The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 20

Bathing took thirty minutes of her time as she took the time to scrub every inch of her body while she sat in the bathtub.

The apartment unlike her last had a shower and bathtub and she had two-bedroom although she only used one, a large dining room and an impressive living room. It had a fire escape where she could sit and stare at the beautiful city at night and she knew it had cost Cainan a lot to get it, but he refused to disclose to her how much and she couldn’t force him any more than she had.

She stepped out of the bathtub and picked up her white towel and wrapped it around her body before moving to the stall where the standing mirror was and she stared at herself in it, holding onto the towel. There was no much difference in her looks, except for the few pounds which she had added in the last three weeks. Her stomach was slightly protruded but not obvious and it was only a matter of weeks before it would start showing.

She needed the perfect moment to tell Cainan about the pregnancy but she was scared of what he would say or think if he were to find out about her pregnancy. She could barely tell how the day was going to end with the way they always were with each other and she needed a perfect time to tell him.

The medical test result wasn’t out yet either, the hospital was experiencing a difficult time after experiencing a fire outbreak a week ago at their lab and Jasmin felt she was being given the chance to tell Cainan the truth about the pregnancy, yet she didn’t know how to start.

She walked back into her bedroom and pulled out the gown Cainan had bought for her. It was an elegant polka dot dress that would reach her knee with a blue belt at its midsection and a three-inch, black open toe heel. They were both simple outfits for the dinner and Cainan seemed to know the right thing to get even though they were at the early stage of their relationship.

He was a bit inquisitive regardless of their constant disagreement and she respected the fact that he didn’t try to be over-controlling even though he was offering her a whole lot at the end of the day.

One of the days in the last week, he came with a pen and jotter and he asked her for her favourite food, colour and holiday and when she told him, he wrote it down and told her he might need it for the future and seeing that the Polkadot gown was blue, she knew he had gotten it based on her favourite colour.

The door opened suddenly without a knock or warning and she turned around so quickly that she almost let go of her towel in the process. Her heart skipped a beat in panic when she saw Cainan standing at the door with her phone in his hand, ringing and she grabbed onto her towel harder.

“Your phone is ringing.” He informed her of the obvious and she walked up to him.

“You should have knocked, I could have been naked!” She said with disapproving eyes as she collected the phone.

His eyes darkened at her words and his gaze licked over her body hidden in the towel. She caught his gaze with a glare and turned away from him to answer the call even without looking at the caller ID.


“It’s so good to hear your voice, my darling.” she heard Jude’s voice over the phone and her stomach curls in unpleasantness. “I’ve missed you, have you missed me?”

She gritted her teeth Andrew was right, Jude was obsessed and wasn’t going to stop not unless he’s put in his place. She wanted to ask him how he got her number and also when he started calling her darling, but she shrugged all those urges off and instead decided to end the call immediately. Tonight was already planned out to be fun and exciting, she was meeting Cainan’s family and she wasn’t going to let some asshole change that fact.

She tossed her phone onto the bed and opened the wardrobe to pick out her panties and bra.

“Who’s that?” Cainan asked from across the door where he had been in the last two minutes.

Jasmin almost jumped out of her skin at the sound of his voice and this was the second time he was scaring the life out of her, “You scared me, again!” She exclaimed, placing a hand to her chest, “you shouldn’t have been standing there, I’m still yet to get dressed.”

“I asked you a question you know,” he reminded her, stepping further into the room.

Her heart picked up a fast beat in response to his action, “Wrong number.” she lied before she could think of her next words and he knew she lied because he took another stepped towards her.

His eyes dim at her, “Why don’t I believe you?”

“I don’t know, it’s the truth though.” Her voice gave up on her halfway through her words and he smirked, knowing that he had her trapped.

He took another step closer and she took a step back, only for her back to hit the wardrobe behind. Shit!

“It’s not the truth and we both know it, so who was on the other line?” His eyes raking her body from her feet slowly up to her waist and her chest before settling in her eyes.

She looked away from him, “I don’t know, it was an unknown number and he said nothing.”

His hand took hold of her face and slowly tilted her chin so that her brown eyes were locked in his green ones and she could see the curiosity, as well as the lust therein and her lips, quake in response. “Your lips quiver too hard and her body reacts too wild. You’re way too nervous and I can’t help wonder why.”

“Yes, I am nervous, but it’s not because I’m lying, but because I’m in nothing but this towel and you are a man of strength and needs, the odds aren’t in my favour as it is.”

The corner of his lips lifted and a smirk appeared on it, “You mean I make you feel vulnerable.”

“In this moment, yes.” She didn’t really feel vulnerable but she needed her space, she didn’t want anything happening between them that would end up making her take off her towel, she was almost three months pregnant and her stomach wasn’t very flat and firm anymore and she didn’t want to give room for questioning and doubt until she was ready.

“Well I don’t think you should feel vulnerable, you’re a beautiful woman with a body that goes with it, even though for a weird reason you chose to cover it all up most times,” his thumb grazed over her bottom lips and they part on their own accord and a helpless moan slipped through. He smirked, “that’s it.”

Her cheeks were past burning, they were on fire and his thumb lightly running on her bottom lips was doing more harm to her mind than good. They haven’t even shared their first kiss and he was already turning her on and earning moans as rewards.

“Cainan,” she called out with a gentle but demanding voice.

He let go of her face and traced a finger down her neck and over her shoulder blade and she shuddered acutely and almost regretted telling him to come inside earlier. His hands feel so good, but this feels so bad and she is torn between her wants and needs.

“You’re enchanting, Jasmin, your wit and charm make it hard for me to stay focused and sane, but I am not going to do anything without your permission.” His hand fell back to his side and he stepped back. “I should let you get ready. We shouldn’t go late.” He stepped back and in a moment he was out of her room.

She was speechless.

She was breathless.

She was fucked.

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