The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 10

She spotted Cainan already seated at the spot that he was yesterday and she made her way over to him and as she got closer, she noticed a file before him and she figured that was their agreement, drafted into a contract

“You’re late,” was the first thing he said as she got to him and he looked at her.

“Well, I’m here now,” she grumbled.

His eyes slowly took her in from head to toe, and she doesn’t miss the linger in his eyes with them when around her neck and chest before moving downwards to her hips and her feet. Satisfaction entered his eyes before vanishing at that same moment.

She stood by her intuitions, he was creepy.

“I can work with this, but if you’re going to accept this proposal you’re going to have to understand there is no such thing as lateness. Seven a.m. is seven a.m., no later than that.” He firmly instructed, his voice filled with so much authority and command and he sounded so different from the man she spoke to yesterday.

“Who said I am here to accept your proposal?” She asked with a raised brow

“I do not see my money in your hand,” he instantly replied before pushing the file before him towards her and she glared at him and sat down.

“This is a fifteen paged contract and I will be needing your signature at the bottom of every page, I’d like to believe you are a good reader at least and I want you to properly understand each page before putting your signature under it. There are strict rules and as much as possible we would need to keep this relationship neutral that is the only way it will be believable.”

“Why don’t you just save yourself the stress and get some pretty lady that would fit your standard instead of trying to break and bend me into who she’s not.”

“I don’t need someone that can’t be tamed into doing exactly what they are told.”

She felt her feet curl and she wasn’t “And you think I can be tamed?” her brow shot up.

A smile flashed across his face, “A few women can’t and you’re one of those few and that’s why I made these instructions in the contract. You don’t have to follow every one of them, but the basic ones are necessary. So you can take it home read and make adjustments where you see fit.”

She smirked, got up and leaned in a little so that her face came very close to his and her breath fanned over his face, “I trust you know what you’re getting into.” She drew even closer and she could smell the ketchup lingering on his mouth and looking up she saw him closely looking at her, wondering what her next move was. She reached out her hand and pulled out a pen from his pocket before returning to her seat.

She flipped open the first page and signed on it without reading it and then flipped to the second page and as she was about to sign, but he drew the file away from her and closed it up.

“Do you think this is some sort of joke?” He grounded out and she knew she had stepped on one of those explosive wires he had.

“I’m stuck with you and you certainly can’t do better so it’s best to have fun while this madness last.”

He gritted his teeth, “If you sign them without reading, you’re going to follow those instructions which you might not be comfortable with and you might end up going against the very contract you signed. Rules in business are read and negotiated before you can sign.”

“Rules in thievery ‘do not negotiate what you can take’,” She counters with a smirk on her face.

“And look where that brought you.”

“About to sign a million dollars deal with the man I stole from three weeks ago. All I see is good, babe.” She winked at him and tried to take the file away from him but he holds unto it.

“You might take this a little serious when George and Anita get to learn who you really are.”

The smile on her face disappeared and she tossed his pen down on the table, mumbling “Asshole.” Loud enough for him to hear and it was his turn to smirk.

“You lying son of a bitch!” Anita’s voice caused their head to snap and they turned to see her storming towards them.

Jasmin eyes darted to the contract before Cainan and knew Anita was going to see it if she got to where they were and so she grabbed the documents and flipped it around so that the front part which was the contract agreement was written faced down.

“We meet again,” Cainan replied with a deceitful grin.

“Screw you!” Anita spat at him with a hard glare. “You played me for a fool yesterday, you lied to me and gave me a freaking false name!”

“You cuss a lot,” he pointed out which only made her angrier. “so does, your she. I understand how you two are friends now.”

Her eyes left Cainan and moved to Jasmin who was quietly sitting and watching the drama unfold, “What does he want?”

“We are just talking, Anita, don’t worry I’m safe.” She assured with her bravest smile.

Anita’s eyes flickered with emotions of concern as she stared at her closely probably hoping to get a sign that she was lying about being okay, but when she got none, she nodded, “Be careful.” She advised before turning around and walking off.

Cainan exhaled in relief after Anita disappears into the restaurant and his attention returned to Jasmin who was now quiet.

“You fed her lies just to get my number, you treated her like a fool and she’s my friend.”

“The only lie I told was us being childhood friends, as for my name, well it used to be Michael Day, Cainan Michael Day, but I changed it. So it wasn’t a total lie.” He pushed the file towards her and got up to his feet. “You seem to need space now so I will leave. I will come over tonight at your place and we will go over the terms and you can go over what needs changing in the contract.”

“How do you know where I live?” There was a surprise in her voice.

He just smiled, picked up his pen and walked away without an answer.

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