The Amazing Son in Law

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 981-985 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 981- 985)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 981

The invoice is the only proof of reimbursement.
Because of this, Jeff was furious after hearing that the invoice was driven away by Charlie Wade.
I just waited for this invoice to go to the company for reimbursement. If Charlie Wade didn’t hand in the invoice, not only would he not earn money for his meal, but he would also lose 100,000 Dollar. Isn’t that making him worse?

Thinking of this, he rushed back to the dinner table angrily, and when he saw Charlie Wade he asked, “Charlie Wade, did you go to the front desk to secretly issue an invoice? Hurry up and bring me the invoice!”
Charlie Wade said indifferently: “This meal is the money we spent. What happened to my invoice? After all, I have 100,000 here. You won’t forget it?”

“You…” Jeff was choked with speechlessness. After a while, he could only say angrily: “You don’t work or start a company. What do you do with invoices?”
Charlie Wade said with a smile: “You don’t know many restaurants nowadays. He deliberately refuses to issue invoices to guests. If he does not issue invoices, the state tax authorities will not know how much money he has made.

In this case, he does not have to contribute to the country. Pay taxes.”
After that, Charlie Wade looked around for a week and said to everyone: “However, as law-abiding citizens of the country, paying taxes according to the law is our obligation. It is also our obligation to supervise the hotel to pay taxes in accordance with the law. Everyone is right!”
Everyone nodded.

Lisa said: “The restaurants are the most thief. If you don’t issue invoices, they won’t have to pay taxes at all. They must issue invoices in accordance with the law before they can pay taxes to the treasury.”
William agrees and said: “The catering industry is still very profitable. It is impossible to justify tax evasion and tax evasion.”

William on the side laughed and said: “You can also talk to the hotel. If he doesn’t issue a ticket, he will give you a part of the discount, or send you some drinks. I usually go to the restaurant for dinner. If he doesn’t invoice me, I asked him if he wanted a Coke, anyway, I can’t suffer.”
Charlie Wade snorted: “William, William, you are still smart! I want to learn more from you!”

William thought that Charlie Wade was complimenting him, snorted, and said, “Tell you, this is the wisdom of life.”
Jeff looked at Charlie Wade with a dark face, and said coldly: “Don’t talk about that useless, it’s useless if you want an invoice, give me the invoice!”
“Why?” Charlie Wade asked coldly, “I want an invoice to be useless, can it be useful if you want an invoice?

We all come out for dinner, don’t you still want to take the invoice to the company for reimbursement?”
Jeff was suddenly caught up in what Charlie Wade said. He was a little flustered on the surface, and hurriedly said: “You’re so f*cking nonsense, I think the same as you, I have issued an invoice so that the hotel can pay taxes according to law! “

Charlie Wade nodded, gave a thumbs up, and said, “I didn’t expect that Jeff, you are also such a responsible citizen! Not bad, not bad, I give you a thumbs up.”
As he said, he took out the invoice from his pocket and said: “This invoice is written on my personal name, which means that this item cannot be reimbursed, but as long as the invoice is issued, the restaurant will pay taxes, so Jeff You don’t have to worry about it. The tax they should pay for this meal is 200,000 Dollar.

Jeff was anxious and blurted out: “Who told you to write your name personally?!”
The invoice was issued and the name was raised. Even if I got this invoice, I couldn’t use it for reimbursement. I thought that Jeff’s lungs would explode.

Charlie Wade said with a smile at this time: “You didn’t say that you can’t issue invoices. Besides, as I said just now, this meal is half of you and half of me. Everyone has the right to issue invoices. Pay attention to one first come first.”

With that, Charlie Wade said with a magnificent expression: “Well, let’s not invoice for anyone, who didn’t invoice. This is a trivial matter. Anyway, this meal is for everyone to eat instead of asking for it. Everyone will look for the company or someone for reimbursement after eating. I will tear off this invoice in front of everyone. Don’t ask for either of us. Isn’t that okay?”

Before Jeff came back to his senses, Charlie Wade immediately tore up the invoice.
Seeing this invoice torn to pieces by Charlie Wade, Jeff felt his heart dripping with blood.
It’s over, this is over, this meal is worth 100,000 Dollar!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 982

I originally wanted to earn 100,000, but I didn’t expect to lose 100,000. This meal is really a big loss!
Jeff had the desire to die in his heart, and he was quite good at first. He bought a new Mercedes-Benz with five people and six people, but he didn’t expect that after meeting Charlie Wade today, he all fell into it.
Therefore, he could not wait to stab Charlie Wade to death so as to relieve his hatred.

