The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 961-965 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 961- 965)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 961

“That won’t work!”
Seeing Charlie Wade’s confession, Jeff bit him instead.
He deliberately increased the volume a bit and said: “Everyone has heard it. You said it yourself. There is no good car, but only good driver. If this is the case, then we two will compete in front of all the students.”

Charlie Wade waved his hand and said a heart-wrenching sentence: “Oh, Jeff, let’s not compare. Everyone is not a heavyweight player. It would be unfair to be together like this.”
It’s really unfair. BMW 760 and Mercedes-Benz e300l are no different from Husky.

When Jeff saw that Charlie Wade said that he was not a heavyweight, he thought Charlie Wade was scared, and he immediately sneered: “Charlie Wade, didn’t you just brag? Why are you talking about it now? In front of you? Wife, can you look like a man?”
Charlie Wade pretended to be annoyed and said, “Oh, I said Jeff. It is meaningless for you to talk like this.

Everyone is a small partner who grew up together. Do you need to be so aggressive? Yes, you should drive a car. What’s so good about the car? Do you really think your car is better than me, you can beat me?”
Jeff thought that Charlie Wade got the set, but he didn’t expect that he actually got the set, and hurriedly said: “The key to whether you can beat you depends on whether you dare to compare with me. If you are counseled and not a man, then I will There is no way for you.”

Charlie Wade immediately became ashamed and said: “Okay! Comparing, who is afraid of whom.”
Jeff immediately smiled and said: “Great! Then let’s try and compare, so let’s get to the Grand Hyatt Hotel first than whoever gets there first. What do you think?”

Charlie Wade nodded: “It’s okay, but it should be some color, right?”
“Come on!” Jeff said confidently: “You can open the color head, whatever you want!”
Charlie Wade thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it, I heard from Lisa today that the orphanage is still short of funds, or else, no matter who we are, we will donate our car to the orphanage and let the welfare. What do you think of it?”

The good brother Caleb hurriedly grabbed him and blurted out: “Charlie Wade, don’t be fooled by him! This person is not at all well-intentioned!”
Charlie Wade smiled, saying that it was okay, but in his heart he secretly said: “My dear brother, I actually want him to be fooled by me, because I am the one who really has no peace of mind.”

But it is naturally impossible to say this.
Jeff laughed aloud at this time and said: “Charlie Wade, is your BMW 520 your name? Didn’t you push the door upside down? This should be your wife’s car? Why are you embarrassed to take your wife’s car out? What about the generosity of others? What if you lose and your wife is unwilling to donate this car to the orphanage?”

Claire Wilson Wilson on the side was also very dissatisfied with Jeff’s arrogant attitude, and said: “Although the car is written with my name, you can rest assured that I will guarantee my personality. If my husband loses to you, then I will take this Donate the car to the orphanage. If you lose to my husband, then you have to donate your car to the orphanage. So many people are watching, do you agree?”

When Jeff heard these words, he immediately relaxed.
I thought, Master’s Mercedes-Benz e300l can’t even run with your BMW 520?\
Since you want to get humiliated, get ready to say goodbye with your car!
So Jeff said: “Since you have said so for beauties, of course I have no opinion. There are so many friends here to witness, including Mrs. Lewis, who is also here to witness. We are so sure, who loses. Donate this car to the orphanage.”

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly said: “Oh, you guys. What is this for? I grew up together, what can’t you say, you have to be stunned here? Listen to me, don’t make this bet anymore, let’s Just eat with peace of mind, reminisce about the past, and enhance the relationship.”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 962

Jeff said immediately: “Mrs. Lewis, don’t worry about this. This is a bit of personal grievance between Charlie Wade and I. Besides, we are more than a match. It is not whoever wins and who wins is good for the orphanage. As a result, if my car is sold second-hand, it can sell for 400,000 Dollar. Although Charlie Wade’s car is cheap, it can sell for two or three hundred thousand Dollar.

The money sold can be donated to the orphanage, or it can be used by the brother of the orphanage. My sisters have a good life.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said to Mrs. Lewis at this time: “Mrs. Lewis, you don’t have to worry about this. Jeff and I will handle it in private.”

