The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 15

When they got to the restaurant, Cainan asked her what she wanted to have and after a very hard thought about it, she told him she wanted tom-brown and sweet potatoes chip which was a very weird combination and she didn’t miss the look that Cainan had on his face before getting out of the car. She couldn’t blame him, what she was asking for was very weird but those were the craving she was having and she couldn’t do anything to change it unless she decided to do away with the pregnancy and that wasn’t an option.

About twenty minutes later, Cainan returned to the car and with a cup of tom-brown in his hand and a box of sweet potato chips in the other hand.

Her smile was impeccable as he handed her her order and she dipped the straw into thick tom-brown and began to sip and eat the potato chips while Cainan closely watched her after a few minutes of being stared at like a specimen, she turned to Cainan with a dimmed eyes.

He shrugged, “You have an appetite of a pregnant woman.” He blurted out, sending her into a state of shock before starting the car and they drove off.

She decided to ignore his words, and instead asked curiously, “You didn’t get any breakfast, are you not hungry?”

He glanced at her before focusing on the road, “No, I ate before leaving the house this morning.”

Although he came to her place super early this morning, he somehow has managed to eat something? When did he wake to be able to do that and how long did he sleep?

Questions upon question plagued her heart, but she chose to remain silent and ate the potato chips but she couldn’t block out the questions going through her head and suddenly she asked, “How could you have already eaten breakfast at seven-thirty a.m.?”

“I had breakfast seven a.m.” he corrected and that further proved her point.

“Exactly my point! What time did you wake up to do breakfast?”

“My mom was around, she brought me breakfast.”

His reply cleared her questions up but it also arose many others, “You live with your mom?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing?”

She took a long and noisy drag of the tom-brown with the straw, before saying, “I just thought that you were old enough to live on your own but what do I know? Our pretend relationship is just one day old.”

This made him laugh aloud and the sound tickled her heart and she smiled in return, “Well, I am old enough to live alone and I do live alone, and my mom doesn’t live with me. She’s married and lives with her husband but sometimes like today she comes around and checks up on me and she comes with breakfast.”

“It makes sense when you put it that way, so basically you’re not living with your mom.”

“No, I’m not.” He agreed.

They drove off, heading to where she guessed was the hospital where her medical fitness clinic test would be done and she knew what was going to happen after and as much as possible she didn’t want to think about it.

“You’re quiet,” Cainan pointed out after a while of utter silence between them.

“You’re surprised.” She noted.

“I am, I thought you would be curious and speak more and maybe ask about my previous sexual endeavours and maybe tell me a little about yours.”

“I was with only one man my whole life and we met six years ago he and if what I read about you is correct, you lost your life, the woman you lived three years ago and you haven’t been with another woman since then, but I can’t tell if there were casual in the last three years.” she whirled to glance at him closely

“I had a few flings, nothing that lasted though.”

“Why? Because you still love your late wife?”

“Yes,” he didn’t waver in his response and he glanced at her and she could see the emotions much present in his eyes, they were true and genuine and consuming. Just like the emotions she spotted in George’s eyes whenever he stared or talked about Anita, only Cainan’s emotion appeared to be stronger and more dominating than theirs. “Does it bother you?”

His question drew her out of her thought and she quickly cleared her throat and shrugged, “No, it doesn’t because I think I know that you still do, it’s written in your eyes. You want someone to be beside you to help you convince the world of the lie that you have moved on from your late wife even though you truly haven’t even after three years and you need someone who will know how you feel about her and still stay through it all. But we know such a person doesn’t exist. No normal person would get into a relationship with you knowing full well that even though they fall for you, your heart will never be theirs. And so we make pretend and that’s why you offered me the contract of being your pretend girlfriend, Mr inferno.”

“That means you get it.”

She beamed at him and adjusted the glasses on her face, “You bet your fine ass I do, like you said before, I’m a good actress and that doesn’t bother me unless you tell me you want it to which I doubt you would. I will play my part as long as I get the money promised in the agreement.”

His hand dropped to hers on her lap and he squeezed down on it, “I promise you that we will.”

Her skin tingled at the touch of his warm hands, “Then it’s settled.”

She stuffed the rest of the potato chips into her mouth before dropping the empty box back in the shopping box on the car mat.

Her throat made a funny sound and she placed one hand on her mouth and the other on her protruding stomach which had doubled in size having eaten such a full breakfast.

He chuckled and opened his mouth to reply when his phone began to ring and bringing it out of his suit pocket, he saw the caller ID and he drove to the side of the road and stopped the car.

“I have to take this,” he said, picking the phone and placing it to his ear. “Hello, Rogue.”

The caller on the other line named Rogue began to speak and for the next one and half minutes that passes, Cainan calmly listened and Jasmin watched his countenance change from the happy one which it had into a gloomy one.

“Calm down, Rogue, okay, I will be there with you soon okay?” He said before ending the call and turning to Jasmin with apologetic eyes.

“We won’t be able to go for the survey of the apartment after the medical fitness test, something important came up and I’ll have to leave as soon as possible.”

He didn’t have to explain it to her, she saw it on his face and only a fool wouldn’t realise that something wasn’t right with him.

“It’s fine, Mr Inferno,” she answered understandingly, “I don’t mind.”

“I do mind, I made a promise and I’m unable to keep-”

His words were cut short when he placed her hand on his lap and his body tensed up, “I am not complaining, don’t forget we got these glasses today and we are still going for the medical test so even without reaching the apartment, we have accomplished a lot.”

He pressed his lips together, losing his will to argue, “Okay, as long as you’re okay.”

“Yes, I am.” and this time she was honest.

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