Charlie Wade intended to stimulate him again at this time, so he poured a glass of champagne, handed it to him, and said with a smile: “Come on, Brother Jeff, I toast you a glass.”
Jeff said angrily: “I don’t want to drink with you!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t be so angry. After all, this wine was bought by yourself. If you don’t drink it, you will waste it.”

When Jeff heard this, his whole body trembled with anger.
Charlie Wade was right, this wine was indeed bought with his own money, he spent 100,000 Dollar on this meal!
Living so big, when did you spend so much money on a meal?
It’s simply the rhythm of eating bankruptcy!

Thinking of this, Jeff burst into tears, took the wine glass, and drank it dull and angry!
I bought them with my own money, so I would drink more if I said, otherwise it would be cheaper for others.
However, there is still a bigger problem before him, that is, how to make money.

If William listened to himself, and if he went back at night and used all the loan apps, it was estimated that he would be able to draw four to five million Dollar, plus his own deposit of hundreds of thousands, so it shouldn’t be a big problem to make up 600,000.
As for whether he can fool his future mother-in-law, he has no idea about this.

It seems that I can only pray to the sky, and pray that this William will be able to fool myself!
After Charlie Wade let Jeff slump, he didn’t bother to continue to care about this person. It was estimated that this meal cost 100,000 Dollar, which should make him pain for a long time, and he will definitely not dare to pretend to be forced.

Recalling the scenes in the orphanage before, he couldn’t help asking Mrs. Lewis, “Mrs. Lewis, how is the situation in the orphanage now?”
Upon mentioning this topic, Mrs. Lewis looked sad and sighed and said: “The situation is not so good. The main reason is that there are more and more children and our financial pressure is increasing.”

As she said, she sighed again and said: “Some time ago, our Aurouss Hilll police have successively uncovered many cases of child trafficking and rescued many children who were abducted. Many of them are being fostered by our welfare because they cannot find their biological parents. In the hospital, a lot of pressure was suddenly increased, but there is no way.

It is our duty and obligation to rescue these abducted children. It is just that the milk powder money for these children is very high. The staff of the welfare institute now collects thousands of dollars. I’m supporting it with a dollar and I’m applying for funding…”
Charlie Wade couldn’t help but feel distressed when he thought of the children he saw in the orphanage in the afternoon.

These children, because they were abducted by human traffickers, were in a more pitiful situation than ordinary orphans, so he planned to donate a sum of money to the orphanage to deal with the problems of these children.
So, he opened his mouth and said to Mrs. Lewis: “Mrs. Lewis, you should think more about the children in the orphanage, so let me personally donate 1 million first!”
When these words came out, everyone was stunned!
one million?

This is simply an astronomical figure for these orphanage friends!
This is, Charlie Wade looked at Jeff, who was dumbfounded, and said: “Jeff, you are doing so well now. You are driving a Mercedes and Phaeton. Don’t forget that you were raised by the orphanage. Don’t you donate some money to the orphanage now?”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 983

When Jeff heard that Charlie Wade said that he would donate one million, he naturally didn’t believe it. He sneered and said, “Charlie Wade, you brag about not writing drafts. You donated one million to the orphanage, saying that you would die and suffer. Don’t admit it yet, can you give out a million?”
Charlie Wade said lightly: “Since I have said it, I will definitely honor it. I can’t do the same as you, find a place to get out of a car accident!”

Jeff knew that Charlie Wade was deliberately mocking himself, and when he thought about the crash, he hated it.
I knew that this was the case. I really didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I would donate a car in a big deal. Is it better than now?

Look at how heavy the loss is now!
However, he still didn’t believe that Charlie Wade could donate 1 million.
So he sneered and said: “Don’t think I don’t know what virtue you are now, a live-in son-in-law who depends on his wife to raise, how can you get so much money to grab the bank?”
Harry on the side also said to help: “Charlie Wade, don’t put on a swollen face to fill a fat man. What is the meaning of pretending to be coercion?

Do whatever you can do as much as you can. Don’t go bankrupt just to pretend to be coercion. Come on us again!”
Charlie Wade smiled indifferently: “You don’t care whether I rob the bank or something. I can still take out one million in total, but you, if I can donate one million, how much do you donate?”
Jeff laughed and said: “If you can donate 1 million, I can donate 10 million.

