felt very pleased.
All the friends from the orphanage all stepped forward to greet Mrs. Lewis.
Some people here come from the bottom of their hearts, while others just take a form.
But even so, Mrs. Lewis was very grateful, after all, this group of children can still remember her, which made her very satisfied.

At this moment, Charlie Wade also stepped forward and said, “Mrs. Lewis, congratulations on your recovery and discharge!”
Claire Wilson Wilson smiled sweetly on the side and said: “Mrs. Lewis, congratulations on your recovery!”

After seeing Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson Wilson, Mrs. Lewis burst into a happy smile on her kind face, saying: “Charlie Wade, Claire Wilson Wilson, dear boy, I haven’t seen you two for a few months. My mind is broken! Are you two okay now?”

To be honest, there are many children in the orphanage, and she treats all the children as her own children, but if she wants to say who she loves, Charlie Wade is the first person to do his part.
When Charlie Wade was in the orphanage, he was the most obedient, sensible and considerate child.
Moreover, although the other children who went out from the orphanage would come back to see and occasionally sponsor the orphanage, they have never been like Charlie Wade and have been doing their best to help the orphanage.

Especially when he was ill at the beginning, the huge amount of medical expenses was prohibitive even for his family. Unexpectedly, at that time, Charlie Wade alone would rise to the challenge.
Had it not been for him, I would have died a long time ago.

Moreover, I was lucky enough to be sent to Eastcliff Hospital for treatment. Thanks to Charlie Wade’s help in raising money, Mrs. Lewis was also full of gratitude to him from the bottom of her heart.
She felt the same for Claire Wilson Wilson in her heart. If Claire Wilson Wilson hadn’t helped Charlie Wade to raise money everywhere, she wouldn’t be able to sustain it.

So, Mrs. Lewis looked at Claire Wilson Wilson just as she looked at her daughter-in-law, and praised: “Claire Wilson Wilson, you are more beautiful than before. During this time, Charlie Wade didn’t cause you trouble, right? Are you two? Auntie’s most optimistic couple must be respectful and get along well, and don’t let other people gossip.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 957

Hearing what Mrs. Lewis said, Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly said: “Mrs. Lewis, don’t worry, I and Charlie Wade have a good relationship.”
After speaking, Claire Wilson Wilson then said apologetically: “Mrs. Lewis, after you went to Eastcliff for treatment, I have never had time to visit you in Eastcliff. If Charlie Wade told me, I would not know that you were cured and discharged.

Back to Aurouss Hilll, I am really embarrassed…”
Mrs. Lewis said with emotion: “After I fell ill, your couple has been busy in the hospital. If you two hadn’t helped raise money, Auntie might have died in critical condition…”
As she said, Mrs. Lewis’s eyes reddened and she choked up, “Especially Claire Wilson Wilson you, while you are busy with the affairs of the Wilson family, you also have to come and take care of me. Auntie has always been very grateful and feels very guilty.

I am dragged down. You couple, if you are really embarrassed, it should be the aunt who said it!”
Claire Wilson Wilson hurriedly comforted: “Mrs. Lewis, don’t forget, I am Charlie Wade’s wife, and you are Charlie Wade’s benefactor, that is, my benefactor!”

Mrs. Lewis looked at Claire Wilson Wilson and was deeply moved.
Seeing Claire Wilson Wilson again this time, Mrs. Lewis felt that she was a little different from the past.
Although Claire Wilson Wilson and Charlie Wade often visited themselves in the past, Claire Wilson Wilson still vaguely felt a little alienated from Charlie Wade, obviously because they had no emotional foundation.

But this goodbye, the two have been holding hands, and it seems that their relationship has also improved a lot.
In the past, Mrs. Lewis could often hear the rumours spread outside, so she was always worried about the relationship between the two, for fear that someday Charlie Wade would divorce Claire Wilson Wilson and be driven out of the Wilson family.

At this time, seeing the two people’s relationship has improved, the heart settled down.
As everyone present listened to this conversation, they couldn’t help being surprised.
Only then did they know that Charlie Wade and his wife had done so much for Mrs. Lewis while Mrs. Lewis was sick.