Mrs. Lewis was actually mainly afraid that Charlie Wade would suffer, but seeing Charlie Wade’s confidence, she suddenly felt that this matter should not be as simple as she thought.
Actually, when I went to Eastcliff to see a doctor this time, Mrs. Lewis found something wrong.
The first thing that is not right is that the doctors in the hospital are too polite to themselves and treat themselves as VIPs.

When I was recuperating in the hospital, I happened to meet a domestic celebrity and went to Fairview Hospital to see a doctor. The person who treated that celebrity at that time was his doctor.
However, she found that the treating doctor’s attitude towards the star was far less respectful than her attitude towards herself.

She couldn’t help but secretly thought that she was just an employee of an orphanage, and she came to Eastcliff for the first time in her life. It was impossible to have anything to do with her. What background might she have, so why did the doctor treat herself so respectfully?

The second problem is that I went to the operating table and was injected with general anesthesia by the anesthesiologist, but before he passed out immediately, I heard my chief surgeon talking to his assistant.

Dazed, she heard the other party say that this patient is the benefactor of the young master, so she must be cautious and cautious.
She never wanted to understand, what exactly was the young master that the other party was talking about? Or maybe I had hallucinations and misheard.

However, every time she thinks of this clip, she always thinks of Charlie Wade.
Although she doesn’t know why, she always feels that looking at the grown-up child is far from simple as she thought.

What’s more, all of the millions of medical expenses that he had spent in the hospital at the beginning were all solved by Charlie Wade.
What kind of method does he have to solve so much money in a short time?
This made her feel a little weird.
Seeing Charlie Wade at this time, she found that Charlie Wade has indeed changed a lot from before.

The biggest change is that he is more confident than before, and much more confident!
This also made Mrs. Lewis very pleased in her heart, because in the past so many years, she too hoped that Charlie Wade could be more confident, but it has not been successful, but now it seems that he has successfully passed that hurdle. .
Thinking of this, she no longer intervened in the gambling agreement between Charlie Wade and Jeff.

Jeff looked at Charlie Wade smugly at this time, and said with a smile: “Charlie Wade, to be fair, each of us is full of five people in our car. Let our little friends including Mrs. Lewis come as a testimony, lest you Who denies after losing!”
Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Well, Mrs. Lewis, Lisa, and Caleb are in my car.”
“Ok!” Jeff said with a smile: “Then those of us who played well back then, take my car together!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 963

The friends who are good deeds immediately uttered a cheer, but because the car can’t fit so many people after all, there are still a few friends who can only take a taxi.
Charlie Wade sat in the BMW 760 he bought for Claire Wilson Wilson, and his wife Claire Wilson Wilson sat in the co-pilot.

Mrs. Lewis, Lisa and Caleb sat in the back row.
Charlie Wade said to the person in the car, “Sit down, and I will be on the straight road in front of you later. I can end the battle with a kick of the accelerator.”
After speaking, he looked at Mrs. Lewis and told: “Mrs. Lewis, hold on to the handrails and hold on.

I can make a Mercedes Benz for our orphanage with a kick of the accelerator! Easy to sell for more than 300,000 Dollar, Then buy some good toys for the children!”
Mrs. Lewis nodded and said with a smile: “Then I have to thank you for the children in our orphanage!”
On the other side, Jeff’s car was also full of five people, all of whom were his attendants.

Jeff drove the car to Charlie Wade’s BMW, lowered the window, and said with a smile: “Charlie Wade, let’s go when you are ready, I will let you run for three seconds.”
Charlie Wade said modestly: “Don’t don’t don’t, you’re all friends, let’s be boring for more than three seconds, let’s get together.”
“Haha!” The five people on the Mercedes-Benz laughed loudly, and Jeffle said, “Charlie Wade, you are really interesting.

If this is the case, then I count one, two, three?”
Charlie Wade nodded: “Okay, come on.”
Jeff laughed and said, “Come on, one, two, three, go!”
After speaking, Jeff immediately stomped on the accelerator.