Who can brag about it? You just have a long mouth, right?”
The whole table burst into laughter.
Because everyone felt that Charlie Wade was dying to face and suffer.

To say that Charlie Wade donated one hundred and eighty thousand Dollar, some people believe that, after all, his wife is very good and also used a BMW, and the family should not be short of this money.
But to say donate one million is a bit unrealistic, even selling that BMW is not enough!
Among these people, only Mrs. Lewis, Lisa and his wife Claire Wilson Wilson can truly trust Charlie Wade.

Mrs. Lewis and Lisa both knew Charlie Wade’s character. If something was unsure, he would definitely not say it.
As for Claire Wilson Wilson, she was already quite familiar.
Charlie Wade usually shows people a feng shui, can earn more than two million back, and donate one million to the orphanage at once, which is also a breeze.

But she asked Charlie Wade in a low voice: “Charlie Wade, are you carrying me again and secretly showing others Feng Shui?”
Charlie Wade nodded, and said with a hippie smile: “It’s Matilda’s son, Paul, this guy brought the law firm to our Aurouss Hilll, right? Please come and have a look at Feng Shui, and I will go.”
Claire Wilson Wilson said embarrassingly: “You lie to acquaintances too? Is it appropriate?”
“How can this be called a lie?”

Charlie Wade said earnestly: “You love me!”
Claire Wilson Wilson was helpless and asked, “How much did you ask for?”
Charlie Wade smiled: “One million.”
Claire Wilson Wilson rubbed his temples: “You are so dark… there are so many more acquaintances…”
In fact, Claire Wilson Wilson didn’t know that Paul gave Charlie Wade 10 million in total.
However, this 10 million was given in two penalties.

First gave a check for 1 million.
Then I made up another check for 9 million.
Charlie Wade originally thought that even if all 10 million were donated to the orphanage, it didn’t really matter.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 984

But the point is, I rashly put out 10 million, so many people watched, it is really hard to explain.
It is not easy to explain to Claire Wilson Wilson, after all, the number is too big, and the number of 1 million is more reasonable.
So Charlie Wade looked at Jeff and smiled faintly: “If I can really put out 1 million, would you really donate 10 million?”

“Yes!” Jeff said almost without thinking, arrogantly: “If you can spend 1 million on a hanging wire like you, then I won’t have a problem with 10 million!”
Charlie Wade nodded and smiled: “Wait a moment, I will take a video to testify.”
After all, smiled and said to everyone, “Please take out your phone and take a video as a testimony!”
When I heard such a good show, I took out my mobile phones and turned on the video recording function.

Charlie Wade said calmly: “I, Charlie Wade, voluntarily donate 1 million Dollar to Aurouss Hilll Welfare Institute. As long as I donate this 1 million Dollar, Jeff next to me is willing to donate 10 million Dollar. Today, please be a witness here. If either of us repents, we would be spurned and despised by the entire country!”

Jeff sneered: “Okay, but you have to take out 1 million first. As long as you take out the 1 million, I will donate 10 million immediately!”
Jeff didn’t believe that Charlie Wade could really spend 1 million.
It is estimated that the 100,000 Dollar spent on eating just now was the money he had saved for several years.

Charlie Wade directly took out his shabby wallet and found two checks Paul gave him.
He kept a mindful eye this time, first saw the amount of the check clearly, and confirmed that he was holding the 1 million one, and then took out the check.
After taking out the check, he directly handed it to Mrs. Lewis and said: “Mrs. Lewis, this cash check can be exchanged for 1 million cash at the bank at any time, please accept it.”

Jeff curled his mouth and sneered unremittingly: “Just take out a piece of torn paper and say it’s a cash check of 1 million. What are you kidding me?”
Charlie Wade smiled and asked, “Do you not believe it? Check it if you do not believe it!”
Jeff sneered: “Of course I don’t believe it. When I was a kid, I played Monopoly Chess. A toy banknote was worth damn millions.

Or should I take a few from it to donate? Besides, I’m not from a bank. People, how do I know how to verify the authenticity of a check?”
Charlie Wade smiled helplessly and nodded: “Since you won’t give up until the Yellow River, if you don’t see the coffin or cry, then I will fulfill you.”
After all, he took out his phone and called Paul.

Paul answered the phone and said respectfully: “Master Wade.”
Charlie Wade smiled and said: “Paul has something, sorry to trouble you.”
Paul hurriedly said, “Master Wade, please speak.”
Charlie Wade said, “The one million check you gave me was lost by me and may not be exchanged. So can you please transfer me the 1 million cash directly? When I find the check, I will return the check to you.”