Charlie Wade was very humble. He took good care of Mrs. Lewis. He just wanted to repay the other party with all his heart, and he never thought of relying on this to show off and show off in front of others.
However, Jeff on the side was depressed!
The reason why everyone can come together to visit Mrs. Lewis today is that he is the real initiator and organizer!

Moreover, he was thinking that he is now a successful person anyway, just by taking advantage of this reception banquet, he will put pressure in front of everyone and enjoy the compliments and complacency of this group of people.

By the way, he will talk to Lisa as a young gentleman.
Unexpectedly, Charlie Wade was robbing him of the limelight, and he turned into a background board! Thinking of this, Jeff looked at Charlie Wade with a bit of resentment.

At this time, Mrs. Lewis shook Claire Wilson Wilson’s hand and said with great relief: “Claire Wilson Wilson, you and Charlie Wade are not too young anymore. It’s time to consider having a child. The group of children they left from the orphanage back then Here, Charlie Wade got married alone, and the rest are still bachelors.

As an aunt, I can’t wait to hug a godson!”
Claire Wilson Wilson blushed all at once.
She and Charlie Wade have been married for more than three years, but no one has ever urged her to have a baby.

After all, the relatives around her looked down on Charlie Wade a little, and wished she divorced Charlie Wade, how could he let Charlie Wade have children.
However, she was suddenly urged to have a child by Mrs. Lewis. In addition to being shy in her heart, she suddenly had some strange feelings.

Claire Wilson Wilson will soon be twenty-six years old, at the optimal age for childbearing, and for a girl of this age, the motherhood and maternal love in his heart have already begun to faintly breed.
Take Claire Wilson Wilson, for example, occasionally when she sees other people with children, she will feel that maternal love is overflowing in her heart, and even start to think about when she can have a baby of her own.
However, because there are so many things in the family, she has never dared to consider this issue in depth.

So she said with some shame: “Mrs. Lewis, we haven’t thought about having children yet, because I have just started a business and the company has only just improved a bit, and it has been the busiest time recently.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 958

At this time, Lisa looked at Claire Wilson Wilson’s eyes, a bit more envy, and a bit more lost in his heart.
She has liked Charlie Wade since she was a child. When she was very young, she dreamed of marrying Charlie Wade and being Charlie Wade’s bride. She has not forgotten this dream until now, but now it seems that she has no chance.

That’s why she envied Claire Wilson Wilson even more, because in her opinion, Claire Wilson Wilson found the best man in the world, so she is the happiest woman in the world.
Mrs. Lewis smiled slightly at this time and said: “Career is important, but family is also important sometimes. We women, we should not have children too late, otherwise it will affect our body.” Claire Wilson Wilson blushed and nodded.

Lisa said with embarrassment at this time: “Mrs. Lewis, the owner of the old restaurant called just now to say that there was a problem with the circuit of their restaurant and it cannot be opened today. We can only temporarily change the place for dinner.”
Mrs. Lewis smiled and said: “In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you eat or not. I am already very happy to see everyone.

There are so many people here that I haven’t seen for a long time.”
Jeff, who has been neglected all the time, immediately shined upon hearing this.
He immediately took a step forward and blurted out: “Mrs. Lewis, I will arrange dinner for everyone tonight.”

As he said, he immediately took out his cell phone and made a call, and then said to everyone: “Everyone, I have booked a place at our five-star Hyatt Hotel in Aurouss Hilll. Let’s go over now.”
Hearing that Jeff had booked a place at the five-star Hyatt Hotel, everyone present was suddenly surprised!

Someone embarrassedly said, “The Hyatt Hotel is a five-star hotel. It’s too extravagant if we go there for dinner? It’s not more than 20,000 or 30,000 after a meal?”
“Yeah! it will cost one or two thousand per person to spread it equally. Our salary level cannot afford such high consumption!”

Hearing this, other people couldn’t help showing approval.
Those who enter and leave five-star hotels are basically high-class people, and only they have the confidence to go to such a place to enjoy.

And among the people present, because they are all orphans, generally have low education and no background, they can’t talk about career success.
Most of the jobs that everyone is looking for are those at the lower level. Many people’s salary for a month is not enough to meet the various expenses of their daily lives. They worry about firewood, rice, oil and salt all day.