Charlie Wade let him deliberately for a second, and then stepped on the accelerator deeply, causing the BMW 760 to rush out quickly like an off-string arrow.
In just one second, Charlie Wade had already left Jeff far behind.

The road went straight all the way, and slightly increased the speed, which directly cast away Jeff.
Jeff didn’t realize that it was Charlie Wade’s car that rushed past, until someone around him reminded him: “Brother Jeff, that kid Charlie Wade has passed!”
“Where?” Jeff panicked, and he looked at him with a dazed look: “f*ck, how could he be so fast…”
A kid in the back seat sighed: “It seems that Charlie Wade does have some skills!”

“Skills my ass!” Jeff came down in cold sweat, blurted out: “This is not good skill at all, this is a better car! This bastard tricked me!”
The man hurriedly asked: “What do you mean?!”
Jeff scolded angrily: “My car has stepped on the floor, and he is so much faster than me. This proves that the horsepower of his car is much stronger than the horsepower of my car. At least it has to run. Go with 400 horsepower!”

Speaking of this, Jeff said in a panic: “This is over, this is really over, Charlie Wade has calculated it…”
The kid in the co-pilot asked, “What’s the matter, Brother Jeff, can’t you win?”
“Win a chicken feather…” Jeff was already crying anxiously, and blurted out: “The car is obviously not at the same level as others. Even if you run away from the car, you can’t catch up with them, you see. Look, now you can’t see his shadow. The Hyatt Hotel is only two or three kilometers away. What am I going to chase after!

This time I’ve lost!”
“Ah?!” a person in the back row blurted out: “Brother Jeff, if you really lose, will you donate this car to the orphanage?”
“I’ll donate an egg!” Jeff gritted his teeth and cursed: “Do you know how much effort Master took to buy this car?

It is impossible to kill me and donate it to the orphanage!”
“But, you’ve already made a bet with Charlie Wade in public. If you break your promise by then, wouldn’t it be unsightly?”
Jeff was also aware of this problem.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 964

If you really turned back, wouldn’t you want to be laughed at by these little friends?
But if I killed myself, I didn’t want to give this newly bought car directly to the orphanage!
At this moment, he even thought that he would just drive away and stop eating this meal, and he would never interact with the group of people in the orphanage in the future!

Just as he thought about it, there was a flash of light in his mind.
Immediately afterwards, he did not hesitate to change lanes to the right lane, and rushed to the rear of the car in front of him!
Jeff has already figured it out. The best solution is to have a traffic accident on his own. In this way, it is equivalent to the end of the game due to force majeure, so he will not lose!
Therefore, he wanted to find a car to chase up.

At this moment, the guy in the co-pilot was so scared that he yelled, blurting out, “Brother Jeff! Brother Jeff! You’re going to hit, You’re going to hit!”
Jeff sneered, and said to his heart: “All I want is to hit!”

However, when he got closer and closer to the car in front of him, he discovered that the car in front was a black Porsche Cayenne.
At this moment, he immediately stepped on the brake!
Cayenne got a million dollars, but he only bought half a million dollars for his car damage insurance. If he crashed into this car, the insurance might not be enough.

It just so happened that there was a Passat on the right side of the lane, so he slapped in the direction and hit the a** of the Volkswagen Passat!
With a bang, Passat was slammed for a while before stopping, and Jeff’s front face of Mercedes-Benz was also smashed beyond recognition.

Fortunately, the airbag exploded, so no one was injured.
After crashing the car, Jeff stopped the car immediately, pushed the door and walked off, then immediately turned on his mobile phone and took a video on WeChat.
He patted the front of his car and patted the Passat who was hit by himself in front of him. He said, “My friends, please help me tell Charlie Wade that there was an accident on my side and I ran into a Passat.

Today’s race is definitely not going to go on, so let’s wait for my car to be repaired and then compare with him!”
After that, he clicked send and sent the video to the group of the orphanage.
After posting the video, he thought to himself, I was so witty! Actually thought of using this method to solve the problem! Really smart!

Otherwise, if you really drive the car to the Hyatt Hotel, then you really won’t be able to get off the stage.
Even if you don’t donate the car, you won’t be able to get involved in the circle of the orphanage in the future.