Paul smiled: “Yes, you can give me an account, and I can transfer it to you now. If you can find the check, you don’t have to return it to me!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Paul, you are really particular about what you do. I admire you very much.”

Paul smiled and said, “Master Wade, you are too polite. Give me your account. I will call you now.”
Charlie Wade said: “You directly check the donation account of the Aurouss Hilll Welfare Institute, and then transfer the 1 million Dollar to the Aurouss Hilll Welfare Institute’s account.”
Paul asked in surprise: “Master Wade, are you going to donate to the orphanage?”
“Yes.” Charlie Wade said lightly: “I grew up in this orphanage.”
Paul immediately said, “That’s it! Master Wade, don’t worry, I will transfer the money to the orphanage now. I will transfer 2 million in the past and the remaining 1 million is my little care!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 985

Charlie Wade didn’t expect that when he said he would donate to the orphanage, Paul also donated 1 million.
I wanted to tell him that this is not necessary, but Paul has hung up the phone over there.
Seeing that the phone had been hung up, Charlie Wade had no choice but to put it away. At the same time, he felt more and more that Paul, this kid, was indeed on the road, and he would have the opportunity to take him in the future.

After hanging up the phone, Charlie Wade said to Mrs. Lewis, “Mrs. Lewis, my friend will immediately transfer the money to our orphanage’s account. Please tell the financial institution of our orphanage and pay attention to the account information, but the amount Not 1 million.”
Jeff didn’t wait for Charlie Wade to finish speaking, he laughed and said: “Haha Charlie Wade, you are confessing, shouldn’t you just let your friends donate 10,000 Dollar, then you are really embarrassed! Don’t forget that everyone is still recording.”

Charlie Wade sneered and said, “Could you not be so anxious and wait until I have finished speaking before you speak up?”
Jeff waved his hand and said loudly: “You say it, let you say it, you say it aloud, say it for everyone!”
Charlie Wade ignored him, looking at Mrs. Lewis and said seriously: “Mrs. Lewis, the amount is indeed not 1 million, but 2 million, because my friend heard that I want to donate to the orphanage, he also added 1 million. “

Everyone was surprised!
What kind of friend is this? I heard that my friend is donating, and he is donating 1 million, so he also donated 1 million?
I’m afraid that this person is not sick, or else he is too rich and burnt!
Or Charlie Wade bragging.

Jeff sneered and said: “Charlie Wade, but more and more admire your bragging ability, Taishan collapsed in front of the front, and did not change the color, said that you are a person like you, you are really a person doing big things!”
Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t jump to conclusions in a hurry. Otherwise, how can you step down after the money arrives?”

Jeff said coldly: “Save it, this kind of awesomeness won’t last too long. If the money doesn’t reach the account later, where do you put this face?”
As soon as this was finished, Mrs. Lewis received a call.
She saw that it was a call from the finance department, and hurriedly said: “It is the finance department of our orphanage who called me.

Could it be that Charlie Wade’s donation has arrived?”
“Cut!” Jeff said with a curled lips: “It may be there by then, but it will only cost ten to twenty thousand at most, not more.”
Mrs. Lewis answered the phone, turned on the speaker, and asked: “Hey, Accounting, is there anything wrong with calling so late?”

Accounting Cherry’s voice came from the other end of the phone. She was very excited and said: “Sister Lewis, I just received a text message. Someone made 2 million donations to the charity account of our orphanage!”
Mrs. Lewis exclaimed: “Is it here so soon?!”
Accounting Cherry hurriedly asked: “Mrs. Lewis, do you know the situation of the 2 million Dollar? Who is so generous?

Donated so much money to us?”
Mrs. Lewis said excitedly: “It’s Charlie Wade! Do you remember Charlie Wade from our orphanage?”
“Charlie Wade?!” Accounting Chen exclaimed: “Really it was Charlie Wade donated? My God, Charlie Wade is really promising now!”
Mrs. Lewis was also very pleased and said: “Charlie Wade has heard that our orphanage has recently arrived so many children.

Knowing that we are in financial difficulties, so he donated a million!”
“And his friends also donated one million for his face, a total of 2 million!”
The other party said excitedly: “Oh, this time we can really relax.

We can buy some delicious food for the children, and we can buy some new clothes for the children when it is cold, and then we can enjoy the play in our orphanage. The facilities have been changed. Those amusement facilities have been used many years ago!”
Everyone present was stunned.

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