The CEO’s Contract With The Thief Chapter 21

Twenty-five minutes later and Jasmin walked out of the bedroom in the polka-dot dress and the three inches, black, open toe heel her and red hair she let fall over her shoulder giving her both enchanting and innocent look.

She decided to try on a few items in the makeup kit that Cainan had gotten for her which were lipstick, powder and mascara. She found herself wanting to look good for him even when she didn’t think she should.

Her eyes travelled to Cainan who was standing in the room staring down at his phone and whatever was on it was important enough to make him not take note of her. He hadn’t changed from his clothes, but he looked delicious and after what happened earlier, her body cried for him to take control. She shook the thoughts out of her head and she cleared her throat and his head snapped up.

His eyes grew wide in admiration and he slipped his phone into his pocket before stepping forward towards her. She hadn’t had someone stare so fondly at her before and she didn’t know how to respond.

“You do look amazing, Jasmin.”

Although butterflies rumbled in her stomach in response, she winked and smirked at him, “I know. Shall we go now?”

“One more thing,” he dipped a hand into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a golden necklace before walking up to her. He gently moved her hair to the side and locked the necklace around her neck, “now we shall” he spoke and without hesitation, he took her hand and led her out of the apartment.

“If we are asked how we met?” Jasmine spoke on the way to Ada’s resident.

“We tell them the truth.” He replied, his eyes fixed on the road.

Her eyes widened and her heart dropped in her chest at his suggestion and she stared at him, wondering if he was seriously asking her to tell his family about that unfortunate day. As adventurous as that may sound, that would not be the right story to tell and she couldn’t believe he proposed that.

“The look on your face.” he chuckled, mocking her terrified expression.

“You’re an asshole.” She rolled her eyes, but her cheek burnt in embarrassment.

“Oh, gorgeous, I know.”

When he finally had a fill of making fun of her reaction, he decided it was best to tell his mom they had met at the fundraising dinner as it was more acceptable than the actual first time they met. At the fundraiser she was there, serving the guests and he was there with Faith and they met after she didn’t get Faith’s order right and she was going to have her neck and he intervened after that time they saw each other again that same night and he apologized for Faith’s behaviour and asked her for her name and number and she gave them to him and here they were.

There were perfectly constructed parts of the truth and hopefully Ada, Cainan’s mom whom he said was very inquisitive would believe the story and have no reason to doubt it. Cainan also proceeded to brief her about his mother and her new family.

He told her that Ada met her husband Donald Abayomi, a few years ago and he only got to know of his existence two years ago when he finally got back on his feet after his wife’s death. The couple got married on Christmas of that same year and Ada had happily lived with him ever since.

Cainan had visited, but not as often as he should because although they had two things in common (his mother and the fact that both of them were widows) he felt like the outcast amongst them. Donald was a widow for ten years and he had a wife with whom he has two daughters and one son with and they were all in their twenties. The two oldest, Lisa and Daniel were working with him at his oil refinery company, while the youngest, Remi, was still studying medicine.

They were indeed a complete family and Ada was happy with them, happier than he could ever imagine and it made sense why he felt out of place. He had lost a lot and his mother was all he had and it felt as though he lost that too. She did visit and spend time with him once in a while but her heart belongs somewhere else, he could tell.

That was one of the reasons he wanted to offer Jasmin the contract, he saw the look of guilt in Ada’s eyes whenever she had to leave and even though Cainan constantly told and made her understand it was okay, Ada still felt guilty and stated that he would be left all alone, and despite her being right, it wasn’t her place to pull him out of whatever he was in, it had to be his decision at the end of the day.

Perhaps if she were to see him spending time with another woman and calling her his, she would believe the words he always told her. That he was fine.

“A day will come when you will find someone and will no longer feel alone.”

He lifted her hand to his mouth and softly kissed the back of it, “Until that day comes, I’ve got you.” He said and smiled at her.

They arrived at the mansion of the Abayomis after a thirty-five minutes drive and the time was exactly ten minutes past seven and a few stars were already up in the slowly emerging night. The mansion was beautiful at night with a large pool situated at the left side of the building and a garden with trees and a relaxation centre at the left. Without an iota of doubt, it was an ideal family home.

Cainan stepped out of the car and Jasmin let herself out as well, “You know the man usually gets the door,” he said as he took her hand and they walked into the mansion.

“Oops,” She flashed him a broad smile, “I will remember that next time.”

He rolled his eyes, she wasn’t going to remember next time, she just always knew the words to say to make him back down, but that was one of the reasons he chose her.

He wrapped his arm around her and they walked into the room.

Jasmin is just as amazed at the inside as she was on the outside but she tried her best to keep her excitement in check and when Cainan chuckled lightly, she knew he must have noticed it too.

“Your mother has a lovely home.”

“It’s Donald’s.” He corrected immediately.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Yes, but she’s married to him, that makes it hers too.”

“I guess you’re right.” And while she smirked victoriously and adjusted her glasses, his eyes raked over her, with what she figured was prurient interest.

He wasn’t ready to close the chapter of their intimacy yet, it appeared.

“Cainan!” A grey-haired man called as he walked out of one of the rooms and saw them.

“Good evening, Donald,” Cainan greeted and he stretched his hand out and Donald took it for a firm shake.

“Good evening, you’re just on time, Ada made your favourite” the nice man informed Cainan with a genuine smile, before his eyes travelled down to hers, “You must be Ms Whyte, Ada had told me so much about you, she believes you might just be Cainan’s salvation.”

Her stomach fluttered at the compliment but she could feel the guilt of what they were, consume her. As far as she could admit, they were a complicated lie and nothing more than that and she only appeared to be Cainan’s salvation because he wanted it to look that way and make their story buyable.

She snorted in an unladylike manner, only regretting her action afterwards. She cleared her throat awkwardly as the two men stared down at her, one harder than the other and she pushed her glasses against her face. “I won’t say his salvation, but his mom must have her reasons, nevertheless, it’s nice that she says good things about me even though am yet to meet her.”

“Very well then, come, let’s not keep the family waiting at the table and staring at those delicious meals.” Donald beckons and walked away from them towards the dining room.

Jasmin was confused by Donald’s cheerful attitude but she didn’t dare look at Cainan for fear that he would still hold what happened moments ago over her head but as if reading her thought he sighed.

“He’s too good to be true sometimes,” his voice came out neutral and it chilled her from the inside out, “I thought something was wrong with him the first few months after we met, but it seems being accepting and welcoming is in his nature and he makes mom happy and I can’t ask for more.”

His hand tightened on her wrist, “Remember the rules, Ms Whyte, pleasant and charming humour are welcome, but you already know not to embarrass me right?” Just when she thought he had forgotten.

She stared up at him and swallowing nervously, she nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

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