Therefore, when I heard that I was going to a five-star hotel for dinner, everyone was a little worried, fearing that they would be stretched because of insufficient financial resources.
Jeff smiled at this time, patted his chest generously and said, “Don’t worry, you guys, I will pay half of this meal by myself, and you will pay the other half together. It is estimated that it will cost a few hundred Dollar per person. how about it?”
Hearing what he said, many people were relieved.

Jeff paid half of it by himself, which really relieved everyone’s pressure.
Someone couldn’t help saying: “Jeff, how embarrassed to let you do half of the job by yourself!”
Jeff waved his hand indifferently, and said with a smile: “Today is mainly for Mrs. Lewis. It doesn’t matter if I spend more money!”

In fact, everyone did not know that Jeff happened to have a budget for a company to entertain customers. What he thought was that he would pay 20,000 to 30,000 for this meal, and he would pay half of it on the surface, and let others pay the other half.
At that time, I issued an invoice and went to the company for reimbursement. Not only could I get back half of what I spent, I could also earn back half of what everyone paid back!

For example, for a meal of 30,000 Dollar, I would pay 15,000 Dollar, and everyone would pay 15,000 Dollar. Afterwards, I went to the company to reimburse 30,000 Dollar. Not only did I earn face and favors in front of everyone, I also made a net profit of 15,000 Dollar. Money! why not?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 959

Mrs. Lewis next to me, when she heard that she was going to the Hyatt Hotel for dinner, she hurriedly said: “Jeff, auntie knows that this is your wish, but I don’t need to go to the high-end Hyatt Hotel. The place is too expensive!”
Later, Mrs. Lewis said: “And you eat wherever you go. It’s better to cook a table of delicious meals for you. Let’s have a bite in the orphanage. This will save you children. Less money. You can use the little money you save to do it yourself.

It’s not worth it to spend so much to get the wind from me…”
She has been thrifty and thrifty all her life. She has never been to such a luxurious place. It is difficult for her to adapt to the place where she spends tens of thousands of dollars to eat.
However, Jeff smiled slightly and said, “Mrs. Lewis, don’t say that. We are all raised by you, and now we are at the age to do something for you.

Besides, I said just now. I’m not alone for the meal, I pay half, and the rest pay the other half!”
After that, he saw Mrs. Lewis hesitate, and then persuaded: “Auntie, don’t worry, this meal won’t cost too much. Moreover, the Hyatt Hotel has a cooperative relationship with our company. I will have some discount, after a meal is eaten, and the spread is calculated on everyone’s head, only a few hundred dollars!”

When these words came out, everyone present was also relieved.
If the per capita consumption is several hundred, if it is still within the range of most people, everyone will naturally relax a lot.
And they feel that they can also take advantage of this opportunity to spend very little money to experience the upscale and luxury of five-star hotels, which is very cost-effective.

At this time, Mrs. Lewis was still a little hesitant. Jeff looked at the time and said, “Mrs. Lewis, it’s already past 6 o’clock. If we don’t hurry, there may be nowhere to go.”
Mrs. Lewis felt that it was rare for these children to come together to visit her. If everyone didn’t even finish the meal in the end, it would be really disappointing.

In the end, she couldn’t stand Jeff’s hospitality, so she nodded and said, “Okay, then go to Hyatt to eat.”
Jeff was overjoyed and hurriedly said: “Mrs. Lewis, let’s go quickly.”
Someone asked: “How did a dozen of us go there?”
Jeff smiled and said, “My car can take four. Let Mrs. Lewis take my car, and Lisa can take my car, and two more.”

As he said, he deliberately looked at Charlie Wade, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Charlie Wade, do you want to ride in my car with your wife? I’ll take you there. Your wife is so beautiful and you should ride in a Mercedes-Benz. Can’t you take her on the bus!”
Charlie Wade smiled lightly and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I also came by car.”
“Oh, really?” Jeff asked exaggeratedly: “You came by car, aren’t you the son-in-law? How can you afford a car?

What kind of car? Nissan or Toyota?”
Charlie Wade took out the BMW car key blankly and pressed the unlock button. The BMW 760 parked on the side of the road not far away flashed a yellow light.
Everyone looked in the direction that his remote control key was facing, and when they saw Charlie Wade really reached out to unlock a BMW, they all exclaimed.