Originally, it was okay not to be in this circle. He didn’t have any real feelings with these people, nor did he have any feelings for Mrs. Lewis.
However, when he met Lisa today, he felt that he had a new goal in life.
He is preparing to look for an opportunity recently to launch an offensive against Lisa. If he loses the game today and denies it, then he must be foolish to play Lisa.

Just when he was very proud of his intelligence, a middle-aged man walked up to him, pointed at him and yelled: “You’re f*cking blind? Who told you that this car is a Passat, I’m a w12 Top with imported Phaeton! More than 2 million landed! Did your mind kick the donkey?”
“What the hell?!”

Jeff said dumbfounded: “Phaeton?! Isn’t it Passat?”
When the man heard this, he scolded his mother angrily. He reached out and grabbed his collar and dragged him to the front. He pointed to his car butt and cursed: “Your mother will show me clearly what this is? Come and talk to me. Read, phaeton, translated into Chinese called Phaeton!”
Jeff’s heart was suddenly cold!

This is the lowest-key Volkswagen Phaeton in the legend? How does this f*cking look different from Passat?

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 965

Although Porsche is a luxury brand, an ordinary Cayenne is just over a million.
However, although the German Volkswagen is a common brand, the Volkswagen Phaeton is a very, very expensive model.

The top-equipped Phaeton is more than two million Dollar, which is not cheaper than the top-equipped Audi a8, the top-equipped Mercedes-Benz S, and the top-equipped BMW 7 Series.
Jeff was taken aback by the logo of the Porsche Cayenne just now, so he subconsciously wanted to choose a cheaper car and hit him.

Seeing this Phaeton, in the evening, I only saw a Volkswagen logo hung on the back of his butt, and the car looked like a Passat, so I just ran into it without thinking about it.
However, I didn’t expect it to be a low-key and cheating Phaeton…
When he thought that this car was worth more than 2 million, he felt depressed and wanted to die.

Cars pay attention to the ratio of parts to the whole. In other words, if the parts of a car are taken apart, the price will be two or three times or even higher than the price of the car.
In the rear-end collision just now, the other party’s two taillights, trunk, and anti-collision beams were all damaged.

This Phaeton is an imported car again. All parts and accessories need to be imported, so it might cost hundreds of thousands to repair. .
Moreover, his Mercedes-Benz also crashed very badly.
Mercedes-Benz is one of the brands with the highest retail ratio. As for this 500,000 Mercedes-Benz e-class, it can be dismantled at least more than one million Dollar according to the 4s shop’s parts quotation.

With two automatic headlights alone, it costs more than 60,000!
In addition, the front hood, water tank, radiator, and anti-collision beams all had problems, and two airbags burst. If the damage of this car is determined by the insurance, at least about 200,000 Dollar will be repaired.

If you really hit a Passat, then the combined damage of the two cars will definitely not exceed 500,000.
In this case, all the money will be paid by the insurance company, so there is nothing to worry about.
But I was blind and ran into a Phaeton…
With this calculation, the damage of the two cars is estimated to be close to one million!
Insurance can only compensate 500,000, and you have to figure out the remaining money.

He suddenly felt incomparably collapsed, looking at the middle-aged man driving the Phaeton, crying and saying: “Big brother, you drive such a car to go out, aren’t you a pitfall?”
“I’m cheating?!”

The middle-aged man raised his hand angrily and slapped him in the face, angrily cursed: “You ran into my car. You are all responsible. You said I cheated?! Believe me or not. Now make a call and let someone chop you off?”
Jeff covered his face, stepped back subconsciously, and blurted out: “You…how can you hit someone?!”

“I can’t beat you?” The Phaeton driver asked coldly, “Do you know who Master is?”
“I don’t know…” Jeff shook his head with a guilty conscience.
The driver grabbed Jeff by the collar, pulled him closer, and stared at him angrily: “You can see Master clearly. Master’s name is Caesar Hilton.

Have you heard of Master’s name?”
When Jeff heard this, his face paled in fright.
Of course he has heard of Caesar Hilton’s name.
There are four heavenly kings under Don Albertt, all of whom are Don Albertt’s most powerful men.

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