These little friends really don’t have much promise. They were shocked when they saw Jeff’s 500,000-plus Mercedes-Benz just now. They felt that this was their ultimate goal in life, but they didn’t expect it. , Charlie Wade even drove a BMW.

Jeff’s complexion immediately became a little unsightly, because BMW and Mercedes-Benz are basically the same brands, and this made him feel a little uncomfortable, who originally thought he stood apart.

I should be the only one in the orphanage who can afford a BMW and Benz.
Unexpectedly, Charlie Wade could even afford a BMW!
He felt uncomfortable, so he took a closer look at Charlie Wade’s BMW and found that there were three numbers 520 written on the back of his car, and his mood finally improved.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 960

In fact, the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class are two levels that are completely equivalent, and everyone is not bad.
However, Jeff knows very well that Charlie Wade’s BMW 520 is the second most beggar version of the BMW 5 Series. His own Mercedes-Benz e300l is closer to the top of the Mercedes-Benz e-class. There are also e260 and e200 below.

In other words, Charlie Wade’s BMW 520 and Mercedes-Benz e200 are of the same grade, so his own e300l also overwhelmed Charlie Wade.
So he deliberately said: “Oh, Charlie Wade, it’s not that I said you, you are really dying to face and suffer. Other experts have said that when buying a car, you must never buy the last beggar version. You said you have this.

Money, why can’t you buy a BMW 3 series with a mid-to-high profile? Why do you have to lick your face, put on a big tail eagle, and buy the lowest and lowest BMW 5 series? Are you too vain?”
Someone asked in surprise: “Jeff, what is the beggar version?”
Jeff smiled and said: “The beggar version is this car, the most garbage model in these series, and the lowest model, which belongs to the ranks of the crane tail.”

Everyone suddenly realized.
Charlie Wade suddenly remembered that when Darren’s Restaurant opened, he drove a BMW 540.
Thinking that Todd deliberately agitated himself and wanted to use his 540 to crush his 520, Charlie Wade was suddenly inspired by him.

At that time, Todd deliberately urged himself to compare himself with him, but now it is his own way to urge Jeff to compare Jeff with himself!
Therefore, he deliberately said to Jeff: “Jeff, there is a saying I don’t know if you’ve heard it, saying that there are no meat cars, only meat people.” In other words, as long as your skills are at home, you can drive whatever car you like. Faster than others, but if you are not skilled enough, you will not be able to drive even if you give you an F1. “

After speaking, Charlie Wade said with a disdainful face: “Jeff, it’s not that I’m talking to you. I’m a very good driving skill. People give me the nickname, Aurouss Hilll Schumacher!”
When Jeff heard this, he immediately curled his mouth and said, “Oh, shit, you still have Aurouss Hilll Schumacher? Do you know what Schumacher looks like?”

Charlie Wade sneered disdainfully: “Do you believe it or not.”
Jeff coldly snorted: “The mouth is on your face, just blow it! I don’t believe that it’s just like you. If you drive a BMW 520, you dare to call Aurouss Hilll Schumacher? I kick the accelerator and let you eat your exhaust!”

After all, Jeff raised his eyebrows arrogantly and asked: “Would you like to compare?”
“Ah, come again?”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “I’m telling you that, some time ago, I just put a BMW 540 on the ground. The power of the BMW 540 is much stronger than your Mercedes-Benz e300l.

Jeff spit out and said with contempt: “Charlie Wade, do you brag about it and don’t write drafts? Just your broken car, the BMW 540? I’m! Don’t talk about the 540, you can do it today. A Mercedes-Benz e300l, I have your last name!”
Charlie Wade deliberately asked, “How much horsepower is your car?”

Jeff said proudly: “My car has 258 horsepower!”
Charlie Wade nodded, gave a thumbs up, and said: “Then you are awesome! I can’t do this, only 184, far worse than you! You are still amazing!”

Jeff sneered and said sarcastically: “Why? Don’t you dare to compare? What did you just say? You smashed the 340-horsepower 540. My 258-horsepower Mercedes-Benz e300l, you are afraid Is it still a man?”
Charlie Wade deliberately said timidly: “Oh, I can’t say that it can be better than you. What is it better than you, you won, and you won’t fight against others, right?”

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